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Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of these verbs.

Boil close cost cost go have like meet open smoke speak teach wash



1 She’s very clever. She speaks four languages.


2 Steve _______________________________ten cigarettes a day.

3 We usually ___________________________ dinner at 7 o’clock.

4 I _____________________ films. I often ________ to the cinema.

5 Water ____________________________ at 100 degrees Celsius.

6 In Britain the banks __________________ at 9.30 in the morning.

7 The City Museum ________________ at 5 o’clock every morning.

8 Food is expensive. It _______________________ a lot of money.

9 Shoes are expensive. They __________________ a lot of money.

10 Tina is a teacher. She _________ mathematics to young children.

11 Your job is very interesting. You ______________ a lot of people.

12 Peter ______________________________ his hair twice a week.

24 Complete the sentences. All of them are negative. Use don’t/doesn’t one of these verbs:

cost drive go know play see smoke wash wear



1 ‘Have a cigarette.’ ‘No, thank you. I don’t smoke.’

2 They ______________________newspapers in that shop.

3 She has a car but she _____________________very often.

4 I like films but I _______________to the cinema very often.

5 He smells because he ____________________very often.

6 It’s a cheap hotel. It ________________much to stay there.

7 He likes football but he ____________________ very often.

8 I ______________________________ much about politics.

9 She is married but she ________________________a ring.

10 He lives near our house but we __________him very often.


25 Imagine you are asking somebody questions. Write the questions starting with Do/Does.



1 I work hard. And you? Do you work hard?

2 I play tennis. And you? ___________ you ______________?

3 I play tennis. And Ann? __________ Ann _______________?

4 I know the answer. And you? ____________________ the answer?

5 I like hot weather. And you? ______________________________

6 I smoke. And your father? ______________________________

7 I do exercises every morning. And you? ______________________________

8 I speak English? And your friends? ______________________________

9 I want to be famous. And you? ______________________________


26 Imagine you are asking somebody questions. Write the questions starting with the question words Where/What/How.


1 I wash my hair twice a week. (how often/ you?)

How often do you wash your hair?


2 I live in London. (where/ you?) Where _______________________

3 I watch TV every day. (how often/ you?) How _________________________

4 I have lunch at home/ (where/ you?) _____________________________

5 I get up at 7.30 (what time/ you?) _____________________________

6 I go to the cinema a lot. (how often/ you?) ____________________________

7 I go to work by bus. (how/ you?) ____________________________


Give positive or negative short answers about yourself. (Yes, he does/ No, I don’t etc.)

1 Do you smoke? No, I don’t.

2 Do you live in a big city? _________________________

3 Do you drink a lot of coffee? ______________________

4 Does your mother speak English?__________________

5 Do you play a musical instrument?__________________

6 Does it rain a lot where you live?____________________



· a = ‘one’ - Do you want a cup of tea. (not ‘Do you want cup of tea?’) - Alice works in a bank. (not ‘in bank’)   · an (not a) before a/ e/ i/ o/ u: - They live in an old house. - A mouse is an animal.   Also an hour (‘h’ is not pronounced: an (h)our) But: a university a European country   · We use a/an for jobs etc.: - What’s your job? - I’m a dentist. - What does she do? She’s an engineer.

28 Write a or an.

1 a book

2 an old book

3 ___ window

4 ___ horse

5 ___ airport

6 ___ university

7 ___ organisation

8 ___ restaurant

9 ___ Chinese restaurant

10 ___ Indian restaurant

11 ___ accident

12 ___ bad accident

13 ___question

14 ___important question

15 ___ hamburger

16 ___ hour

17 ___economic problem

18 ___ nice evening

Give a short definition of the words below. Choose your answer from the list and write a sentence.

animal bird flower fruit musical instrument planet river tool game vegetable


1 a duck? It’s a bird.

2 the Nile? _______________

3 a rabbit? _______________

4 tennis? ________________

5 a rose? ________________

6 a hammer?______________

7 a carrot?________________

8 Mars? __________________

9 a trumpet? ______________

10 a pear? ________________

Finish the sentences defining people’s job. The jobs are: nurse/ photographer/ private detective/ dentist/ taxi-driver/ road-sweeper/ shop assistant. Use the correct article in each sentence.


1 She’sa dentist.

2 He’s ______________

3 He _______________

4 She ______________

5 She ________________

6 He _________________

7 She ________________

8 And you? I’m _________

Define the places where these people work. Write them down.


1 A teacher works in a school/college/university.


2 A doctor ________________________________

3 A waiter ________________________________

4 A secretary ______________________________

5 A shop assistant __________________________

6 A hairdresser _____________________________


Match the adjectives to the reasons, then use them to describe people you know well, as in the examples.



A- G

Tom is very honest. He never tells lies.


1 honest A) never stop talking
2 jealous B) not say a lot
3 talkative C) feel angry about not having what others have
4 shy D) talk to everybody
5 mean E) never betray friends
6 loyal F) able to think of new ideas
7 imaginative G) never tell lies
8 sociable H) hate spending money


Listen and cross out the adjective which do not match the colour.

Your favourite colour & your character   red: brave, energetic, happy blue: kind, calm, mean green: jealous, sociable, lazy black: mean, happy, dishonest purple: imaginative, loyal, shy yellow: funny, serious, warm-hearted white: honest, sociable, lazy


Ask your friend what his/ her favourite colour is, then use the table above to talk about his/ her character, as in the example.



Susan’s favourite colour is _____which means she is probably _____ and _____ .

Fill in the correct adjectives from the lists, then underline the phrases which justify each person’s character.

Clever, brave

A Sean Connery is famous for his role as James Bond in the early 007 movies. James Bond is 1)________ because he deals with many dangerous people. He is also 2) ______. He always thinks of a way to get out of difficult situations and is always the one who wins.

stubborn, selfish, determined

BWhitney Houston plays the role of Rachel Marron in the film The Bodyguard. Rachel is 1)________, she doesn’t think of anyone but herself. She is 2)________ because she wants to be the best, but this also makes her 3)________. She never listens to other people when they give her advice.

Mysterious, suspicious

C David Duchovny is famous for playing Agent Mudler in the TV series The X-Files. Mulder is 1)________ person; he doesn’t trust other people. He is also 2) ________, and even those close to him don’t know everything about him.

Independent, sensible

D Gillian Anderson plays the role of Agent Scully in The X-Files. Scully is a(n) 1) ________ woman, who thinks for herself and makes her own decisions, Scully is very

2) ________. She doesn’t like taking dangerous risks.

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