ТОП 10:

Task 3. Give each paragraph a heading of your own. Compare your heading with other members of the group. Are all the headings possible?

Task 4. Give Ukrainian equivalents for the following words and expressions. Make up sentences or situations using them:


A) Romano-Germanic legal family: to be tightly connected to smth; the Presidiums of the Supreme Councils; various legal acts; all-Union and Republic Ministries; to adopt jointly with smb; regulations; instructions; guiding materials; statutes; branch enactments; legal sources; the criteria of such restriction; the Declaration of Independence; in accordance with; the inappropriate dogmas; norms; normative acts; current legislation; legal and judicial reform; the legislative system.

B) normative legislation; legal norms; international affairs; special competent bodies; to govern the observance, execution and application; the founding members of the United Nations; to be binding; mutual agreement; multilateral agreement; international treaties; law-implementation acts; ecclesiastical rules; in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine; to issue resolutions; regional budgets; to be mandatory; legal validity; commercial and assets relations.

Task 5. Find in the text English equivalents for the following words and expressions:

A) застосування законів однієї країни в умовах іншої; революційне почуття справедливості; судова практика; належати до джерел права; по суті; політика позбавлення людей їх особистих прав та свобод; реформувати правову систему; згідно з завданнями побудови держави; відкинути неприйнятні догми; елементи ринкової економіки; адаптувати відповідні норми; не були врегульовані чинним законодавством; охоплювати всі галузі права; законодавство, яке стосується захисту прав людини; прийняття нормативних актів; Рада Європи; оприлюднення нового законодавства; забезпечити правову та судову реформи; поштовх для прискорення систематичних змін.

B) захист конституційних прав; верховенство права; охоплювати не тільки самі закони, але й різноманітні нормативні акти; бути в силі; прийняття нового законодавства; мати право видавати закони; видавати укази та розпорядження; мати право видавати нормативні акти; у межах своєї компетенції; місцева державна адміністрація; народні депутати; кабінет міністрів; національний банк; право законодавчої ініціативи; обов’язкові для виконання; прокуратура; виконуючи закони України; впровадження програм розвитку; давати згоду Верховної Ради; суперечити Конституції; відповідні поправки до Конституції.


Task 6. Fill in the appropriate word:

A) justice; judicial practice; access; in accordance with; restricted; impetus; normative acts; deprived of

1. What would students do if they were …. their books?

2. Students must have …. to good books.

3. The treaty will give an … to trade between the two country.

4. To do him …, we must admit that his intentions were good.

5. Is the consumption of alcohol …. by law in your country?

6. …. has a very restricted usage in the Ukrainian legislation.

7. All …. are registered at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

8. Normative legal acts of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of the Crimea are adopted …. the Constitution of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine, acts of President and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

B) mandatory; consent; business; appealed; binding; orders; valid; conform

1. You should ….. to the rules of society.

2. The court decision is …. on all the parties.

3. The laws of the former Soviet Union are …. until the adoption of new legislation.

4. Nowadays, no ideology is ….. .

5. She ….. the judge’s decision until the case was heard in the U.S. Supreme Court.

6.When he asked me how much I earned, I told him to mind his own..

7. He gave …. for the work to be started at once.

8. He was chosen leader by general …. .


Task 7. Match the definitions in the right column to the words given

In the left:

1. promulgation a. to make suitable for a new use, need, situation;
2. to reject b. promise, duty or condition that indicates what action ought to be taken (e.g. power of law, duty, a sense of what is right);
3. dogma c. the judges of the country collectively; the system of law courts in a country;
4. judiciary d. making public, announcing officially;
5. to adapt e. to accept a rule, recommendation, etc.;
6. to adopt f. to take away from; prevent from using or enjoying;
7. obligation g. belief, system of beliefs, put forward by some authority to be accepted as true without questions.
8. deprive of h. to put away, throw away, as not good enough to keep; refuse to offer;
9. to contravene i. of the Christian Church; of clergymen;
10. execution j. to be in agreement (with); comply with
11. ecclesiastic k. effective because made or done with the correct formality; having force in law;
12. to conform (to) l. oblige somebody to do something;
13. assets m. anything owned by a person, company, etc., that has money value and that may be sold to pay debts;
14. to be binding n. the carrying out or performance of a piece of work
15. to appeal o. to act in opposition; go against (a law; custom);
16. valid p) to take a question to a higher court for rehearing and a new decision;

Task 8. Find in the text a word or a phrase that means:

1. Involving two or more participants;

2. Standard or type as representative of a group when judging other examples;

3. Question that arises for discussion;

4. Formal agreement made and signed between nations;

5. Shared, exchanged equally; held in common with others;

6. Printed sheet with official news or announcements;

7. (a) Command given with authority; (b) rules usual at public meetings;

8. Agreement, permission;

9. Legal official who prosecutes criminal cases on behalf of the State or public.


Task 9. Decide whether the following sentences are true or false. Correct those, which are false:

A) 1. The Ukrainian legal system is similar to the Anglo-Saxon one. 2. The Soviet power greatly influenced the establishment of Ukrainian law. 3. They applied laws of Bolshevik Russia in the circumstances of Ukraine. 4. The only legal source of Soviet Ukraine was legislation made by the Supreme Council of the USSR. 5. The judicial precedent is the main source in judicial practice in Ukraine. 6. The main principle of the Soviet Legislation was to ensure individual rights and freedoms. 7. The main purpose of the new legislation of independent Ukraine was to create the basis for the development of market economy. 8. Nowadays Ukraine is trying to adapt our legislation to the demands of the European Union.

B) 1. The Ukrainian legislative system is based on the judicial decisions. 2. The highest legal source of the Ukrainian legislation is the Constitution of Ukraine. 3. Under the Constitution of Ukraine the citizens are entitled to appeal to the court when defending their constitutional rights. 4. Ideological diversity is unacceptable in our society. 5. The legislation of the former Soviet Union is still valid on the territory of Ukraine. 6. The Verkhovna Rada is the sole body in Ukraine that has the right to adopt laws. 7. The right of legislative initiative belongs to the National Deputies. 8. Local state administrations are also entitled to issue normative acts. 9. International acts are not binding on the territory of Ukraine. 10. The sources of Ukrainian law also include legal textbooks, commentaries, encyclopedias.

Task 10. Look through the text again and speak on the topics:

1. The main sources of Ukrainian law during the yearsof the Soviet power.

2. The purposes of the current legislation.

3. What the Ukrainian legislation is based on.

4. What the principle of the rule of law means.

5. What normative legal acts include.

6. What lawmaking activities are within the competence of the Verkhovna Rada.

7. What other bodies are entitled to issue laws.

8. What international acts and treaties are binding on the territory of Ukraine.

9. What organs supervise the observance and application of legal norms.

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