Exercise 38. Read and translate.


In autobiography a person presents a summary of facts of his or her biography as accepted in Ukraine. It includes:

1. The name of the document.

2. A text where one gives his or her:name in full; date of birth; place of birth; summary of education, work experience (in chronological order), personalexperience, social activities; information about the family.

3. Date.

4. Signature.

Sample Autobiography

I, Prokopenko Mariya Oleksandrivna, was born on April 29, 1978 in Kyiv in the family of an officer.

In 1985 I became a pupil of the first form of Kaniv secondary school #2 in Ukraine.

When my father entered a Military Academy in Kharkiv in 1986 we moved there and I continued my studies at School #20 till 1989.

Since 1989 till 1995 I studied at Kyiv secondary school #50. In 1995 I entered the Foreign Languages department of the Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after M.P. Drahomanov where I am studying now. I am the monitor of group 43.

My family.

Father – Prokopenko Oleksandr Vasylyovych, born in 1954, is an officer and works at the Defence Ministry of Ukraine.

Mother – Prokopenko (Kyrylenko) Nataliya Viktorivna, born in 1958, is a music teacher of Kyiv children musical school #32.

Sister – Prokopenko Kateryna Oleksandrivna, born in 1987, is a pupil of the sixth form of Kyiv secondary school #44.


October 10, 2006 Signature


Exercise 39. Read and translate. Work in pairs.

When you apply for a job or for a study abroad, or take pail in various contests, you will have to fill out a questionnaire.

Here are some examples of questionnaires.

Look at the sample of a filled out questionnaire, try to fill it out, by interviewing each other.

Sample Questionnaire I

Last name: Pain

First name: Herman

Middle name: William

Date of birth: 7/12/62

Place of birth: Providence, R.I.

Nationality: American (U.S.)

Education: Whitney A.S. Providence Yale School of Drama

Address: 77 Sunshine Boulevard Hollywood, CA

Marital status: Single

Occupation: Actor


Sample Questionnaire II

1. Full name ___

2. Date of birth: ___ day ___ month ___ year

3. Sex ___

4. Nationality ___

5. Town and country of birth ___

6. Your father’s full name ___

7. Your mother’s full name ___

8. Your present occupation ___

9. Place of work or study ___

10. Present home address ___

Sample Questionnaire III

1. Reason for travelling to the UK (please tick appropriate boxes)

Short stay: Visitor

□Private □Official

□Business □Student

2. Type of entry


□Single entry

□Multiple entry

3. Full name (as written in your passport) ___

4. Date of birth ___ day___month___year

5. Sex

□M □F

6. Town and country of birth ___

7. Passport or travel document details

Issuing government ___

Number ___

Nationality as shown in passport ___

Place of issue ___

Date of issue ___

Valid until___day___month___year

9. What is your present job ___

10. What is your present home address ___

11. Are you □ married □single □divorced

12. If married, please give details of spouse

Full name of spouse ___

Date of birth ___

Date and place of marriage ___

Exercise 40. Read and translate the text.


I would like to tell you several words of the research I am currently doing. I am conducting an investigation into the problem of pedagogic science. My interest in the given problem is evoked not so much by the desire to get a Master’s degree but, in the first instance, by its urgency for my future profession.

Thus, the theme of my dissertation which I defined together with my consulting professor and got approved by the Chair reads “Improving motivation of studying with help of computers in high school of Ukraine”. We have also defined the object and the subject of the investigation.

The subject of my investigation seems to me very interesting, because now we have a modernization of the system of education. That is: the new pedagogical ideas are developed, there is a computerization of education, and the ways of perfection of classes and lessons, methods and forms of trainings are reconsidered and of course there is a question of preparing teachers to their lessons. So my goal is to create the computer program that will help a teacher to prepare to lessons and will make that process much easy. I appreciate my investigation, because it includes the elements of pedagogic and computer science.

This investigation is supposed to benefit several parties. One of the outcomes of any research is the improved proficiency level of the researcher. Having got the deeper insight into the problem I hope to become a real expert in the field of pedagogics.

I’ve been already working on my investigation for more than 5 months. During all this time I was writing an article. I think it is very important for young researchers to print the results of their scientific works periodically. It makes everybody know that someone has already taken investigation on that problem. And other scientists can give you fresh ideas and may be help you somehow.

Besides I took part in the conference. Conference is an important event in researcher’s life. Especially it is inspiring for young researchers. Sometimes it is said that a scientific conference is the best school for young scientists who wants to advance science.

Thank you for your time and attention.


Exercise 41. Answer the questions.

1. What fields of science are you interested in?

2. What is the subject of your research work?

3. What problems do you deal with in your work?

4. What are you going to prove/disprove in the course of your research?

5. What do you give much attention in your research work?

6. What is of particular interest in your work?

7. Is there much or little material available on the subject of your investigation?

8. Have you already published any articles yourself?

9. Where and when did you publish them?

10. What is the title of your research paper?

11. How many parts does your research paper consist of?

12. What do you treat in your introductory part?

13. What do you say in conclusion?

14. What have you succeeded in showing?

15. What did you fail to show?

16. Are there any shortcomings in your research paper, do you think? What are they?


Exercise 42. Make a dialogue using the questions provided below:

1. Are you a researcher or a post-graduate?

2. Are you engaged in research?

3. What field of science do you work in?

4. What problems are being solved in your scientific work?

5. Have you already gained the necessary result?

6. Are you satisfied with the results obtained?

7. What results did you prove with the help of your experiment?

8. Have you already come to any logical conclusion?

9. What method do you apply in your research work?

10. Who helps you in your work?

11. Who is your scientific adviser?

12. Where do you carry out your experiments?

13. What does your thesis deal with?


Exercise 43.Group work. Discuss the following questions in microgroups:

1. Are you a theorist or experimentalist?

2. Which do you think is more important for research a theory or an experiment? Which usually comes first?

3. Will you tell us anything about your research?

4. How long have you been doing research in this field?

5. How long have you been gathering the experimental data?

6. Are you making progress in your research?

7. Has the subject you are concerned with been investigated thoroughly or are you breaking a new ground?

8. What is the ultimate goal of your research?

9. Have you any scientific publications? In what journals?


Exercise 44. Fill in the gaps.

My Scientific Adviser

I major in … and have a scientific adviser. His (her) name is … . He is Doctor of … and Professor. He is associate Professor (candidate of … ). He is also a chair man of the department … . He lectures on … . The students are fond of his lectures. His candidate thesis (dissertation) is devoted to the problem of … . He has more than … published works. There are articles, essays, text-books among them. He takes an active part in the work of scientific conferences. He always presents noteworthy papers to them. Some of his recent papers deal with our higher school experiences in the use of educational technology. I meet with … twice (once) a month. His advice and remarks are valuable for me. … is an honest, earnest, straight-forward and emotionally stable person. He is very hard-working. He is a good husband and a loving father of two sons. His hobby is chess (tennis, football, stamp collection).


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