Typology of the Homogeneous Parts of the Sentence

Homogeneous parts of the sentence in English and Ukrainian are actually not only of identical functions, but also of identical structure and nomenclature. Hence, homogeneous may be in the sentence:

1. Co-ordinate Subjects(extended or unextended):

Fields, trees, hedges streamed by. (Mansfield) There were only two small rooms, a tiny kitchen and a lean... (Maugham)

Пролітали поля, дерева, живоплоти. Дві кімнатки, малесенька кухня та лавіс — ото було й усе...

2. Co-ordinate Homogeneous Predicates.These may also be simple, expanded or extended by their structure. Eg:

In his small room Martin lived, slept, studied, wrote and kept house. (London)

У своїй кімнатці Мартін жив, спав, студіював, писав і господарював.

Less co-occurrent are homogeneous phrasal predicates, like He gave his consent and took leave. (Cf. in Ukrainian: Він дав згоду і брав участь у грі.)

Common in both contrasted languages are homogeneous parts in compound verbal and compound nominal predicates (i. e. predicatives):

The dead fingers could neither

touch nor clutch. (London)

We are foolish and sentimental and

melodramatic at twenty-five...


Замерзлі пальці не могли ні відчути, ні взяти (сірника). У двадцять п'ять років ми ще є нерозумні, сентиментальні й афективні...

When used without the linking verb (є), the homogenous predicatives in the Ukrainian sentence above turn into homogeneous simple nominal predicates (ми нерозумні, сентиментальні, афективні...).

3. Homogeneous Co-ordinate Objects.These parts of the sen tence may be expressed by different parts of speech functioning as nomi nals. Homogeneous objects may also be extended or expanded and prep ositional:

...I remember Tegumai Bopsulai, Я пам'ятаю Тегумая Бопсулая,

and Tqffinwi Metallumai and Те- і Таффінваю Металумаю, і Те-

shumai Tewindrow, her Mummy, шумаю Тевіндрову, її матір,

and all the days gone by. (Kipling) і всі минулі літа.

Pertaining to English only, however, is the expression of homogeneous objects by gerunds which have correspondingly infinitival or substantival equivalents for their substitutes in Ukrainian. Cf.

We avoid remembering and mentio- Ми уникаємо згадувати й ви-

ning her name now. (Maugham) мовляти її ім'я зараз.

He insisted on coming and look- Він наполягав на приїзді й

ing about the garden. (Wain) обшукові всього саду.

4. Co-ordinate Homogeneous Attributes.Isomorphism in the func tioning of homogeneous attributive adjuncts manifests itself in the distri bution (preposed or postposed) and in structural forms (extended, unex tended, prepositional) of this part of the sentence. Allomorphic, however, is their connection with the head components, mainly synthetic or analyt ical and synthetic in Ukrainian, and naturally analytical (syndetic or asyn detic) in English. Cf.

"Why, the whole dear, kind, nice, Ну, Таффі, тут зібралося всеньке clean, quiet tribe is here, Tuffy. дороге, добре, гарне, чисте, спокійне

(Kipling) плем'я.

5. Homogeneous Co-ordinate Adverbial Modifiers.The homo geneous adverbial modifiers are characterised by isomorphism in their functions and are often identical in the grammatical means and ways of

their expression. The most frequently occurring are the homogeneous adverbial parts of the sentence expressing the meaning following: a) time and frequency:


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