Appendix 5. Five-minutes speech format

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Appendix 5. Five-minutes speech format




Audibility, presence on the platform, rapport with the audience, a coherently presented argument and demonstration of the ability to think on one's feet are all key elements in the competition. 11 is important that Speakers should not appear overprepared and spontaneity will earn them credit.

Speakers should remember that the competition offers them the opportunity to develop and demonstrate public speaking skills. When asking questions, other Speakers should remember that this is not a debate and there are no points for the questioner. Questions should therefore be questions and not statements.

The competition is about the participant's ability to speak in public, not their ability to speak English. Therefore the Judges are asked not to give undue weight to a Speaker's level of English but principally to judge their rhetorical skills. However, the competition organizers recognize that the competition presents a special challenge to Speakers whose native language is not English. The Judges therefore award a prize to the "Best Non-Native English Speaker". This prize is awarded entirely at the Judges' discretion to one of the Speakers in the final.


Use of notes

The use of notes is encouraged but Speakers who rely too heavily on their notes will be penalised. The Judges may penalise speeches which have been closely memorised. Speakers who do this should remember that their speech will lack spontaneity and should also bear in mind that answers to questions cannot be memorised!


Judges will assess a Speaker by reference to the following criteria:


Style and Technique


General Effectiveness



(Clarity, structure, focus, development, exposition, knowledge of subject, balance)

Irrelevance should be penalised, whereas carefully selected and relevant evidence will be rewarded.

The speech should hold the audience's attention and be clearly structured.

It should be evident from a good speech that the Speaker has carefully considered the topic. The Speaker should demonstrate an understanding of the issues involved and should develop these into a logical and balanced speech.

Judges should consider how the Speaker has chosen to approach the theme of the competition. Weak or frivolous interpretations are likely to be unsuccessful.

Style and Technique

(Delivery, posture, eye contact, use of gestures)

This section covers not what is said, but how it is said. Speakers are expected to display style and flair, but should avoid being overly pretentious. Speakers who give the impression of reading a script will be penalised.


The following areas should be considered by both the Speakers and Judges:


Oral technique

Speakers should take care to craft their oral presentation. In particular appropriate volume and tone of voice, pitch and pauses should be used, as well as appropriate eye-contact and gesture.

Verbal technique

Speakers should be able to express themselves clearly and confidently paying careful attention to effective use of language and rhetorical devices such as metaphor and analogy. The intelligent use of phrase and considered deployment of language will be rewarded.


Although cultural differences will result in a wide variety of styles, which the Judges will recognise, the essential aim of the Speakers should be to develop a rapport with the audience.

Questions (Ability to deal with questions concisely and effectively) Evidence of anticipation of questions will be rewarded.

The Speaker should not try to monopolise the question period to avoid answering further questions.

The Speaker should be able to understand and deal confidently with questions, answering them succinctly and relevantly.

The Judges may penalise Speakers where they believe a question has been staged.

General Effectiveness(Ability to communicate thought and emotion and to achieve the overall objectives of the speech)

It is important that the speech holds the audience's attention and that it is clearly structured. Good Speakers will build an appropriate relationship with the audience. The effective use of humour and/or emotion should be rewarded.

A natural style that is not overprepared or rehearsed should be rewarded, as should spontaneous comments that are relevant to the situation.


Marks will be allocated as follows:

Substance 40

Points Style and Technique 30

Points Questions 10

Points General Effectiveness 20 Points

TOTAL 100 Points

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