The number of vocabulary on the topic (collected by students) – 63

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The number of vocabulary on the topic (collected by students) – 63

Topic vocabulary

Nouns (46):

A, b

academician, administration, assignment, assistant professor (associate professor), announcement, bachelor (of arts, sciences),


campus (on campus), candidate of sciences, classes, colloquium (on smth), coordinator, council, curriculum, chair (head of a chair), chart (scheme, table), course (subject),


dean (deputy dean), degree, department (of international affairs), doctor of sciences, dormitory (hostel),

E, f, l

editorial house, educational establishment (institution), employee, Erasmus (be on Erasmus program), faculty, lecturer,

M, o, p, r

major, master, member (university member), office hours, PhD (PhD paper, PhD thesis), (job) position, postgraduate (postgrad), program (study program), (vice-) rector, room

S, t, u

staff, session, set (of courses), timetable, term (semester), trait, thirst (for smth), university community

Adjectives (7):

academic, distinguished, educational, huge, flexible, scientific, strategic;

Verbs (10) :

C, d, e

carry out (research activities), coordinate, discover, enter (the university)

G, m, o, r

get (to some place), major in (PR), obtain (knowledge),render (the text)

S, t

specialize (in some field), share (experience), sit closer (with smth), train (specialists for);

ΠVocabulary building

Ñ1.1. Listen to the dialogues and simultaneously look through them marking their order. Where could they take place?


№ 1 (…)

– Hi, Jane! What a surprise to see you here on campus! I bet you are a student already.

– Hi, Kate! You are right. I’ve entered the Information and Communication Department of the Institute of Journalism, this year. How about you?

– Oh, I am doing my 3d year here, at the university, By the way, I study at a similar department, the only difference is that mine is at the faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences. Anyway, they have classes in the same building so we’ll see each other quite often.

– Sounds great! And what’s your major?

– PR management. And what’s your major and minor?

– After graduation I am planning to work in advertising business so I specialize in this field.


№ 2 (…)

– Excuse me, I am not quite sure how to get to the Department of International Affairs. I am from Poland, actually, and I am here on Erasmus program. Could you help me, please?

– Sure. You should go to the administrative part of the same building. The office is on the ground floor, room 110. Turn to the left, go down the stairs and then turn to the right. Ask for Erasmus coordinator.

– Thank you! That’s very helpful.

– Good luck!


№ 3 (…)

– Andrew, do you have any idea what classes we are having tomorrow?

– Colloquium on argumentation, 1st class in the morning.

– Oh, no! I’ve quite forgotten about the Colloquium. I am afraid I won’t be ready for it. I haven’t done any reading yet. It just couldn’t be worse.

– How come?

– You know, I’ve lost my Xeroxed copy of the timetable and mixed up some classes.

– That’s not good. Do you want me to send you our time-table by e-mail? I can do it tonight when I am home after the classes.

– Of course I do, thank you so much.


№ 4 (…)

– Good morning, Professor. I am calling to find out whether we are gathering at the Dean’s Office today for our Academic Council session.

– Morning, colleague. In fact, today we are having a joint meeting of the Academic Council together with Students’ Association and our library staff in 2 hours. We are meeting this time in room 119, which can house all of us.

– Thank you. Sorry for bothering.

– You are welcome!

№ 5 (…)

– Any plans for tonight, Steve?

– Nothing special. It looks like I can relax a bit. And what about you?

– Oh, I’ve got a huge assignment. I doubt if I’ll manage to prepare it for tomorrow.

– Oh, dear. Is it really so much?

– Yes, tomorrow we are having English. I have words to learn and a text to render and I must tell you this text is really difficult to grasp. When I first looked it through, I could hardly make any head or tail of what it’s all about. I need to sit closer with it. Plus I need to be ready for making a group presentation, and I cannot find any material on the Internet. So I’ll have to look for the sources in the library.


№ 6 (…)

– Good appetite, Mike. Can I join you?

– Sure.

– Today it’s been the first time when I gave students a twenty-minute lecture in the course of my scientific supervisor. Have you already had any experience in lecturing?

– Of course, I have. This is a usual thing for a 2nd year post-grad.

– Do you find it difficult to do?

– I really enjoyed it. The lecture I gave was on the same topic as my postgraduate paper is. There were several situations when I didn’t feel comfortable, though. The students asked me tricky questions, you know, and I had to use all my expertise not to fail.

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