Read the extract and check your expectations. Share your impression on it. Compare yourself with the hero of Lev Tolstoy.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Read the extract and check your expectations. Share your impression on it. Compare yourself with the hero of Lev Tolstoy.


…I will walk every day, not drive, to the University. Even if some one gives me a drozhki [Russian phaeton.] I will sell it, and devote the money to the poor. Everything I will do exactly and always” (what that “always” meant I could not possibly have said, but at least I had a vivid consciousness of its connoting some kind of prudent, moral, and irreproachable life). “I will get up all my lectures thoroughly, and go over all the subjects beforehand, so that at the end of my first course I may come out top and write a thesis. During my second course also I will get up everything beforehand, so that I may soon be transferred to the third course, and at eighteen come out top in the examinations, and receive two gold medals, and go on to be Master of Arts, and Doctor, and the first scholar in Europe. Yes, in all Europe I mean to be the first scholar.—Well, what next?” I asked myself at this point. Suddenly it struck me that dreams of this sort were a form of pride—a sin which I should have to confess to the priest that very evening, so I returned to the original thread of my meditations. “When getting up my lectures I will go to the Vorobievi Gori, [Sparrow Hills—a public park near Moscow.] and choose some spot under a tree, and read my lectures over there. Sometimes I will take with me something to eat—cheese or a pie from Pedotti’s, or something of the kind. After that I will sleep a little, and then read some good book or other, or else draw pictures or play on some instrument (certainly I must learn to play the flute). Perhaps SHE too will be walking on the Vorobievi Gori, and will approach me one day and say, ‘Who are you?’ and I shall look at her, oh, so sadly, and say that I am the son of a priest, and that I am happy only when I am there alone, quite alone. Then she will give me her hand, and say something to me, and sit down beside me. So every day we shall go to the same spot, and be friends together, and I shall kiss her. But no! That would not be right! On the contrary, from this day forward I never mean to look at a woman again.


1 1.3. Compose Vocabulary map on the topic “Studying at the University”

Studying at the University

² 1.4. Listen to and look through the opinions of different students on their university studies. Are they both positive and negative? Prove it.


Michael Gordeev, the Faculty of Economy, Dpt. of Management, 2nd year: I can’t really say it is hard for me to study here, but I must admit it is very interesting. Our teachers are experts in their field and really know their onions. They have academic degrees in the field of economy along with the excellent practical experience in entrepreneurs’ associations, banks, government. The good thing about our faculty is that it provides us with a lot of theoretical knowledge. As regards practical skills I don’t think we get as many as I personally would like to get. So it’s good that we have the University Students’ Association where I can try myself in different activities and train myself as a leader. Every student has an opportunity to become a part of some projects and learn how to solve academic and social problems in practice.


Olga Arishina, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Dpt. of Information and Communication, 3rd year: During the whole term I studied as an Erasmus Student in Poland in a small town to the north of Warsaw. At the very beginning I came across some language and cultural problems, and what s worth I had nobody to speak about it, no friends at all. Anyhow, I managed to overcome my problems rather quickly and got used to my new surrounding. Our studies were focused mostly on practical matters while theoretical issues were discussed only within particular case studies. I liked them very much as I participated in different workshops and projects. Now I feel more self-confident and professionally knowledgeable.


Oskar Davydov, the Faculty of Philology, German Philology, 1st year: At school I liked geography, history and languages. Now I am not quite happy with what I am doing here at the university. Yet, I am going to continue my studies to receive a diploma. I hope I’ll find work in a tourist agency and that’s why I am taking several distance learning courses at the Higher School of Tourism.


Alexandra Andriunis, the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Dpt. of Philosophy, Master course student: When I was a first-year student I experienced a kind of euphoria. Not any longer, though. Still I feel rather positive about my studies here. Actually, I’ve been studying philosophy for 6 years now. I personally believe that the future might seem clear only for a fresher who studies management or other practical disciplines. At least, this is what I think about that. In my case things are quite different; I am only outlining my goals for studying.


Antony Daineko, the Faculty of Physics, Dpt of Contemporary Technology Management, 4th year: At university I have realized in full what it really means to be a student. Definitely, here one can take the maximum from their life: a bunch of interesting activities to try, enormous number of people to get along with, a lot of information to grasp. I was really surprised to find so many forms of self-realization. There are various clubs, bands, choirs, groups of interest. You are welcome everywhere! Just join and you get involved: you become a member of one or another community! It’s easy, isn’t? Everyone can find their place in this wonderful community and enjoy life. As for physics, it is not only a science but a way of thinking and living. I know that the university gives me a chance to be a personality. I should only catch the chance it gives. It’s a pity but this experience will never be repeated.


Dina Sergienko, Institute of Journalism, Department of visual media, 3nd year: Being a reporter means to be in the proper place at the proper time, always to be ready to meet a deadline, to be tuned to what is really actual and important for the day, and of course to understand what you are writing about, to find alternative sources, and what not. I have realized it since the time I am a student of the Institute of Journalism. I am glad that besides obligatory classes we have here optional courses, just as vocational classes together with lectures, seminars and workshops. And I have already started to look for my future place of work. My dream is to be a reporter at hot spots of the planet.


Ñ 1.5.Read texts 1-6 attentively and using symbol «+» mark what the students assess in their University studies.

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