Спряжение глаголов в группе «PERFECT»

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Спряжение глаголов в группе «PERFECT»

to have + 3 форма глагола to have lived,to have written

  Утвердительная форма Вопросительная форма Отрицательная форма
Present I He She It We You They have   has     have     lived written Have   Has     Have I he she it we you they     lived written I He She It We You They have   has     have   not lived not written
Past I He She It We You They   had     lived   written   Had I he she it we you they     lived? written? I He She It We You They   had not     lived   written
Future I He She It We You They shall   will   shall   will   have lived have written Shall   Will   Shall   Will I he she it we you they     lived have written I He She It We You They shall   will   shall   will     lived not have written

1. I have fulfilledthe plan. Haveyou fulfilled the plan? Yes, I have.

2. He has seen this film today. Has he seen this film today? No, he has not.

3. He has calculated the distance. Has he calculated the distance? No, he has not calculated the distance.

4. They have already translated the text. Have they translated this text? Yes, they have. No, they have not.


1. I had fulfilledthe plan by December. Had you fulfilled the plan by December? Yes, I had.

2. Had he seen this film before weinvited him?No, he hadn't. He had not seen it beforeyou invited him.

3. He had calculated the distance before the plane landed. He had not calculated the distance before the plane landed.

4. We had translated the text by 5 o'clock. Had you translated the text by 5 o'clock?Yes, I had. No, I hadn't.


1. I shall have fulfilled the plan by the 5th of December. I shall not have fulfilled theplan by the 1st of December?

2. She will have seen this filmby the end of theweek.Willyou have seenthis film bythe end of the week?Yes, I shall. No, I shan't.

3. He will have calculated thedistance before the planelands. Will he havecalculated the distance before thelanding of the plane?

4. They will have translatedthe text by 5 o'clock. Will they have translated the text by5 o'clock? Yes, they will. No, they won’t.


Употребление и перевод времен группы «PERFECT»

to have + Participle II (-ed)


  Present   have + Participle I has В ы р а ж а е т : Действие, которое закончилось до настоящего момента. We have repaired the engine. Мы отремонтировали двигатель.   Действие, которое. закончилось к определенному моменту в прошлом. I had finished my work by 5 o’clook (before he came). Я закончил свою работу к 5 часам (прежде чем он пришел).   Действие, которое закончится к определенному моменту в будущем. They will have finished the test by 10 o’clock. Они закончат свои испытания к 10 часам.
Perfect   Past   had + Participle I
    Future   shall + have + Participle I will



1. He had already finished hiswork by 6 o'clock, hadn't he? 2. For ages mankind has dreamed of reaching the top of the world, the North Pole. 3. Will you have finished the translation before the end of the lesson? – Yes, we shall. 4. Where had you worked before you entered the University? 5. Since the appearance of this book it has become well known to every engineer and physicist. 6. He has never been to London. 7. The importance of foreign languages has increased now. 8. English has become the principal language of international conferences. 9. We shall have completed our experiments by the end of the week. 10. They had finished to translate the article before he came. age – век; to dream – мечтать; to reach – достигать; to retire – уйти на пенсию.


Употребите глаголы, данные в скобках, в Past Indefinite, Present Perfect, Past Perfect. Предложения переведите.


1. They just (to finish) the work.

2. My friend (to graduate) from the Institute last year.

3. Science and technology (to produce) a real revolution in medicine.

4. He (to work) at the University for thirty years before he retired.

5. By 9 o'clock we (to finish) the work.

6. ... you (to pass) entrance exams this year? – Yes, I ... .

7. "Sandwich" courses (to appear) after the war.

8. He (to pass) his final examination by the end of June.


Образование и перевод форм глаголов в страдательном залоге (PASSIVE VOICE)

    to be + причастие to be asked to be written    
        are tested  
  Indefinite Present Past испытываются were tested  
  Future испытывались will be tested
      будут испытываться have been tested  
New devices Perfect Present   Past (уже) испытаны   had been tested   by our engineers
Новые приборы   Future были уже испытаны (раньше) will have been tested нашими инженерами
      будут испытаны к определенному времени are being tested  
  Continuous Present   Past испытываются (сейчас) were being tested  

испытывались (в определенное время)

1. For years the problems of atomic energy were being worked at by many scientists of' different countries. 2. Just now a new film is being demonstrated in our Institute club. 3. By 5 o'clock the work will have been done and you will be able to look it through. 4. The Penza Polytechnic was founded in 1943 on the basis of Odessa Industrial Institute. 5. The final 6 months of the college course are spent in preparing graduation projects. 6. Our new hostel has been built this year. 7. The results of his experiment will be discussed at the conference. 8. All the lecturers had been presented before the conference began. property – свойство; jointly – совместно; to repair – ремонтировать.


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