Sample Premarital / Prenuptial Agreement

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Sample Premarital / Prenuptial Agreement

(this sample can serve as a guide in drafting a prenuptial agreement that best protects your interests and complies withthelaws in effect where you live)

___, hereinafter referred to as Prospective Husband, and ___, hereinafter referred to as Prospective Wife, hereby agree on this__ day of __, in the year _, as follows:

1.Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife contemplate marriage in the near future and wish to establish their respective rights and responsibilitiesregarding each other's income and property and the income and property that may be acquired, either separately or together, during the marriage.

2.Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have made a full and complete disclosure to each other of all of their financial assets and liabilities, as more fully set forth in the accompanying Financial Statements, attached hereto asExhibits A and B.

3.Except as otherwise provided below, Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife waive the following rights:

a. toshare in each other's estates upon their death.

b. to spousal maintenance, both temporary and permanent.

c. to share in the increase in value during the marriage of the separate property of the parties.

d. to share in the pension, profit sharing, or other retirement accounts of the other.

e. to the division of the separate property of the parties, whether currently held or hereafter acquired.

f. to any claims based on the period of cohabitation of the parties.

4. [set forth relevant exceptions here]

5. [additional provisions here. These can range from prescribing that the children will be raised in a particular religion to allocating household chores between the parties.]

6. Both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife are represented byseparate and independent legal counsel of their own choosing.

7. Both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have separate income and assets to independently provide fortheir own respective financial needs.

8. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement of the parties and may be modified only in a writing executed by both Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife.

9. In the event it is determined that a provision of this agreement is invalid because it is contrary to applicable law, that provision is deemed separable from the rest of the agreement, such that the remainder of the agreement remains valid and enforceable.

10. This agreement is made in accordance with the laws of the country (state) ____, and any dispute regarding its enforcement will be resolved by reference to the laws of that state.

11. This agreement will take effect immediately upon the solemnization of the parties' marriage.

I have read the above agreement, I have taken time to consider its implications, I fully understand its contents, I agree to its terms, and I voluntarily submit to its execution.

_______________________________ Prospective Husband ______________________________ Prospective Wife

Practicum 3.13

Translate the italicized word combinations in Text 3a into Russian

Practicum 3.14

Practicum 3.15

Translate into English

Брачный договор может быть заключен как до государственной регистрации брака, так и в период брака и подлежит обязательному нотариальному удостоверению. В брачном договоре супруги вправе определить имущественные права и обязанности как в браке, так и в случае его расторжения: установить режим совместной, долевой или раздельной собственности на все имущество супругов, на его отдельные виды или на имущество каждого из супругов; определить долю каждого из супругов в принадлежащем им имуществе; определить имущество, которое будет передано каждому из супругов в случае расторжения брака; установить способ участия в доходах друг друга; определить порядок несения каждым из них семейных расходов, а также любые иные положения, касающиеся имущественных отношений супругов, не противоречащие закону и не ущемляющие интересы другого супруга.

Practicum 3.16

Find any Russia-based Prenuptial agreement to compare the provisions made

III. Communication Practice


Relatives are joining efforts trying to make your friends’ prospective spouse sign a prenup, practice Taking sides


PROGRESS TEST 3 (part 1)

Review the communication strategy of Taking Sides

Would-be in-laws are taking sides and suggesting pros and cons: your would-be spouse is against / for; take his / her side relying on the pros/cons list below

Pros of Prenuptial Agreements:

· Having a prenup does not mean that a couple is anticipating divorce.

· Financial matters need to be faced.

· Prenuptial agreements can preserve family ties and inheritance.

· If your future spouse won't sign a prenuptial marriage agreement, it may be best to discover this before the wedding.

· The financial well-being of children from a previous marriage can be protected.

· Personal and business assets accumulated before your marriage are protected.

· A prenup puts financial expectations out on the table before your wedding.

· A prenuptial marriage agreement spells out which assets a spouse may want to give to children or other family members in the event of death.

· In the event of a divorce, a prenuptial agreement eliminates battles over assets

Cons of Prenuptial Agreements:

· Prenup agreements can be set aside for failure to disclose all assets, or if there is evidence of fraud, duress, unfairness, or lack of representation at the time of signing the agreement.

· They are unromantic.

· Prenups can imply that there is a lack of trust between the partners.


A prenuptial agreement could create resentment between spouses, as it might seem like there is a lack of a life-time commitment to one another.

PROGRESS TEST 3 (part 2)



I. General

Practicum 4.1

Study the communication strategy of Being honest

a) Being honest assessing the other party

Step 1 Appreciate what the other party suggested / did
Step 2 If it is crucial, expose the downsides as you see them
Step 3 Provide arguments to support your criticism
Step 4 Specify what you really want

T ips to keep in mind

1. Using an individual’s name anchors a positive emotional stimulus with the suggestion or criticism contained in the sentence.

2. While criticizing, try opening up opportunities to consider rather than voicing values and judgments. Otherwise the addressee might think more about the speaker than the message. When people tell others what they must, there is a high probability that it will clash with their map of the world and trigger resentment (and resistance).

                                                                                            D. Guilefoyle. The Charisma Effect

b) Being honest to admit that you committed a mistake

Step 1 Admit what you have done wrong, never make it worse persisting
Step 2 Suggest how you could make up for your faux pas

Tips to keep in mind

1. Telling unadulterated truth can get you into trouble. Be straightforward, but also make sure you won’t be made the scapegoat under the circumstances.

2. It is important to learn the art of being honest and at the same time trying to turn negative into positive.

Change this : To this :
I have to admit I could have done a better job to ensure we remained under the budget.   Although we didn’t come under the budget, we did complete the project ahead of schedule.
I wish I had done more inquiry before making the final decision about that candidate. Although the employee proved to be a bad match for the job, we learnt a good lesson in what we really want.
I don’t think I’d be the right person for the job – I don’t possess all the qualifications listed in the job description. It’s true I don’t have all the qualifications listed, but what makes me a viable candidate is my depth of hands-on experience.

                                                                  L.P. Frankel. Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Practicum 4.2

What did the author do to shift the perspective to a more optimistic one?(e.g. use of Conditionals, modals, etc.)

Practicum 4.3

Arrange Being honest vocabulary in the groups relating to the steps of the communication strategy, e.g.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3 Step 4
A. I appreciate how you feel

Still there seem to be downsides

There is evidence I’d like to offer some alternatives

Step 1

Step 2

B. Honestly, we haven’t managed the deadline

I want you to know I followed the instructions I was given


I agree to some extent

I might have accepted that

I see strong points in what you said, unless / provided

I do believe / I argue that / my stand is / position is

You may frown on it, still

Honestly / frankly / to be honest

There is evidence in favour of my view

I am wondering how you see the situation

I am not happy with

This is a bit difficult for me to say, but I do want to let you know how I see the situation

That position is understandable, but it does not take into account

II. Being honest Practice

Practicum 4.4

Be honest to criticize or reject the proposal which runs counter to your interests. Assume the roles to follow

- you are at the negotiations on the purchase of a house. Being a prospective buyer, you like the house, but find the price too high under the circumstances. Define the circumstances and brief your opponents on your stand

- mother of a teen daughter, who brought her boyfriend to dinner for the first time to meet the family. You didn’t like the way the boy behaved at dinner and are determined to be soft but honest, explaining your daughter why

- a lawyer, discussing with a client a punishment his crime might entail. The client is accused of cheating on his tax returns and owes the government a big sum of money. Be honest and outline how it will affect his / her future

- tell the boyfriend that you are breaking up. Be honest and soft, try to spare his feelings.

Practicum 4.5

Study the terms related to customs and taxes and memorize them

pay customs on smth; get through / pass the customs; customs duty / tariff; customs examination / inspection / clearance; customs fraud; duty-free import; Customs and Excise; IRS (Inland Revenue Service); seize counterfeit products

Practicum 4.6

Translate from Russian into English, relying on the terms from Practicum 4.5

1. Для того чтобы растаможить товары, импортер должен заполнить предписанную форму и представить коносамент от иностранного экспортера. За эти товары необходимо уплатить пошлину.

2. На днях британской таможней была конфискована крупная партия контрафактной продукции; в данный момент эти товары на сумму около 30 млн. евро находятся на таможенном складе.

3. Правительственная комиссия рекомендовала продлить срок действия повышенных импортных пошлин на иномарки еще на девять месяцев.

4. Вам необходимо пройти таможенный досмотр в соседнем помещении.

5. Таможенное управление Великобритании не ограничивает ввоз и вывоз национальной валюты. Разрешен беспошлинный ввоз сигарет, спиртных напитков, парфюмерии. Запрещен ввоз наркотиков, оружия, предметов антиквариата без разрешения соответствующих организаций.

Text 4a

The text to follow deals in t alking law. Study the text and use it as a starting point for communication

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