Topic 6. Pushing for an Answer

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Topic 6. Pushing for an Answer

I. General

Practicum 6.1

Study the communication strategy of Pushing for an Answer

Step 1 Ask for precise information
Step 2 Explain why you need it
Step 3 Push for a prompt answer and mention negative implications the lack of information can carry

Practicum 6.2

Arrange Pushing for an Answer vocabulary in 3 groups relating to 3 steps of the communication strategy, e.g.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
How can you account for the late delivery? I need the names of the people responsible to take immediate measures It can make a dent in our reputation

We are running costs

We are growing increasingly concerned about (your studying habits)

We want you to accommodate us

There might be some misunderstanding

Would you be willing to clarify the misunderstanding / clear up the matter

We need information / specifics / particulars / essentials of

Otherwise, we will have to look for alternatives

Would you brief me on

It might lead to / provoke / trigger / entail / give rise to / bring about / result in

It can definitely / it is found to jeopardize our public appeal

Practicum 6.3

Practice Pushing for an Answer strategy, assume the roles of

- a seasoned negotiator, who doesn’t feel like wasting time, pushes the other party to announce their final decision on the suggested 10% discount;

- a mother, who is trying to find out whether her son has truanted school;

- head of department, speaking to the employee, who must have forgotten to email an important letter and is trying to hush it.

Practicum 6.4

Study the vocabulary to talk taxes

taxation (progressive, proportional); real estate tax; tax on property; tax treatment; (marginal) tax rate; collect taxes (tax collector); to impose / levy / charge tax on; direct tax (on income); indirect tax (on goods); excess profit tax; income / inheritance / road / wealth / consumption tax; company / corporation income tax; legal entity tax; VAT; capital gains tax; sales tax; capital levy; excise duty; duties; tax-deductible (legally subtracted from income before it is taxed); taxable income; liable to tax; tax haven (very low tax rates); tax exile; tax incentives / allowances / relief / benefits; tax holiday / breaks; tax revenues; tax avoidance; tax evasion; tax fraud; tax exemption – to be tax exempt; to submit one’s tax return; to cheat on one’s tax return; tax reclaim / refund; Inland Revenue Agency (IRA); Customs and Excise

Practicum 6.5

Match the types of taxes with their English equivalents (above)

Types of taxes




Practicum 6.6

Match the word combinations below with the English terms from Practicum 6.4

таможенные пошлины; подать налоговую декларацию; указывать в налоговой декларации неверные сведения; налоговые льготы; подоходный налог; налог на прибыль; прогрессивный, пропорциональный налог; налоговая ставка; налог на прибыль предприятий; налог на добавленную стоимость (НДС); налог с оборота; налоговый инспектор; зона льготного налогообложения; уклонение от уплаты налогов; снижение суммы налогообложения (без нарушения закона – минимизация налогов); подлежащий обложению налогом; налоговые поступления в казну; необлагаемая налогом сумма; акцизный сбор; взимать налог с; облагать налогом; прямые / косвенные налоги; налог на сверхприбыль; налог на прирост капитала; освобождение от налогов; налоговое мошенничество; временное освобождение от налогов; возврат НДС (при прохождении таможни); налог с капитала; налоговый режим; быть освобожденным от уплаты налогов; Налоговое Ведомство Великобритании; Департамент налогов и сборов США


Text 6a

The text to follow deals in talking economics. Study the text and use it as a starting point for communication

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