The Designer Discount Shopping Experience

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


The Designer Discount Shopping Experience

Discover a relaxed shopping haven in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, where spacious boutiques showcase (= to display in a showcase) fabulously discounted labels from the leading fashion and lifestyle brands normally only found in the world’s most exclusive shopping streets.

Shopping is pure pleasure at Bicester Village, where sophisticated boutiques, spacious boulevards, attentive service and a friendly, unhurried atmosphere combine to offer a truly unique retail experience. There's so much to enjoy here, whether it's browsing prestigious boutiques at leisure for great-value buys, or sampling fine food and drink in the Village's cafés and restaurants. And with such a rich selection of attractions nearby – from gorgeous scenery, imposing stately homes and historic towns to explore, to Michelin-starred restaurants and sophisticated places to stay – it's easy to create a memorable itinerary around a Bicester Village visit.

Enjoy exceptional savings of up to 60% off at more than 120 top-name boutiques, from Salvatore Ferragamo to Gucci & Dior.

Discerning fashionistas will seek out the Brit chic of Alexander McQueen, the opulent designs at Valentino, and the gorgeous boho creations from British fashion guru Vivienne Westwood. And with so many brands to appeal to discriminating shoppers – even they will enjoy browsing for top-value buys.

What’s more, among the many fabulous brandsfeatured are well-known names that have chosen Bicester Village as their only outlet boutique in the UK, so you can look forward to some exciting exclusives.

How to get to Bicester Village

It couldn't be simpler thanks to its central location, just outside of London and close to some of the UK's best transport links. It's about an hour's drive from London or Birmingham – or take the more relaxing and environmentally friendly options of rail or bus. Frequent train services operate out of London or Birmingham, speeding passengers to the local train station, where a special shuttle takes visitors in comfort to the Village. Take a train (destination Birmingham) from Marylborne railway station (Marylborne underground station, London).

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Practicum 5.12

Translate the italicized word combinations in Practicum 5.11 into Russian

Practicum 5.13

Practicum 5.14

Relate the current smart shopping practices:

- catalogue buying

-  doing market research across the internet

-  hunting for attractive end-of-the-season sales of branded goods

 to the all-year-round opportunities in luxury villages

Practicum 5.15

Support or challenge the view that public catering in the shopping areas lures the customer into spending. Rely on the text to follow

Dine in Style

Whether it's a mid-morning break between shopping or a leisurely gourmet meal, there is a wealth of choice at Bicester Village and in the surrounding areas.

At Starbucks, sink into a sofa with a cup of coffee, or sample a freshly made baguette or the delicious sushi selection at Pret á Manger. If visiting the Village with friends, catch up with them over authentic Italian food and a glass of Chianti at Carluccio's, or have lunch or stay on for a special evening at Villandry, in sophisticated surroundings. World-class restaurants nearby include Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat' Saisons and internationally acclaimed Vineyard.

Practicum 5.16

Translate the italicized word combinations in the text into Russian

III. Communication Practice

Role play

A group of young female tourists is making inquiries at the hotel reception about outlet shopping (travel details, catering services and the brand range, etc).

Progress Test 5

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