Права и обязанности Арендодателя

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Права и обязанности Арендодателя

Арендодатель обязуется передать квартиру полностью отремонтированной согласно Акту приемки-передачи…

Права и обязанности Арендатора

…осуществлять своевременную оплату коммунальных услуг

landlord; be legally entitled to let; acting pursuant to the Charter; rights and obligations; outstanding payments or liabilities on; hereby; if required by applicable law; hereinafter referred to as; lease agreement; party; act of transfer; fully renovated; effect monthly communal charges; tenant; accommodation; the term and rent as outlined; a clause; there are no liens, pledges, leases on; claims of third parties

III. Communication Practice

Role play

Practice Taking Sides strategy in the setting of a conference on lease agreement as a prospective landlord, a tenant and a lawyer.

Practicum 3.12

Practice Taking sides: assume a role of a lawyer, his paralegal, would-be spouses, a would-be mother-in-law who advised consulting the lawyer

Prenup or not Prenup?

General – avoiding legal costs and unnecessary attorney fees if you find yourself in divorce court. In going through a messy divorce a considerable amount of your wealth will be lost to your spouse, legal fees, fees charged by appraisers, expert witnesses, and so forth.

Running stereotypes on premarital / prenuptial agreement are:

1. Prenuptial agreements are only for wealthy people, my fiancé and I are not rich and so we don't need an agreement.

Your education and talents may get more valuable than they are. Think about how you'd handle the division of a business, inheritance, copyright in case of a divorce.

Besides, honest discussions regarding how the two of you will approach finances will ensure that there won't be any surprises once you are married. Talking about financial issues in advance insures that you handle money with minimal conflict during your marriage as well as in case of divorce.

2: Prenuptial agreements are designed to simply protect the wealthier spouse and strip the other spouse of all of his or her rights.

Premarital agreements can be designed so that everyone's needs are met - you will know in advance how your assets and debts would be handled in case of divorce. You're negotiating the property settlement while you're both in love with each other and you won't be at the mercy of a spouse's generosity or its lack at the time of a divorce.

3: Premarital Agreements Aren't Romantic.

A prenuptial agreement may not seem very romantic, but working together on the terms of a prenup can actually strengthen your relationship. Learning how to deal respectfully and constructively with each other about finances is a benefit in itself.

4: Premarital Agreements must deal with every issue that might come up in a divorce.

You can include as many issues as you wish and can make them as detailed as you want. If there is only thing you want for your premarital agreement to accomplish, you can limit your premarital agreement to that issue alone.

5: If we don't get married, my live-in mate won't have any claims to my income or property.

You could risk your income or assets by living together without marrying. Palimony is a spousal support substitute for alimony or spousal support for people who are not married. If you are going to live together without getting married, you'll want a cohabitation agreement. It's better to decide who contributes to and owns property before you buy things rather than afterwards.

Conclusion: A carefully crafted premarital or prenuptial agreement can cement your relationship and insure that your finances are handled the way you each intend in the event you were to divorce or pass away prematurely.

Text 3b

The text to follow deals in talking law (contracts & agreements). Study the text and use it as a starting point for communication

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