T opic 8. expressing uncertainty / hesitation

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

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T opic 8. expressing uncertainty / hesitation

I. General

Practicum 8.1

Study the communication strategy of Expressing Uncertainty / Hesitation

Step1 Say that the issue seems controversial / arguable or the situation unworkable. Express your uncertainty / hesitation
Step 2 State that you need more time since the problem calls for further investigation or looking into

Practicum 8.2

When practicing Expressing Uncertainty / Hesitation you may need the word combinations to follow. Try and explain what they mean

to hesitate over a choice; do not hesitate to (ask/call); to be hesitant / uncertain about; under certain conditions / terms; to feel certain / positive; (not) to know for certain; to be certain to (succeed / fail); the prospects seem rather uncertain; to be more specific about smth

Practicum 8.3

Translate into English relying on the phrases to follow: to be hesitant / uncertain about;

 hesitant; not to know for certain; to know for certain; do not hesitate to ask me; the prospects seem rather uncertain; under certain conditions

1.У меня естьопределенные сомнения относительно наших шансов на успех.

2.Он очень нерешительный человек, он никогда ничего не знает наверняка.

3.Я знаю наверняка, что наша кампания обречена на провал.

4.Вы можете обращаться ко мне в любое время.

5.У вас слишком неясные планы на будущее, а нам нужен уверенный в себе, амбициозный сотрудник.

6.При определенных условиях наши эксперименты могут привести к внушительным результатам.

Practicum 8.4

Explain the difference between

uncertain / doubtful / dubious / unclear / ambiguous

wavering / hesitant / evasive

to hesitate / to beg the question

Practicum 8.5

Translate from Russian into English, relying on the word combinations from Practicum 8.4

неизвестно, состоится ли совещание; при необходимости звони мне не раздумывая; она вопросительно подняла брови; вы уходите от ответа; неопределенные результаты; неопределенные сроки; на все наши вопросы он отвечал уклончиво; ваше предложение можно истолковать двояко; сомнительные решения; остается открытым вопрос о том, что; вы оперируете очень подозрительными фактами; в первый момент я не знал, что ответить; я всегда колеблюсь, когда стою перед выбором; я не знал, какое из двух предложенных решений выбрать

Practicum 8.6

Arrange the Expressing Uncertainty / Hesitation vocabulary in 3 groups relating to 3 steps of the communication strategy

Step 1 Step 2
It is a complicated issue It might need further investigation

It is arguable / controversial / a rather involved issue

I’d rather wait before I commit myself

I’m not sure it will work

I wouldn’t go so far as to

I am looking for an appropriate word

If you ask me, I would

I am facing / on the horns of dilemma

It seems unlikely

I’m in two minds

We might try another approach

I’d rather not jump to conclusions

II. Expressing Uncertainty / HesitationPractice

Practicum 8.7

Rely on Expressing Uncertainty / Hesitation strategy in the following situations

- your spouse (boy / girlfriend) is planning to take out a close-end loan in a bank to invest into a posh car;

- your team leader has fixed very tight deadlines and your team might need to work extra hours to manage within this timeframe;

- your colleague buys weekly lottery tickets hoping to hit the jackpot;

- your boss intends to promote a colleague of yours who is rumoured to have stolen credit from his partners and is taking the low road.

Practicum 8.8

List arguments that make you uncertain about prospects of the initiatives

- investing into construction business;

- opting for a modeling career;

- going to an audition at a high-profile drama school;

- applying to a bank for a mortgage loan at the time of financial recession.

Text 8a

The text to follow deals in talking economics. Study the text and use it as a starting point for communication in semi-formal setting

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