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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Mortgage Broker Contract

Notice to Prospective Borrower(s): Read this contract carefully so that you make an informed choice. You are entitled to a copy of this contract. Signing this contract does not obligate you to obtain a mortgage loan through this mortgage broker, nor does it constitute mortgage loan approval.

This contract is between:

Name(s) of borrower(s):_____________________________ , the “Borrower(s)” or “you” and

Name of mortgage broker company: ________________________________________, located at

Address of mortgage broker company: _______________________________, who has authorized

Name of mortgage broker: _______________________________________ to enter into this contract on its behalf. In this contract, the mortgage broker company and the mortgage broker are called “I” and the entity which will provide your mortgage loan funds is called “lender”.

Who Do I Represent?

I represent you. I am your agent and I will get you the most favorable mortgage loan that meets your stated objectives. I will shop for your loanfrom among ____ lender(s). I will charge you a fee for my services but I will not receive any fee for your mortgage loan from a lender.

I represent you, but I may receive a fee from a lender. I am your agent and I will get you the most favorable mortgage loan that meets your objectives. I will shop for your loan from among ____ lender(s). I may charge you a fee for my services and I may also receive an additional fee for your mortgage from a lender.

I do not represent you. I am not your agent. I arrange loans from lenders and get paid by lenders and borrowers. I make mortgage loans available from

□ one lender (name of lender): _________________; or

□ among (number) ____ lenders.

What Will I Be Paid?

For arranging your loan of up to $ _______ at an interest rate of ______ (% rate or reference/attach ARM program), I will receive no greater than _____ points and other compensation of $ ______, so that my total compensation will be no greater than: ______ (total compensation in $ amount and/or % of loan).

My Total Compensation will be made up of: ____Fees You Pay me ___ ($ amount and/or % of loan) plus __Fees a Lender Pays me__ ($ amount and/or % of loan)

If you would rather pay a lower interest rate, you may pay higher upfront fees; if you pay less up front, you may pay a higher interest rate. Before you sign this contract, I can display alternatives for you.

The amounts disclosed here apply only if you qualify for this loan.

We agree to the terms of this contract. By signing below, the mortgage broker further certifies that the information in this contract is accurate and complies with all provisions of section 8 of the Real Estate Settlement ProceduresAct and 24 CFR part 3500.

Borrower(s) Signature & Date:                                                                   Mortgage Broker Signature & Date:

____________                                                        _____________

Borrower(s) Signature & Date:                                                                   Mortgage Broker License No: (where applicable)

_____________                                                                              _____________________

Practicum 8.14

Translate the italicized word combinations in Text 8b into Russian

Practicum 8.15

Practicum 8.16

Match the following banking terms with their Russian equivalents

closed / closed-end mortgage обыкновенный залог (соглашение между кредитором и кредитуемым, обеспеченное залогом, но не подтвержденное третьей стороной)
conventional mortgage ипотека с регулируемой процентной ставкой (предусматривает возможность изменения ставки в связи с изменением рыночной ставки процента)
adjustable (variable, flexible, renegotiable) rate mortgage ипотека, допускающая последующий залог имущества в качестве обеспечения дополнительного ипотечного кредита и не устанавливающая никаких ограничений на последующие займы
defaulted mortgage вторичная ипотека (кредит, обеспеченный недвижимостью, которая уже находится в залоге)
open / open-end mortgage закрытая ипотека (ипотечный кредит, который не может быть погашен заемщиком ранее изначально оговоренного срока)
fixed rate mortgage непогашенная в срок закладная
delinquent mortgage взятие займа под залог собственности для выплаты долга по другой закладной на ту же собственность
remortgage ипотечный кредит, по которому заемщик задержал платежи
second mortgage ипотека с фиксированной (процентной) ставкой

Practicum 8.17

Choose a type of mortgage loan that (1) pays off quickly enough; (2) leaves you ripped off, (3) can be handled easily, (4) needs a major downpayment

Practicum 8.18

Apply for a mortgage plan to a bank in writing

III. Communication Practice


A team of bank officials is to draft a mortgage contract which is sure to be acceptable for prospective clients. Consider a range of mortgage offers, requirements and terms of contract.

PROGRESS TEST 8 (part 1)

1. Explain what is meant by:

conversion operation; the international settlement systems; validity of the card; face side; power of attorney; transfer of funds; fixed term deposit agreement; retail banking; corporate banking; online banking; utilities; prospective borrower

PROGRESS TEST 8 (part 2)

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