Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

One of you is a patron, and the other student is an archive librarian. The librarian explains to the patron the rules of working in the library archive.


Level 2

Time 5 min.


Card 1 You are a student who needs to work with a unique collection in the library archive. Ask the librarian:   · how you can get access to the collection; · about the rules of working with archive documents; · if you can photocopy a few pages; · if you can take a picture of the pages you need; · if you can buy scanned images.


Card 2 You are an archive librarian. Explain to the student the rules of using archive documents. Tell him/her:   · to get access to the archive he/she needs to give a copy of his/her college ID; · the student will have to sign into the archive rooms when he/she enters and sign out when he/she leaves; · the student will have to use special gloves while handling the materials. · the student can't photocopy anything; · the student is not allowed to take pictures of any pages; · the student can buy scanned images.



Task 4. Work in pairs to role-play a situation at the library. Use ROLE-PLAY ASSESSMENT RUBRICS/CRITERIA (Appendix) to assess your/your partner's performance.


Unit 12. At the Theatre

Objectives: In this unit students will:

- learn common phrases for choosing seats at the theatre and buying tickets;

- take part in role-plays to practice discussing where and what performances to see, exchanging opinions about the play.


Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:


Buying tickets: Box office describing seats:
I’d like to buy two seats for tomorrow’s show. Can I still get tickets for tonight? Are there any seats left for Saturday night? Is it still possible to get tickets for tomorrow? Is there anything left for tonight? Is there anything further back? Are there any boxes? Haven’t you got anything cheaper? Are there any seats in the upper-circle? I suppose there’s nothing in the circle, is there? There aren’t any boxes left, are there? Is there any chance of the first row? Would you like something in the front stalls? The front row of the dress-circle is fairly free. You can sit wherever you like in the first row. How many tickets do you need? I’ve got 2 seats left. I have only seats for the matinee left. I will have tickets only if somebody cancels. I’m afraid you’ve left it rather late.     I have only rear stalls left. Everything’s booked except the royal box. You wouldn’t like the back row, would you?
Giving information: Sharing opinion:
There’s a good comedy on at the Royal Theatre next week. The Covent Garden Theatre in London is famous for its ballet and opera performances with the best English ballet dancers and singers. The house is usually full. You have to book seats in advance. The National Theatre shows the best dramas. At the Aldwych Theatre both new and classical plays are put on. Have you seen many performances on the stage of the London Stratford Theatre? You can buy a programme and take opera-glasses to fully enjoy the performance. The best actors are engaged in this performance. You can buy a drink at the intermission. The action of this play is set in London. It was a splendid performance. The cast was perfect. There was so much feeling in the performance of the actors! The performance was very dramatic and convincing. I`ve heard you are a theatre-goer, aren't you? The action develops slowly. Some scenes are dull. The cast is not very good. That happens to be a rather poor performance. The hall is beautifully decorated. The chairs are comfortable and the performance is wonderful. The performance is magnificent. I absolutely adore the leading man’s play! This performance has an intricate plot and brilliant acting. It’s a heart-squeezing and ear-pleasing show – and the best commercial work of art I've recently seen. I particularly liked the choreography.


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