Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:

Questions and phrases at the airport:

Questions you may need to ask:

Can I see your passport?

Where are you flying?

What’s your final destination?

May I see your ticket?

Do you have an e-ticket?

Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

Are you checking any bags?

Your luggage will go directly to the final destination.

Go through security and your flight will depart from gate B25.

The flight boards at 5.30.

Here's your boarding pass and your luggage claim. Have a nice flight.

Is the flight on time? Where is the American Airlines check-in desk? Where is terminal 4 / gate 36 / the washroom? Is my connection on time? How many bags can I check? Will my luggage go straight through? Do I need to pick up my luggage in [Chicago]? Where do I collect my luggage? How much is the fee?

Yes/No questions :

Are you carrying any firearms or flammable materials?

Has anyone given you anything to carry on the flight?

Did you pack your bags yourself?

Have you left your bags unattended any time?

Are you aware of the regulations regarding liquids in your carry-on?

Problems at the airport :

At the security checkpoint :

Your luggage is overweight. Your carry-on luggage is too large. You need to pay an oversized / overweight luggage fee. I'm going to have to charge you for the excess weight. Your flight is delayed. Your flight has been cancelled.

Spread your arms out please.

Open your bag. Walk through.

Do you have any change in your pockets?

Do you have any metals?

Do you have any liquids or medicine?

You must dump all food or beverages.



Task 2. In pairs take part in a role-play at the airport. You need to check in. Follow the instructions below.

Level 1

Time 10 min.


A: Ask to see the traveller's ticket and passport. B: Show the passport.
A: Ask where the traveller is flying. B: Answer the question. Ask if your flight is on time.
A: The flight has been delayed. Ask if the traveller is checking any bags. B: You have one bag to check and one bag to carry on.
A: Ask if the traveller packed his/her bags himself/herself and if he/she has left his/her bags unattended. B: You packed your bags yourself and always had your bags with you.
A: Tell the traveller that his/her luggage is overweight and he/she will need to pay an overweight luggage fee. B: Ask how much the fee is.
A: Ask the traveller what kind of seat he/she would like. B: You prefer an aisle seat.
A: Give the traveller his/her boarding pass and his/her luggage claim. B: Ask if you need to pick up your luggage in Milan.
A: Answer the question and say what gate the flight will depart from and what time the flight boards. Wish the traveller a nice flight. Say thank you and goodbye.


Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play at the airport. You need to go through security. Follow the instructions below.

Level 1

Time 5 min.


A: Ask the traveller to lay bags flat on the conveyor belt. B: Ask if you need to use bins for carry-on objects.
A: Give a positive answer and show where the bins are. B: Ask if you need to take your laptop out of the bag.
A: Give a positive answer and ask him/her to take off the shoes and the belt. B: Go through the metal detector again if it produces signals.
A: Ask if he/she has anything in pockets: keys, change, a cell phone. B: Take everything out of your pockets.
A: Wish the traveller a nice flight. B: Say thank you.


Additional Practice

Task 4. In pairs take part in a role-play at the airport. You have lost your luggage and need help. Read the task below.

Level 2

Time 15 min.


Card 1   You have arrived at the place of your destination, but two of your bags haven’t. You need to address the clerk to find out what has happened. Be ready to:   l show your ticket; l say the number of your flight; l provide a description of your bags; l  give your address; l spell your full name; l ask if the clerk has any information about the current location of your luggage; l  ask how much time it will take the company to get the information about your luggage.


Card 2   You are a clerk at the airport. Help a traveller to find lost luggage. You will have to: - check his/her ticket; - ask about the number of his/her flight; - ask about the size and colour of the bags; - ask where the person is currently staying; say that you need this information to be able to send in the luggage later; - write down the person’s name, ask to spell it; -  promise to inform the person when you get the information.


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