Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!




Task 5. Work in pairs to role-play a situation at the airport. Use ROLE-PLAY ASSESSMENT RUBRICS/CRITERIA (Appendix) to assess your/your partner's performance.



Unit 6. At the Hotel

Objectives: In this unit students will:

- learn common phrases used at the hotel;

- take part in role-plays to practice reserving a hotel room and checking in, making requests and asking for service.

Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:

Booking a room

Receptionist: Guest:
What kind of room would you like? Would you like a single room or a double room? I need to see if we have this type of room available. What are the dates of your stay? Can I have your name and telephone number, please? Could you please spell your last name? A single/double room is $85 per night. Do you have a room free for the next weekend? Could I reserve a room for two nights? How much is it per night? I’d like a double room with a balcony. I will arrive on Friday and leave on Monday. What facilities are there in the room? Does the room have air conditioning? I would like to have a room that overlooks the garden/ocean/park.

Hotel service

Receptionist: Guest:
Your room is upstairs to your right. Here’s the key. Would you like me to call you a taxi? When would you like a wake-up call? I’ll get someone to solve the problem, sir/miss/madam. The parking lot is right behind the hotel. You can leave some of your luggage in the storage room downstairs. I can’t open the window in my room. Will your technician take a look? How much is the soda water in the mini-bar? What time do I need to check out tomorrow? How can I get to the city centre from here? Can you get someone to change the sheets/towels in my room? Do I have to pay for breakfast? What time is breakfast served? Where can I exchange money?


Task 2. In pairs take part in a role-play: one of you is a guest, who wants to check in. The other student is a receptionist. Follow the instructions below.

Level 1

Time 10 min.


Guest: Receptionist:
A: Greet the receptionist and say your name. B: Welcome the guest and offer help.
A: You have a reservation and would like to check in. B: Offer three different types of rooms.
A: Ask which one is cheaper. B: Tell about the prices and special offers.
A: Choose the room and ask about facilities. B: Answer the question and ask how long the guest is going to stay.
A: Answer the question and say that you might want to stay longer. B: Inform that the policy of the hotel is to collect payment in advance. Repeat the price.
A: Ask if you can pay by credit card. B: Answer the question and ask to enter the PIN.
A: Pay for the room and ask for a wake-up call tomorrow at 7 am. B: Answer the question and explain where the room is.


Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.


One of you is a receptionist at the hotel, while the other student is a secretary, who calls to book a room for her boss.

Level 2

Time 10 min.


Card 1 You are a receptionist. Be ready to:   l welcome the caller, tell the name of the hotel and offer help; l ask about the exact dates of staying; l ask what facilities are required; l tell the client the prices; l ask for personal details: name, phone number; l check that you have written the information down correctly, ask to repeat if anything is unclear; l say the time of check-in and check-out; l sum up the information about the booking and say the final price.


Card 2 You are a secretary. You need to book a room for your boss Nick Creig, who is going on a business trip. You will need to:   l say that you want to book a room for one person; l he will be staying for three nights, give the dates; l you need Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a shower and a good view; l ask about the meals, you need breakfast to be included; l give your boss's personal details; l correct the receptionist if he/she has written down any information about your booking incorrectly.


Additional Practice

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