Task 4. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 4. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

One of you will make a phone call, and the other student will answer the phone.

Level 2

Time 10 min.


Card 1   Your name is Charles Gordon. You work for Experience International in London. Your company is the developer and exclusive provider of a sales training program called The Blitz Experience™. Your phone number is 44 272 79 68 78, extension 42. You are calling to the ABC company to arrange a meeting with Jane Morris, the sales manager of the company. Be ready to:   - give your name and the name of your company; - explain why you are calling; - leave a massage; - give your phone number; - ask if you can call back later.


Card 2   You are a receptionist at the ABC company. You'll receive a call. Be ready to:   - begin the conversation; - ask why the person is calling; - ask the person to hold on; - say that the sales manager is unavailable and explain why; - take a massage; - ask the caller to spell his/her name and give his/her phone number; - ask to repeat the phone number and check that you've noted the information correctly; - answer any questions the caller asks; - say goodbye.




Task 5. Work in pairs to role-play a telephone conversation. Use ROLE-PLAY ASSESSMENT RUBRICS/CRITERIA (Appendix) to assess your/your partner's performance.


Unit 10. A Job Interview

Objectives: In this unit students will:

- learn common phrases used at a job interview;

- take part in role-plays to practice conducting and going for an interview.

Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:


Icebreakers at a job interview

Interviewer: Interviewee:
Please, have a seat. As you know, our company is looking for … (a project manager)   I am really into working for your organisation. It has an excellent reputation.  
Interview questions: Possible answers:
Why do you think you suit for this position? I am able to get people to work together as a team. I think with my experience I can contribute to the company’s success.
What are your strengths? I get on well with people. I'm good at managing people.
Could you tell us about your weaknesses? What mistakes have you made? I'm not really patient when people don't meet deadlines. I expect too much of people who work for me. I have high standards and get impatient when people don’t do their job properly. But I am trying to learn to be more patient.
What kind of people do you work well with? As a team leader, I have to work with all kinds of people. But I like working with reliable and creative people.
Could you tell me about your interests? I like travelling, and I like discovering new cultures. I also like aerobics and skiing. I spend a lot of time playing sports at the weekend, and I'm keen on fitness, so I go to the gym a lot.
Do you have any questions? If I get the job, when would you like me to start?

Phrases for a natural conversation:

I see...

Can I ask you about your (interests/experience/weaknesses etc.)

That's very interesting, indeed.

What do you mean?

I'd like to find out if …/ I wonder whether ...

I think I understand what you mean.

It's a tricky question, isn't it?

Finishing the interview:

That's about all. We'll keep in touch with you.

We need to think before we make a final decision.

We'll call you as soon as possible.


Task 2. In pairs take part in a role-play. Follow the instructions below.

Level 1

Time 5 min.


A: You have come for a job interview. Introduce yourself. B: Offer a seat and say who you are looking for.
A: Say that you suit this position. Explain why. B: Ask about the person's education and experience.
A: Answer the question. B: Ask about his/her weaknesses.
A: Answer the question. B: Ask about his/her interests.
A: Answer the question. B: Ask if the applicant has any questions.
A: Ask a question or two. B: Finish the interview.


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