Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Task 3. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.


One of you is a client, and the other student is a travel agent. The travel agent needs to fill in the reservation form for a holiday with the information the client gives.

Level 1

Time 10 min.


Departure date Departure airport Number of flights Mr/Mrs/ Miss Initials Surname Holiday Insurance
Hotels Number of nights Arrival date Room type Number of rooms

Room extras







Special requests (honeymoon/diet etc.)

Client’s emergency telephone numbers in case of strikes, delays, re-routing etc.


You are a client, you want to book a holiday, and these are your requirements and details.


Student 1 Departure Date 26 March From London to Tokyo Arriving the same day Mr Carl Jung and Ms Emma Jung 61 Waterfiel Road Ipswich 272903 Phone 014352576 12 nights accommodation at the Sunset Hotel One double room with a balcony and a good view.   Student 2 Departure Date 16 May From Oslo to San Francisco Arriving the next day Mr James Potter, Mrs Lily Potter and Miss Elisa Potter 50 Tottenham Road Woodbridge 503075 Phone 014760920 10 nights accommodation at the Golden Gate Hotel One double room, one single room, one with a balcony and one with a harbour view.

Additional Practice

Task 4. In pairs take part in a role-play. Read the task below.

One of you is a customer, and the other student is a travel agent. The customer wants to book a tour. He/she needs to choose a destination with the help and recommendations that the travel agent provides.

Level 2

Time 15 min.


Card 1 You are a customer. You have come to the travel agency and want to book a tour, but don’t know what destination to choose. You need to choose a tour according to your requirements:   l you can spend 7 days on travelling; l you want to go to Europe; l if you have a choice, ask about popular attractions, the weather, customs etc.; l choose the city you want to visit and the hotel you want stay in; l  ask about the details of the accommodation, say what type of room you would like to have; l choose excursions, tours and attractions you want to visit; l  ask if they have student discounts for tickets; l you want to arrive at the place of destination in the morning, so your flight should be at night time; l ask about the total price of the tour, choose the type of payment (cash, card). l provide the travel agent with your personal details; l ask any additional questions if you want to; l don't forget to thank the travel agent for help.


Card 2   You are a travel agent, and you need to provide your client with all necessary information:   - greet the client, ask about the time and the destination. If the client is not sure, provide recommendations (3 countries at least); - give information about the chosen destinations (weather/cuisine/celebrations/famous sights etc); - provide information about accommodation and facilities; - give information about excursions, tours, and attractions; - ask what ticket the client wants (the dates of flight, one way or return, class, time of arrival, preferred airline, stopovers, etc); - tell the client the total price of the tour and ask about the type of payment (cash, card); - write down the client’s personal details (name, address, phone number), ask to spell if something is not clear; - repeat for the client any information and answer any other questions if needed.



Task 5. Work in pairs to role-play a situation at the travel agents'. Use ROLE-PLAY ASSESSMENT RUBRICS/CRITERIA (Appendix) to assess your/your partner's performance.

Unit 14. At the Art Gallery

Objectives: In this unit students will:

- learn common phrases used when you visit a museum or an art gallery;

- take part in role-plays to practice discussing art and artists.

Task 1. Read the phrases and practice saying them:


Going to an Art Gallery

Possible questions: Possible answers:
Do you fancy going to an art gallery? Which one do you recommend? Why don't we go to that art gallery now, I hope it's open. Is there an admission charge? There is currently an exhibition of .... He was a great national painter. The gallery/museum is open every day except Sunday. The admission charge won't be too much. In fact, I think it's actually free.

Discussing a painting: What do you think of this painting?

I love the colors and think that it is magnificent.

The landscape is peaceful / picturesque.

I would certainly hang that piece of art on my wall.

This is not kind of «easy» art.

The first one seems to be an abstract painting and the second picture is nearer to surrealism...correct me if I am wrong.

The painter has managed to achieve:

- balance in composition.

- an amazing effect.

- interesting visual effects.

- beauty and expressiveness of images.


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