Text A: Information Technology in Today’s Society 

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Text A: Information Technology in Today’s Society


Strictly speaking, Information Technology has been influencing society for thousands of years. But these days it’s widely accepted that the forefront of technology lies in digital revolution. Just as machines have extended man's mechanical power and his convenience and comfort, Information Technology is extending man's mind or in other words his intellectual power.

Interest in the digital revolution isn't a technology issue though. It’s necessary to notice that in essence it isn’t an amendment to the core businesses, ideals, ethics or movements. It simply permits them to perform at a larger scale and rather more expeditiously. The benefits of IT in e-business are actually obvious.

What’s the role this technology plays in today’s society?

- Information technology role in our daily life is to make our life easier. It acts as an assistant.

- It’s a medium that allows massive volumes of knowledge to be held on, processed or transferred at a lightning speed.

- There’s a lot of data at hand to create choices, maintain relationships, monitor markets, etc.

- Social networking websites help people share cultural values and people start to respect each others’ culture.

- Economy, science, technology, banking, transportation, communication, healthcare, education, culture, defense can’t do without IT nowadays.

Our world now operates within a digital framework. This is going to require more hands on deck to administer, manage and create technology.

IT training can prepare you for a career in a variety of industries: oil companies, government agencies, manufacturing firms, insurance companies, aviation related companies, construction, hospitality industry, security, healthcare, the fashion industry, government, sports, banking – you name it


In the text, find the appropriate part of the sentences for the given ones (beginnings or endings).

a) - from agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution -

b - the forefront of information technology.

c) - lies in digital communications.

d) Interest in the digital revolution -

e) It simply permits them -

f) It’s a medium -

g) - people start to respect each others’ culture.

h) This is going to require -


In the text, find the synonyms to the given words.

  Synonyms Words from the text
  cutting edge, head, vanguard  
  become larger, increase in size  
  alter, convert, modify, replace  
  partake in, be involved in  
  enormous, huge, tremendous  
  change, alter, convert  
  kernel, nucleus  
  popular, up-to-date  
  receive, obtain, acquire  
  reach, stretch  
  advantage, favour, profit  
  immediately, instantly  



Use your key words to describe the role of information technology in today’s society.

Text B: Requirements for IT Specialists


6. Work w ith your partner: think of and write down the qualities an IT specialist should have (2—3 items).

Match up the following words and definitions.

  increase a polite, respectful, or considerate in manner
  personnel b behave towards or deal with in a certain way
  relevant c having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully
  courteous d people employed in an organization; human resources; staff
  impact e delegation of power or authority; authorization
  respect f become or make greater in size, amount, or degree
  empowerment g communicate or be involved directly; to act on or in close relation with each other
  interact h admire (someone or something) deeply, as a result of their abilities, qualities, or achievements; esteem
  treat i closely connected or appropriate to the matter in hand; connected, linked
  competence g have a strong effect on someone or something
  competent k giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization
  ethics l the ability to do something successfully or efficiently



Read the text, find the sentences with the given words, translate the sentences into Russian.

create, demand, ethics, increase, outside, personnel, present, relevant, require, respect, treat, unpredictable


The IT profession is respectedglobally because of the impactInformation Technology (IT) has on society. IT is used in solving problems and creating solutions. All sectors of the economy require the services of skilled technical IT personnel. Information technology professionals are responsible for designing, developing, supporting and managing computer hardware, computer software, maintaining, installing, configuring and managing IT systems and networks, including the Internet.

IT is a field that emphasizes knowledge and personal contribution. A career in IT offers not only money, but much more than money. A career is about self-actualization issues – knowledge, empowerment, recognition, opportunity, influence, reputation, and self-reliance. But if immediate results are what you are after, then the IT field might not be what you want. An IT career is more like a marathon than a short sprint.

Most computer relatedjobs require a bachelor's degree. For some positions, a master's degree is preferred.Relevant skills and experience matter. The way to become an IT professional is studying a degree at university which teaches you the fundamentals first.

At the university you not only get the knowledge but also:

get the stamp on your résumé (Once they open a certain job, organizations use filters to fill it in appropriately, and one of the filters is the university degree.);

create the network of people (meeting different people increases your possibilities to find a good job; getting in contact with professors, lecturers and the like might help you to develop professional projects, the university also offers many channels to get in touch with companies and organizations, including the contact of people working inside the HR department.)

develop the competencies. Apart from the knowledge the university teaches you how to collect, filter, interpretand present information. It also teaches you to communicate clearly, tointeract with other people, to take responsibility of your actions, and so on. All those competencies will be useful for the rest of your life regardless of the career you will choose. The knowledge you learn at the university will come and go while competencies stay once you develop them. Knowing what to expect out of something is half way through, so make sure you get it all from your experience at the university.

In IT tomorrow isunpredictable. This is the very field where “ if you stand still you will go backwards”. Once you have more information you are in a better position to know what you want. Be resourceful in finding information and keeping yourself up to date. Keep on learning and acquiring knowledge through the Internet, books, training and practice. Read IT journals and the computer sections of most newspapers and magazines. Talk to people on the job – get info on the good and the bad. As the Chinese proverb states, “the stranger that asks questions doesn't get lost”. Visit the workplace, get familiar with and understand the working environments.

Competent IT practitioners are often respectedand recognized for their contributions. Becoming respected in IT requires creativity, the ability to handle challenges, to have excellent problem solving skills, a healthyrespect for others and an “always-learning” attitude.

The profession is respectedbut each individual mustcreate his or her own path. You can be highly respected in IT if you manage your relationships well. You need to have very good interpersonal skills and know the value of good teamwork. Do you help and encourage others? You know the stuff, you've got the certs but howcourteous are you in making your demands? Will you treat colleagues, clients and employers with respect?Are you considerate and evenhanded in your interactions and working relationships? The way you resolve conflict is also about respect.


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