ТОП 10:

Вправа 24. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. Не must have sold his piano. 2. He may have sold his piano. 3. He might have sold his piano. 4. He can't have sold his piano. 5. He should have sold his piano. 6. He shouldn't have sold his piano. 7. He needn't have sold his piano. 8. He didn't have to sell his piano. 9. He had to sell his piano. 10. He was to sell his piano.


Вправа 25. Вставити придатні модальні дієслова (must, can, need). Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. If you want to improve your English, you ... work very hard. 2. ... I take this book? – Certainly, but you ... not give it to anybody. 3. Mother, ... I go to the country tomorrow? – No, you ... not. The doctor says you ... stay at home for a day or two. 4. There is something wrong with your television-set. You ... call a repairman. – Oh, we ... not do it! My brother ... fix it himself. 5. ... we bring these text-books every day? – No, you ... not: you ... take them from the library. 6. ... you go to the country with us? – No, I am afraid I ... not: I ... go to the library.


Вправа 26. Вставити придатні модальні дієслова (must, may, can, need, to have to, to be able to). Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. You ... not come to help them tomorrow: the work is done. 2. You ... not change the whole text as the beginning is all right. You ... only rewrite the second part of it. 3. ... you help me now? – I am afraid not: I am in a great hurry. I shall be free in the evening. Come to my place at about eight, and I ... help you. 4. John ... not tell us the rules of the game: we know them. 5. ... I return the book to you on Friday? I am afraid I ... not finish it before. – No, that is too late. You ... bring it to me not later than Wednesday. 6. It is already six o'clock. We ... hurry if we don't want to be late. 7. ... you translate this text into English? – I think I ... 8. They spent all the morning on the river bank. Only Ann ... return home as she ... not stay in the sun for such a long time.



Вправа 1. Складіть п'ять речень з кожної таблиці.

I am glad to meet you.
He is happy to hear it.
She are pleased to be late.
We was sorry to have missed the train.
You were   not to have been informed about it.
They will be   to be given this chance.


I want to tell you everything about it.
  like to be troubled when I am working.
  hate to play basket-ball.
    to be visited when I am ill.
    to be sent there.


I can find that magazine.
He/She may be found there.
We must show you the way to the station.
You   be shown the way to the station.
They   bring the children home.


Вправа 2. Визначте функцію інфінітиву у реченнях. Перекладіть їх на рідну мову.

1. Everyone had a wish to say something. 2. He decided to go alone. 3. We must work hard to live. 4. The question must be answered. 5. It was difficult to believe. 6. She was going to my rooms to see my aunt. 7. She had no desire to open her heart to her aunt. 8. The great thing is to make a good breakfast. 9. I am ready to go with Annie. 10. Nothing could be done before morning. 11. It wasn't safe to cross the bridge at night. 12. To earn a living he became a salesman. 13. The man was the first to speak. 14. I am too old to be given a hiding. 15. This is my bench, and you have no right to take it away from me.


Вправа 3. Вставте "to" де потрібно. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. I like ... play the guitar. 2. My brother can ... speak French. 3. We had ... put on our overcoats because it was cold. 4. They wanted ... cross the river. 5. It is high time for you ... go to bed. 6. May I ... use your telephone? 7. They heard the girl ... cry out with joy. 8. I would rather ... stay at home today. 9. He did not want ... play in the yard any more. 10. Would you like ... go to England? 11. You look tired. You had better ... go home. 12. I wanted ... speak to Nick, but could not... find his telephone number. 13. It is time ... get up. 14. Let me ... help you with your homework. 15. I was planning ... do a lot of things yesterday. 16. I'd like ... speak to you. 17. I think I shall be able ... solve this problem. 18. What makes you ... think you are right? 19. I shall do all I can ... help you. 20. I like ... dance. 21. I'd like ... dance. 22. She made me ... repeat my words several times. 23. I saw him ... enter the room. 24. She did not let her mother ... go away. 25. Do you like ... listen to good music? 26. Would you like ... listen to good music? 27. That funny scene made me ... laugh.


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