ТОП 10:

Вправа 12. Перефразуйте речення згідно з моделлю. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

Mоdel: It is (im) probable that he will come tomorrow. – He is (un) likely to come tomorrow. He will certainly come. – He is sure to come. He will probably come. – He is likely to come.

A) 1. It is probable that it will rain before evening. 2. It is improbable that she will forget her promise. 3. It is probable that the winter will be very cold this year. 4. It is probable that they will be late. 5. It is improbable that this medicine will help him.

B) 1. They will certainly like this film. 2. The doctor will certainly do his best. 3. He will probably forget the address. 4. She will probably catch cold. 4. He will certainly do his duty. 6. The weather will probably change.

Вправа 13. Знайдіть Complex Subject у наступних реченнях. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. He seems to know all about this matter. 2. The question appears to be of great importance to them. 3. The results of the test seemed to have disappointed them. 4. He seemed to want to do it himself. 5. He didn’t appear to be surprised at this news.6. The goods don’t appear to have been packed very carefully. 7. He doesn’t seem to have been discouraged by his failure. 8. She seemed to have been waiting for a long time. 9. He happened to look in that direction and saw a man run out of the house. 10. The plan proved to be a great success. 11. She happens to know him. 12. I happened to leave my office early that day. 13. My friend seems to be having a good time at the seaside. 14. They seem to be waiting for you downstairs. 15. This plant seems to have been producing such equipment since 1996. 16. There seem to be no objections to their proposal. 17. There appear to exist other methods of making this test. 18. There seemed to be many obstacles in their way. 19. There proved to be another solution of the problem. 20. There happened to be a surgeon among them.

Вправа 14. Складіть п’ять речень з кожної таблиці.

It is necessary for me to stay here.
  was important   you to go there at once.
  will be dangerous   him to cross the river here.
    high time   us to buy it.
    better   them to take a taxi.


The best thing is for me to invite them.
  was   him to see a doctor.
  will be   you to wait.
  would be   us to go there by plane.
      them to go home.


I wait(s) for me to speak.
He/She waited   him to go out.
We will wait   you to send an invitation.
You     us to come back.
They     them to answer.


Вправа 15. Перефразуйте наступні складні речення у прості, викорис-товуючи Prepositional Infinitive Complex. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. It is necessary that we should start early in the morning. 2. It is necessary that she should come here in time. 3. It is important that he should work systematically. 4. It is necessary that you should air the room twice a day. 5. It is necessary that you should go in for sports.

Вправа 16. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. Nature has many secrets to be discovered yet. 2. To improve your phonetics you should record yourself and analyse your speech. 3. This is the book to be read during the summer holidays. 4. To be instructed by such a good specialist was a great advantage. 5. To play chess was his greatest pleasure. 6. The child did not like to be washed. 7. Isn't it natural that we like to be praised and don't like to be scolded? 8. Which is more pleasant: to give or to be given presents? He is very forgetful, but he doesn't like to be reminded of his duties.

Вправа 17. Знайдіть інфинитивні комплекси у наступних реченнях і встановить їх функцію. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. Then, he seemed to hear a voice. 2. I saw her look at him. 3. What do you want me to do? 4. Jude watched her disappear in the direction of the hotel. 5.She made her brother talk of himself. 6. I never expected you to ask him at all. 7. My father doesn't want us to know each other. 8. He seemed to be looking for words. 9. Her face seemed to have become much more youthful. 10. We saw him enter the station. 11. Mr.Rochester is not likely to return soon. 12. She seemed not to listen to him. 13. Clyde felt himself tremble. 14. I don't like to hear you speak so of Harry. 15. You don't seem to understand how hard it is. 16. We are not likely to remain alone much longer.



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