ТОП 10:

Вправа 4. Складіть п'ять речень з кожної таблиці.

I saw him enter the house.
Не/She heard her leave the room.
You watched them play the piano.
We noticed you sing.
They   the girl approach the river.


I made him (to) learn the poem by heart.
He/She let them   do the exercises again.
We caused you   go home.
You forced me   buy it.
They       read it aloud.


І want(s) her to become an economist.
He/She wanted them to work here.
We like(s) you to speak English.
You should like me to sing this song.
They would like the boys to stay here.


I expect(s) him to come back at five.
He/She expected them to help them.
We   me to arrive on Monday.
You   you to win the match.
They   us to answer the letter at once.


I considered him to be brave.
He/She believed you to be an honest man.
We thought us to be lazy.
You knew them to be about twenty-five.
They supposed me to be a good student.


I find(s) it difficult.
He/She found the film to be easy.
We   the subject to be funny.
You   the story to be dull.
They   the flat to be comfortable.


Вправа 5. Складіть з двох речень одне, використовуючи Complex Object. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

Model: Mary opened the window. I saw it. – I saw Mary open the window.

1. Peter took my pen. I saw it. 2. He ran to the river. I saw it. 3. The girl smiled. I noticed it. 4. The children shouted in the next room. I heard it. 5. She played the violin. My brother heard it. 6. The man tried to open the door. We saw it. 7. They got into a taxi. He saw it. 8. Somebody knocked at the door. We heard it.

Вправа 6. Складіть з наступних речень одне, використовуючи Complex Object. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

A) 1. We watched the dockets as they unloaded the ship. 2. They watched me as I made my bed. 3. Mother saw him as he climbed over the fence. 4. I watched them as they played ice hockey. 5. Nobody noticed her as she went away.

B) 1. We expect that he will come back at 7. 2. They expect that their football team will win the game. 3. She expected that her friend would write her a letter. 4. I expect that you will come in time. 5. He expects that his friends will help him.

C) 1. I think that he is a good engineer. 2. I suppose that he is about forty. 3. I believe that they are at home now. 4. I know that she is very modest. 5. They believe that he is honest.

D) 1. My wish is that you should tell me about it. 2. Her parents' wish is that she should enter a music school. 3. Our wish is that you should go to the forest with us. 4. His father's wish is that he should become an engineer. 5. My wish is that you should stay here.

E) 1. I desire that he should see me off. 2. I desire that she should go shopping. 3. We desire that he should repair our radio set. 4. I desire that he should stop smoking. 5. I desire that they should return tomorrow.

Вправа 7. Вставити "to" де потрібно. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. Make him … speak louder. 2. Help me … carry this bag. 3. My son asked me … let him … go to the theatre. 4. She asked me … read the letter carefully and … write an answer. 5. The man told me not … walk on the grass. 6. Let me … help you with your work. 7. We had better … stop to rest a little. 8. I don’t know what … do. 9. He was seen … leave the house. 10. We heard the siren … sound and saw the ship … sail off. 11. I cannot … go there now, I have some work … do. 12. During the crossing the passengers left the ship … toss. 13. You must make him … practice an hour a day. 14. She was made … repeat the song.

Вправа 8. Знайдіть Complex Object. Перекладіть речення на рідну мову.

1. Tell me what you would like me to do. 2. Seeing her enter the room he rose to greet her. 3. Hearing the bell ring he went to see who was at the door. 4. Did you feel the bridge shake? 5. I don’t like you to say such things. 6. Put on a thicker coat, I don’t want you to catch cold. 7. We knew him to be very brave. 8. He asked for a telegram to be sent to his son. 9. We expected the steamer to arrive in Yalta yesterday. 10. We lay in the shade of the tree, waiting for our friends to come.

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