A) 1.“I live here”, she said. 2. “She works in a factory”, I said. 3. “He never lies”, they said. 4. “We are students,” we said. 5. They seldom come here,” he said. 6. “ I have to work tonight”, John said. 7. “He has no money”, I said. 8. “I hope she comes soon”, he said. 9. They said: “We want to go home.” 10. He said: “I don’t know her well”.

B) 1. “She is still sleeping now”, I said. 2. “The baby is crying”, she said. 3. “We are translating the text at the moment”, we said. 4. “I’m waiting for you “, he said. 5. “They are working this week”, I said. 6. She said: “I’m going home.” 7. “Kate is reading this book now”, he said. 8. “We aren’t translating at the moment”, the students said. 9. “They are visiting us today”, uncle said. 10. “I’m not studying at the moment”, Sam said.

C) 1. “He has just returned from his holiday”, I said. 2. “I was there a year ago”, he said. 3. “He lived here some years ago”, they said. 4. “We have already finished the work”, we said. 5. “Yesterday I visited my group-mate”, she said. 6. “I have known him for a long time”, he said. 7. “We didn’t see her yesterday”, they said. 8. “He hasn’t come yet”, I said. 9. “A new shop was built here last year”, she said. 10. “I have never been to Los Angeles”, J.Lo. said and went there.

D) 1. “ I was doing my homework all yesterday evening’, he said. 2. “She has been working since morning”, I said. 3. “We have been living here all our live”, they said. 4. “ They were studying hard for the whole last week”, she said. 5. “She was crying for a long time”, he said. 6. “I was having dinner when you came”, she said. 7. “She has been teaching them since September”, he said. 8. “We were watching the TV when mother came”, Tom said. 9. “I wasn’t living in Scotland then”, McGregor said. 10. “They have been learning English for 7 years”, the teacher said.

E) 1. “ We will visit you soon”, they said. 2. “I will have finished this work by the end of the week”, he said. 3. “She will be taking her exam at this time”, I said. 4. “ He’ll leave in an hour”, she said. 5. “They will become engineers next year”, we said. 6. “I’ll be back”, terminator said. 7. “I will still be sleeping at this time tomorrow”, Sonya said. 8. “We will have already graduated from the Academy by this time”, students said. 9. “ He will visit you next week”, the manager said. 10. “Sally will return in a year”, father said.



1. I’m living in a hostel now.

2. My father isn’t very well.

3. I went to my native place last weekend.

4. Tanya ant Petya are getting married.

5. My sister has had a baby.

6. I don’t know what Fedya is doing.

7. I saw Kate at the party last month and she seemed fine.

8. I haven’t seen Lena recently.

9. I’m enjoying my classes very much.

10. You can come to see me some day.

11. My mobile phone was stolen last week.

12. I want to go on holiday to the Crimea but I can’t afford it.

13. I’ll tell Ann I saw you.

14. I’m going to pass my driving test.

15. I’m visiting Alex tonight.




A) 1. He asked me: “Do you live in Moscow?” 2. We asked him: “Are you busy now?” 3. He asked me: “Have you got a large family?” 4. They asked her: ”Will you go to the theatre?” 5. She asked her friend: “Do you like detective stories? 6. He asked me: “Have you read this book?” 7. I asked him: “Can you swim?” 8. They asked me: “Did you go to the seaside last summer?” 9. We asked him: ”Do you speak English?” 10. She asked the child: “Are you sleeping?” 11. We asked them: “Have you finished your work?”12. He asked me: “Can you do me a favour? 13. “ Will you help me?”- he asked her. 14. “Were you speaking to Jane? “ she asked her brother. 15. “Is he coming to the party today?” I asked them. 16. “Can I use your phone?” I asked the woman. 17. “Did you post my letter?” she asked her husband. 18. “Will you be back early?” mother asked me. 19. “Do you like to go out for a meal?” he asked his wife. 20. “Have they seen Kate today?” I asked the students. 21. “Are you free tomorrow?” Sam asked her. 22. “Will you be at home tomorrow?” She asked him. 23. “Did they say so ?” I asked Fred. 24. “ Were you at the party yesterday?” He asked me. 25. “Have you ever been to Paris?” Claire asked me.

B) 1. He asked me “Where do you work?” 2.“Why are you late?” he asked us. 3. “Where are you going?” they asked me. 4. “Where have you come from?” she asked him. 5. “How long are you going to be on holiday?” I asked her. 6. “When do you have to go to work?” she asked me. 7. She asked me: “When did you begin learning English? 8. They asked me: “When will you come back?” 9. She asked me: “What are you doing?” 10. He asked her: “What films do you like?” 11. He asked us: “Who can speak English here?” 12. She asked me: “Where do you live?” 13. They asked her: “Why have you done it?” 14. We asked him: “ When are you leaving?” 15. They asked me: “How long will it take us to get to the station?”16. I asked him: “When will you have done the work?” 17. “Who told you that?” I asked. 18. “What will you be doing tomorrow?” he asked me. 19. “Where were you yesterday? “ they asked him. 20. “How long have you been studying here?” the teacher asked us. 21. She asked us: ”When will you be at home? 22. “What have you read today?” the teacher asked the students. 23. “What will you be doing tomorrow at 12?” he asked me. 24. “What do you think of this idea?” Max asked her. 25. “When did you enter the Academy?” I asked him.



A is Marina Petrova, who is talking to B, a bank manager, about getting a loan.

B. Come and sit down, Mrs.Petrova.

A. Thank you very much.

B. Now you want to borrow some money.

a) _____________________________?

A Five thousands pounds.

B. b) _____________________________?

A. Because I want to buy a car.

B. I see. Could you give me some personal details?

c) _________________________________?

A. I’m a computer programmer.

B. And d)______________________________?

A. Twenty thousand pounds a year.

B. e) __________________________________?

A. Yes, I am. I have been married for six years.

B. f) ___________________________________?

A. Yes, we’ve got two children.

B. I see you live in a flat. g) _________________?

A. We’ve lived there for three years.

B. Well, that seems fine. I don’t think there’ll be any problems.

h) ______________________________________?

A. I’d like it as soon as possible, actually.

B. All right. Let’s see what we can do.


a) First he asked Mrs. Petrova_______________________.

b) Then he wanted to know_________________________.

c) He needed to know______________________________.

d) She had to tell him______________________________.

e) Then he asked__________________________________.

f) For some reason he wanted to know_________________.

g) He asked her____________________________________.

h) Finally he wondered______________________________.


5. REPORT THE FOLLOWING COMMANDS. USE THE VERBS ask, beg, advise, invite, order, persuade, encourage, tell, warn, forbid, remind :

1. Mary said to her brother, “Take the letter to the Post Office, please.”2. The teacher said to Tom, “Collect the essays and put them on my table.”3. The old man said to the little girl, “Don’t run across the street.” 4. The teacher said to the students, “ Do this work by Saturday.” 5. I said to my friend, “Meet me outside the cinema at 6 o’clock. 6. I said to the students, “Open your books at page 60.” 7. The doctor said to his patient, “Don’t go back to work for a fortnight.” 8. Kate’s mother said to her, “ Don’t go out without your coat.” 9. Jack said to the policeman, “Tell me the time, please.” 10. The father said to us, “Don’t come into my study without permission!” 11. I said to Sam, “Give me, please, your dictionary.” 12. Inspector said to us: “You mustn’t park here.” 13. The guide said to the tourists, “You should see that wonderful place.” 14. Mother told me, “Close the window, please.” 15. The conductor said to the passengers, “Don’t get off the bus while it is going.” 16. “Please, please, don’t tell my parents”, Kate said to me. 17. “You really should paint professionally”, Fred said to me. 18. “You must pay a fine of $1000”, the judge said to Harry. 19. “ Buy the red dress, not the green one”, Dolly said to Sally. 20. “It’s better to sell your shares”, Peter’s accountant said to him. 21. Greg said to Jane, “Marry me, please.” 22. I said to Vasya, “Hurry up or we’ll be late!” 23. “Don’t ring me any more”, she said to him angrily. 24. “Forget about my existence”, he said to her. 25. “Don’t be silly!”, Maggy said to Jane.



In the train.

A talkative passenger asked a lady who was in the same compartment:

“Have you any family, madam?”

“Yes, sir, one son,” she answered.

“Indeed! Does he smoke?” he continued to ask.

“No, sir, he has never touched a cigarette,” she said.

“So much the better, madam. Tobacco is poison. Does he belong to a club?” asked the passenger.

“He has never set foot in one,” she answered.

“Then I congratulate you. Does he come home late at night?” he asked again.

“Never. He always goes to bed directly after dinner,” she said.

“He is a model young man, madam. How old is he?”

“Ten months today,” was the answer.



1. Ann… goodbye to me and left. 2. …us about your holiday. Did you have a nice time? 3. Don’t just stand there! …something! 4. I wonder where Sue is. She…she would be here at 4 o’clock. 5. Jack…me he was fed up with his job. 6. The doctor…that I should rest for at least a week. 7. Don’t….anybody what I… . It’s a secret just between us. 8. Did she…what happened? – No, she didn’t…anything to me. 9. George couldn’t help me. He…me to ask Kate. 10. George couldn’t help me. He …to ask Kate. 11. I …Jim not to shout. 12. Sonia…me that you were ill. 13. Tom …he wanted to go to Paris. 14. What did you…to the police? 15. He often…things like this. 16. That little boy is very bad. He…a lot of lies. 17. My grandmother always…me about her childhood. 18. When I was introduced to the teacher he …a few words to me. 19. She …me she didn’t know what to do. 20. “Don’t do that!” she …them.



1.Ann said that we are friends. 2. He asked where does she work. 3. I advised him that he went abroad. 4. Mother wanted to know had I done my homework. 5. She said that she is going to the disco. 6. We asked when would they be ready. 7. He said me that he had been there before. 8. She wondered what he would come for. 9. She begged me didn’t tell her secret anybody. 10. I asked if he saw that woman before. 11. Tom informed me that he would leave in an hour. 12. He wanted to know what I had been doing yesterday. 13. She asked me if I was busy today. 14. Christina said she won’t help me at the exam. 15. Michael persuaded Jane to marry him. 16. Mrs. Smith invited me to had dinner with them. 17. I asked her if she can speak English fluently. 18. He said to us that he had visited that place before. 19. He said he wants to eat. 20. I wondered where they were the previous month. 21. David asked Dolly to not come back late. 22. She asked where was her son. 23. She promised that she will visit us very soon. 24. I told them you at the cinema were. 25. He asked whether I have seen Rick.



1. “I am at home today, because I’m ill.”- Jack said. 2. “What are you doing in the evening?”- he asked. 3. “Can you speak Chinese?”- Kate asked. 4. “We don’t work on Sundays.”- they said. 5. “I was in the USA three years ago.”- she said. 6. “She won’t do anything till you ask her.”- John said. 7. “Please, help me.”- I asked her. 8. “ Have you cooked dinner?”- he asked his wife. 9. “Were you at the Academy last Saturday?”- the teacher asked us. 10. “Will Max be at the party?”- Ann asked. 11. “You really should take post-graduate course, you are smart enough.”- Professor told me. 12. “ Does she have any brothers or sisters?”- I asked. 13. “I have been studying since morning and I’m very tired.”- he said. 14. “We didn’t know anything about it.”- they said. 15. “ Nothing is seen from this window.”- Dana said. 16. “How old are you?”- she asked me. 17. “ I wasn’t told about it,”- I said. 18. “I can’t drive.”- she said. 19. “ Where have you been?”- he asked me. 20. “ Why is the baby crying?”- father asked. 21. “What are you going to do?”- I asked Maria. 22. “Where is a book-shop near here?”- the stranger asked me. 23. “Don’t be silly!”- she said to me. 24. “ I don’t know the answer.”- the student said. 25. “Where will you spend your holidays?”- Justin asked.



1. said / that / was 6. asked / what / happened

2. told / she / been 7. reminded / not / late

3. advised / us / sell 8. answered / he / had

4. asked / why / smiling 9. said / going / to

5. I / that / seen 10. we / that / would



1. Он попросил меня помочь ему. 2. Она сказала, что живет в Белгороде. 3. Они не сказали Кате, что я звонил. 4. Преподаватель спросил, знаем ли мы это правило. 5. Он поинтересовался, сдал ли я зачет. 6. Нам нужно было знать, когда отходит автобус. 7. Я спросил, куда она идет. 8. Она сказала мне, что уезжает на следующей неделе. 9. Он ответил, что изучает английский уже десять лет. 10. Мама посоветовала мне поступать в институт и получать высшее образование. 11. Вы говорили, что за границей люди живут лучше, но это не так. 12. Кто сказал вам, что я уже вернулась из поездки? 13. Он убедил ее не ходить на эту встречу. 14. Он спросил меня, что я делаю сегодня вечером. 15. Ему надо было знать, где находится ближайший банк. 16. Папа спросил, нужны ли мне деньги. 17. Он поинтересовался, почему я пришла так поздно. 18. Она спросила, куда мы поедем в отпуск. 19. Я сказала, что у меня нет при себе документов. 20. Она ответила, что не видела Марину уже очень давно. 21. Он сказал, что уже был у меня раньше. 22. Таня сказала, что уронила в речку мячик. 23. А я сказала ей, чтобы она не плакала. 24. Лектор спросил, все ли присутствуют. 25. Он приказал нам не опаздывать. 26. Гид спросил туристов, не устали ли они. 27. Преподаватель попросил меня стереть с доски. 28. Инспектор предупредил нас, что здесь стоянка запрещена. 29. Она поинтересовалась, будет ли на вечеринке Элис. 30. Я знал, что он пожалеет об этом. 31. Она думала, что завтра будет хорошая погода. 32. Она сказала, что очень занята и давно не была в театре. 33. Мама надеялась, что я вернусь через неделю. 34. Он поинтересовался, сдал ли я экзамены. 35. Они спросили, когда начинается мой рабочий день. 36. Я спросил, когда он собирается закончить работу. 37. Полицейский спросил, кто оставил здесь машину. 38. Она поинтересовалась, играю ли я в теннис. 39. Я сказала, что больше не кипячу, а пользуюсь «Тайдом». 40. Она напомнила мне, позвонить ей. 41. Он спросил нас, что мы будем делать летом. 42. Петя спросил, кто взял эту книгу. 43. Я попросил Катю дать мне словарь. 44. Они поинтересовались, когда мы купили дом. 45. Я спросил как пользоваться этой установкой.



1. He said he….three days later.

a) will come b) would come c) came d) come

2. She advised me ….go there.

a) not to b) to not c) didn’t d) wouldn’t

3. I asked who….there.

a) is b) were c) was d) has been

4. He said he had been to Moscow…. .

a) last year b) yesterday c) the previous week d) a week ago

5. We were going to have a party…. .

a) today b) tonight c) that night d) tomorrow

6. He reminded me….him.

a) to call b) called c) that I called d) would call

7. They…me he had gone to the USA.

a) told to b) said c) told d) asked

8. I asked her…she had seen that man ever before.

a) if b) weather c) - d) who

9. She said she would visit me….

a) next day b) tomorrow c) before d) that day

10. He asked me…..that day.

a) where I had been b) where I was c) where was I d) where had I been

11.They said they weren’t busy…. .

a) now b) at the moment c) at that moment d) today

12. She asked me what I….to do next day.

a) am going b) was going c) had been going d) is going

13. I….when he was leaving.

a) interested b) interested in c) wondered d) wondered if

14. He wondered…I lived in Voronezh.

a) did b) whether c) had d) weather

15. He said he….there the previous year.

a) would be b) was c) had been d) have been






1. If I don’t feel / won’t feel well tomorrow, I stay / will stay at home.

2. If the weather is / will be nice tomorrow, I go / will go to the beach.

3. It is / will be hard to find the hotel if we arrive / will arrive late.

4. The alarm ring / will ring if there is / will be a fire.

5. I am / will be surprised if they get / will get married.

6. Do/ will you go to the party if they invite / will invite you?

7. If we are / will be late, they don’t / won’t wait for us.

8. What do / will we do if it rains / will rain?

9. I understand / will understand you if you speak / will speak slowly.

10. If it is/ will be cold, I won’t / don’t go anywhere.

11. If the teacher sees / will see I’m cheating, she gets / will get angry.

12. If you come / will come to Kate’s party, she is / will be very glad.

13. If you ask / will ask him, he helps / will help you.

14. We are / will be happy if he arrives / will arrive.

15. She comes / will come if you invite/ will invite her.



1. If it (be) fine tomorrow, we (go) for a picnic. 2. I (finish) the novel, if I (have) time. 3. If it (rain) next week, we (not be able) to plant vegetables. 4. If he (leave) at 6, I (ask) him to give me a lift. 5. If you (ask) me nicely, I (mend) your car. 6. If you (work) on Sunday, I (pay) you well. 7. We (miss) the train, if we (not take) a taxi. 8. If Ann (finish) her work this week, she (go) on vacation. 9. If they (be working) all afternoon, they (need) a good breakfast. 10. John ( be) glad, if he (get) this job. 11. If we (save) enough money, we (buy) a new car soon. 12. I (let) you know if I (be) late. 13. If the bus (not come) soon, we ( not be) on time for classes. 14. Students (get) good marks if they (study) well. 15. You (have) less problems with credits, if you (attend) all lessons. 16. If I (return) in time, I (call) you. 17. If Mary (have) free time, she (visit) us. 18. If I (earn) a lot of money, I (go) to Bahamas in summer. 19. You ( not recognize) Jean, if you (see) her. 20. We (not begin) the meeting if the boss (not come).



1. If you have hiccups, ….

2. If you have a nosebleed, …

3. If you put a spot on the carpet, …

4. If you have dandruff, …

5. If you have a hangover, …

6. If you can’t get to sleep, …

7. If you can’t stop bitting your nails, …

8. If you have a bad headache, …

9. If a person never gives your money back, …

10. If there is a fire, …



Example: I’ll pay you back. I’ll get some money. (as soon as) I’ll pay you back as soon as I get some money.

1. I’ll read a lot of books. We’ll be on holiday. (while)

2. I’ll call you. I’ll come back. (as soon as)

3. I’ll have a cup of coffee. I’ll go away. (before)

4. He’ll tell you our news. He’ll see you soon. (when)

5. She won’t speak to me. I’ll say sorry. (until)

6. We’ll phone Jack now. It will be too late. (before)

7. Don’t go without me. Wait. I’ll be ready. (till)

8. We’ll visit you. We’ll return from our holiday. (after)

9. Can you feed my cat. I’ll be away for some time. (while)

10. Let’s go home. It will be dark. ( before)



1. If I (have) that tool, I (give) it to you. 2. If he (work) more slowly, he (not make) so many mistakes. 3. I (give) you his address if I (know) it. 4. He (get) fat if he (stop) smoking. 5. If we (know) you were away, we (not come). 6. They (keep) a gardener if they (can) afford it. 7. What you (do) if the lift (stuck) between two floors? 8. She (not go) there if her family (not be) invited. 9. The car (not break) so often if you (have) it serviced regularly. 10. If I (know) her better, I (introduce) you. 11. You (arrive) there much sooner if you (go) by train. 12. If I (have) money on me, I (lend) you some. 13. If she (like) children, she (work) at school. 14. If she (not eat) so much sweet, she (lose) weight. 15. If he (visit) the fitting center, he (be) stronger. 16. If I (be) taller, I (be) a model. 17. We (understand) the teacher better if she (speak) more slowly. 18. If they (have) time, they (help) us. 19. If I (be) you, I (study) better. 20. It (be) wonderful if you (not live) in another city.



Example: I can’t give you a lift because I don’t have a car.

If I had a car, I would give you a lift.

1.We won’t have a holiday because we don’t have enough money. 2. I don’t know the answer, so I can’t tell you anything. 3. There aren’t any eggs, so I can’t make a pie. 4. We have three children, so we won’t take a year off and travel the world. 5. She is afraid of the blood sight, that’s why she won’t be a doctor. 6. He spends all money gambling. He isn’t a rich man. 7. Ann doesn’t have much free time. She won’t learn French. 8. Jim works very hard, so he can’t spend much time with his family. 9. I have a terrible headache. I won’t go to the party. 10. We don’t have a big house, so we can’t invite friends to stay. 11.He lives in the South, so he can grow a lot of flowers. 12. Kate reads English books in the original because her English is very good. 13. He goes to bed early, so he always wakes up in time. 14. I live near my work, that’s why I am never late. 15. Helen runs in the park every morning, so she keeps very fit. 16. I can’t type. I won’t work with the computer. 17. I’m in a hurry. I won’t stay for dinner. 18. She drinks too much coffee. She can’t sleep well. 19. The weather isn’t sunny. We will stay indoors. 20. They don’t have a spare ticket, so they can’t take you to the concert.



1. If it (rain) this weekend, we (not be able) to play tennis. 2. Give me Peter’s letter. If I (see) him, I (give) it to him. 3. I have to work 80 hours a week, so I’m very busy. But if I (have) any spare time, I (take up) a sport like golf. 4. If he (be) cleverer, he (study) at MSU, but he doesn’t. 5. Please start your meal. If you (not have) your soup now, it (go) cold. 6. What noisy neighbours you’ve got! If my neighbours (be) as bad as yours, I (go) crazy. 7. If you (have) any problems, let me know and I (come) and help you straight away. 8. Your are a brilliant cook! If my wife (can) cook as well as you, we (open) a restaurant. 9. If there (be) some fresh fish in the supermarket, you (buy) some for supper? 10. We have mice in the kitchen. If you (have) a cat, the mice (disappear) soon. 11. He (tell) you Sue’s address if he (find) it in his notebook. He’s looking up just now. 12. We are waiting for guests. I (make) some juice when everybody (arrive). 13. Jane is small. If she (be) taller, she (become) a model. 14. I don’t earn much. If I (earn) more money, I (buy) a Rolls Royce. 15. If it (snow) tomorrow, we (go) skiing.


8. A) ASK YOUR FRIEND QUESTIONS. USE “What would you do if…”

1. (Maybe one day your friend will win a lot of money.)

2. (Maybe his car will be stolen.)

3. (Perhaps one day he will lose his passport.)

4. (Perhaps there will be a fire in his house.)

5. (Maybe his girlfriend will leave him.)

6. (Maybe he will get a 2 for the exam.)

7. (Probably he will star in a serial.)

8. (Probably he will be fired from his work.)

9. (Perhaps he will go to Hollywood.)

10. (Maybe he will become a teacher of English.)



1. If you took more exercise, …

2. You wouldn’t feel hungry, …

3. If you didn’t go to work tomorrow, …

4. If you bought some new clothes, …

5. You would get a 5 for the test, …

6. If you got up earlier, …

7. If you always remembered about my birthday, ..

8. You wouldn’t get fat, …

9. You would speak English better, …

10. If you didn’t spend so much money every day, …



Two tramps, Dan and Bob, were lying in the sun.

D: What we (делали бы), if the sun (не светило)?

B: Well, we (не лежали бы) here for a start. But what we (делали бы) if we (были бы) rich?

D: If we (были бы) rich, we (путешествовали бы) everywhere.

B: True, but we are travelling already.

D: Yes, but not like that. If we (имели бы ) money, our shaffeur (возил бы) us round in our Rolls. Imagine, if it (было бы) so, we (жили бы) in a big mansion in the country.

B: Yes, and the butler (подавал бы) fresh clothes for us, the cook (готовил бы) a fine meal. We (не ели бы) just carrots all the time.

D: If we (жили бы) such a house, we also (имели бы) a nice swimming pool.

B: Yes! If we (имели бы) a swimming pool, we (плавали бы) there as much as we liked.

D: If we (были бы) really rich, we (загорали бы)!

B: But we are lying in the sun!



1. I didn’t know you were in hospital. If I (know), I (visit) you. 2. We came to the Academy just in time. If we (get up) at 6 a.m. we (be) late. 3. It’s good that you told me about Tim’s birthday. I (forget) about it if you (not remind) me. 4. If I (have) your address when I was in London, I (come) to see you. 5. Did you have a nice time on your holiday? – Yes, but we (enjoy) it more if the weather (be) better. 6. I took a taxi to the hotel but the traffic was very bad. It (be) quicker, if I (walk). I wasn’t very tired yesterday. If I (be) so tired, I (go) home earlier. 7. She was free all the day. She (cook) something special if she (know) you were coming. 8.You came too late. If you (come) ten minutes earlier, you (see) Kate. 9.The students got bad marks for the test. They (get) better marks if they (prepare) for it. 10. We were very busy last week. If we (not be) so busy, we (help) you. 11. I did very well at the exam. If you (explain) everything to me, I (not pass). 12. She was very beautiful when young. If she (be) ugly, she (not become) an actress. 13. You lied to me. I (forgive) you, if you (tell) the truth. 14. He talked too fast. If he (speak) more slowly, I (understand) him. 15. She lost her keys again. If she (not be) so absent-minded, she (not put) them into her pocket.



Example: You got a 2. You didn’t study well.

If you had studied well, you wouldn’t have got a 2.

1. There was a car accident. I didn’t watch the road.

2. We came home from our holiday early because we spent all money.

3. The house didn’t burn down. The fire brigade came immediately.

4. My father didn’t earn much money, so life was hard for us.

5. I didn’t enjoy school, so I didn’t study well.

6. I wasn’t hungry, so I didn’t eat anything.

7. I didn’t know that Jim had to get up early, so I didn’t wake him up.

8. I bought the car. Kate lent me the money.

9. Mary didn’t get a taxi, because she didn’t have money.

10. He didn’t come on time. His car broke down.

11. She married to him. She knew he was rich.

12. John was ill, that’s why he missed classes.

13. Ann helped me with grammar. I passed the test.

14. I was late. My alarm clock didn’t go off.

15. Fred gave me a lift. I didn’t miss my plane.



1. He lives so far away. If he (live) nearer, we (meet) more often. 2. It was good that we took our umbrellas. If we (not take) them, we (get) wet under the rain. 3. Don’t go to that party. If I (be) you, I (not do) it. 4. I don’t have enough money to go somewhere South. If I (have), I (go) to the Crimea. 5. We were late for classes yesterday. We (come) on time, if the traffic (not be) so bad. 6. Mike and I split up last week. If he (not lie) to me I (forgive) him. 7. You are so beautiful. If I (not be) married, I (propose) to you. 8. You smoke too much. If you (stop) smoking, you (have) better complection. 9. We argued yesterday and he left me. If I (not be) so rude to him, he (stay) with me. 10. You don’t understand anything about art. You (buy) all my pictures, if you (be) cleverer. 11.You phoned me while I was out. If you (phone) me a bit earlier, you (get) me home. 12. Kate is so tall and thin. If I (be) her, I (be) a model. 13. I missed a lot of classes. If I (not do) it, the teacher (not be) so angry with me. 14. I have to work a lot. If I (have) rich parents, I (not work) so much. 15. It’s not Sunday today. If it (be) Sunday, we (stay) at home.



1. You can borrow the money. Promise to pay it back. (as long as)

2. I won’t come if the don’t invite me. (unless)

3. We will install a smoke alarm. There may be a fire. (in case)

4. If you study French, I will too. (providing that)

5. If I were your teacher, I would make sure that everyone did homework. (Were)

6. If there were no more wars, wouldn’t it be wonderful? (supposing)

7. If you meet Ann, tell her to ring me up. (should)

8. If you hadn’t helped me, what would have happened? (imagine)

9. What would you do if I left you? (supposing)

10. I won’t go out tonight. Sam may come. (in case)

11. I didn’t understood the problem, so I didn’t do anything. (Had)

12. She won’t get this job if she doesn’t learn to speak English. (unless)



1. I am working today. a) I wish I didn’t.

2. I don’t feel well. b) I wish I had seen it.

3. I feel tired. c) I wish you were telling the truth.

4. That’s not true. d) I wish I felt better.

5. I didn’t see that film. e) I wish you would get it in time.

6. I’ll send it to you. f) I wish I was having a holiday.

7. I can’t drive. g) I wish I gave you a lift.

8. I don’t have a car now. h) I wish I could.

9. We don’t have enough money. i) We wish we bought a house.

10. He got a bad mark. j) He wishes he had studied more.



Example: It’s a pity I don’t understand you.

I wish I understood you.

1. I’m sorry I don’t live near my work. 2. I’m sorry I don’t know English. 3. It’s a pity I didn’t book a seat. 4. It’s a pity I can’t drive. 5. I’m sorry you aren’t coming with us. 6. I’m sorry I didn’t know you were coming. 7. I’m sorry you didn’t see that. 8. Listen to me. 9. Get up earlier. 10. Don’t open the windows. 11. I voted for Peter which is a pity. 12. Sorry, I didn’t invite you. 13. I’m sorry I stopped Mary. 14. I spoke to Kate, but I shouldn’t. 15. Don’t be so impatient. 16. It’s still raining, which is a pity. 17. My tooth is aching. 18. He always drives too fast. 19. Our TV set is broken. 20. Speak more clearly. 21. I’m sorry I didn’t warn Philip. 22. I can’t take a day off any time and that’s a pity. 23. The teacher gives us a lot of homework which is a pity. 24. He always makes stupid mistakes. 25. Don’t come into the room without knocking. 26. I’m sorry I can’t swim well. 27. Sorry I didn’t ring you. 28. My son doesn’t write me very often and that’s a pity. 29. Look where you are going. 30. I can’t go to the cinema this evening which is a pity.


1. if / saw / had 8. were / I / you / would

2. we / unless / he 9. had / she / go

3. will / if / don’t 10. would / have / if / had

4. had / had / he / would 11. they / won’t / until / I

5. as / long / as / you / I 12. went / there / would / be

6. I / wish / went 13. wish / had / passed

7. wish / we/ would 14. wish / I / were



1. If I were you, I will not do that. 2. She won’t come unless you don’t invite her. 3. If you tell the truth, people trust you. 4. If I knew her better, I had introduce you to her. 5. I was so rude to Kate. I wish I didn’t. 6. If he knew you very away, he wouldn’t have come. 7. Should you see Sam, remind him to call me. 8. They will keep a gardener, if they could afford. 9. You’ll be cold if you don’t wear a coat. 10. What would you done if the lift got stuck between two floors? 11. I will be surprised if they will get married. 12. If I had this tool, I would give it to you. 13. If I was you, I wouldn’t do that. 14. If you won’t come in time, I’ll be very angry. 15. Had I more time, I would attend English classes. 16. You wouldn’t have got a 2, if you studied better. 17. I wish I have holidays now! 18. He don’t help you until you’ll ask him. 19. I won’t believe it until I don’t see it myself. 20. If I were you I will read this book in the original.



1. If I….his number, I would phone him.

a) would know b) know c) knew d) known

2. We won’t pass the exam…we don’t study well.

a) if b) until c) till d) unless

3. He …visit you if he had time.

a) will b) won’t c) would d) would have

4. I wish I….you everything that day!

a) told b) had told c) tell d) telled

5. What would you do if you…your parents?

a) lost b) had lost c) lose d) would lose

6. We wish we…for a trip now!

a) go b) are going c) went d) had gone

7. If you…Helen, she will advise you something useful.

a) will ask b) ask c) asked d) would ask

8. You can take my car….you are careful with it.

a) unless b) until c) supposing d) if

9. If he had gone to the doctor, he …so bad then.

a) would feel b) wouldn’t have felt c) felt d) didn’t feel

10. I wish I….that house before it was sold!

a) bought b) had bought c) would buy d) would have bought

11. The alarm will ring if there…a fire.

a) be b) is c) will be d) are

12. If you….away from the edge, you’ll fall down.

a) keep b) will keep c) won’t keep d) don’t keep

13. I’d go to the dentist, if I …you.

a) were b) am c) would be d) was

14. The students ….better if they liked their teacher.

a) study b) studied c) will study d) would study

15. If I…time tomorrow, I’ll go shopping.

a) have b) will have c) would have d) had



1. Был бы он умнее, не сделал бы такое. 2. Убери все как следует, а то мама придет. 3. Сдал бы экзамен на 5, поступил бы в институт. 4. Увидишь Тома, скажи ему, чтобы зашел ко мне. 5. Жаль, что я не знал этого раньше. 6. Не разрешу тебе ехать с друзьями, если не будешь слушаться. 7. Я помогу тебе, если ты мне тоже поможешь. 8. Увидел бы ее, не узнал бы. 9. Не поверю этому, пока сам не увижу. 10. Если бы я жил поближе, мы могли бы чаще встречаться. 11. Представь, что бы было, если бы она меня узнала. 12. Я бы пошла на эту вечеринку, только если бы он пошел туда. 13. Если бы я больше зарабатывал, ездил бы на Юг каждый год. 14. если бы он пришел вовремя, это бы не случилось. 15. Если я закончу работу раньше, я приду к тебе. 16. Если бы вы были внимательнее, вы бы учились лучше. 17. Жаль, что сегодня идет дождь. 18. Жаль, что вы не посмотрели этот фильм. 19. Хотел бы я знать ее адрес! 20. Если б я знал ее адрес тогда, я бы зашел к ней. 21. Жаль, что я живу так далеко от академии. 22. Жил бы поближе, мог бы спать подольше. 23. Если бы у меня тогда был выбор, я бы не работал на заводе. 24. Если б ты не был так занят, мы смогли пойти куда-нибудь пообедать. 25. Я вернусь в 6. если не задержусь в академии. 26. Жаль, что я не встретила тебя раньше. 27. Вы должны увидеть Эйфелеву Башню, если когда-нибудь будете в Париже. 28. Хотел бы я знать английский. 29. Если бы она любила его, то вышла бы замуж когда он предложил. 30. Если бы она выучила все как следует, не получила бы двойку.



Place and direction.


A) 1. The cups are…the table. 2. Where is the coffee? It’s…the cups. 3. Put the books…the shelf. 4. He comes…the room and sits down…the armchair. 5. We usually have dinner…the kitchen. 6. I saw many people…the street. 7. The flowers are… the vase. 8. The teacher wrote the home task…the blackboard. 9. The students wrote…their copy-books. 10. They are swimming…the river. 11. They were…the hall. 12. The student is standing…the blackboard. 13. We are sitting…the table now. 14. My desk is…the window. 15. We were…the cinema yesterday, and he was…a concert. 16. He lives…Minsk. 17. She was…the Volga on her holiday. 18. The shop is…the left. 19. We were…the country yesterday. 20. He works…the North. 21. I work…a factory. 22. Sometimes he doesn’t go anywhere and stays…home. 23. My children study…a very good school. 24. She had worked…an office before she moved. 25. I like lying…the sun.

B)1. She was standing…the bus stop when I saw her. 2. What have you got…your hand? 3. When we were…Italy, we spent 3 days…Venice. 4. I have a friend who lives…a small village…the mountains. 5. The things are…the box. 6. He was working…the garden all the day. 7. Who is there…the door? 8. Write your name…the top of the page. 9. Turn left…the traffic lights. 10. Please, leave your key…reception. 11. Shhh! Somebody is moving…the ceiling! 12. We spent all the time…the beach. 13. There is something…the bottle and no label…it. 14. There is notice…the door. 15. The shop was very crowded, there were too many people…it. 16. There is a dirty mark…your nose. 17. The TV program is…page 7. 18. I sat…the floor, not…the chair. 19. I prefer to sit…the first row … the cinema. 20. I live…King street. 21. Who is the woman…that photo? 22. The live…the 1st floor. 23. Don’t buy anything what’s not…the list. 24. The garden is…the back of the house. 25. I was sitting…the back of the car when it crashed.

С) 1. You can hire a car…the airport. 2. Dave is…train. 3. Tessa is…a conference. 4. Martin is…the hospital. 5. Judi is…the hairdresser’s. 6. I saw Mary…her bicycle. 7. We spent a few days…New York. 8. We saw a play…the National Theatre. 9. I didn’t see you…the party last night. 10. It was a very slow train. It stopped…every station. 11. I don’t know where my umbrella is. Perhaps I left it …the bus. 12. Shall we travel…your car or mine? 13. The exhibition…the museum finished on Saturday. 14. We stayed…A very nice hotel when we were…Amsterdam. 15. There were 50 rooms…the house. 16. Tom is ill. He wasn’t…work today. He was…home…bed. 17. I wasn’t in when you phoned. I was…my sister’s house. 18. It’s always too hot…this room. The heating is always on too high. 19. I haven’t seen Kate for some time. I last saw her…Dave’s wedding. 20. Paul lives…London. He is a student…London University. 21. She arrived…a taxi. 22. I saw Jack…a football match. 23. The bus was very full. There were too many people…it. 24. Don’t meet me…the station. 25. Sam is studying chemistry…the college.

D) 1. There is a picture…the wall above the TV set…the corner of the room. 2. I used the phone…the corner of the street. 3. Jack lives…a flat…Park Street…the 3rd floor. 4. There was a note…the table with Lena’s signature…the bottom. 5. Jenny went to work…the car and went home…the bus. 6. I sat down…the sofa. 7. She put her keys…the top of the TV set. 8. Scrabster is…the north coast. 9. Oxford is…A34 between Birmingham and London. 10. They live…Zhukova Street, …number 32. 11. He works…Oxford, …the University. 12. Meet me…the bus-stop, …the end of Bristol Road. 13. When we were…the south, we stayed…a small hotel…the coast. 14. My diary is…the table…the sitting-room. 15. Hello. This is Kate. I’m…Athens…the Acropolis Hotel. 16. I’ve applied for a job…the United Nations…Geneva. 17. I’ll see you …Fred’s house. 18. Meet me…the entrance…the Supermarket…the High Street. 19. They live…Seal,…a small village…the road to Folkstone. 20. I had a seat…the right …the front row. 21. Sigh your name…the dotted line…the bottom of the page. 22. It was very cold…the cinema. 23. I had a hard day…the office. 24. A friend of mine is…the Training College. 25. We landed…a small airport.




  1. The cinema is next to the bank.

The cinema is between the bank and the hotel.

  1. There is a dog running across the road.

There is a dog along the pavement.

  1. There is a girl standing by the telephone box.

There is a girl standing in front of the cinema.

  1. The dog is running to the girl.

The dog is running from the girl.

  1. There’s an old man walking across the road.

There’s an old man walking down the road.

  1. There’s a car waiting at the traffic lights.

There’s a bus waiting at the traffic lights.

  1. There’s a woman waiting outside the cinema.

There’s a woman waiting inside the cinema.

  1. There’s a man walking to her.

There’s a man walking away from her.

  1. The phone box is just outside the bank.

The phone box is just outside the hotel.

  1. The boy is standing in front of his mother.

The boy is standing behind his mother.



1. I work at an office, just…the road….the cinema and…the bank. (next to / across / from).

2. He ran…the corner, …the road…the other side and…the street. (across / down/ round / to)

3. They said it was…the station, so it must be somewhere…here. (opposite / round)

4. She sat …the front…the driver and I sat…her. (in / next to / behind)

5. My college is…town,…the post office. (by / in the middle of)

6. We sat….the front of the cinema but not right…the front row. (at / in)

7. Please sit… ….front of me. (in / down)

8. She turned…me and rushed…the room. (out of / from)

9. My bed is…the window…two armchairs. (between / at)

10. The garden is…the back of the house and there are a lot of trees…it. (in / at)



1. Three people were taken…hospital after the accident. 2. I met Caroline on my way…home. 3. We left our luggage…the station and went…the cafeteria. 4. I must go…the bank today. 5. The river Rhine flows…the North Sea. 6. As soon as I get…home, I’m going…bed. 7. Oh, I left my camera…home. 8. Kate has just returned…France after two years…Brazil. 9. Are you going…Linda’s party? 10. He was born…Chicago but his family moved…New York when he was three. He still lives…New York. 11. have you ever been…China? 12. I had to climb…the house through the window. 13. Welcome…the hotel. We hope you enjoy your stay here. 14. What time does the train arrive…London? 15. I arrived… home felling very tired. 16. When we got…the cinema, the film had begun. 17. What time does the bus get…Voronezh? 18. What time do you usually arrive…work? 19. What time did you get…home last night? 20. Come …my house tomorrow. 21. He entered…the room. 22. A bird flew…the room. 23. When did they arrive…Britain? 24. Last year I was…Italy but I’ve never been…Spain. 25. Don’t wait outside. Come… . 26. He was sent…prison 3 years ago. 27. When are you going to return…Russia?

B) FILL IN (by, in, into, off, on, out of, to) PAYING ATTENTION TO THE PREPOSITIONS USED WITH THE FORMS OF TRANSPORT: 1. She got…the bus and I never saw her again. 2. He got…the car and drove away. 3. She got…the car and went…the shop. 4. I usually go back…home…bus. It’s much cheaper than going…train. 5. In the rush hour it’s quicker to go…foot then…car. 6. We can take five people…the car, the others will have to go…the train. 7. It takes about 30 minutes to get home…my bike and about 20 minutes…the bus. 8. I have often traveled…plane but I’ve never been…jumbo jet. 9. Since I broke my leg I had to travel…bus because I can’t get…the car. 10. I have to get…the train…the next stop. 11. Let me help you get your things…the car. 12. The journey uphill is very tiring…bike, so I prefer to go…foot. 13. We went for a trip up the Nile…a big boat. 14. I’ve been…an express train, but I’ve never been…Concorde. 15. He got back…the train very quickly, before I could stop him. 16. I followed them…my car. 17. She was carried…the ambulance and up the steps. 18. He stepped…the train and walked …the exit. 19. The passengers…the plane began to panic. 20. We jumped…the bus and ran…the nearest shop.



1.Mozart was born in Salzburg…1756. 2. I haven’t seen Kate for a few days. I last saw her…Tuesday. 3. The price of electricity is going up…October. 4. I’ve been invited to a wedding…14 February. 5. Hurry up! We’ve got to go…5 minutes. 6. I’m busy just now but I’ll be with you…a moment. 7. My brother is engineer but he is out of work…the moment. 8. There are usually a lot of parties…New Year’s Eve. 9. I hope the weather will be nice…the weekend. 10. …Saturday night I went to bed…11 o’clock.. 11. I don’t like traveling…night. 12. We traveled overnight to Paris and arrived…5 o’clock…the morning. 13. The course begins…7 o’clock and ends sometime…April. 14. It was quite an easy book to read. I read it…a day. 15. I won’t be at home…Wednesday morning but I will be there…the afternoon. 16. My car is being repaired at the garage. It will be ready…two hours. 17. The telephone and the doorbell rang…the same time. 18. We always go out for a meal…their wedding anniversary. 19. Henry is 63. He’ll be retiring from his job…two years’ time. 20. They went there…winter. 21. I’ll come round…six p.m. 22. The Second World War began…September 1939 and ended…1945. 23. It’s my birthday…Sunday. 24. The meeting is…14.30…the afternoon…Monday. 25. The house gats very cold…winter, especially…night. We nearly froze to death…Christmas. 26. It’s our 30th anniversary next month. We were married…1976,…the 17th of September. 27. Come round…lunchtime. We normally start lunch…about one o’clock…the weekend. 28. The programme is…six o’clock…Saturday evening. 29. In Europe they have their weekend break…Saturday and Sunday, but in the Middle East the weekend is…Thursday and Friday. 30. In Scotland the main winter celebration is not…Christmas, but…New Year. There are lots of parties…New Year’s Eve and …midnight everyone joins hands to sing Auld Lang Syne.



1. a) I’ll see you…Friday.

b) I’ll see you…next Friday.

c) I’ll see you…Friday afternoon.

2. a) What are you doing…Saturday?

b) What are you doing…the weekend?

c) What are you doing… Saturday evening?

3. a) Do you work…Mondays?

b) Do you work…every Monday?

c) Did you work…last Monday?

4. a) They often go out…the evenings.

b) They often go out…Sunday evenings.

c) They don’t go out…every Sunday evening.

5. a) Do you get many presents…Christmas?

b) My birthday is…Christmas Day.

c) We had a big party…last Christmas.

6. a) We usually have a holiday…the summer.

b) We often have a short holiday…New Year.

c) We have a brake… weekends.

7. a) Pauline got married…1991.

b) Pauline got married…18 May, 1991.

c) Charles is getting married…this year.




The evening the morning 1492 Christmas The moment about 20 minutes Sundays the 1920s 21July 1969 the Middle Ages night 11 seconds the same time the future 11. 50. present the weekend December Easter 5 weeks


1. Columbus made his first voyage from Europe to America… .

2. In Britain most people don’t work…. .

3. If the sky is clear, you can see the stars…. .

4. After working hard during the day, I like to relax… .

5. The first man walked on the moon…. .

6. It’s difficult to listen if everyone is speaking…. .

7. Jazz became popular in the USA…. .

8. I’m just going out to the shop. I’ll be back…. .

9. “ Can I speak to Clair?”- “ I’m afraid she is not here…. .”

10. In Britain people send each other cards…. .

11. Many of Europe’s great Cathedrals were built…. .

12. Bob is a very fast runner. He can run 100 metres… .

13. It’s hard for me to get up early….. .

14. I think I’ll be a very good engineer…. .

15. Winter begins…. .

16. People often have a good rest…. .

17. Everybody eats a lot of eggs…. .

18. I’m going to Moscow on business. I’m to return…. .

19. The third double-lesson at our Academy begins….. .

20. We are working very hard for our exams…… .



A) for, since, ago :

1. Columbus discovered America about six hundred years… . 2. Ghana has been an independent country…1957. 3. Russia has been a republic…over 80 years. 4. Oxford has been a centre of learning…more than a thousand years. 5. Most British universities were founded less than 50 years… . 6. There has been a university in Birmingham…about 1900. 7. William Shakespeare was born about four hundred years… . 8. It is nearly four hundred years …Shakespeare’s birth. 9. Two thousand years….Britain was a part of Roman Empire. 10. England and Scotland have been united…1707.

B) for, during, while :

1. It rained…three days without stopping. 2. I fell asleep…the film. 3. We met a lot of people…we were on holiday. 4. We visited many interesting places …our holiday. 5. Martin lived in Brazil…10 years. 6. …we were in Paris, we stayed at a very nice hotel. 7. I met Mike…I was shopping. 8. I met Helen…the interval at the theatre. 9. I need a change. I think I’ll go away…a few days. 10. The President spoke…two hours. 11. Please don’t interrupt me…I’m speaking. 12. Sue was very angry with me and we didn’t speak…a week. 13. Jack was out of work…six months. 14. The phone rang three times…night. 15. The TV set is usually on…we have dinner. 16. I had been away …many years. …that time, many things had changed. 17. She read a lot of magazines and journals…she was ill. 18. Can you lay the table…I get dinner ready? 19. We hadn’t had anything to eat…our journey. 20. What did they say about me …I was out of the room? 21. There were many interruptions…the teacher’s speech. 22. We don’t often go out…the weekdays. 23. …the brake students go to the cafeteria. 24. I’m waiting for you…an hour! Where have you been? 25. …our stay in Paris, we visited many museums and galleries.

C) till, until, from, by :

1. Fred has gone away. He’ll be away…Monday. 2. Sorry, but I must go. I’ve got to be at home…5 o’clock. 3. I think I’ll wait…Tuesday before making a decision. 4. Don’t pay the bill today. Wait…tomorrow. 5. I’m staying with a friend of mine…I find somewhere to live. 6. Your work begins…today. 7. He lived there…April…July. 8. She is out now. She‘ll be back…3p.m. 9. …the time I finish my homework, it will be time to go to bed. 10. Last night I watched TV…4a.m. 11. Wait for me here…1o’clock. 12. If you want to do the exam, you should enter…3 April. 13. She works…9a.m….5p.m. every day. 14. It’s too late to go shopping. The shops are open …9.30. They’ll be closed…now. 15. The building is closed…April…May. 16. Tell me…Friday whether you go to the party or not. 17. Let’s wait…it stops raining. 18. This cheese should be used…14 August. 19. I stayed in bed…half past ten. 20. I finally arrived to the party, but …then most of the guests had gone.



1. I had to work…the summer holidays,…the beginning of July…the end of August. ( during / from / until)

2. We got married…1970 so we have been married…more than 30 years…now. (by, in, for)

3. I should have handed in my homework a week… . My teacher isn’t very pleased. She says I must finish it…6 o’clock…Monday at the latest. (on, by, ago)

4. My parents lived in London…1960….1975. ….1978, when I was born, they had moved to Russia. (by, from, until)

5. The last time we went to England was… 1983, that’s nearly ten years….. We haven’t been back …then even though we were invited. ( ago, in, since)



1. I fell asleep while………………………… .

2. I fell asleep during……………………….. .

3. I hurt my arm while………………………. .

4. I’ve been studying at the Academy since……….. .

5. I was doing my homework for…………………… .

6. It started to rain while……………………………. .

7. I’ve been living in Voronezh from……………….. .

8. I was asked a lot of questions during……………… .

9. I graduated from school……………………….. ago.

10. I won’t do this exercise until……………………… .


11. PUT IN on , at, in, for, by AS A PART OF SOME STATE EXPRESSIONS:

A) 1. Water boils…100 degrees Celsius. 2. We went…a trip to France last year. 3. He spends much time speaking…the phone. 4. His mother died …the age of 67. 5. How can you read…the dark? 6. We didn’t go…holiday last week. 7. I’m going to Moscow…a week next month. 8. There was an interesting program…the radio today. 9.…my opinion, violent films should not be shown…TV. 10. She is…a diet, as usual. 11. The building was…fire. 12. He was driving…a speed of 200 kilometres an hour. 13. I don’t like credit cards, I prefer to pay …cash. 14. She never uses pen, she always writes…pencil. 15. Please write your address clearly, better…block letters. 16. Sorry, I didn’t do it…purpose, it happened…mistake. 17. The teachers of our country are…strike again. 18. Did you go to Germany…business? 19. Have you ever been…love with anybody? 20. …the whole I like my job.

B) for , of, in, to, with, between :

1. There are some differences…British and American English. 2. Nobody knows what the cause…explosion was. 3. There has been increase…amount of traffic. 4. Money isn’t the solution…every problem. 5. What was Emma’s reaction…the news? 6. What was the answer…the question 17? 7. He showed me the photo…his family. 8. There are many advantages…having a car. 9. There was a big fall…sales last month. 10. The damage …the car wasn’t serious. 11. I lost my key…a door. 12. His attitude…this job is very negative. 13. I’m writing a reply…her letter. 14. Did you get an invitation…a party? 15. I had the map…the town, so it was easy to drive around. 16. They sent me a cheque…1000$. 17. There is no need…excusing, it’s O’K. 18. Do you have a good relationships…your parents? 19. The police want to question a man…connection…the robbery. 20. The company has rejected the workers’ demands…a rise…pay. 21. What is the difference…your mistakes and mine? 22. If I give you the camera, can you take a photo…me? 23. There is no reason…doing this now. 24. I don’t have much contact…my sister. 25. Where is the key…this box?

12. USE of, to, about, with, at, by, for WITH SOME AJECTIVES:

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