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Collected from “Fairy” monsters, and “fairy hugger” Tentacle Plants

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★★☆ (4) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


Fairy powder is made up of scales from the wings of fairies. The beautiful powder faintly glitters in 7 colors, and is filled with the magic of fairies. It is treasured for uses such as an ingredient for magic potions, or dye, when inscribing runes. Furthermore, it is said that one can travel to the Fairy Kingdom by sprinkling it over their head, but let's just say that that's more of a half-truth. It's not that one will be able to fly directly to the Fairy Kingdom. Instead, a man covered in this powder will become extremely popular with fairies, and a huge number of monsterized fairies will swarm over him eager to play sexual games, so eventually he may be taken to the Fairy Kingdom. It also affects more than just fairies, influencing races of Monsters with a childish appearance such as “Imps”, “Goblins”, and even “Baphomets” by causing them to take a liking to a man and go wild with lust more easily.


Also, after raping a fairy, Fairy Hug tentacle plants do on occasion open their petals and bloom in full glory while displaying the mucous-covered fairy that had gone limp due to pleasure in what almost appears as a crucifixion. On such occasions, they often encounter human men looking to collect and sell fairy powder. When a fairy whose mind has become obsessed with pleasurable games due to the tentacles' hardcore training notices the human man that has appeared in front of her, she'll spread her legs on her own without even needing to be forced by the tentacles, and invite the man in front of her to use her body. Among those whose profession is to collect and sell fairy powder, a plant in this state is referred to as “fruit bearing”. It is said that most of those who work in this profession will inevitably end up having several fairies as wives.


Tentacle Story

The tentacle plants of the age of the former Demon Lords were atrocious plants that would kill males, whether monster or human, and convert them into nutrients; and rape all females, impregnating them with their own seeds, using them as seedbeds.


However, when they gained intelligence with the ascension of the current Demon Lord, the tentacle plants ended up having to dramatically change their mode of life. For tentacle plants, the first turning point was when monster ecology changed. They came to have forms like that of human women, which made them easier for the tentacle plants to rape, at least ostensibly. Up until then, they had been able to change females, whether human or monster, in such a way that after having their entire bodies violated by the grotesque pleasure of the tentacles they would forget all about males of their own kind, and think only of bearing the tentacles' offspring. However, the monsters of the new era would never forget their husbands, and the inhuman pleasure induced by countless tentacles could no longer at all surpass the pleasure induced by a man's single meat rod.


Additionally, the bodies of monsters had changed to be specialized exclusively for their husbands, and would not accept the seeds of the tentacles at all, so the tentacles became unable to have monster females birth their offspring. The tentacles then considered targeting human females, but because demonic energy had even pervaded the tentacle forest, human females immersed in pleasure by the tentacles would soon change into monsters.


Realizing that it was futile, the tentacles decided to stop using living things as seedbeds, and instead they ended up trying to reproduce like ordinary plants by planting their seeds in the ground and sprouting them. However, a problem occurred here. Until then, they had sprouted their seeds using the rich nutrients of a mother's body, and just the nutrients in the soil were insufficient to sprout their seeds.


For that reason, the tentacles made the decision that they would kill even more prey than ever before to suck out the nutrients. And so, they decided that they would kill a white-haired succubus and a human man who had just wandered into the forest. As usual, the tentacles assaulted the man with thorned tentacles specialized for attacking. Unfortunately for them, he was able to easily brush off their attacks, and they barely managed to scratch the man's arms. At that moment, the succubus who was accompanying him became as furious as a raging conflagration, and vaporized all of the tentacles around them with a fire spell. This terrified even the tentacles, so they unintentionally allowed the man and the succubus to escape. The tentacle’s attack was a failure.


Later, perhaps the white succubus had called friends; dullahan knights, and a group of witches led by a baphomet appeared in the tentacle forest to cut it down, and raze it with flames. From the sky, the hellfire breath of a dragon rained down, and on the ground, the baphomet's great magic blasted the tentacle plants away along with the very soil. Those that had narrowly managed to escape were cut apart by the dullahans, and incinerated by the witches. I have heard that only half a day after the coming of this large group of monsters, the size of the tentacle forest had been reduced to a mere one tenth of its original area. This half a day of hell shocked all the tentacles of the mamono realm, and they stopped killing humans and monsters. It is said that they especially swore to absolutely never harm a human man.


In this way, the tentacles were at a loss for what to do, but then a spectacle witnessed by one of the surviving tentacles allowed them to find hope amid the despair. The monster soldiers rested in the empty land that was left after razing the tentacles and finishing their mission; they laughed and chatted with their comrades and the human men who had come to pick them up while having a meal. And then, a drunk dullahan tripped and dropped her head, going mad with lust; she started having sex with her own husband who had come to pick her up. By sucking up the thick demonic released from the monster having sex with the human man, the tentacle plant seeds that had been buried there in the ground unable to sprout sprouted. In this way, the tentacles at last became determined to coexist with monsters by providing couples with pleasurable, thrilling sex, and in return, having the monsters provide demonic energy for them. They changed into plants that survive by drinking it.


Demon Realm Hot Springs

In the demon realms, there are many hot springs due to the demonic energy in the earth, and the influence of an abundance of demonic elementals. The demon realm hot springs are filled with healing energy, and blessed by both the undine water elementals and ignis fire elementals. They have various beneficial effects for married couples such as healing fatigue, alleviating the stiffness of the normally overworked lower body, beauty enhancement, increasing sexual desire, and increasing energy, etc.


There are many types of demon realm hot springs such as “debauchery springs”, where soaking in the water that contains an aphrodisiac compound makes people space out, and they can relax and have sex in the nice feeling hot water, and “monsterization springs” where human women can comfortably and naturally change into succubi by soaking in the water, rejuvenating their body, and removing all bad spots and illnesses, etc. People can enjoy various hot springs. Furthermore, even if one continues to have sex in the bath for a long time, it's difficult for blood to rush to the head, so one can likely spend their time comfortably. Also, nearly all demon realm hot springs are mixed so that lovers and married couples can go in together.


Naturally lots of monsters and incubi gather around hot springs. Inns, restaurants, and souvenir shops, etc. gather, and hot spring towns are formed. They've become some of the hottest tourist spots in the demon realm. It seems the first to start running a hot springs inn in a demon realm was a single inari that came from zipangu to a demon realm, and currently all of the new hot spring towns that continue to be built have many places with zipangu-style architecture. It's customary for monsters working in hot spring towns to treat customers with zipangu-style hospitality and to be taught zipangu cooking.


Also, so that even single man can enjoy hot springs travel, in many hot spring towns, they run a service that assigns a monster employee to guide single men. During the day, they'll be with them in the hot springs, and at night, they'll be with them in their bedrooms, and monster employees have been trained in the ways of zipangu devotion and service, so they'll likely give men a good taste of service using their body. Psychologically, a man who's finished a blissful hot springs journey with an employee already feels like they've become a couple. He'll have just two choices, to stay in the hot springs town permanently, or bring her home to his own country.


Couple's Bath

In recent years a service called couple's baths has been popular in the demon realm hot springs. They are hot springs where people can rent a small hot spring, and go in as just a couple, or as a family including daughters, and then they can have hardcore sex in the bath without needing to worry about gawkers, and spend time alone together. It's a service that pleases wives who are deeply in love who might be thinking things like: “I don't want to show my wonderful husband's nakedness to other women! Rather, I don't even want to show him to men! He belongs to me!”


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