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Varieties of the Demon Realm

Demon realm is a “general term” for special lands that changed to be convenient for monsters to inhabit. Many humans and monsters just use the term “demon realm” without making any minute distinctions. Only a fraction of scholars and intellectuals use the official classifications that have been distinguished, but actually, demon realms can be divided into several varieties.


Dark Demon Realm

These are orthodox and generally well-known. It's always dark during the day, and the red moon rises at night. The land is colored with black soil, and ominous blue and purple plants, etc. It's the most common type of demon realm out of all of them. A demon realm becoming of a demon realm.


The term “demon realm” often generally indicates this type of demon realm. The scenery that has been described in the items of this book up to this point, and that which will be introduced in items after this is mainly that of the “dark demon realm”. The demon realms that originally existed were almost entirely of this type. Most of the demon realms that are distorted human lands are also this kind of demon realm.


When there is a monster invasion, or a huge influx of monsters all at once in a land previously uninhabited by monsters, in the case of sudden geographic transformation brought on by the previously mentioned “dark matter”, etc. or in the case that the majority of the monster inhabitants are demon or undead type, most of these lands will become dark demon realms. Compared to the “light green demon realm” to be introduced in the following item, the concentration of demonic energy is extremely high, so demon realm crops are rich in variety and easy to grow, and monsters can just spend their days in depravity with their beloved husband. The demonic energy released from that is absorbed causing the crops to grow rapidly. Also, animals and ore peculiar to the demon realm that are highly sought after among monsters are produced. However, one hardly ever sees the normal fruits and vegetables that are found in the human world. Even if one tries to grow them, they mostly distort into the crops of the demon realm. There is a highly condensed demonic energy in the air and water, etc. It's the best environment for spending one's days having sex with her husband, so it's ideal to monsters. If one wants to lead a more obscene, pleasurable, hedonistic lifestyle, this kind of demon realm is recommended.



Bright Green Demon Realm

These only started to spring forth in recent years, but they are a peculiar kind of demon realm that are increasing at a staggering rate. Unlike “dark demon realms”, the sky is bright blue during the day, and the brilliant light of the sun illuminates the earth. The ashen earth that receives sunlight is covered with green plants. Demon realms that have scenery which is hardly different from that of the human world in this way are called “bright green demon realms”. In the case of monster friendly states which co-exist with monsters, and some parts of the Zipangu region, etc. that gradually change into demon realms, or in the case of demon realms where the monster inhabitants are mostly races originating in nature such as beast man type or plant type, it seems to be easier for them to become one of these bright green demon realms.


Even though they're all beastman type, in the case where there are many Holstaurus and Weresheep, etc., it will be easy for the land to become a bright green demon realm, but lands under the rule of races that prefer a hedonistic lifestyle such as Youko will generally become dark demon realms, etc., so we can't say this as a rule.


Compared to dark demon realms, the demonic energy in the air is somewhat thinner, and it's just a bit more difficult to grow demon realm produce, but most normal crops that existed in the human world to begin with can grow without being distorted by demonic energy, so demon realm crops and human world crops are in a state of coexistence. Additionally, the soil of the demon realm contains more nutrients compared to that of the human world, so even human world crops are extremely easy to grow. However, on the other hand, animals and ores peculiar to the demon realm can hardly ever be spotted.


Most of the bright green demon realms have an idyllic, quiet atmosphere. This kind of demon realm is recommended for couples that want to take it slow while living in harmony and having sex.


Yet, only monsters and incubi can take it easy in these realms, not humans. Even though these bright green demon realms almost look the same as the human world, they are demon realms through and through on the inside. I previously mentioned that the demonic energy in the air was a bit thin, but that's only in contrast with the dark demon realm. Just like that of the dark demon realm, the air and water drives humans mad with lust. The demonic energy is more than thick enough to gradually convert humans into monsters and incubi.


Other than those with a lot of magical energy such as sorcerers, etc. , the average human can't tell these demon realms apart from the human world at a glance. There are even tales of those who don't realize that they themselves have become incubi while living among the incubi residents who look in no way abnormal. For that reason, it seems that a lot of humans from the order of the chief god enter these demon realms without realizing it, and easily change into incubi and monsters.


Furthermore, there are a few differences from the human realm other than the fact that demon realm crops are produced. As in dark demon realms, when night falls, the demonic energy in the air illuminated by the moonlight glows, dancing fantastically in mid-air. This beautiful light is fainter and weaker compared to that of the dark demon realms, so it looks just like real fireflies, including the way that it floats.



Spirit Realm

The realms known as “spirit realms” are peculiar even amongst the demon realms. As the name suggests, they are demon realms that exist in another dimension. Most of them were created in new dimensions by gods or monsters with vast power rivaling that of a god. The holy land of the fallen angels that was created by the fallen god, “pandemonium”, and the “mysterious kingdom” full of mystery and pleasure created by a certain lilim, etc. are all categorized as “spirit realms”. Since they aren't connected by land, it's normally impossible to enter or leave one of these realms by walking. The method of entry varies depending on each individual spirit realm, but peculiar spells, rituals, portals (teleportation spells), or the assistance of a specific race are necessary.


It's normal to love one's own husband more than anything, and to prefer to have sex with one's husband, but many of the monsters of the spirit realms have peculiar culture, ideology, and values that are different from that of normal monsters, and the scenery and nature of these demon realms is also vastly different from that of the above mentioned dark demon realm and light green demon realm. There is also peculiar produce that can only be found in these demon realms. You would think that these places would be cut off from the outside world, but there is a surprising amount of travel back and forth and intermingling with other demon realms. There is active cultural exchange and exportation and importation of products, and I hear that many monsters travel to these sort of spirit realms on their honeymoon.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: Many couples who like a spirit realm (especially the sex that happens in the spirit realm) remain permanent residents. Also, I hear that there is a branch of Sabbath in most spirit realms.



Royal Demon Realm

An immense demon realm that can even be said to be the main stronghold of the monsters. The demon lord's citadel, “demon lord's castle” is located there. In its center there is a city centered around the enormous demon lord's castle which is more enormous than any other city in all the human world and demon realms. Technically it's classified as one of the dark demon realms. The scenery is also mostly the same, but perhaps because of the demon lord's presence, the demonic energy is so highly condensed that a normal dark demon realm doesn't even compare. It goes without saying that ordinary humans cannot resist monsterization, but not even veteran heroes can. The monsters that dwell in this demon realm filled with the greatest demonic energy grow even more powerful and lustful than the monsters of other demon realms which are in turn more powerful than the monsters in the human world, plus, as previously mentioned, the air has the greatest concentration of demonic energy, so humans who enter this demon realm are definitely not coming back out as humans.


The royal demon realm is also called “deepest part of the demon realm”, but there is much intermingling with other demon realms, and monster-friendly states, etc. that is, all countries except the anti-monster states under the control of the order's forces. There are various amusement facilities such as an enormous art gallery, a colosseum, etc. and the magical research institute which is owned by Sabbath.


There are also overwhelmingly huge shopping districts, etc. that can't all be seen during a single stay, so there are lots of visitors from outside. The demon lord also seems to value cultural exchange with every demon realm, every nation, and every region. While the order's soldiers desperately march on, portals (teleportation spells) are periodically being set up that connect to each demon realm and monster-friendly state.


I recommend living there permanently, but even if that's not your intent, I recommend that you at least go there once with your husband and see it.


Elemental Handbook (p23)

Elementals are concentrations of the elements of the natural world such as water, fire, wind, and earth that have taken form. The above mentioned four elements are called “The Four Great Elements”, and they are regarded as the four main elements that comprise nature. The existence of the elementals of “The Four Great Elements”: Undine, Ignis, Sylph, and Gnome, who are also called “The Four Great Elementals”, has a huge influence on nature. They are the embodiment of nature itself, and if these elementals did not exist, water would dry up, the world would become extremely cold absent of warm flames, and it would become a world of death without the wind blowing, and plants would not sprout from the earth. In this way, elementals are beings that are distinct from other organisms such as humans and monsters.


In this section, the author, who is a demon realm scholar as well as an elementalist, will introduce topics mainly related to how the elementals affect nature interspersed with her actual experiences.


Pure Elementals

“Pure elementals”, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are high concentrations of the elements of the natural world that gather and take form. They are the earliest stage and weakest of the elementals. Elementals are also treated as monsters, but the pure elementals are still at the stage where they haven't changed into monsters, and they don't possess demonic energy.


They are very cunning and intelligent, it's possible for them to converse with humans and monsters, and they also have emotions. However, they don't have a body, and pure elementals are unable to touch other objects and organisms. Conversely, other organisms are also unable to touch elementals. They have no gender, and they may appear in forms such as flickering flames, or floating orbs of water, which are unstable and unfixed. They are very vague existences.


Pure elementals are born in lands that are rich in their corresponding element. An undine would be born in lakes or rivers rich with pretty water. An ignis would be born in a searing desert, or volcanic region. A sylph would be born in windy mountains. A gnome would be born in places such as forests with rich soil and plant life, or caves rich with ore. On the contrary, elementals don't exist in places where such elements are scarce. For example, undine wouldn't exist in places such as lands with contaminated water or dry deserts and wastelands. Ignis wouldn't exist in snow country covered in ice and snow throughout the year, or in the middle of the ocean. Sylph wouldn't exist in caves where no wind blows. Gnome wouldn't exist in barren wastelands with polluted soil, etc. Elementals are not born in such places, and even if an elemental born in another place where the land is rich happened to move there, it would lose its power and grow extremely weak.


Pure elementals are proof of the abundance of nature, and at the same time, just by existing, they have the power to enrich nature with their corresponding element. For example, an undine water elemental has the power to maintain the purity of water and enrich it with nutrients just by existing. However, the elementals themselves can only use their power in accordance with nature. Even if a water elemental can purify water, it can't do something like attacking another organism with jets of water, and even if an earth elemental can enrich the soil and spur the growth of plants, it can't do something like piling up dirt to make a wall. However, it's another story if we take elementals that have formed covenants with “elementalists” into consideration. Elementals can form covenants with humans that they can really trust and grant them their power. By using the power instead of the elementals, these humans called “covenanters” become able to freely use the power of nature even in forms that are not in accordance with nature such as powerful attack magic, etc. However, even elementals that have a formed a covenant with an elementalist do of course grow extremely weak in desolate lands where their corresponding element is scarce. The elementalists also become unable to use the power. In other words, even with the power of an elementalist, with pure elementals, it's impossible to do something like creating a water source in a desiccated land.


As an aside, my homeland was a country extremely scarce in the elements of the natural world. There were no elementals whatsoever, the wind stopped, it was a struggle just to obtain water, and there was an expanse of barren wastelands where crops could hardly be grown. Both the people and the state were utterly destitute. We requested aid from the order of the chief god, but we were refused, perhaps because my country had no resources, and was of no strategic value whatsoever geographically. My attempt at healing the land with pure elementals also ended in failure. So then I, who was originally a human and an apprentice scholar of the order, set my sights on becoming a scholar of monsters. That's what lead me to change the four pure elementals I had formed a covenant with into “demonic elementals” as mentioned below.


Demonic Elementals

Demonic Elementals, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are what results when pure elementals become fused with demonic energy and transform. Since the pure elementals, which are a mass of the elements of the natural world, are like a mass of magical energy, it's also easy for them to become fused with demonic energy, and if they visit a demon realm, or are showered in demonic energy by a monster, they can easily change into one of these demonic elementals.


By becoming monsters, they obtain a gender and a body. All demonic elementals are female just like monsters, and they have a gorgeous body that closely resembles that of a human woman. By having a body, they become able to interfere with objects and organisms, and they can also have sex with human men, which is the top priority of a monster. Even as pure elementals that lacked a body, they used to take a great interest in, and have a strong yearning for the physical romantic and sexual relations of humans and monsters.


With the addition of the monster's instinct which takes root, that interest and yearning blossoms, and demonic elementals will greatly desire human men. For an elemental, the warmth of her beloved man obtained during sex, the mind-blowing pleasure her body experiences, and the sweet taste of spirit energy are all things she never could have even experienced as a pure elemental, and many elementals experience deep emotions and a powerful shock the first time they have sex. For them, it becomes the greatest delight.


Due to demonic energy, the elements of the natural world, which they possessed to begin with, increase in amount and quality. By obtaining a man's spirit energy, they swell up even further, so they possess great power that far exceeds that of pure elementals. Unlike pure elementals, they can use the elements in ways that are not in accordance with nature and exercise their power even without a covenanter.


Their influence over nature is also further strengthened, and those who depend on nature for survival including humans and monsters can receive even greater blessings. Naturally, the power exercisable by an elementalist who formed a covenant with them also grows proportionally greater. A covenant with them, the demonic elementals, is formed through sexual intercourse with the covenanter. Elemental power is also transferred to the spell caster through the same method, and it flows from the elemental's body into the spell caster's body through sexual intercourse. For that reason, when casting elemental magic, it is necessary to have sex with them beforehand, or have sex with them on a daily basis to enter a state in which elemental power always dwells within the caster's body.

Also, unlike pure elementals which use the elements that exist in nature to maintain their body, the demonic elementals are able to increase and replenish the elements within their body through obtaining a man's spirit energy. For that reason, as long as they have plenty of sex with a man, they can be as active as normal and exercise their power even in lands that are lacking in their corresponding element. Because of this, what was impossible for pure elementals becomes possible for them. By bringing demonic elementals from outside to a desolate land, it is possible to increase the elements and restore nature. For this reason, it has become possible to save those people who suffer in harsh environments. As I touched upon in the section about pure elementals, my homeland is also one of the countries that was saved by demonic elementals. Since demonic elementals are monsters, they are opposed by the order, and there are frequent rebellions from within and without, but the “elementalist association”, which is a group of elementalists, is improving the land using the power of demonic elementals, conducting research and making efforts for the salvation of people, and actively dispatching elementalists.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: The main author of this book ventured into the demon realm along with her elementals in order to change them into demonic elementals, but it seems that she encountered a Dark Matter monster at that time, and the author herself also ended up becoming a dark matter monster. I think it's mentioned later, but dark matters are monsters that have the power to change lands in the human world into demon realms all on their own. In other words, the reason the author's homeland was saved might not actually have much to do with the elementals...


As previously mentioned, it's debatable whether or not the transformation of pure elementals into demonic elementals is a good thing. Opinions are divided even amongst elementalists and those of the “elemental faith” who worship the elementals as gods. Some humans believe that they have “fallen as monsters”, while many others insist that it is “the evolution of elementals”. However, most of the elementals themselves are very pleased at becoming demonic elementals, and most would welcome it. Especially those who were employed by elementalists.


Many of them had been in love with their master and yearned for physical fraternization. As a matter of fact, they do have a tendency to strongly desire and enjoy even more such as skin to skin contact and sex in the same way as other monsters.


Also, in the case that the covenanter was a woman, out of love for their covenanter, the demonic elementals will have sex with her and pour magical energy * into her with the intent of changing her into a succubus so that she can taste devilish pleasure as they themselves do.


※This magical energy is the same as the energy of the pure elementals, but of course it seems that a human can't change into an elemental, as they are the embodiments of nature itself. Since the elementals are also linked with the demon lord via energy, the energy of a succubus is contained inside their energy, and it seems this is what causes their covenanter to change into a succubus.

Furthermore, even after changing their covenanter into a succubus, elementals will remain in a close union with her. When the covenanter goes to assault a human man, they will join in the assault, join in and have sex with the same man, and end up loving the same man. As an aside, I'm also one of those monsters that's seeking a single man for herself and her four demonic elementals. However, to my embarrassment, I had never even been in a romantic affair before becoming a monster, and when my homeland became a demon realm, most of the men in my country were carried off by other monsters while I was finishing a report about the results of research into demon realm conversion.


Since the same thing keeps happening over and over, my elementals and I still don't have a husband yet even as of the present. As a monster, it's a matter of life or death. My elementals are also at the limit of what they can bear, and I myself am in a condition of wetting pillows and tentacles day after day. And so, if I may be so bold, I'm going to use this book to recruit a husband. Though it is brazen, first of all, a man who could pour love and spirit energy into me and my four elementals equally would be ideal.


Also, perhaps because I'm a dark matter, I have this bad habit. I constantly seek pleasure, go wild with lust, and lose concentration, but on the other, my head works better than usual while experiencing pleasure. So as of the present, I work my energy tentacles hard while I'm reading books and putting my research in order. For that reason, I'd be even more pleased if my husband would tease my body while gently hugging me from behind, or thrust from below in the woman-on-top-position and become like my chair when I'm reading books and doing research. And also, though I am verbose when writing, I'm extremely nervous when actually meeting someone face to face and chatting, and I must admit I'm rather taciturn. So, I'd prefer a person who would gently pat my head, hug me, kiss me, and then push me over, and make me feel really good if I affectionately leaned close to him without saying a word.


This ended up becoming a little bit long, but if there's a man who would become my husband, by all means, please drop by the demon realm state of “Polove” right away. I'm eagerly waiting along with my elementals.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar:That was way more than a “little bit long.” Also, if she was going to do an advertisement, she should have explicitly made that clear in the article.


Dark Elementals

“Dark Elementals”, which may simply be referred to as “elementals” along with other types of elementals, are demonic elementals that have had sex with their covenanters a countless number of times and stored up vast power within their body by taking in vast amounts of spirit energy. They are the highest rank beings among the elementals, and compared to demonic elementals, they have overwhelming power. Their abilities are ranked among the highest of all monsters including those other than elementals.


Dark elementals that have succumbed to demonic taint and been completely absorbed by swollen demonic energy have a monstrous nature that is stronger than their elemental nature, and their alluringly lewd beauty is polished. Part of their body is stained with darkness, and they have a lascivious and monster-like expression on their face that is full of love and pleasure.


When the elementals which are the embodiment of nature succumb to demonic taint, it's the same as the demonic corruption of all the natural world in the region around them. Dark elementals return elements that include vast amounts of their condensed demonic energy back to locations corresponding with the various elements of the natural world, changing nature itself into that of the demon realm. (Example: In the case that an undine became a dark elemental, the water would change into the water of the demon realm.)


If there is a single dark elemental, part of the natural world will begin changing into a demon realm. Water seeps into the earth, the earth cultivates crops, and people eat the crops. If a part of the natural world becomes a demon realm, then demonic energy will also flow into other parts and spread in that way. The people who live there will end up changing into monsters and incubi. And if the monsters increase, the monsters release demonic energy into the air that further accelerates the process of the conversion of nature into a demon realm, and eventually, everything is tainted by demonic energy and a rich demon realm will be completed. Even after becoming dark elementals, they still readily possess the elemental's peculiar ability to enrich nature, but dark elementals enrich the nature of the demon realm, rather than the human world.


Dark elementals possess an extremely powerful nature as monsters, they are far more lustful compared to demonic elementals, and their heads are filled with nothing but thoughts of having sweet sex with their covenanter for days. They experience the greatest joy when their body is overflowing with their covenanter's spirit energy and their heart, body, and the inside of their head are all stained in the color of their covenanter.


To that end, they will continue to have sex with their covenanter day after day, and wield the power to enrich nature that elementals possess to the fullest extent, and the demon realm will grow richer and more hedonistic. As far as elementals are concerned, they themselves are beings that are one in body and soul with nature. When they see the nature of the demon realm growing rich and becoming full of demonic energy, they tremble with great joy because they realize it means that their own body is also becoming full of the spirit energy of their covenanter. Also, after becoming a dark elemental, since changes occur that make them even more like monsters than elementals, their reproductive functioning is enhanced, and not only do they obtain spirit energy, it becomes possible for them to bear the offspring of a human man.


Big changes appear not only in them, but in the nature that's under the influence of the dark elementals. Before then, “nature” was an existence that was “impartial to everyone”. Whether it was a rock that dropped into a lake, or a human child unable to swim, they would both sink to the bottom of a lake equally. If a volcano erupted, lava would mercilessly swallow and incinerate towns and forests equally, and that's “nature”. However, when nature is under the rule of dark elementals, it becomes very “partial to humans and monsters” compared with before. With “nature partial to humans and monsters”, if a child that can't swim falls into a lake, an unnatural jet of water will occur and pull the child up to the shore. If a volcano erupts, then the lava will flow in a way that avoids towns and other such places where people and monsters live. It's not that the dark elementals are intentionally helping out. Unbeknownst to them, nature is doing it on its own. This is because of an effect that occurs when the elementals which embody nature itself become dark elementals, gain power, and become partial to humans and monsters. We can say it is proof of the enormity of dark elementals and their huge influence over nature.


As an example, I'll introduce an incident that actually happened. Even when a certain soldier of the radical faction of the order of the chief god dumped huge amounts of poison in the demon realm's water source, I heard that it was instantly purified by nature, and the incident ended without anything terrible happening. Furthermore, that soldier of the order was deliciously devoured by monsters near the water source.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: This is an incident that occurred in the same land, but when a mischievous Imp of a certain demon realm pilfered an extra concentrated undiluted solution of aphrodisiac from Sabbath and dumped it in the water source, not only was it not purified, it was infused with demonic energy and the aphrodisiac compound was made even more potent and carried steadily downstream. I heard the entire demon realm ended up in a horrific state. From this incident, we can surmise that the basis of the judgment of nature which is partial to humans and monsters is actually decided based on the same kind of values as the embodiment of nature itself, the dark undine. Furthermore, a nearby village was deliciously devoured by the unfortunate unmarried monsters, and it became part of the demon realm.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar 2: Monsters have extremely tough bodies compared to humans, and they also have a high amount of vitality. After all, many of them have a different body composition to begin with. This story is cruel for the soldier of the order who sacrificed himself in a certain sense, but even if he had been successful, and the poison was carried downstream, poison that is potent enough to kill a human would have at most caused the entire demon realm to be swallowed in a vortex of stomach pain...


Dark Matter is also the author's race, but even though they were originally monsters and not elementals, they are sometimes classified as a type of dark elemental. Dark matters don't have “pure elemental” or “demonic elemental” forms, but there are several reasons why we can think of them as a kind of dark elemental, and they have a lot of points in common with elementals.


For one thing, dark matters are comprised only of pure demonic energy in the same way that elementals are comprised of masses of pure elements. According to this explanation, an element is a type of magical energy. We can say that demonic energy is “the demonic element” or “the element of darkness”, and thus a dark matter which is purely made up of those pure elements is an elemental of darkness. Another thing is that they possess the power to enrich nature. In the same way as elementals which can have sex with a man, store up power, and return the elements to enrich nature, a dark matter can also store up power by having sex with a man and return demonic energy to enrich the demon realm. And lastly, they can grant the power of the element they possess to a covenanter. To be frank, a covenant is the marital sex of a human and elemental couple, and frankly, a covenanter is also the beloved husband of an elemental. If we think about it like that, then we can say that it is a “covenant” when a dark matter assaults and has sex with a man. And a dark matter grants her own power to the man who became her beloved husband, or rather, “covenanter”. Men who become covenanters become able to freely manipulate the black object, a mass of demonic energy which is regarded as the element of darkness, which dark matters, including the author, ride on, as if it were a part of their own body.


In this way, since they have bodies that are comprised purely of energy, they have direct influence over nature, and they can lend their power to a man in a way similar to how an elemental would with a covenant, etc. dark matters are regarded as a type of dark elemental.


Also, this is based on my personal experience as a dark matter, but I have been able to somehow tell when something is happening in nature. For example, before a sudden gust blows, along with the sylph I employ, I myself have sensed the sudden gusts in advance. Also, as a water elemental can grasp the flow of water elements, I have become able to intuitively grasp the flow and amounts of demonic energy included in food and the natural environment. No matter what kind of illusionary spells or disguises they employ, my eyes cannot be deceived, and when a man has a monster bride, I can tell at a glance everything from the bride's race, down to even personally identifying her as an individual, knowing how many times she had sex the other day, and what kinds of demon realm food products were included in the meal she ate last night. I don't know if every dark matter is the same way, but I think this is because of a dark matter's peculiar power to govern the element of darkness (demonic energy), and I'm progressing my research in that direction.


(There are only an extremely tiny number of dark matter individuals, and unlike myself, most dark matters are only interested in their daily life and sex life with their husband, so it's extremely difficult to compare between individuals in this situation.)


Advertisement: Currently, I'm recruiting a human man to help me progress my research into dark matter. In order to make more progress in my research, and to see an actual example of what kind of changes happen to a dark matter upon obtaining a husband and how her abilities grow, and to lead a happy pleasurable life as a monster, I urgently need a husband. I still haven't tried it yet, but I can give birth to your children since dark matters are dark elementals, and I can also give birth to demon realms. In other words, a dark matter can make both children and demon realms, and raise them. We're a good race. Want to make a happy family and demon realm with me? If you're thinking, “definitely!”, then please drop by the demon realm state “Polove” immediately.


Elemental Fission

Elementals higher than demonic elementals can generate little fission bodies. These fission bodies can think and act in the same way as the main body, and can also make use of the elemental's power.

They're more like independent intermediaries, with the will and ability to take action when exercising the elemental's power, rather than doppelgangers. In the case that they use power, an equivalent amount of elements is expended by the main body. They're mainly used in the case when using the elemental's power in a distant location, or when they want to use it in many locations in a wide area at the same time. In lands where powerful elementalists dwell, elemental fission bodies are deployed all over the place, and each of them is responsible for managing the local natural environment and making sure that it's perfectly comfortable for humans and monsters to live by doing things like installing water services, using fire power and wind power, performing soil remediation for the purpose of agriculture, and adjusting foundations for construction.


When an elemental employs a huge number of fission bodies in such a manner, the main body basically severs her consciousness from the fission bodies and they each act on their own and perform their own jobs. (But even so, if a fission body is doing something or if a fission body uses power, the main body's elements decrease. So they seem to still be able to tell what they're up to.)


Also, it seems the main body will often constantly be having sex with her covenanter while controlling the fission bodies in order to replenish the elements used by the fission bodies.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar 2: As far as I can tell, it's certainly true that one of the reasons is probably to “use the elemental's power in a far off location” or “use it in many places over a wide area at the same time”, but I can't help but feel that the number one main reason why is that “they want to have sex with their husband, and leave everything else to the fission bodies.”


In addition, most elementals that employ fission bodies have a covenanter, and the fission bodies are also infatuated with their beloved covenanter in the same way as the main body. Thus, fission bodies basically don't assault human men. Furthermore, the main elemental herself can also change into the form of a fission body. Since she can curtail her element expenditure when in this tiny form, it's efficient for conserving elements when not doing anything or when moving.


However, since the elementals like to have as much close physical contact as possible with their covenanter even when not doing anything, they wish to remain in their usual form and continue having contact by holding hands, linking arms, or hugging while on the move. Moreover, if they can get their covenanter to become aroused at the sight of their beautiful female body, that is a great pleasure to an elemental, or rather, any monster with a beloved husband.


For that reason, most elementals that have a husband prefer to always stay in woman form, and not many of them will go into a tiny form of their own accord.


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