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The Demon Realm's Sightseeing Situation

Once, in the age of the former demon lords, the demon realm was a very dangerous place that brought death to everyone. As if to reflect the nature of the fiendish old demon lords, the ferocious plants of the demon realm would indiscriminately attack both humans and monsters, swamps of lethal poison gushed forth, and volcanoes would erupt repeatedly; continuously discharging lava. It was harsh for both humans and monsters; it was a land of death where none could rest and one's life was constantly exposed to danger. Also, very few monsters possessed intelligence. The dangerous environment was just abandoned and left as is.


Of course, the turning point is when the current Demon Lord assumed power. With the dawn of a new era, the demon realm became filled with the new demon lord's gentle magical energy instead of the former demon lord's magical energy. Due to this, the ferocity of the demon realm's plants abated, the poisonous swamps became aphrodisiac swamps, and the excessive eruptions of the volcanoes stopped. It changed into a demon realm that is very gentle and lewd to both people and monsters; a suitable place to stay for two people in love.


All of the monsters also gained intelligence and the capacity for thought, although the degree does vary. The basic driving principle and the number one desire of the current monsters is to obtain a human man to lead a lewd and happy life together with. For that reason, inviting human men to the demon realm is a matter of great importance to the monsters.


Many monsters once lived in dungeons, but so it would be easier for human men to live with them monsters have built towns throughout the demon realms where they can live together with humans, and most of these monsters have moved to them. Also, the monsters that have remained in dungeons have also improved their dungeons to make it easier for humans to live there.


Then, in order to make it easier to live in the demon realm and make it into a land that is pleasurable and entertaining for visiting human men; the monsters have started to develop the natural environment throughout the demon realm. With the aid of tentacles whose intelligence has been dramatically improved, they've established forest parks where couples can play with the tentacles and pleasurably have sex. By borrowing the power of fire and water elementals they've established hot springs where a family can soak together and intimately have sex. By borrowing the power of the monsters of the oceans they've established swimming beaches that can be enjoyed by families, and are also great spots for men to meet monsters in swimsuits.


The monsters have thus developed various places where they can enjoy themselves as a couple with their husband, or with the whole family including even their adorable children. In this way, the natural environment of the current demon realm has become a gold mine of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by couples.


Even as of the present, the monsters continue to exercise their ingenuity and develop various tourist destinations. They are trying various things such as continuing to actively advertise tourist attractions to humans, setting up portals directly connected to the tourist spots; getting them to actually visit, and then end up becoming incubi on the spot and stay for good.


In this way, monsters don't just attack human men. They make various efforts and come up with many schemes. For the sake of a bright and lewd future where monsters can live together with human men, they continue to develop the demon realm day after day.


Tentacle Forest

Known as a "tentacle plant", these are a common form of vegetation in demon realms.


Able to move under their own power, these plants are almost like animals and are actually intelligent, some tentacle plants even understanding human language. when a monster or a human women enters the Tentacle Forest they will be swarmed by tentacles, covered head to toe in these tentacles. They will have their mouths, wombs and even ass violated with pleasure and aphrodisiacs while the plant sups on their spirit energy. In the case that a human woman is attacked, all of her natural spiritual energies will be sucked up and monstrous demonic energy will flow into her changing her into a succubus.


These plants also know that if a monster is able to sample a male's spiritual energy they will create a larger amount of energy than normal. Because of this, when a monster approaches a tentacle plant alongside a human male, it will grasp her, twine it's tentacles around her limbs to restrain her, caress her body with the syrupy aphrodisiac mucus it produces and, while violating her to arouse her, flip her over and turn her so that her genitals face the human male. When the monster and human male begin to copulate the tentacle plant will continue to smear both participants with it's aphrodisiac mucus and, twining itself about both participants further, begins to force them together at it's own pace, the tentacles devoted to supporting their sexual intercourse. In this way the couple having intercourse will have very vigorous sex, release large amounts of mana for the plants to sup upon, allow the plants to also have sexual intercourse and, hopefully, convince the participants to become repeat visitors.


The tentacle plants at the outer edges of the Tentacle Forest are, comparatively, quite docile, and as such, are regularly used to assist during intercourse. Many lovers, parents and their children and friends regularly visit these areas for picnics. These docile tentacle plants being quite intelligent, so much so, that they even enjoy playing with children.


However, when one goes further and further into the Tentacle Forest, the tentacle plants become more violent and dangerous. The most extreme tentacle plants are completely brutal and merciless, while these plants won't kill their prey, they will completely violate them until they collapse from exhaustion and lose consciousness. Those violated by the tentacle plants to the extent that they have passed out are, by the tentacle plants themselves, passed back to the entrance of the Tentacle Forest.


The innermost portions of the Tentacle Forest are avoided, even by monsters, except in exceptional cases like those mentioned later. This innermost portion of the forest is something only the most devoted married couples challenge. However, even devoted couples are typically found at the entrance of the Tentacle Forest, dripping with aphrodisiac mucus, pussy juices and jizz, completely unconscious after failing the challenges of the depths of the Tentacle Forest.


"If you go on a trip to the Tentacle Forest, you will get covered in the tentacle plant's mucus, your dear's jizz, and a variety of other fluids that will ruin your clothes so please remember that before visiting."


Tentacle Plant Varieties

Standard Tentacle Plant

Twining about people, stroking them and making them all sticky, this is the typical tentacle plant. Since there is nothing special to define this version of the tentacle plant, please refer to the introduction for their description.


Tentacle Brain

Somewhat small and short tentacles distinguished by having an eye-like organ. They only live towards the periphery of tentacle forests. Even among all the tentacles, their intelligence is extremely high, and they seem to even be able to understand human language. These tentacles supervise the other tentacles, and are sort of like the tentacles' brains. They also have the role of controlling, and commanding the other tentacles. When multiple tentacle plants work together to violate women, or force men and women to have sex, they're able to move in synchronization due to the functioning of these tentacles. Solely due to the fact that tentacle brains have evolved towards coexistence with monsters, they're friendly towards people, have a docile personality, and an adorable appearance, which makes them popular as pets.


Man Marionette

These are tentacles that live towards the deeper part of a tentacle forest, and unlike most other tentacles which focus mainly on women, these rare tentacles prioritize assaulting men first, and they're one of the biggest reasons that monsters can't make it to the deepest part of tentacle forests. First, a tentacle assaulting a man will release mucous inside the man's mouth, dulling the man's thinking. Then it will wrap itself around the man, as if to cover him up, and “infest” him. The consciousness of infested men grows hazy, and the consciousness of the infesting tentacle flows inside them, creating the hallucination that they have become one with the “tentacle”. Such men completely forget things such as the original reason why they visited the tentacle forest, and become only able to think about raping and violating the female in front of them.


When a man becomes a “tentacle” in this manner, all the tentacles around him will start to obey him as if he had become the king of the tentacles. The “tentacle brains” which serve as the brains of tentacles that were mentioned before only inhabit the periphery of tentacle forests and not the deepest parts. In other words, deep within these forests, it is the men who enter that serve the role as the brain of the tentacles.


Once this happens, it's all over because it will be the monster's husband doing the assaulting, and a monster's female body is exclusively made to receive the maximum amount of pleasure and mana from her husband. Even if vigorously rubbed and fondled all over her body, if she feels that it's pleasure from tentacles, she will be able to endure it indefinitely, but if it's her beloved husband then her body will surrender after just one squeeze of a breast, and her heart will surrender after a single kiss.


Then, after being forced to swallow semen mixed with aphrodisiac mucous and having it shot inside her womb by her tentacle-infested husband, she will change into a mere female beast that can think of nothing but copulating with her beloved husband. A man and woman who have had sex together as a couple in this manner with the aid of the tentacles until becoming all sticky and messy will be released after passing out, and forcibly sent back to the entrance of the tentacle forest.


Treasured Child Tree

Huge trees in the deepest part of a tentacle forest that tower to the extent that one must look up at them. Or rather, they look like trees, but in actuality, they're mostly aggregations of many tentacles that became like an enormous tree by becoming entwined together. Upon closer inspection, one can tell that the surface is wriggling. These are what the married couples aiming for the deepest part of the forest are truly after. The tentacles around these tentacles are mostly docile in spite of it being deep within the forest, and they just surround the couple from a distance as if to praise them for arriving in the deepest part, otherwise doing nothing.


When a couple arrives at the base of one of these huge trees, it will extend just one of its thick tentacles towards the wife's mouth. When the wife takes that tentacle inside her mouth, it will release mucous that's so sticky and hot that nothing released by other tentacles can compare to it. After ingesting this mucous, the wife's stomach, or rather, womb will grow hot. This is because her womb will enter an active state due to the mucous. If she has sex with her husband in this state and receives semen in her womb, she will definitely be able to conceive a child.


This is the reason why man and monster couples will keep challenging these forests no matter how many times they are forcibly sent back to the entrance. As far as monsters are concerned, conceiving a child, which is the crystallization of the love they share with their husband, is the greatest happiness as a female, and one of the most important meanings of life.


By nature, it is extremely difficult for monster human couples to have children compared with human couples. Some monsters have lifespans that last centuries, or even millennia, and if they're unlucky, they won't be able to have children even after years, decades, or even centuries of having sex a two-digit number of times every day. Because of this, when monsters are not blessed with children, they decide to challenge a tentacle forest again and again, seeking a crystallization of the love they share with their husband.


Fairy Hug

These are tentacles that live towards the periphery of tentacle forests, or sometimes even inside forests in the human world. As the name suggests, they're tentacles that feed on the mamono mana of fairies and specialize in attacking races such as “fairy” and “leanan sidhe”. Normally, they have an appearance like a flower bud with closed petals, and at a glance they don't look like tentacle plants, but the inside of the flower is tightly packed with tentacles. They give off a fragrant scent, like the sweet confectionery that fairies prefer, to lure them in; and once a fairy approaches, the flower will open and seize her by enveloping her entire body as though hugging her closely. After a tentacle flower has engulfed a fairy's entire body, it will then violate her with a swarm of tentacles while painting her entire body with mucous.


In the case that a fairy who has not been monsterized is attacked by these tentacles, her innocent body will be thoroughly instilled with pleasure, and imprinted with demonic energy, so she will change into a monster and seek to have sex with a human man. If taught about pleasure and changed into a monster in this manner, the fairy will definitely become a repeat visitor, and what's more, she'll also start bringing her friends to the tentacles to teach them about pleasure too.


Also, after these tentacles attack fairies, a large amount of the scales from the fairies' wings stick to the inside of the tentacles' petals. This is what is called “fairy powder”, and it's useful for things such as magic potions.


Fairy Powder


Item Information

Harvesting Location

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