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The Demon Realm's Farming Situation

As you know, a monster and her incubus husband can live just with one another's Spirit Energy and Demonic Energy, so in the worst case scenario, even if they have no other food, they can go on living. For that reason, it seems there are even those who think food is not important for incubi and monsters, but that's a big misunderstanding!


It's just that in the worst case scenario, even if they can't eat, they won't starve from not eating. Or even if they forget to eat for a while when having sex, they won't die, but monsters and incubi are still fully endowed with an appetite for food. It's just that sexual desire comes first, but monsters and incubi are fundamentally full of powerful desires, and their appetite for food is powerful as well. We could even say that their desire to eat delicious food is greater than that of humans.


Furthermore, it's not just about the enjoyment of taste. Demon Realm produce has various effects that further enhance sex, so it's very effective for a couple to lead a healthier and more pleasurable sex life. Also, since most unmarried monsters and very young monster children mostly nourish themselves with ordinary produce, produce and the farmers who produce and ship it are terribly important for monsters and mamono realm society.


The vital energy of demon realm produce is more potent compared to that of human world produce, and the lands are rich to begin with, so even if left alone, the earth, air, and water, will absorb demonic energy, and crops will automatically grow. However, that alone won't suffice if one is trying to produce even more delicious crops. It is extremely easy for the produce to be influenced by demonic energy, and with the addition of dedicated manual labor such as changing the soil and water where the crops are growing, and mixing in fertilizer, etc., the taste and quality of the produce changes entirely. Furthermore, demonic energy easily reacts to human and monster emotions, so when a farmer personally raises the crops by carefully tending to them and showering them with love, the magical energy that fuels the crops also activates, and the crops will definitely respond to that by bearing a delicious harvest.


However, for mamono realm crops that grow when showered with magical energy, the energy that the producers store up inside their bodies and release is also very important. Because of that, married couples working as farmers must not only pay attention to the crops, but their spouse as well. By having sex and thoroughly reaffirming their love every night, they polish each other's spirit energy and demonic energy. By storing it up within themselves and giving plenty of it to the crops, the crops will grow even more delicious. And most important of all, if a husband were to neglect his bride and focus entirely on the crops, his wife would sulk, so please be careful.


Even if the crops fail horribly that year and they become penniless, farmers with monster brides won't starve to death. For that reason, there are many farmers who try to challenge themselves by putting a great deal of money and effort into it, rather than producing stable crops. Such farmers put huge sums of money into their crops. By watering their crops with “undine spring water” every time, and swapping the soil in their fields imbued with the demonic energy of various monsters with soil that is imbued solely with pure gnome mana, they devote themselves to producing more delicious crops, and possibly even new varieties.


Moreover, when raising mamono realm crops in this manner, demonic energy will be extremely important, so when becoming a farmer, it is highly recommended for monsters to first obtain a husband, and for men to first obtain a bride.


Herbs and other foods

Sticky Mushroom


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Wet forests and caves, Demon Realm

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars

A type of Demon Realm mushroom that grows in the damp places of demon realms that is distinguished by having a flat cap covered in sticky viscous liquid. The sticky texture is distinct, and the unique bittersweet taste continues to linger persistently in the mouth. These mushrooms constantly secrete sticky goo which continuously trickles down, so the sticky stuff won't dry out, and even if you wash them, they soon go back to being sticky again. For that reason, many dishes have been devised that utilize the viscosity, such as the highly sticky and exquisite “sticky mushroom soup”.


Unlike in the case of fruits and vegetables whose effects appear bit by bit very gradually if one continues to eat them, edible demon realm mushrooms are distinct in that they cause extremely noticeable effects to occur immediately after eating them. If a human man eats these sticky mushrooms, his semen will become thick and sticky like the mushroom. And not only will his semen become sticky, the “Spirit Energy” contained within will also become highly sticky. If this spirit energy is released inside the mouth or the womb, the semen turned sticky goo will continue to remain for a while, and even after the semen is absorbed, the spirit energy will continue to adhesively stick in the mouth and vagina. The thick taste of sticky spirit energy that's enough to melt a monster's brain, and the pleasure of having her beloved husband's semen remain inside her body, will continue to persistently provide ecstasy.


Also, if this adhesive semen gets on her skin, spirit energy will continue to remain even after washing it off, and a monster will continue to be covered in the thick fragrance of her beloved husband's spirit energy. (The semen odor is completely eliminated, and only the scent of spirit energy which can only be sensed by monsters will remain, so husbands, please relax and go for it.)


In this way, it has the effect of causing spirit energy to persist. Depending on the quality of the sticky mushroom, the spirit energy might last for 3 days, or at best, an entire week. For this reason, it is popular among the soldiers and knights of the Demon Lord's army to feed these sticky mushrooms to their husbands before they set forth on expeditions. By having their husband pump them full of plenty of semen all night long after he's eaten a sticky mushroom, they're able to accumulate a quantity of spirit energy that will persistently remain in their body almost like how animals would store up nutrients before going into hibernation. And then, during the expedition, the spirit energy will continue to remain, numbing their feelings of loneliness while they're unable to see their husband during the campaign, and providing a boost in physical and magical abilities, as well as healing.


Also, in recent years it has been suspected that having semen continue to remain in the womb may bring about a boost in fertility, so monsters have high hopes. And for that reason too, these mushrooms are becoming more common at the dinner table.


Additionally, in the case when a monster eats this mushroom, the viscosity of her love juice will increase. It will stick to her beloved husband's meat pole and the semen poured inside without letting them go, so sex that's stickier than usual can be enjoyed.


Raging Mushroom


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realms / damp forests, deserts, tundra, volcanic regions

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


These Demon Realm mushrooms have a remarkable ability to survive. Many can be found in damp forests and caves, yet these startling mushrooms that stand erect with a masculine appearance can even be found in harsh environments such as desert and volcanic regions, and frozen tundra. The part that looks like blue veins rising from the surface of the mushroom is something that formed because of the Demonic mana flowing through there. It is supposed that the more blue veins there are, the higher the quality of the raging mushroom. It has a spicy taste, which is unusual for a Demon Realm food, and it's used to accent a dish. According to the monsters of Zipangu, it goes very well with their staple food, which is white rice.


Basically, monsters have vastly superior physical abilities than humans. Unless a person is a thoroughly trained warrior or hero, they won't be able to beat a monster in a simple test of strength. This mushroom has the shocking power to reverse the status-quo. But it's not as if a human man who eats this mushroom will be able to obtain the freakish strength of a dragon just like that. To be more accurate, it causes the mana naturally released from a man's body to have the quality of severely weakening a monster's physical strength. Because of this, even a frail, scrawny, sickly, whelp of a man can appear to boast freakish strength and defeat Dragons and Minotaurs in a contest of strength.


However, it's not as if it can affect any given monster. Because the mana works in a peculiar way to exhibit the effect, unless a monster intentionally accepts it, it won't be effective. In other words, if the monster being dealt with was the wife of the man who ate it to begin with, or if the monster had intended to attack the man, or if the monster felt ready for sex. That is it's only effective on monsters that are prepared to receive a man's mana, and it's completely ineffective on others such as those who have their heart set on someone else, those who have a husband, and those with no interest in that particular man whatsoever.

Be that as it may, unmarried monsters will generally attack to copulate with men, so this mushroom should be effective against most available monsters. For that reason, there was a military unit in The Order of the Chief God that noticed the effect, and tried to use it to vanquish monsters. However, this mushroom has another effect which causes men to become violently passionate and lose their rational mind, filling their head with nothing but plenty of thoughts of mating with the female in front of them, effectively making them like an aroused male beast. Thanks to that, it can't be used in combat, and it is said that the soldiers of the order that headed off to vanquish monsters turned the tables on monsters that attacked and tried to rape them, raping them instead, and thus, they definitely became their husbands.


If a man eats this mushroom, he can turn the tables on any kind of monster that attacks him, pushing her over with what appears to be overwhelmingly superior physical strength and unilaterally raping her. Also, when men eat it, it also has the effect of exciting the penis more than usual, causing their erections to tower with great size and thickness. No matter how ferocious and sadistic she may be, a monster raped with such a penis will learn the joy of being violated as a female and raped by a male of overwhelming power, and she will develop a masochistic disposition and desire to be raped. In fact, I yearn for this a bit myself.


Once she's been treated like this, a monster won't be able to forget it, and she'll become enthralled with being violated by her stud. For that reason, it appears that huge amounts of these mushrooms are bought up by such monsters all at once.


Additionally, if a monster eats this mushroom, her ferocity will remarkably increase, and she'll become a sex crazed beast and attack a man. Even timid monsters like “Cockatrice” and innocent monsters like “Alice” will intently attack and copulate with men like wild beasts, so it can be used to spice things up for a fresh sexual experience. Also, if a human man and a monster eat these mushrooms at the same time, it'll be like a clash of two beasts, but the monster won't be able to overpower the male due to her strength weakening, and the human man will definitely end up winning and violating the monster.




Item Information

Harvesting Location

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