ТОП 10:

Demon Realm / humid forests and caves

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


A Demon Realm mushroom distinguished by its red cap with a pattern of white spots. As the name suggests, the color and pattern of the cap are the same as that of the monster known as matango, and they look identical to the mushrooms that grow out of their bodies. Additionally, out of all the damp forests, they're more often found in the lands where matangos dwell. They scatter a large amount of spores like the matango, but they don't parasitically infect humans or draw human men to their location or change women into matangos.


However, the spores have a powerful orexigenic effect that will make the pseudo-matango appear delicious. Regardless of whether they're human or monster, the person who inhales a spore will become highly likely to consume the mushroom. For that reason, they are prized even when one has little appetite, and these mushrooms are also used in cuisine.


They're soft mushrooms that are so sweet that they can cause one's head to feel fuzzy and they have a texture that is springy and chewy. But these mushrooms also induce a potent effect without exception. They have a kind of hypnotic effect. After tasting sweetness that's enough to make one's head feel fuzzy, one's head really will start going fuzzy. The effect is especially potent on monsters. Monsters that eat these will hallucinate as if they were a matango due to the hypnotic effect, and their head will become full of thoughts of their beloved man's mushroom. Naturally, their fuzzy thoughts will turn towards filling their vagina with his penis, and they'll be intent on spending their time joined with their beloved man. Once their vagina is full, they won't even want to think about removing it until the effect wears off. They'll wrap their arms around a man and embrace him, and wrap their legs around his waist to try to fix themselves in place so he can't pull out.


In the case that a man consumes the mushroom, he'll want to be joined with his beloved monster and woman, and aside from that, in the case that one of the two partners consumes the mushroom, the mushroom's Demonic Energy will transfer to the other partner due to deep kissing, and the other partner will end up in the same state. A couple intoxicated in this way will spend their time joined together until the effects of the mushroom expire regardless of whether they're asleep or awake. They can relax leisurely while enjoying the pleasure and warmth of one another's bodies. It might be a good way to spend one's day off when the weather's nice.


Additionally, this is concerning the reason why it resembles matango. There are a lot of them growing in the places where matangos live. According to some whispers, they may be matango spores that were unable to achieve their objective of reaching a human man or woman to be inhaled, and sprouted as a different plant species that's not a monster after a sudden mutation. It is said that the way the spores have an orexigenic effect that makes them look delicious may also be a vestige of how a matango would make a man inhale her spores to make her body look more attractive to try to get him to have sex with her, but as of the present, it hasn't been concretely proven.


Undead Grey Lamentation Mushroom

Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realm / graveyards, dense woodlands

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★★★ (5) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★★★☆ (4) Stars


An extremely rare mushroom that lives in dense, dark, and lonely woodlands, as well as graveyards, etc.


The gray colored cap on top of the onyx stem has a pattern that looks just like a human face. From the pattern drips a sticky fluid that's red like blood. It's distinguished by its disturbingly creepy and ominous appearance. In the age of the former demon lords, it was feared and referred to as “the worst poison mushroom”, “Death's messenger”, etc. People and monsters would fear for their lives just from seeing one, their consciousness would fade if they smelled it, and those who ate it would suffer for 7 days and 7 nights before dying. It was a dreaded poisonous mushroom. However, that's an old tale. Now that the demon realm is full of the Demonic Energy of the succubi, its poison has become quite mild.


Since these mushrooms still cause people to panic when they see them even in the current era, almost nobody dares to eat them. However, to those who have lost all hope in the world and are seeking to choose their own death, and those who will eventually die from sickness or severe wounds, the “scent of death” coming from these decadent mushrooms feels very fragrant and seems delicious. If one gives in to temptation and eats this mushroom, a delicious taste that seems out of this world, but resembles how spirit energy tastes to monsters, spreads from the inside of the mouth, to the esophagus, and then the inside of the stomach, and they receive a shock that's like an electrical shock running throughout the body. And then, their human life comes to an end while they experience heavenly pleasure.


Once a human has died from the mushroom in this manner, in the case of women, they are resurrected as monsters such as "Zombie", and “Ghoul”. (Depending on the nature of the person herself, she may instead become a “Dullahan” or a "Vampire".) This may sound contradictory, but after resurrection they joyously begin a new life as an undead, and instinctively head towards a human man seeking Spirit Energy which tastes even more delicious than the mushroom they just ate.


Otherwise, in the case that the person who ate the mushroom was a human man, he will be unable to die completely, and will instead enter a half-dead state. During this time, the man will release spirit energy that has an aroma that is highly attractive to the undead due to being mixed with the mushroom's scent of death, luring undead type monsters near. And then, after receiving demonic energy through intercourse with a monster that came to assault a man, he'll be revived as an incubus who is her husband.


Additionally, these mushrooms are simply poisonous to most monsters. If one were to eat one by mistake, her stomach would get upset, and she'd continuously experience horrible stomach pain for about half a day. However, these mushrooms are delicious treats that can be eaten by undead monsters and their incubus husbands without any stomach problems. They're especially regarded as the best mushrooms by high rank undead.


(According to a certain Vampire gourmet, it's the most delicious ingredient besides the blood and spirit energy of her beloved husband.)


Demon Realm Herbs


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realm

Rarity in Human Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars


Among the wild herbs growing all over the demon realms, there are some that have an extremely peculiar fragrance. Along with that fragrance, these herbs have been known to also release slight amounts of demonic energy. All of these herbs have various sexual effects for men and monsters when consumed properly. As wild herbs, they must be sniffed directly and the effect is only slight, but by processing them into “incenses” the effect is increased dramatically. Having sex in a bedroom filled with incense and demonic energy can have an effect on couples. Also, since it is used in the black mass feasts of Sabbath, etc., special incenses that apply to the entirety of a wide area are sometimes concocted. It's not just a matter of simply processing it into incense. Herbs are mixed together, and if other demon realm produce, drugs, and demonic energy of specific races, etc. are mixed in, the effect of the incense is adjustable, and it's possible to create things with completely different effects, so there are even people who concoct incenses for a living. These incenses that stimulate a couple's night life are popular among lewd and fashionable monster girls.


Additionally, these demon realm herbs basically release a thin demonic energy, even weaker than that found in the air of the demon ream. Many herbs and incenses have been distributed throughout the human world by monsters, but most people don't realize that they're products of the demon realm. Also, human men and women don't change into incubi and monsters just from burning it and having sex once or twice. However, if they use it again and again, demonic energy will definitely accumulate in their bodies. A male and female couple who used it together will deepen their love, become more intimate, and spend more time together. And before they even realize it themselves, little by little, their repugnance for indulgence in sex and pleasure will diminish, the time they spend touching each other will increase, as well as the frequency of intercourse. Sex will become more lewd and intense.


Eventually, they'll be spending most of the day having sex with the fragrance of the incense, and before they know it, their thoughts will become hardly different from those of monsters. After a long time, once they finally notice their own changes, the male and female couple will have changed into a lewd incubus and succubus.


Melty Love

The fragrance of the most beloved and commonly used herb. A sweetly melty sensual fragrance that fills the room with a sweet pink atmosphere. It creates a sweet air between lovers and married couples. They can enjoy sweet, sticky sex, spontaneously indulging and lusting for one another. No monster dislikes a sweet time with her husband, so it can be recommended to all of them.


Stoic Love

A cool, refreshing fragrance that fills the room with a calm atmosphere. Monsters that easily lose their senses can stay calm and maintain rational thought even while happily enjoying pleasure with their beloved husband. Instead of just going wild like a beast, they can have sex while tasting, enjoying, and understanding pleasure. Even though it calms people down, it doesn't grant resistance to temptation and pleasure. If tempted, they would end up clearly understanding how aroused, attracted, and eager they are for sex. By having calm feelings even towards pleasure and maintaining the capacity for thought, one can distinguish pleasure more strongly than usual. The power of a monster's affection for a man and happiness during sex are more sharply distinguished. With the aid of this fragrance, the sort of monsters that pretend not to realize their own feelings and those that won't be honest with themselves can distinctly realize how much they love their male partners and how badly they want to have sex with them.


No matter what, this fragrance is for “calmly enjoying sex and pleasure.” It was devised so that monsters could calmly and accurately perform sexual techniques on their husband even while experiencing mind blowing pleasure. Previously, a unit of the order misinterpreted that and tried to use the herb, but what resulted should remain unspoken. It's recommended for those who don't want to slip up from being distracted by their own pleasure while servicing their husband, those who want to burn their husband's face and body into their eyes during sex, and ladies who want to calmly have adult sex with their husband.


Silent Love

Contrary to the name “silent”, this room-filling, sensuous, and passionate fragrance makes the bodies of the man and woman intertwined in the room burn from within and heat up. Stirred by the passionate fragrance, the two will seek one another's bodies, frantically indulging, and without the composure to speak, they will lose language. Then, only wet noises and moaning remains, adding to the obscene atmosphere. Having sex under the effects of the fragrance that's so passionate it causes them to sweat even though they aren't hot probably fully satisfies the bestial lust of monsters. It's recommended for monsters who want to spend a passionate, indulgent night of sucking one another's bodies dry.


Holstaur Milk


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Holstaur monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars


It is milk squeezed from the breasts of the monster called holstaur which has distinctive black and white fur. The milk has a nice taste that is mellow and full-bodied and it melts almost like when a holstaur is having sex with her husband. It's delicious to drink as is, and it is also highly popular as an ingredient used in cuisine and confectionery. There is only a minor amount of demonic energy mixed in with it, which is unusual for a monster-related product, so humans can also drink it with peace of mind. Even among humans, there's no end to the number of people who have been charmed by this milk. Trade is bustling, and sometimes it even circulates in anti-monster states.

Not only is this holstaur milk delicious, it is full of nutrients, and of course it also has the effect of boosting their husband's stamina, which pleases all the monsters. Even those monsters and incubi who frequently spend a lot of time having sex can enjoy even healthier and more active sexual relations if the couple drinks this milk everyday. It also has the effect of maintaining the resilience and luster of the breasts, and sometimes it can even have a breast-enlarging effect.


(The effect varies depending on the race, the individual, and the sexual tastes of her husband. For all the monsters whose charm point is their childish appearance, it won't cause them to have full breasts. Instead, it exhibits an effect that will cause their tiny breasts to become even squishier, and make their skin feel even softer to the touch, so even adherents of Sabbath should relax and drink it.)


There is plenty of holstaur milk in circulation in monster-friendly states and Demon realms. The number of habitual drinkers who like to start their day with a cup of holstaur milk and 3 loads of their husbands semen(!) is continuing to increase.


Let's squeeze out holstaur milk!

The quality of holstaur milk is greatly influenced by the condition of the holstaur herself. First of all, health and stress management are important. As you may have guessed, the most important thing for maintaining a monster's health is to pour inside plenty of her beloved husband's spirit energy, which is the source of a monster's strength. Also, in contrast with their docile, submissive disposition and dim appearance, the holstaurs are a race that has powerfully intense love and sexual urges. For that reason, if they're unable to touch their beloved husband for a long time, they become frustrated and restless, causing a build up of stress. If a holstaur presses her breasts against him, he should rub and squeeze them well. If she desires sex, he should indulge her desire for physical intimacy and make her feel good. And every day it's important to eliminate a holstaur's stress by having plenty of sex with her and pouring in plenty of love and spirit energy, filling her womb with semen until she's satisfied.

The other important factor is how pleasurable it feels to the holstaur when she is being milked. The more pleasurable it is for the holstaur, the more delicious the milk will become. The pleasure experienced is much more heavily influenced by whose hands are doing the milking than the technique.


Of course, to the holstaur, having their husband rub them feels the most pleasurable. So on the occasion of milking, it's important to rub them and squeeze it out deliberately, gently, lewdly, and sometimes roughly. Furthermore, milk squeezed out of the breasts while joined during sex will be even more thick and delicious. After obtaining a husband, the quality of a holstaur's milk improves tremendously. Even if her breasts are rubbed by someone other than her husband, she won't be able to get very much pleasure out of it, so when milked by someone other than her husband, the quality of the milk will plummet, and far less will be produced. In fact, in some cases, milk won't even come out at all.


Of course, it's no good with a man other than their husband. Even in the case of using the kind of milking device used on ordinary dairy cows, delicious milk can't be squeezed out. Furthermore, holstaurs hate having their breasts rubbed by men other than their husband, and it can lead to a huge amount of stress. In the case of milking a holstaur, it must always be done with love by her husband's hands.


In this way, it takes time and effort to produce holstaur milk, and it is problematic since there are only a limited number of people who can milk their breasts, so production in a large-scale farm is impossible, and most production is handled by individual farms. In order to stabilize the supply henceforth, the holstaur milk industry is very busy with the task of procuring husbands for the holstaurs and encouraging breeding.



Hello! ♪ The Holstaur Milk Association is having a huge recruiting drive for husbands to work on farms, make us feel good, and rub our breasts a lot! ♪ All of us holstaurs waiting for husbands are dying to have our breasts touched by our future husbands and our hearts ache unbearably. ♥


Extra Thick Holstaur Milk

As previously mentioned, normally, only a minor amount of holstaur energy is mixed in with holstaur milk, however, milk labeled "extra thick" literally contains thick holstaur energy, and it's the highest grade of milk. This milk, meant to be drunk by their husband in the middle of sex, contains plenty of love and spirit energy. Since it's meant to be drunk by their most beloved man, it is therefore of the best quality. The top quality thickness and mellow sweetness will even influence a person's mind to have sentimental thoughts. Those who drink it will then be tempted into sweet, pleasurable sex. It is well-known by monsters and incubi as the highest grade of holstaur milk, and it is habitually drunk just like ordinary holstaur milk.


However, for humans, it's a different story. This milk contains energy incomparable to ordinary milk and just like other demonic realm foods, if a human woman drinks it, it will cause monsterization. One mouthful of this sweet milk will make a woman's thoughts sweetly melt away like milk and grow hazy. Even a hysterical, willful woman's personality would change into one that is quiet and submissive. While engrossed in drinking, her breasts would rapidly grow huge, and she'd then be reborn as a holstaur.


Also, in case a human man drinks it, he will change into an incubus, and along with that, his spirit energy will be altered to have the sweet odor and taste that holstaurs prefer, and it will strongly attract unmarried holstaur.


Due to these effects, the milk is considered to be “a cursed item” by the anti-monster states, and distribution is mostly restricted. For that reason, the milk has become very rare and expensive in anti-monster states, and it is extremely difficult to obtain. Yet still, many of the habitual drinkers charmed by ordinary holstaur milk want to try drinking it at least once even if they have to turn into a holstaur or be attacked by a holstaur. (On the contrary, it seems that in some cases, there are guys that say they want to drink it so they can marry a holstaur!)


Alraune Nectar

Item Information

Harvesting Location

Alraune monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


It's the bodily fluid of the monster “Alraune” that has the form of a beautiful woman wrapped up in a giant flower. It's a beautiful amber colored, half-translucent liquid that's very sticky and syrupy. It's natural sweetness is attractive, and it's often used in sweets, etc. This nectar simply has an aphrodisiac / stamina boosting effect. The thick, sweet odor given off by the nectar has the power to strongly attract human men.


Perhaps due to that effect, there's an image that it's mainly little children and women who are particularly fond of sweet confectionery, but confectionery made with this alraune nectar is highly popular with both male children and adults. For that reason, many monsters are polishing their cooking skills so they can feed delicious confectionery made using this sweet alraune nectar to their beloved husbands.


Additionally, alraune nectar is also popular with monsters too. “Honeybees (Encyclopedia I – p. 42)” and “Grizzlies (Encyclopedia I – p. 46)“ are particularly fond of this nectar. For that reason, alraunes end up getting frequently attacked by honeybees.


When honeybees collect nectar, they get inside of the alraune's flower and tease her body, licking all over it and pleasuring her, almost like they're having sex. By making the alraune drown in pleasure in this manner, they're able to collected ripened nectar that's one rank up. Since this ripened nectar has even more sugar than normal nectar, its scent is even more sweet and rich, and because of that, it has the effect of attracting men more strongly, and it has a fortified aphrodisiac and stamina boosting effect.


Also, in the case that the alraune is already married, the nectar will be ripened by the alraune and her husband showing off having sex in front of the honey bees. The honey bees being shown may get the urge to join in themselves, or hurry back home to have sex with their own husband, so it's pretty unbearable for them.


Furthermore, by rubbing this nectar into their own skin on a daily basis, the honey bees are able to attract men, making it so that they have a wonderful body that men want to suck all over even more.


In recent years, other monsters have also taken notice of the effect of this nectar on beauty. In order to attract a wonderful man to be their husband, and have him suck all over their body, they eat plenty of nectar and rub plenty of it into their body.



It would be assumed that this can be gathered from subspecies such as Liliraune and Barometz as well.


Pretty, durable, and easy to use!


It's the well-known “East Giyamante Dwarven Craftsmanship Firm” that's got glass work with all three requisites! This time we're borrowing this page, so let us introduce our products! The gorgeous glass bottle packed full of alraune nectar in the illustration on the previous page is something specially made by us dwarves, “refillable/deluxe alraune bottle/long lasting version”.


Even though we call them bottles, they're not just bottles. The image of an alraune? Of course, that's an example of dwarven art that we want to recommend, but that's not all! The magically reinforced, durable, and hard to break glass bottle has been tempered with alraune energy using a new method. Alraune nectar placed inside will last a long time without spoiling!


Besides nectar, we've got “refillable/deluxe Undine bottles/long lasting version” that can store undine's natural spring water. Aside from those, we've got all kinds of other storage bottles prepared!


For those wives with deep love who think “I don't want to put a bottle with the design of another woman in the nest with my beloved husband, it's outrageous!” of course, we've prepared some with simple designs for you. Besides that, you can custom order one made in your own wife's image!


Keep a bottle by your bed for those nights when you suddenly get the urge for some stimulation! Please purchase “East Giyamante Dwarven Craftsmanship Firm's” new refillable storage bottles!


Mandragora's Roots

Item Information

Harvesting Location

Mandragora monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★★☆ (4) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


It is the root of mandragora, the plant-type monster with roots that has a female form. It has potent medicinal effects, and monsters use it as an ingredient for various obscene drugs such as aphrodisiacs and stamina boosters, while humans value it as an ingredient for a panacea to cure various diseases. However, among humans, especially in anti-monster states, it's a precious item in extremely short supply.


A mandragora's roots keep rapidly growing when she receives a man's spirit energy. And the stuff used as an ingredient for medicine is basically roots that were cut after growing too long. Cutting roots that grow as an extension of the feet may look painful, but to the mandragora herself, the act of cutting the roots after they've grown too long is something similar to how humans clip their nails. They're easy to cut, and it doesn't seem to cause any pain whatsoever, so please relax.


Also, when sucking mandragora's root, it has a mysterious taste that's both slightly sweet and slightly bitter that can be addictive. It seems people that like the taste find it unbearably good. In recent years, mandragora's root has been sold not just as a medicinal ingredient, but also as a cooking ingredient.


The flavor of the root comes out through sucking, but if it's a clipped off root, as a person is sucking it, the taste will gradually grow fainter until eventually the taste completely disappears. However, the unclipped roots of a mandragora herself will retain a thick flavor no matter how much one sucks, and it's possible to keep sucking them for as long as one pleases. Many of the husbands of the mandragoras were captivated by the charm of these roots, and it's said that they'll suck the mandragora's roots whenever they have a spare moment. There is an increasing trend for guys with a root fetish to desire to marry a mandragora due to having been enthralled by these roots.


Moreover, as mentioned before, the roots don't have any sense of pain at all, but just as you might expect from a monster, they're extremely sensitive to pleasure, and they say having them sucked feels very good. Supposedly every time their husband takes a root in his mouth and licks it will cause their entire body to shiver with pleasure, and experience rapturous delight and ecstasy.


Slime Jelly


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Slime monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


It's a portion of slime cut away from the excess part of a slime or one of its variants. When put in the mouth, a cool, refreshing taste spreads throughout it. There are many variant races in the slime family, and the taste and properties of their slime jelly are each somewhat different.


It is not uncommon for slime family monsters to feed their husband a portion of their own body. However, since they fundamentally hate it when anyone other than their husband consumes their body, it’s a bit difficult for humans other than their husbands to obtain “slime jelly”. For that reason, if one wants to get jelly from them, it's best to either sneak close without them noticing and collect a small amount of the excess slime, or negotiate with their husband to get him to convince them.


Furthermore, after losing an excess part, slimes will often have sex with their husband immediately and keep absorbing mana until they restore the part that they lost, so when trading for slime they will be pleased if you bring something that will function as a stamina booster such as mamono realm produce or medicine.


Slime Jelly

Standard slime jelly with a distinctive refreshing taste. They have the lowest intelligence of the slime family and they really hate it when anyone other than their husband eats their body, so there may be some troubles obtaining it. Additionally, “queen slimes” were originally slimes to begin with, so their jelly also has the same flavor. They are highly intelligent and social, so negotiation would be easier compared to a slime.


Red Slime Jelly

The distinction is that it's a bit sweeter compared to slime. They're a bit smarter, so negotiation may be a bit easier.


Bubble Slime Jelly

An exquisite product, with the perfect balance between sweetness and sourness. The aphrodisiac compounds are highly addictive, and if a human man consumes this, he'll be headed straight for a future as a bubble slime's husband.


Considering where they live, at a glance, it might seem like there may be some health concerns, but they concentrate all the toxic waste and filth that sticks to their body in the excess portion that touches the ground, and they always take care not to let poison or filth reach their beloved husband. Also, since they keep the stuff they feed to their husband especially clean, there are no health concerns. However, in case one were to collect it without them knowing, there is a possibility of getting the part that's concentrated with toxins. Since eating it would wreck anyone's stomach, it's best to always try to negotiate and get them to share.


Dark Slime Jelly

It has a thick taste with melting sweetness. They have the highest intelligence of all slimes, and it's extremely easy to negotiate with them, so they'll probably gladly share their jelly. However, since they'll try to give stuff thoroughly concentrated with mamono mana, most human men that consume it will be headed straight towards becoming a dark slime's groom, and a woman's body will melt on the inside, changing her into a dark slime.


If an incubus or monster consume it, it will cause their mind to melt into syrup, and they'll end up continually having sex until both their body and heart melt. For that reason, I recommend you take the opposite approach from the bubble slime, and secretly collect it.


Nureonago Jelly

Also known as nureonago mochi. Unlike the other slimes which are half-transparent, it's distinguished by being opaque white, and it has a springy texture and is faintly sweet. Negotiation is rather easy.


Demon Realm Beasts

In demon realms, plants are not the only things altered by exposure to the monster's magical energies. Animals that take on aspects from demon realms, "demon realm beasts", also exist. These are animals that grew up in demon realms and as a result, are quite different in form to those found in human lands; they are typically much larger and more fecund in comparison to their human land counterparts.


While many of them look quite ominous, they are merely the "monster" counterparts to normal animals. Despite their fierce appearance, thanks to the influence of the incredible mana flowing through demon realms, demon realm beasts are very docile and will never attack a human or monster, even their carnivores will never target humans or monsters as prey. The flesh of demon realm beasts is considered delicious and a delicacy by many. Because of this, the meat of many demon realm beasts commands a high price in the marketplace.


Because they are so large in size, demon realm beasts are also good battle mounts. While they naturally try and shy away from combat, their natural size and sturdiness make them good at receiving, and then countering attacks. However, they are not recommended for use by amateurs as they are not easy to handle or train. Some of the more tribal races of monsters excel at this mounted combat, many monsters riding arm in arm with their incubi as they hunt. Some monsters in the armies of the Demon Lord even practice combat and fight mounted alongside their mates.


Finally, because of the very high demand for the meat of demon realm beasts, specialist hunters, know as "demon realm beast hunters", exist.


Demon Realm Boars

With a jet black coat, gigantic tusks, and a huge body, this is the Demon Realm Boar. One of the most popular sources of meat amongst the demon realm beasts, they are covered in hard sinewy muscles but upon their death their bodies release oil that changes their flesh into a soft and tender delicacy. Although eating this meat won't change a man into an incubi, it is an extremely powerful source of nutrition and allows any man who consumes it to easily copulate with a monster for three days and nights due to the energy boost it provides.


Thanks to their gentle personalities, it is quite common to see monsters put their children on the backs of these beasts for rides. Because they're so friendly, small ones are kept as pets, even by humans, while large ones are used as livestock or trained as mounts for demon realm knights.


Thanks to their size, endless stamina, and incredible strength, demon realm boars can easily carry huge loads across the worst terrain making them popular with merchants as well as knights. While normally a very gentle demon realm beast, when it feels it's life is in danger (such as being targeted by a hunter) it will fly into a rage and charge its enemy using it's bulk to smash them aside.


Occasionally an incredibly large male demon realm boar will be discovered in the wilds and a group of soldiers, typically Salamanders and Dullahan, will gather to hunt it. When this occurs the locals will worry until the soldiers return laden with meat from their kill, normally causing a spontaneous celebration and party to begin.


Advertisement- "So, I'm a Werewolf and me and my husband are butchers and all of a sudden, a lot of monsters are eating meat. In particular, those damn semen guzzling succubi seem to be eating a lot of meat with their husbands. They've even been spotted eating meat while fucking! Honestly, this meat is too good to waste on them... My husband is frying some up at the moment, making it sizzle all dreamily... Haa... Anyway, it'll fill your hubby full of vigour! After eating this meat, they'll want to ram their meat into you and then... (Omitted due to length)"


Sanri Scorpion

With soft black flesh and shells as hard as iron, it's time to learn about the insects of the demon realms. Some of these insects can grow as large as dogs. Many are herbivores and eat the fruits and vegetables of the demon realms. They're even sometimes known for eating a farmer's whole crop; It's been said they're the natural foe of demon realm farmers.


The Sanri is one such insect. It has a large stinger with an eye on top of it. It can use this eye to aim the magic it fires from the tip of it's stinger. A common pest for farmers in the demon realms, they spray a concentrated liquid magic from their tails when disturbed. These demon realm insects are excellent shots and typically spray anyone that disturbs them. This causes an immediate intense arousal so that the person who disturbed them will leave to find a partner and the insect will be free to eat the crops. In this way, the local monsters get to have sex and the demon realm insects get to eat. However, thanks to their timid nature, anyone that comes near them is a likely target to be hosed down with their magic.


Thanks to their unusual looks and the pretty patterning on their shells, it is also quite common for groups of children to try and capture one of these demon realm insects. This results in a lot of young monsters and their male friends getting hosed down and is actually a very common way for monsters and their male friends to awaken to their sexuality.


During harvesting season large hordes of these demon bugs can appear and it's not uncommon for all the workers in a farming village to band together and wage a war to oust these interlopers. During these battles it is common to rely on the strength of incubi since the magic of demon bugs is lessened when used on incubi (However, the magic is just as effective as normal against their wives and daughters which can force them to retire from battle).


During these battles there are also occasions when an oversized demon realm insect can appear and join the fray. The insect boss' massive tail is able to produce copious fountains of magic that it then sprays all over the place (some farmers even compare this with the tsunami waves of the ocean). These demon insects wildly spraying their magic around are known for causing large orgies which mean a lot of couples enjoy joining in the battle to spice up their love lives.


Thanks to all the sex occurring during a battle with these demon insects and the liquid magic soaking into the area, a lot of mana is released which absorbs into any crops yet to be harvested meaning they will be come bountiful and of higher quality. Even if the insects win and they manage to devour all of the crops in the area it isn't seen as a bad thing. All the mana released during the battle will also soak into the soil ensuring a bountiful and high grade crop next year. Thanks to this, even farmers that lose their crops typically say things like "Damn, I'll beat up those bugs next year", "Heh, next time you damn bugs", and similar things. This, combined with the fact that no one is killed by the insects, turns the battle into something akin to an annual festival enjoyed by all.


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