ТОП 10:

Collected/received from Arachne monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★★☆ (4) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars


Spider silk produced in the bodies of spider monsters such as Arachne and Jorou-Gumo, and clothing made using it. They're experts at sewing, and using their fine and durable spider silk they can make fine and beautiful clothing. Even among humans it fetches high prices as top quality clothing.


Clothing made with the special material arachne thread using the secret methods of the arachne has several benefits that monsters are glad about. It's durable enough to not tear even when they're going at it like an animal with their husband, and wrinkles are easily undone. Also, when their husband soils the clothing with semen, it can be easily washed off, and although this is so Spirit Energy glues persistently to it, and continues to remain no matter how many times they wash it. (The odor of semen completely disappears and only the sweet fragrance of spirit energy, which can also be considered the smell of their husband, lingers permanently, but it's only discernible by monsters.)


The more semen ejaculated on the clothing by their husband, the more it carries spirit energy and that fragrance. Just wearing the clothing can envelope them in happiness, as if they're always in their husband's embrace. It makes them really feel like they belong to their husband, and they can assert it to other monsters. In this way, the clothes produced by the arachne are the best suited for wearing while a monster has sex with her husband. For that reason, clothing made by the arachne is especially popular amongst the monsters. Many of the designs are produced with monsters in mind. They incite arousal and passion in men, and they're mainly designed to make them want to have sex with the clothing on. Garments are made with the concept that even if they look wholesome at a glance, they'll still drive men crazy and make them want to sully them.


In this way, most arachne-made clothing is produced with women or monsters in mind. Conversely, clothing for men is hardly ever seen, and almost never circulates in the market. Normally, the arachne almost never make clothes for men. That's because when they do make clothes for men, it has a very significant meaning to them. When an arachne puts clothing made from threads originally meant for binding prey on a man, it means that man is bound to them for life and they'll never let him go no matter what. In other words, to them it's something that only happens once in a lifetime: a proposition of marriage.


They put the strongest love into the clothes they make for their husband, spending the most time and selectively using only the finest thread. The clothes are their finest products. The spider silk used for these clothes is completely glossed with the arachne's overwhelmingly potent love as well as her demonic energy. By wearing these clothes, a man will continue to be perpetually bound by the demonic energy of the arachne. He'll also be showered in demonic energy during intense sex with the arachne, and in no time at all he'll be able to change into an incubus husband just for the arachne.


Demon Realm Silver


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realm: Caves and mines

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars


One of the typical ores that can be mined underground in demon realms. The raw ore is a metal with a pink luster, but occasionally it changes into various colors such as black or red due to processing. Its properties make it easy to imbue with demonic energy, and it is the most suitable metal for creating magic items.


Also, it is often used for manufacturing weapons. Weapons made of demon realm silver do not inflict wounds on the body of a cut opponent, instead inflicting damage on the opponent's magical energy. When an opponent's magical energy is wounded, spirit energy or demonic energy will leak out from there, and they will lose their strength. In this way, it's possible to take away an opponent's strength to fight without harming or killing them.


By infusing weapons made of demon realm silver with demonic energy, it's even possible to change human women into monsters. This is because when a human woman is cut, the demonic energy dwelling within the weapon will flow into her as if to fill in the hole where her energy leaked out. These non-lethal weapons are widely and regularly used by monsters who fundamentally hate killing humans, and they've also been adopted as the official equipment of the Demon Lord's Army.


Also, when making an alloy with other metals such as iron or copper, if a certain amount of demon realm silver is mixed in, copper or iron will be corroded by the demon realm silver. It will change into “demon realm iron” or “demon realm copper”, which have the same properties as demon realm silver.


Additionally, the beautiful pink luster of raw demon realm silver is also treasured as a material for accessories. It looks extremely beautiful to the human eye as well, and despite it being a product of the demon realm, a countless number of noblewomen desire accessories made from this demon realm silver. It is sometimes sold even in human realms by monster merchants, etc.


Basically, even if an accessory is made from demon realm silver, as long as there's only a slight amount of demonic energy imbued within it, it won't have any effects on humans. However, demon realm silver is easily imbued with demonic energy, and the ore is optimal for producing things called “cursed equipment” which can change women who wear them into monsters due to having been infused with a huge amount of condensed demonic energy.


“Cursed equipment” disguised as beautiful accessories is being mass produced at the hands of the “radical faction” of the Demon Lord's Army; who desire for all humans to become monsters, and for all lands to become demon realms. Large amounts have been scattered throughout human lands, and many humans have been made to be reborn as monsters; producing many demon realms as a result.


Magic Gem


Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realm / caves and mines

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★★★ (5) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars


One of the unique ores that can be mined underground in demon realms, they're even easier to imbue with magical energy than Demon Realm Silver. Not only are they used as ornaments, the gems are also excellent as a material for magic items. The raw gems are transparent and colorless, but if imbued with spirit energy or demonic energy, the color, brilliance, transparency and even shape of the crystals will variously change depending on the owner of the spirit energy or demonic energy that's contained inside.


These changes are different depending on each individual, and one person’s energy cannot make exactly the same gem as another person. A gem is thus produced that is “unique to each person” and can only be made with that person's spirit energy or demonic energy. For that reason it's even possible to distinguish an individual through these gems.


Furthermore, once a gem has had spirit energy or demonic energy poured into it, it stores that energy and this causes it to become fixed. This means that once a magic gem has been changed, it won't ever change again. Since if it is accidentally imbued with magical energy and changed a magic gem cannot be returned to its original state, excavated magic gems need to be handled carefully.


They are also difficult to handle when processing, so only an artisan with excellent skills can be entrusted with it. Additionally, when infusing magical energy into a magic gem, the gem must be of high quality and purity to match the strength of the energy. If the quality of the gem is unsuitable for the greatness of the magical energy then it won't be able to take it when the energy is poured inside, and it will shatter. For that reason, magic gems of more powerful individuals are regarded as more valuable. Notably it seems that there still aren't any gems in existence that can contain the magical energy of the Demon Lord or her husband. Because of the richness of their brilliance, there are passionate collectors of magic gems among both humans and monsters.


Regardless of whether it's the demon realm or the human realm, magic gems that are infused with the spirit energy or demonic energy of particularly well known people are precious and wildly popular. Such famous people include leader class monsters of the Demon Lord's army, fallen former heroes; as well as current heroes of the Order, and the popes and saints of religious states.


Engagements Rings

Engagement rings are rings that are exchanged at the time of marriage. Originally, monsters had no such tradition, it was a human tradition, but monsters have also come to practice it through the faith of the goddess of love. When a monster couple exchanges engagement rings, these magic gems are often used. The bride and groom will imbue their demonic energy and spirit energy respectively in the magic gems of the two rings and exchange them with each other. The bride will put on the ring of the groom's color, and the groom will put on the ring of the bride's color.


Engagement rings are not necessary for marriage, but even a monster with no interest in jewels will change her tune if it's something that contains the spirit energy of her beloved husband. She'd be very pleased to have proof of the love she shares with her husband, and she'd continue to treasure it. A ring infused with the spirit energy of her husband can make a monster feel like she's always with him whenever she's wearing it.


Furthermore, the color and brilliance of magic gems varies depending on the individual. It would be extremely rare, but it's probably even possible for them to change into mere stones that are poor in color and lack brilliance. However, that sort of thing doesn't matter to monsters. As far as monsters are concerned what's even more important than the fact that it's a jewel is the fact that it's a stone containing their husband's spirit energy.


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