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Environment of the Demon Realms

Atmosphere of the Demon Realm

Monsters naturally release a slight amount of energy from their body. They will release a greater amount of higher density energy after having sex with their husband. For this reason, the atmosphere of the demon realm is always full of fresh demonic energy.


The layer of high density demonic energy in the atmosphere of the demon realm blocks out sunlight and causes it to be dark during the day, and at night, the moon seen through this layer of energy appears crimson and illuminates the demon realm. The demonic energy in the air has the property of glowing when illuminated by the crimson moon, and at night, surreal demonic light like that of a bright firefly hangs in the air. The towns of the demon realm illuminated by this surreal demonic light never sleep, just like an entertainment district. In the demon realm, it's brighter at night than it is during the day. Furthermore, the plants and animals of the demon realm, including monsters and incubi, can live without sunlight, so it's not harmful to them in any way.


The air of the demon realm filled with thick demonic energy feels different to humans and monsters (including incubi), and affects their bodies in completely different ways. For humans, the thick demonic energy in the demon realm's air is a bit too much. The air of the demon realm probably feels stagnant and heavy. The air that enters the human body through respiration is saccharine, and it gradually robs people of their reason and ability to think. Eventually, the head gets fuzzy, and the body flushes feverishly. Meanwhile, they become elated and experience arousal before ultimately going mad with lust. Human women who have gone through it are already like half-monsters psychologically, and their mind is full of obscene desires. In this state, they will either gradually change into “succubi” and assault human men, or give in to their burning desire and hotly flushing body, and assault and have sex with human men, in which case they will suddenly change into “succubi” because of the spirit energy obtained. And then, after being assaulted by women such as them and other monsters who lived in the demon realm to begin with and absorbing lots of demonic energy, men will lose the will to resist. Not only that, in some cases, men will have sex with them of their own free will and change into incubi.


In the case of monsters, it's just the opposite. The air of the demon realm feels fresh and refreshing. The sensation is very similar to the way humans that live in towns sense the air of the countryside, and forest, etc. The air is filled with demonic energy, which is a vital energy. It activates the body of monsters who inhale it. Monsters become more uninhibited when it comes to sex and pleasure because of this, and they'll end up trying to aggressively assault and mate with men. ( In the case of incubi, it activates their body in the same way, increasing desire for their monster wife). For humans, the air is like an aphrodisiac, but for monsters, it's something that makes them more sexually aggressive, yet doesn't “drive them mad”. That's not to say that it doesn't have an aphrodisiac effect on monsters. It's just that monsters are always full of sexual desire, and always want their husband. Their ordinary life is full of sex and pleasure, so an aphrodisiac effect to this degree doesn't even register to them, so they don't go crazy and lose the ability to think at all. For this reason, even living in the demon realm, they are still able to do other life activities besides sex and they can work. It's also possible to endeavor in studies and research, like the author.


Note from the Wandering Monster Scholar: Even without the demon realm air, it's like the monsters just always lust for their husband. Also, even if the air of the demon realm doesn't drive them mad, the scent of their husband's spirit energy in the air does drive many of the monsters mad.


When a human woman showered in demonic energy changes into a monster, in most cases, she changes into the same kind of monster as the owner of that demonic energy. Although we refer to it indiscriminately as “demonic energy”, to be more precise, the energy possessed by werewolf monsters is “werewolf energy”. The energy possessed by “slime” monsters is “slime energy”. For example, a human woman who received werewolf energy in her body would transform into a werewolf. However, monsterization caused by the above written air generally causes human women to change into “succubi”. This is because various races are residents of the demon realm, and the demonic energy in the air also a mix of many different energies. Currently every race of monsters is under the influence of the demon lord, who is a “succubus”. They are connected with the demon lord through demonic energy, and they have a portion of the demon lord's demonic energy inside of their body. For that reason, all demonic energy also includes “succubus energy”, and there is also plenty of succubus energy floating in the air. Perhaps because they're related to the current demon lord, succubus' energy is even more powerful than other demonic energy. When demonic energy leaves the bodies of two different races of monsters and mixes together, the succubus' energy contained in both wins. There is a law that all other energy is taken in and converted into succubus' energy. For this reason, monsterization caused by breathing the air of the demon realm generally results in a “succubus”.


However, although it is extremely rare, there is an exception in the case of demon realms that are inclined towards just one race. For example, in a demon realm inhabited by only werewolves, the demonic energy in the air would be predominantly werewolf energy, and it would win over succubus energy, therefore women monsterized by the air of this world would end up changing into werewolves.



Water of the Demon Realm

Just like in the human world, the demon realm's water is necessary for most life. It is clear and transparent just like the water of the human world, however in areas with high concentrations of demonic energy, it can appear to have a pinkish tinge. Also, it's a bit thicker than the water of the human world.


Demonic energy is abundant in the demon realm's water. As was the case with air, when humans and monsters absorb the water, the effects are vastly different. To humans, the water feels like a liquid that's thick and syrupy like honey. As was the case with the air, there is a gradual aphrodisiac effect, but compared to the air which causes the body to flush, this works from inside the body, or rather, the body's core. Especially in human women, it causes the womb to become very hot and throb, seeking a man. Additionally, it causes reason and the capacity for normal though to be melted away by demonic energy even more so than in the case of the air. Thoughts will become syrupy with lust like the demon realm's water. And then eventually, they will change into succubi adapted for the demon realm.


In contrast, to monsters, the water has a bit of thickness, but it feels fresh, the feeling when it goes down the throat is nice, and it's just barely sweet. Furthermore, monsters who drink it feel like the inside of their body is refreshed as well as their throat. Whether in the human world or the demon realm, there is spirit and demonic energy released by humans and monsters floating in the air. Monsters can get a slight amount of it just by breathing it in and absorbing it in their body. It's because the demon realm's water has the effect of aiding in melting down and absorbing extraneous demonic energy that was taken into the body but still hasn't been absorbed by their own energy. In this way, scraps of energy are washed from the body, resulting in a refreshing feeling.


Plus, this is what's vital to the monsters. If they wash away all excess spirit and demonic energy before absorbing spirit energy, then that excess won't interfere, and they can fill their body with only the spirit energy of their beloved husband. Many monsters always use this water to purify the inside of their body before using their mouth to get their husband's semen.


The pink water of lakes where “undine” who changed into dark elementals live has a particularly potent effect, and it makes their husband's spirit energy which already tastes good to begin with become mind-blowingly good. It's popular with most monsters, and is distributed as “Undine Spring Water” not only within the demon realm, but outside of it as well.



Undine Water ウンディーネの天然水

Item Information

Harvesting Location

Undine monsters

Rarity in Human Territory

★★★☆☆ (3) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars

Lake water that received the blessing of fallen “undine” water elementals. The effect of the demon realm's water that aids in the absorption of excess demonic energy within the body is enhanced, and it has a reputation for making the spirit energy of one's husband taste more delicious. It is said that monster wives buy it up whenever it comes in stock. Incidentally, it can also be used to replenish energy, or heal. Additionally, bathing in the demon realm's water aids the absorption of excess demonic energy stuck on the body in the same way, and it can cleanly wash it away, so many monsters take a bath and clean their body as preparation before having sex in order to improve sex with their husband. The hot water in bathhouses made in demon realm cities is also made from the water of the demon realm, so many monster married couples enjoy bathing together. Furthermore, for monsters, washing away excess energy causes their womb to throb, and also has the effect of preparing them for intercourse with a man, but for the same reason as in the case of the demon realm's air, monsters don't get so aroused that they go out of their minds from this water.



Earth of the Demon Realm

The Demon Realm's earth and soil stores energy that pours down from the demon realm's air, and energy carried by the demon realm's water, so it is extremely rich in demonic energy. Out of all the elements of nature, it stores the highest concentration of demonic energy. This is one of the things that really infuriates me, but according to the scholar of monsters, the anti-monster organization, “the order of the chief god”, and some humans have been spreading rumors or acknowledging the idea that the demon realms are barren lands, and that they have desolate wastelands, poisonous swamps, etc., but they're mistaken, and it's totally wrong. The demon realm's earth is rich in demonic energy, in other words, nutrients. Plants and crops peculiar to the demon realm grow and bear great fruits for all the living things of the demon realm. In the land of the demon realm covered in demonic black soil, there are trees that are different from those of human realm. They are black with crooked shapes, having green and blue leaves that shine in the moonlight, bright shining flowers that bloom in profusion, and bright colored, colorful fruit. It's a place overflowing with the rich fruits of life and nature, even more so than the human world.


Additionally, the scenery described above often looks ominously eerie to humans, but the sense of monsters and incubi is different from that of humans, and it feels extremely beautiful to them.


The demon realm's soil which contains an abundance of demonic energy is best suited for the plants of the demon realm which rely on demonic energy as a nutrient for growth. There is plenty of energy in the soil, and the more rich it is, the better the crops of the demon realm grow. Plant type monsters such as “alraune (encyclopedia I p.34)” and “mandragora (encyclopedia I p.36) “ also grow into stronger, more lascivious individuals. In order to enrich the soil, it's important for the demon realm to increase the demonic energy present, raising its quality and density. In other words, monster married couples and lovers who live in the demon realm must have more sex so that the monsters can release larger amounts of more potent demonic energy, and being deeply in love is the most important thing to make the demon realm's earth richer.



Demonic Lamp Flower

Item Information

Harvesting Location

Demon Realm

Rarity in Human Territory

★★☆☆☆ (2) Stars

Rarity in Monster Territory

★☆☆☆☆ (1) Stars

A flower that lives all over the demon realm. In the demon realm these flowers are extremely popular. They have light, pale colored petals with the property of storing demonic energy from the air and glowing faintly. Many of the plants of the demon realm are queer or ominous, but these plants are still beautiful even from the human perspective, which is a rarity. Especially at night when lots of demon light flowers are glowing in flowerbeds. They're a famous part of the demon realm, and popular with both humans and monsters. Because of their beauty, they are taken out of the demon realm and sold in the human world. The flowers themselves don't have the effect of driving humans mad with lust or changing humans into monsters. They were thought of as a safe plant, but in recent years, we've come to understand that they cause a kind of hypnotic effect, and that caused an uproar in scientific circles. If humans continue to view these flowers after being mesmerized, they will then naturally be drawn towards things that include demonic energy, in other words, things that induce monsterization such as the demon realm's water, fruits, drugs, etc. In the case of men, it is supposed that they will more easily be charmed by the monsters themselves. That sort of trait hasn't been confirmed in the demon light flowers that live in the demon realm. According to one theory, once they are taken out of the demon realm, they can no longer get demonic energy from the air, so they make their owners bring objects infused with demonic energy so they can get it somehow. It may be the case that they have this feature so that if possible, they'll have their owner become a monster, or they'll make their owner bring a monster, so that they can perpetually gain demonic energy.



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