Match the nouns in the left hand column with the verbs in the right hand column



reference earn



salary supply


contract accept

turn down


job offer negotiate



6. Look at the words and phrases with the correct definition:


a) interviewer 1.a meeting at which a person applying for a job, is

b) employment contract asked questions about his/her work, experience, interests to see if he/she is suitable;

c) salary 2.a person who is interviewed, esp. for a job;

3.a person who carries out an interview;

d) reference 4.a written report on a job applicant's character or ability to do the job;




e) a promising candidate 5.a legal agreement made between an employer and an employee, giving details of salary, hours of

work, holidays, etc;

f) job interview 6.a regular fixed payment for work or services;

g) interviewee 7.a person offering to take up a post or job.



Write the appropriate word or phrase in the following spaces. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1.The ... will last for about 40 minutes.

2.Have you ... the job offer?

3.Why did you ... the job offer in that prosperous firm?

4.In her early twenties, she was ... head of Public Relations.

5.The ... asked him some awkward questions.

6.The starting ... is ? 15 000 per year.

7.The Personnel Manager went through ... with each new employee to make sure that it was fully understood before signing.

8.My former boss said that I could use him as a ....

9.She was ... to the post of sales director.

10.Finance is not one of her ....


Strengths, reference, the contract of employment, salary, interviewer, appointed (2), turn down, accepted, interview.

Fill in the missing prepositions.


The employment interview is perhaps the most widely used selection technique. Job candidates are usually interviewed ... at least one member ... the HRM staff and ... the person ... whom they will be working. Candidates ... higher-level jobs may also meet ... a department head or vice president.

Interviews provide an opportunity ... the applicant and the firm to learn more ... each other. The candidate has a chance to find ... more ... the job and the people ... whom he or she would be working.

(by (2), of, for (3), with (2), about (2), out)


9. These words are often confused:

power - strength

power - the authority and ability to do something important

strength - the energy that someone has to lift or move things; the ability to achieve something, even in a difficult situation

Complete these sentences using the correct form of one of the words above. Make sentences of your own to show that you understand the difference in their meaning.

1.The president has enormous ... to make decisions.

2. I don't have the ... to move that table alone.

3. She has the ... to help us with our problems.

4. We have the ... to stop the deal at any time.

5. The illness has left her with very little ....

6. The British royal family has very little ... these days.

7. She has a very ... character.

8. He made a ... speech asking the government to take measures.

9. As a manager, she has the ... to hire employees.

10.We need someone who has the inner ... to take on a difficult job.


10. Answer the following question:

1. What is a job interview?

2. Who interviews the candidates?

3. What will the interviewers follow up after the interview?

4. What document is signed when the person has been officially appointed?

5. What does an employment contract agree?

6. What should an interviewee do in advance?

7. Have you applied for any jobs?

8.Have you been interviewed? How did it go?

9. What's the usual process for getting your first job in Ukraine?


11. Imagine you have to interview a candidate for a vacant position.

Draw up a list of questions you would like to ask each person applying for this job. After the interview discuss the candidate with your partner. Would you employ him/her? Why? Why not?


Describe a job that you would or would not like to have and explain what skills and type of personality are required for it.

13.Discuss with your group-mates which of the following factors would be important to consider while choosing a company to work for:

Size of a company, attitude towards staff, recruitment process, location, reputation of a company, salary, management structure, working conditions, job security, career opportunities.


14. Comment on the following proverbs and sayings. Do they have equivalents in Ukrainian? Think of situations where you could use them.

Pride comes before a fall.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

15. Read the joke:


A woman was being interviewed for a job. "You understand that before we

can offer you position, you must take a short test."

"Of course," she answered

"Well, how much is two plus two."



A second applicant entered the room. After a short interview, the recruiter

asked," Are you ready for the test?"


"Well, how much is two plus two?"

The applicant answered, "whatever the boss says it is."

Who got the job?





interest процентний прибуток; відсоток;

частка (в чомусь); інтерес, зацікавле-


rent on properties дохід від нерухомого майна

income прибуток; дохід; заробіток

annual salary річний оклад (службовців)

wages заробітна платня (робітників)

remuneration винагорода; опл ата; компенсація

commission комісійна винагорода, комісійнi

amount кількість, загальна сума

fee гонорар; винагорода; плата

compensation package загальна сума оплати праці

bonus премія

fringe benefits/pcrks додаткові пільги

generous щедрий,: великий; значний

benefits package пакет пільг

medical insurance медична страховка

pension plan програма пенсійного забезпечення

share option опціон на акціі (пільга, яку іноді отримують працівники компанії.

Вона надае їм право купувати акції компанії зi знижкою по відношенню до ринкової ціни.

contribute to (v) робити внесок; сприяти (чомусь)

at an advantageous price за вигідною ціною


golden goodbye/ golden золоте прощання /золотий парашут handshake/golden parashute (велика компенсаційна сума грошей та piзнi привілеї посадовій oco6i, що іде у відставку; велика одноразова виплата директору, менеджеру, що йдуть у відставку, або працівнику,який залишае компанію)


Executive Pay

For their regular job performance, people get their pay in accordance with employment contract.


Pay is seen as one of the most important forces in motivating the


The money a person receives, including salary, dividends, interestand rent on properties is called income. White-collar workers and professionals usually get a salary which is paid monthly, while blue-collar workers receive a weekly payment called wages. Remunerationis a general term meaning "payment for work". In some jobs (in sales for example), the employee receives a commission, which is a percentage of the amount he or she has sold. A fee is money paid for the professional services of people such as lawyers or consultants.

Benefitsadd to the value of job. Apart from salary, an executive's compensation packagecan include bonuses and fringe benefits or perks. Many companies operate a bonus system for white-collar and blue-collar workers. Bonuses (extra payments) are usually paid against certain work done.

Fringe benefits or perks are extras received by an employee in addition to wages or salary. In managerial position these are usually generous, and are negotiated when a job offer is being made.

A benefits package may include: a company pension scheme, private medical insurance, company car, share options. A company pension scheme is a private pension plan which the employer contributes to. Share options give the employee the chance to buy shares in the company at an advantageous price.

There is also a compensation package for an executive leaving a company. It is also known as a golden goodbye, golden handshake or golden parachute.


1. Form nouns from the following verbs:

pay --------------------------------------

remunerate --------------------------------------

mean --------------------------------------

employ --------------------------------------

serve --------------------------------------

consult --------------------------------------

add ---------------------------------------

negotiate --------------------------------------

insure ---------------------------------------

contribute ---------------------------------------

compensate ---------------------------------------

2. Give the English for:

дивіденди, процентний прибуток, дохід від нерухомого майна, на робочому мicці, службовець, річний оклад, робгітник, заробітна плата робітників i службовців, комісійні, гонорар, професійні послуги, юрист, консультант, значні додаткові пільги, пакет пільг, медична страховка, купувати акції за вигідною ціною, опціон на акції, премія, програма пенсійного забезпечення.



3. Match the words from list A with the words from list B that have a similarmeaning.


receive earnings

motivate obtain

pay stimulate

income big

compensation payment

perquisite reimbursement

share perk

generous stock



4. These words frequently occur after "pay":


-day, phone, slip, packet, -check, master, -roll

Find combinations that mean:

1. the day when an employee receives his/her wages or salary;

2. an envelope containing money earned by an employee;

3. a salary or wage given in a check;

4. a public telephone that you put money in to use;

5. a list of all the people employed by a company, and the amount of money paid to each of them;

6. a cashier;

7. a piece of paper you get from your employer when you are paid, showing how much money you have earned and how much tax has been taken away.


5. Match the synonymous expressions:

1. social security a. pay packet

2. wage packet b.clerical work

3. office job c. social welfare

4. health services d. jobless people

5. unemployed people e. medical care

6.Match the words with the correct definition :

1.a percentage paid on amount of money; a. dividend


2.money (in the form of wages or a salary b.interest

or profit) received from work done;


3.payment for services given; c.perks


4.a payment made to someone for providing a d.share option

service or goods. The amount is usually a

percentage of the total value of the deal;


5. an amount paid for a professional service or e.compensation package advice;


6.money or goods received in addition to a salary; f. income


7.a combination of salary and benefits that an g. consultant

employer offers to an employee;


8.a right offered to employees, to buy shares in the h. fee

company where they work at a cheap price;


9.a compensation package for an executive leaving i. remuneration

a company;


10.a sum of money paid to shareholders as their j. golden parashute

part of the company's profit;


11.a person who provides advice for pay; k. comission


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