Глаголы в адвербиальной функции (каузативные конструкции)

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Глаголы в адвербиальной функции (каузативные конструкции)

1. Aunt Alexandra stared him to silence.

2. Shehad tended them, mothered them into life.

3. Then there came a resounding knock on the door. For a short space Mary was shocked into immobilityby the sudden tumult of the knock.

4. A group of 16 United Technologies Corporation employees have filed a suit charging that the company tried to intimidate them into abandoning their plan to form a union. ("Nsw.")

5. We're told one minute we may be blown upin a nuclear war unless we're taxed outof our homes to pay for bigger bombs.

6. Bobby had a vivid imagination. He had always thought that it was one of his best qualities. But he could not simply imagine his way out of this mess. (D. Koontz)

7. The Welsh actor nearly drunk himself outof a career during the 1970s, after which he struggled backto sobriety and stardom. ("FT')

8. Shehad ricocheted throughthree teen-age marriages, the first at 14 or 15.

9. A small clique of powerful people run this country and swindle their way through a general election, saying anything to hang on to power. ("G.")

10. When playing chess you see a good move, the great Dr.Tarrasch advised, sit on your hands and look for a better one. That may be right for grandmaster but as every club player knows, a good move should be played quickly before you think yourself out of it. ("Ind.")

11. An electronic device used by anglers to shock worms to the soil's surface for bait is being recalled because 30 people have been electrocutedby similar instruments. ("IHT')

12. The very kindest of popes, Gregory the Great, while forbidding torture and persecution of Jews, was not above bribing them into baptism.Any Jew in Rome who converted had his rent reduced by one-third. (P.de Rosa)

13. Why do Russians have such awful taste in rock music? Hard on the heels of the news that Boris Yeltsin listened to Elvis singing "Are You Lonesome Tonight?" during the coup, comes the news that Uncle Bob Geldof is being wheeled outto hear a television concert for Russia from Paris tomorrow. If the coup leaders had thought of using Bob, they might have bored the Russian parliament into submission. ("G.")

14. In wanton disregard of its own precedents, the U.S. Supreme Court has announced that the wrongful use of a coerced confession at a criminal trial need not automatically require the reversal of a conviction. Even if the accused was clubbed into confessing,the prosecution's use of that confession can be deemed "harmless error", a minor flaw in an otherwise fair trial. ("IHT")

15. When they go to the polls next week, Norwegians are expected to vote out of officethe socialist government that has presided over Norway's improving fortunes and put in its place a conservative coalition that offers little by way of substantive change. ("Nsw.")

16. The ticket touts are having a rough time. The latest plan is to starve them out of business.The burger bars, sandwich seller and tea ladies at the stadium have been asked not to serve suspicious-looking men who have a pocketful of tickets. ("T.")

17. A year ago the British Government legislated the death penalty off the statute booksof Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Monserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands. ("G. ")


(to do, to have; one, that; will)

1. "When I came here," she explained to Mary, "nobody took any notice of me, so I thought." "Well, I'll jolly well make them notice me; I'll be mad." "So I was, and they did."

2. British expenditure on health lags behind thatof other advanced countries, the Office of Health Economics estimates.

3. The only imaginable settlement in Vietnam is one that would lead to return to the 1954 Geneva agreements.

4. Immediately there was a burst of applause from all parts of the audience. Never in my lifetime has applause done me the good that did.

5. The real fool is he who does not know himself. I was such a one too long. You have been such a one too long. Be no more. (O. Wilde)

6. We (Democrats) must always be the party committed to caring, fairness and helping hand for the disadvantaged. But our compassion must be tempered with an awareness of the limitations of the government to solve every problem. Limitations exist, people know it, and they will not believe political leaders who don't.("Nsw.")

7. He believed the war made a stronger man as well — deepened his commitment to God and Christianity and helped him through prayer to master the fears he sensed in himself and saw in other men. "I asked Him not to let me be a coward," Roger says, and God did not.


8. As the economy shows signs of improvement, so too willthe Government's standing in the opinion polls. ("FT"')

9. I am here for having tried to put your father into prison. My attempt failed. Your father completely turned the tables on me, and had me in prison, hasme there still. (0. Wilde)

10. St. Louis was never what it thinks it was.But old cities, like old families, sustain themselves on dreams of vanished grandeur. ("HM")

11. As the assistant secretary of state for international narcotic matters, Melvin Levitsky, told a House task force in July, "Let me be clear: It is not our policy to fight someone else's drug war. We never have, nor willwe ever, force military assistance on any of the drug-producing countries." ("IHT")

12. While a return to totalitarianism in Moscow now seemed out of the question,several European ministers remarked, civil strife and repression of ethnic minorities by new national states was not,as some constituent republics in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia wrested sovereignty from the wreckageof communism. ("IHT")

13. Two elegant rowing skiffs, the Liberté and the Egalité, kept up with us for longer than they could havedone we had a favourable wind. ("G.")

14. The Catholic schools of New York educate as many pupils as the schools board of Washington, DC, but doso with almost exactly 1 per cent of DC's administration. ("G.")

15. Bertrand Russel said that whenever he talked to another savant, he became convinced that happiness was not possible for humans: when he talked to his gardener, he was sure that itwas. ("T.")

16. When it has seemed that drinking is becoming too much of a habit I have given itup for a few months — if only to check that one can. Onecan. ("T.")

17. Today's conference speech by Neil Kinnock is the last set-piece occasion before the election campaign begins for Labour to state its own agenda and communicate its distinctive vision of society — for Labour to prove that it deserves to be elected not simply because the Tories don't,not just because we could manage things better than they have. ("G.")

18. There is something about the world of business which can (and often does)defeat television producers. Normal routines of business involving documents, highly technical negotiations and accounts are hardly the stuff that attracts a mainstream audience, ("Ind.")

Замена частей речи

1. You give me food and drinkand I'll tell you how to sail the ship.

2. "Possibly the most frequent criticism we get in letters from the public is about keeping lights burning all night,"a senior U.N. official said this week.

3. At the age of eighteen, George earned an honest living.

4. There was universal reliefat the safe return of the three U.S. astronauts from their epic voyage to the Moon.

5. Abstentions on,and even votes against,the coming anti-union Bill are certain in the Commons.

6. There were singing and storytelling and jokes and riddlesaround the fire as well as long conversations about business and politics.

7. She had a quick cigaretteto steady her nerves.

8. The beer for lunch made him sleepy.

9. I can't afford foreign holidays.

10. Heis an accomplished television performer.

11. That branch of the family had been reckless marriers.

12. Serious-facedJames Howden entered the high-ceilinged, beige- carpetedPrivy Council chamber.

13. Of course Washington was immediately recognizablebecause of his white mount and his customary blue and buff.

14. The BBC television comedy series "Yes Minister" has proved to be more than a delight. It has also been an eye-opener.

15. The shops were opening now and the fruitier on the opposite side of the street was putting up his sun-blind in anticipation of a fine day.

36. Различные средства выражения эмфазы (изменение порядка слов)

1. Up goes unemployment, up go prices,and downtumbles the Labour vote.

2. Indeed,there has been an increase in the bombing since the Paris meeting started. It isbombs, not U Thant's words which are sabotaging the talks.

3. Ulanova bidmore thanembellish the art of dance.

4. His audience last night may also have been less than enthusiasticabout the Prime Minister's attitude towards Government spending.

5. The sun was shining and the Mediterranean was at its bluest.

6. Hard isthe path of sportsmen chosen to represent Britain at the Olympic Games. They have to contend with a Government to mean to finance a team.

7. It was one of London's most famous citizens, Dr. Samuel Johnson, who said: "When a man is tired of London he is tired of life."

8. His chef was as good as anyin Paris and you could be sure at his table of having set before you the earliest delicacies of the season.

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