Причина в роли агента действия

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Причина в роли агента действия

1. A severed telephone cable crippled long-distance phone service Friday to and from the New-York area, halted trading at some financial markets and delayed hundreds of flights at East Coast airports.

2. With the end of the Cold War, budgets for military research began to fall, killing some programs, curtailing others and creating a general sense of foreboding in the military-industrial complex.

3. The Gulf war has increased sales for all quality newspapers. ("G.")

4. Failure to destroy Iraq's key military facilities ensure that an early invasion of Kuwait would be a highly risky venture. ("G." Jan.)

5. Promoted in 1916, peace would have brought Russian troops home, saving a year of demoralizing war. ("G.")

6. Surely any city which obliges McDonald's to close due to lack of patronage is an irreproachable candidate for canonization. ("T.")

7. He was a superb tutor, though he never cared for graduate students. But he could always fill the largest lecture hall at the most inconvenient hour. ("T.")

8. The desert is an ideal environment for the spy satellite to look down on. The low humidity and lack of clouds make for clear images. ("G.")

9. By and large, the Kremlin's shortage of hard currency and eye catching goods has deterred most governments from looking to Russia as a major trading partner. ("Nsw.")

10. Overcrowding in our prisons is not caused by a shortage of space, but by an abundance of prisoners. Building more prisons will no more reduce the crime rate than building more hospitals will reduce the number of road accidents. ("G.")

11. Now the nation's (US) huge oil-import bills and smoggy air have revived interest in electronic vehicles, which emit no pollutants and can run on the juice from power plants burning American coal or natural gas. ("Nsw.")

12. A plan by the Church of Christian Scientists to publish and promote a controversial book on its founder has split the 150,000-member sect. ("G.")

13. His death at the height of his career robs medical statistics of one of the most talented exponents. ("T.")

14. His house in Chiswick has a lovely atmosphere. There was a cat asleep on one of the chairs in the sitting room which made me feel instantly at home. ("T.")

15. The Soviet rise of global power turned Vladivostok into the home of the mighty Pacific Fleet and a region into a sealed military camp. ("IНT)

16. Unexpectedly mild weather has made November gardening a greater pleasure than usual. ("Ind.")

Обстоятельства в роли агента действия

1. The second half of the 15th century sawwars and conquests in Morocco and the colonization of Madeira and the Azores. These islands offer a pleasant climate and fertile land. ("IHT")

2. Queen Victoria's reign sawrumbustious political rallies in Hyde Park and Albert's Great Exhibition with Crystal Palace. ("G.")

3. The postwar years have seendecisive advances in the study of primates such as chimpanzees and in discovery of fossils of our ancestors. ("MS")

4. Paradoxically, the ending of the Cold War has not seena reduction in either personnel or budget of the secret Intelligence Service. ("Ind")

5. Brittany's much-forgotten language is getting a new lease of life,as the firstever Breton dictionary prepares to hit the shelvesnext year. Three years of research have produced 1,000 pages containing 10,000 words, a modest feat when compared to the Larousse French dictionary of 60,000 words. ("G.")

6. Commonwealth leaders yesterday concluded their biannual summit with pledges covering topics from South Africa to Cyprus, from democracy to global trade, but with little cloutbehind the words. Five days of talking produced a 17-page communiqué. ("Ind.")

7. The main block of the boarding school housesthe boy's dormitories, dining rooms, common rooms and exercise room. ("G.")

8. Built in 1933 as a memorial to Lillie Hitchcock Coit, who left a third of her fortune to beautify the city, the tower houses3,691 square feet of murals that portray the life of 1930s California. ("MS")

9. The Southeast of Turkey harboursa number of ancient and diverse languages brought in by the different people who, over thousands of years, settled in this area of mountains and wide open spaces. ("G.")

10. Archeologists working in Israel's Nahal hemar cave, a Neolithic site south of Jerusalem, have found pieces of fabric that may be the earliest known example of linen. The cave also has yieldedwhat may be the oldest known samples of woven baskets in the Middle East. ("NG")

11. Britain counts onlyfour industries in which it can still be ranked as of world class: chemical, aerospace, steel and Pharmaceuticals. ("G.")

12. His school drawsabout 600 pupils from 13 villages. The last teacher vacancy, for a head of physical education, attracted more than 50 applicants. But attracting queues of parents has proved difficult. ("G")

Пассивный залог

1. Six months after he spent six hours talking to Saddam Hussein in Baghdad and gained the release of 250 American hostages, Jesse Jackson has still not been interviewed by any major US television network.

2. An idealist defending his system by the fact that when we sleep we often believe ourselves awake, was well answered by his plain neighbour, "Ay, but when awake do we ever believed ourselves asleep?"

3. Finally watches were consulted, tunics buttoned, hats donned. (E.E. Cumтings)

4. He was accustomed to being showered with praise and affection by significant figures from his mother to his boss at the Navy Department. (T.Morgan)

5. During these days she suffered from mental starvation, until she was rescued by a family friend, Bernard Berenson, who arranged for her to be tutored in Greek and Latin by a classical scholar. To be taught so, in the country where earth is saturated with classical myth and poetry, gave her what she most needed. ("S.R.")

6. On our arrival to Elevston, she readily adopted my suggestion that we should walk together; so as soon as our luggage had been duly taken charge of— hers by the servant who met her at the station, and mine by one of the porters — we set out together along the familiar lanes. (L. Carroll)

7. In New York, Dorothy Donohue, the widow of a murdered policeman, finds it incredible that the killer may be spared the electric chair. ("Nsw.")

8. And then Waldemar is coaxed and dragged out of bed, yelling and fighting. (Ch. Isherwood)

9. If nothing is done, the problem will acquire the momentum it has in the United States, where senior executives are paid so much more than workers that fundamental questions of equity and even decency are being widely discussed. ("G.")

10. The care of dangerous mentally ill patients should be taken away from prison officers and given to nurses, an inquiry is expected to say today. ("G.")

11. Physically Mr. Clinton is an imposing man. But he was dwarfed by the huge black chair he sat in. ("Ind.")

12. In fact, being with them here tonight was really an adventure, and somehow quite a wonderful adventure. But being an English adventure it was liable to be rained upon; and at this very moment down the rain came.

13. He was pitchforked into the post of Minister of Health.

14. "Ready?" said the old gentleman inquiringly, when his guests had been washed, mended, brushed and brandied.

15. "I think you had better be going back," he said. "It's rather late. They

may be missing you." Maud laughed happily. "I don't mind now what they do. But I suppose dinners must be dressed for, whatever happens."

16. "The weather report promises heavy snow moving in from the west," he said. It will be here by evening, so I'm going to New York today. By tomorrow we may be snowed in.

17. What's wrong with the way American students are taught foreign languages? Just about everything, says a report from the American Council of Education.

18. Ten years ago, government statisticians calculated that one in five children would be affected by the divorce of their parents by the age of 16. Yesterday they changed that estimate to one child in four.

19. When she came into the room it was empty and the bed had not been slept in.

20. He was elegant, bowler-hatted and umbrellaed.

21. But I have been trained not to let a man die, if I can help it.

22. The low square stone house was set upon rocks well above the narrow beach that was outlined with bent pines.

23. By 5 p.m. the line of clouds extended from near Mineral Wells to Jemple, and was being watched by radar units at three offices of the National Weather Service.

24. But then Cambridge was interrupted by three years in a Royal Navy.

25. All through the nineteenth century, America, Africa, India, Australia and parts of Europe were being developed largely by British capital, and British shareholders were thus being enriched by the world's movement towards industrialization.

26. No young people were of any importance. Young people's opinions were not consulted and weren't expected to be given either without being asked for.

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