Одного из членов предложения

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Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Одного из членов предложения

1. Getting into medical school involves convincing five different groups of people that you have what it takes to become a good doctor.

2. It is beguiling that the humble pen — one of the oldest tools of communication — has inspired what may prove to be the next leap forward in computer technology. Pen-based computers enable users to enter or manipulate data using an electronic pen, or stylus instead of a keyboard.

3. Month after month last year the money poured out of a small neighbourhood bank here in what its president depicted as a legitimate series of loans totalling $13 million. The only trouble, investigators have now found, is that the 128 people and businesses listed as loan recipients neither applied for nor received any of the money

4. A police traffic motorcyclist stopped a man he believed to be a disqualified driver in what was probably a stolen car. ("MS")

5. Younger Koreans worry about what they consider to be Korea's increasing dependence on Japanese capital, technology and industrial goods. ("Nsw.")

6. There were ten guards in what could only be described as paramilitary uniform belonging to no recognizable army. (R. Ludlum)

1. Both composers vastly increased the definition of what is a respectable piece of music nowadays. ("Nsw.")

8. Convoys of lorries laden with food donated by German families and charted by the Red Cross and other aid organizations are to set off before the weekend on the long road to Moscow and other Soviet

cities to relieve the threat of hunger in what the United Nations believe will be the severest winter since the war. ("G.")

9. For some time now UNESCO, the educational branch of the United Nations, has been protesting against what it sees as Western bias in international news. ("Nsw.")

10. Foreign investors are prohibited from buying more than 25 per cent of the stock of any U.S. airline or from having what in effect could be considered control over such carrier. ("IHT")

11. Over the course of the seven-year conflict in. Afghanistan, some 10,000 Soviet soldiers have been killed and 20,000 wounded and there is little doubt that Moscow is eager to extricate itself from what has clearly become a no-win military situation. ("Nsw.")

12. At dawn, I returned to what was once my house. All now a mass of ashes. ("RD")

13. Astronomers Bradford Smith of the University of Arizona and Richard Terrile of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory took stunning photographs of what might be planets forming around the star.("Nsw.")

14. The veil, which shrouded her whole face, was too thick for me to see more than the glitter of bright eyes and the hazy outline of what might be a lovely face, but might also, unfortunately, be an equally unlovely one. (L. Carroll)

15. Ever since July 1, when President George Bush announced his intention to nominate U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, the judge's detractors and supporters have labored mightily to invest him with characteristics intended to advance their own political and ideological objectives. Much of what has been said about him,by those on both sides, has added little to what was already knownwhen the Senate conformed Clarence Thomas less than two years ago to his current judicial appointment. ("IHT")

16. A judge complained yesterday he was not allowed to detain a schoolboy who carved his initial in another boy's back while torturing him. Judge Bruce Laughland told the Old Bailey: "Parliament has deprived the courts of any power of detention of a person of his age, or of what many people might think was any effective punishment." ("G.")

17. With what felt like a roar,but must really have been a pigsqueal, I leapt at the nearest boy and hit him squarely on the nose. (W. Golding)

28. Каузативные конструкции типа "to have/get smth done"

1. Italy's rap star Jovanotti had his fans worriedrecently, when he started to sing about the rain forest, the fight against drugs and the sorry state of Italian politics.

2. Lloyd George was believed to have had the beer deluded in pubsnear centres of ammunition production during the first world war, in order to keep the wheels of the home front turning without a hiccup.

3. Mr. Herbane had got his face scratchedand his finger bittenby the cat, trying to catch her for a second experience in killing and bringing to life. (Th.L Peacock)

4. The congressman from our district, General Fulgham, assured me some days ago that he would use his influence to get my book publishedat an early date. (O. Henry)

5. Nearly 1,600 birds died, 25 crofts had their vegetables condemnedand 2,000 sheep were moved from affected grazing areas as a result of the Braer tank (oil spill) disaster in Shetland, the House of Lords was told yesterday. ("G.")

6. A technical dispute between big brewers and Customs and Excise could have beer and lager drinkers foaming at the mouth:the alcoholic strengths of many brands are to be cut while the prices — already too high for many — remain the same. ("Ind.")

7. Alan Clark, the colourful former defense minister, had his career "destroyed by woman,"his wife Janice claims in a documentary to be shown at the weekend. ("T.")

8. At the Old Courthouse he was booed by a large crowd of farmers and their wives. "Havethose damned oafs moved on,"he snarled at Sir Giles. "I will not be subject to hooliganism." (T.Sharpe)

Комплексные синтаксические перестройки

1. A hundred civilian jobs are likely to be lost following the announcement yesterday of a number of US military base closures as part of the accelerating strategic withdrawal that has followed the end of the Cold War.

2. The veil, which shrouded her whole face, was too thick for me to see more than the glitter of bright eyes and the hazy outline of what might be lovely face, but might also, unfortunately, be an equally unlovely one.

3. A New York State trooper just finishing his night shift at 3 a.m. fled when his car flipped over after he fell asleep at the wheel.

4. Officials are considering making more prison cells available by making greater use of gymnasiums and other temporary space in jails, temporary conversion of underused young offenders institutions and increasing the number of prisoners sharing cells.

5. In the spring of 1880 he died alone in a furnished room in Washington. Died, neglected and despised by those who had filched millions from his land.

6. But there was no progress on the basic issues of Israel's refusal to withdraw to its 1967 borders or to accept an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank.

7. French officials sources in Paris have said that it is not until next year thatthe pensioners will receive the increase provided for in the Budget.

8. Shortly thereafter, Bender flew to Los Angeles to observe Tailer as he put the finishing touches on his album.

9. He was solicitous during the pregnancy, he wanted to bring her spare ribs late at night, run out for ice cream, but she had none of these cliche whims, so he often brought her flowers instead, which before this he would have considered excessively romantic.

10. She stood there: slender, dark-haired, fair-skinned, and lovely in a peach-colored night robe whose high collar and decorous lines still set off her figure to advantage.

11. It was the first snow of the season and a decorative one, unlikely to last long enough to create the problems that arrived with every winter in the mountains.


Обратите внимание на перевод конструкции: modal verb + have done

1. When father gave me the money and tried to talk me out of the thought of marriage, I wouldnot listen.

2. She offended people right and left, made silly mistakes and wouldn'tlet herself be told.

3. "What's happened to sister Agatha?" I asked my nurse when she came in. — "Can't say," — "Won'tsay," I said. No answer.

4. "We can as well stayhere for the night." — "We could."

6. "You are so careless. You might have broken the cup."

7. When Mini unleashed her frustration in a rage, demanding an explanation for the way she was being treated, the woman paid no heed, and might well have been deaf and mute.

8. She must not expectto do two jobs well, to be a good mother and a good novelist.

9. Somebody had tobe controlled more or less; and I pulled myself together.

10. It was to be expected that something would happen to Sir George. But who could have guessedwhat?

11. I do not claim I can tell a story as it ought to be told.I only claim I know how a story ought tobe told, for I have been almost daily in the company of the most expert story-tellers for many years.

12. "Why do you live in the woods if you belong to the squadron?" the chaplain inquired curiously. "I have to livein the woods", the captain replied crabbily, as though the chaplain oughtto know.

13. "It's my fault — it's my fault!" Doris suddenly sobbed out. "I shouldn't haveloved you; I oughtn't to have letyou love me."

14. Lyn Siddon's case should — and must— increase the gathering momentum for reform.

15. When I was in concentration camp, I resolved that, if I was to live through the horrors of that experience, I wouldnever again shed one tear of regret for whatever Fate gave me.

16. When it has seemed that drinking is becoming too much of a habit I have given it up for a few months — if onlyto check that one can. One can.

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