Однородные члены предложения в различной сочетаемости

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Однородные члены предложения в различной сочетаемости

1. Не was wearing grayflannel slacks, a white shirt, a blue cardigan, and a look of surprise.

2. There were no women in the firm. That mistake had been made in midseventies, when they recruited the number one grad from Harvard, who happened to be a she and a wizard at taxation.

3. One evening, our friends took us to the Pizzeria Sfera, where I ate one of the best pizza 1 have ever tasted. The pizzeria is a ten-minute walk from the centre, but worth the effort and the wait while Signor Sfera cooks.

4. The windows were high, and many,letting in the light as into a schoolroom. (D.H. Lawrence)

5. Like them, you were born poor and on a farm.(N. West)

6. It reminds me of how when I was a little boy and sleepymy father carried me from the car into the house at the end of a long trip. (J.Cheever)

7. Football and trying to be whiteto my fellow-men were about the extent of my college curriculum. (0. Henry)

8. Kim Brandstrup is 31 years old and a choreographer.("G.")

9. Like many things created in Japan, this book is sturdy, well-designed anda good buy.("NYTBR")

10. While scathing and dismissivein debate, he had the knack — unusual in a politician — of winning both the argument and friends. ("G.")

11. A second Jane Sommers novel "If the God Could..." appeared last June, again to respectful reviews but meager sales.("Nsw.")

12. At present "Scientific technology" occupies a bastard position in the universities, in fundingand in the public mind.(P. Goodman)

13. Aunt Rosa fetched cold compresses, aspirins and the family doctor,

who after examining the wound prescribed aspirins and cold compresses. (J. Barth)

14. Spotting a black cab near his home with the keys in the ignition, and needing to pay off a few household debts, Mr.Wilks jumped in and drove off. He worked the cab ranks of Victoria on the night shift. But four days later and £300 the richer,the game was up. ("G.")

15. The senior airline steward was tired. I had been a hard day looking after passengers on the British Midland service between Teeside and London and now all he wanted was a cup of teaand bed. ("T.")

16. At Corpus Christy College I was welcomed by sally Braithwaite, the tutorial secretary. She became a good friend — she is expert on the whereabouts of the tutors and a good provider of tea and conversation.

17. Among other rooms on the second floor is the Petit Bureau, with a glistening chandelier and a view into the courtyard. ("IHT")

18. President Virgilio Barco's war on the cocaine barons won praise abroadand some success at home.("FT")

19. The most impressive of all seaside ruins is Dunstanbur Cattle. Its tall and craggy towers might have been dreamed by Sir Walter Scott. A clamber to the top of them for the view and a deep lungful of sharp sea airis more pleasure than effort. ("FT")

20. Bengt Westerberg, the Liberal Party leader, is the nice guy of Swedish politics with home-knitted woolly jumpers and progressive viewson

human rights that sometimes put him to the left of the Social Democrats. ("G.")

21. After six months and ten deaths,the IRA hunger strike at the Maze prison outside Belfast seemed to be crumbling last week. ("Nsw.")

22. Malcolm Kennedy said after being arrested for drunkenness on the night of December 23 he was taken to a cell in Hammersmith police station, where he dozed off. He was later aware of another man,Patric Quin, aged 55, in cell, and of a fight between him and a policeman. ("G.")

23. Other projects include the renovation of Barcelona's shabby sea-front to make a promenade dotted with fanciful lamps and over-style- conscious cafes— an exclusively playful, toytown conception whose benches gather dust, not strollers. ("G.")

24. "I'm sorry, Patric," she had said, standing at the door of her flat, her baggage packed and visiblein the hall behind her, keeping him out. (M. Spark)

25. On hearing that Mr.Profumo was away with Mr.Keeler, Mr.Ivanov visited Valerie Hobson, Mr.Profumo's actress wife, armed with two bottles of vodka and a determinationto discover details of the British military machine. ("G.")

26. What present-day reformers really want is a written constitution with the citizen's rightsand obligationsclearly stated, and to have it available like the Highway Code, for not more than £1. ("T.")

27. The operatic works of G.Mahler are fewand unimportant. ("T.")

28. President Bill Clinton arrived in California on Friday for a brief vacationand some advicefrom former President Ronald Reagan on how to get things accomplished during his first year in office. ("IHT")

29. Although not conventionally handsome, Cornway Twitty had chubby good looks and a busy publicity teamwhich turned him into one of the teenage idols of his day. ("T.")


1. Hearing them talk about bathingmade me want to bath too.

2. At this moment, the room bore every mark of having been recently and hurriedly ransacked.

3. For some months there had been in our front only a small brigade of undisciplined troops, apparently without a commander, who were useful to us, for not disturbingthem we could create an impression of our weakness.

4. Having a wifewho let people know exactly what she thought was not always comfortable for him.

5. He encouraged, he almost compelled her to preserve her childishness. Keeping her a babyin spite of her age amused her. (A. Huxley)

6. Satisfying the sweet toothof weight-conscious Americans hasn't been easy for the food industry. ("Nsw.")

7. Riding in Hyde parkhas been in decline since the war, and there are now only two riding stables left serving the park. ("G.")

8. It was no explanation of the old woman's having eluded us to saythat she lived abroad, for our research had again and again taken us (not only by correspondence but by personal inquiry) to France, to Germany, to Italy. (H.James)

9. Going to concertswas about the only thing he thoroughly enjoyed.

10. You have no one, but yourself to blame for not having asked formore detailed information.

11. Perhaps he simply couldn't bear not being the centreof attention.

12. And there was one thing Reilly could not stand, he could not stand being embarrassed.And he could not stand being made a fool of.

13. He had the sense — as he had at their first meeting — of never being ableto recognize her or forgettingwhat she looked like when she was out of sight.

14. In seeing to whetherFleur was asleep he might wake her up.

15. On being carefully inspectedthe coat showed evident signs of having been worn onthe preceding night.

16. Parents who want the very best for their children usually expect the best from them. By knowing what to expect, but not expecting more

than the possible, parents can help their children.

17. He, after bowing, smiling, frowning, shaking his handin an amazingly rapid succession, walked away to eat a whole plateful of sandwiches, wash them down with beer and talk to five people at once with his mouth full.

18. These circumstances taken together prevented his seeing the matterin its proper light.

19. "Are you hinting that Joe had secret life?" said Donalson. "No. But I am hinting that he could have had a secret life without any of us knowing about it."

20. All the evidence of past words and deeds is against such an agreement being possible.

Определения, образованные соположением

1. President Chirac prepared yesterday to fly to France's Mururoa nuclear test atollin the Pacific.

2. I believe that TV is the least effective war reporting mediabecause it presents images rather than a whole story.

3. Worried councillors in North Wales have called a public meeting to discuss the extent of radioactive pollution from Sellafield along the coast. The meeting was called by Gwynned county council's public protection committeeafter councillors heard reports of the high risk of radioactivity in the Irish sea. ("MS")

4. The Evening Star's aggressive salesmen gobbled up more than half of the burgeoning metropolitan area's lucrative newspaper advertising market.("Nsw.")

5. Scepticism is growing in Europe over the feasibility of meeting the Soviet Union's huge food aid request,given disarray in the economy and the transfer of power to the republics. ("G.")

6. His school draws about 600 day pupils from 13 villages. Many of his boarders are service children,sometimes two of the same family. Their costs are covered by the Ministry of Defense's boarding school allowances.("G.")

7. The British Pest Control Associationwarned in a report that pests carried a "devastating range of diseases," but hospital pest control budgetswere being squeezed. ("MS")

8. A crisis meetingis being held in London next Monday between secretaries of the printing trade unionsand the proprietors of the Daily Sketch.

9. Glasgow faces evening paper closure crisis,their guessed, but unknown perils.

10. A Government bid to attract more fast-spending foreign touriststo Britain by improving hotels was revealed in the Commons yesterday in the second day of the four-day Budget debate. A new country-wide scheme of grants for hotel extensions and improvements was


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