Выберите один правильный ответ в каждом предложении. Выпишите предложения и письменно переведите их на русский язык.

1. Have you got _________ brothers?

A) some B) any C) the D) a
2. The buildings in Venice are __________ the buildings in New York.

A) older than B) more older than C) much old than D) old
3. Vienna is __________ city in Austria.

A) the most beautiful B) the beautiful lest C) more beautiful than D) beautifullest
4. This restaurant is very, very good. It's __________ restaurant in London.

A) the better B) the good C) the more best D) the best
5. I ________ a jumper and a jacket because it's cold today.

A) wear B) 's wearing C) 'm wearing D) wears
6. My grandmother started work ________1960.

A) in B) by C) on D) off

7. I want to buy ......... special orchid for my daughter on her birthday. I haven't picked one out yet, but I'm sure I'll find the right one soon.

A) a B) an C) the D) -

8. Quick! Someone call ......... police. I need help right now.

A) a B) an C) the D) -

9. Do you like ......... my wedding dress?

A) a B) an C) the D) -

10. I need ......... new computer. I'm going to the electronics' store to pick one out today.

A) a B) an C) the D) -

11. I have ......... dog. His name is Ben.

A) a B) an C) the D) -

12. Curt went ......... school yesterday.

A) to B) on C) in D) at

14. What do you ......... with yourself when your husband is at work?

A) does B) do C) doing D) did

15. Would you like ......... to drink?

A) any B) anything C) some D) many

16. My mother ......... in a hospital.

A) works B) work C) working D) is work

17. The weatherman says it ......... going to snow next week.

A) will B) is C) does D) has

18. I ......... play the piano.

A) being B) want C) have D) can

19. Would you like ......... cream with your coffee?

A) few B) many C) some D) an

20. I want to ask Dianne out on a date. I like ......... so much!

A) she B) her C) it D) hers

21. Shannon likes ......... classical music.

A) listen B) listening to C) listening D) been listening

22. I ......... to work on Saturday, so I can't come to the beach with you.

A) will B) does C) have D) did

23. The ......... I saw you, you were just a baby. You're all grown up now.

A) last time B) time before C) before time D) past time

24. Never .........! I don't need your help anymore.

A) brain B) mind C) listen D) care

25. I haven't seen him ......... I graduated from high school.

A) before B) ago C) from D) since

26. It's really ......... today. It must be 40 degree Celsius!

A) high B) hot C) burn D) heavy

27. It's so cold today. It's .........!

A) freezer B) freeze C) freezes D) freezing

28. I like ......... of the flowers in this bouquet.

A) every B) together C) sum D) all

29. Do you ......... watching my kids on Saturday night? I want to go on a date with my husband.

A) care B) mind C) think D) caring

30. You're a ......... now. You're not a teenager anymore.

A) grow-up B) raised C) grown D) grown-up

31. Ralph works ......... me. He's my employee.

A) at B) for C) over D) from

32. He's my co-worker. He works ......... me.

A) from B) with C) on D) at

33. Do you want to ......... to my party?

A) come B) coming C) is coming D) are coming

34. We don't have ......... milk left. Will you go to the store to get some more?

A) some B) any C) more D) a lot

35. Sarah isn't ......... daughter. However, he wants to adopt her.

A) he B) his C) her D) he's

36. We have to be at the airport ......... 5:00 am.

A) on B) at C) to D) from

37. When ......... you see her? I thought she was teaching overseas.

A) is B) did C) does D) was

38. She ......... she was at home when the murder took place.

A) told B) say C) tell D) said

49. She ......... a wonderful home. It's very nice and cozy.

A) is B) are C) has D) does

40. I ......... working on the computer when you called.

A) am B) was C) is D) are


Переведите текст на русский язык в письменной форме

Trafalgar Square

At the beginning of the 19th century England defeated the French and Spaniards in the great sea battle at Trafalgar.

Trafalgar Square commemorates Nelson’s victory at the Battle of Trafalgar. It was in 1805. Napoleon had threatened to invade Britain several times. While the preparations to defend Britain were being made at home, Admiral Nelson swept the seas searching for the French navy and at last met it in Trafalgar Bay, off the coast of Spain. Nelson was killed in the Battle, but the victory was won. Napoleon’s power on the sea was utterly destroyed. Britain was once more saved from all fear of invasion and the ribbon of water between Britain and the Continent was enough to keep her safe.

In the middle of the Square rises the Nelson Column, a monument to Admiral Nelson. It was erected in 1843.

But Trafalgar Square is not used only for the commemoration of Admiral Nelson. It is also the meeting – place of the members and supporters of the British peace movement. In fact, mass rallies of many organizations take place here and the monument’s plinth is often used as a platform by the speakers. Sometimes there are hundreds of Londoners here, strolling up and down the Square, meeting friends and resting. There are huge flocks of pigeons here. They seem to be always hungry, and people like to feed them. Most of them are so tame that they will perch on your outstretched hand or even on your head.



1. Переведите следующие слова на русский язык и запишите их с переводом. Составьте кроссворд с этими и другими экономическими терминами.

Insurance entertainment taxes save education national law wants

2. Переведите следующие слова на английский язык. Составьте с каждым словом по одному предложению и запишите их с переводом.

Stock estate property price

3. Вставьте в предложения пропущенное слово, перепишите их и переведите (одно слово лишнее) :

1. ___________ have to chose the thing they need most of all.

2. You have to make a ____________ and select the thing you want.

3. Opportunity cost is an _____________ term.

economic choice producer consumers

4. Переведите словосочетания на русский язык и запомните их:

Consumption of goods

Save money

Private ownership

Debt for rent


Выберите один правильный ответ в каждом предложении. Выпишите предложения и письменно переведите их на русский язык.

1. ________ Jim _____ today?

A) Do / work B) Is / working C) Does / works D) Do/ working
2. Look, it's very cloudy. It __________ .

A) 's going to rain B) rainy C) raining D)rains
3.How long _____ Polly _____ with her friend in Madrid?

A) does / going to stay B) — / is going to stay C) is / going to stay D)
4. I'm going to Egypt ___________ the pyramids.

A) seeing B) to see C) going to see D)see
5. _________ did you buy your jacket? - At a shop in town.
) When B) Why C) Where D) How
6. ________ 's the weather like in Mexico City?

A) low B) How C) Which D)What
7. I want to introduce you to Sharon. She is ......... very nice person.

A) a B) an C) the D)-

8. She needs ......... water. She is really thirsty.

A) a B) an C) the D)-

9. Canada is one of ......... biggest countries in the world.

A) a B) an C) the D)-

10. I'd like to introduce you to ......... my brother.

A) a B) an C) the D)-

11. I fell the other day. Now, I have ......... bruise on my leg.

A) a B) an C) the D)-

12. She ......... work on Sundays.

A) not B) doesn't C) don't D)do

13. How often ......... go shopping?

A) does you B) do you C) you D)have you

14. My friend ......... a lot of coffee.

A) drinks B) drink C) been drinking D)drinking

15. Where ......... your girlfriend live?

A) do B) doing C) does D)goes

16. They ......... how to swim.

A) don't know B) not know C) knowing D)doesn't know

17. She ......... Spanish and Italian very well.

A) speak B) speaks C) speaking D)been speaking

18. I don't ......... coffee. I prefer tea.

A) likes B) like C) did like D)liking

Drive to work often?

A) Does you B) You do C) Do you D)How you

20. Where ......... they live now?

A) does B) not C) does not D)do

22. My math teacher ......... a lot of homework everyday.

A) assign B) assigns C) have assigned D)been assigning

23. He is always .......... His tardiness is starting to get on my nerves.

A) later time B) late C) no time D)last time

24. Paul ......... me so angry the other night.

A) make B) making C) makes D)made

25. I ......... in 1999. I had a great time in England.

A) went to there B) came there C) went there D)been to there

26. I've ......... before. I love this restaurant.

A) been to here B) been here C) was to here D)to here

27. He ......... a hot cup of tea.

A) make B) making me C) made my D)made me

28. She's ......... right now. She'll be home at 5 pm.

A) no here B) not stay C) don't stay D)not here

29. No problem. I'll call ......... later tonight.

A) her back B) back to her C) back her D)her before

30. Did you ......... what she said?

A) listen B) hear C) hearing D)listening

31. We moved to Canada forty years ..........

A) before B) before time C) ago D)past time

32. He is a ......... man. He should know better by now.

A) grow B) grown C) raised D)grow-up

33. The boys ......... really close because they spend a lot of time together.

A) is B) are C) being D)has

34. Man: Do you like going to movies? Woman: Yes, I ..........

A) does B) doing C) do D)am

She going to the restaurant after work?

A) Are B) Is C) Will D)Shall

36. Woman: Do you like .........?Man: No, I don't. Airplanes scare me.

A) fly B) flies C) flying D)flew

37. I like ......... movies on the weekends.

A) watch B) watching C) watched D)watches

38. Why ......... you going to New Mexico?

A) is B) are C) am D)has

You like some more coffee?

A) Shall B) Would C) Do Are

40. He has ......... of money.

A) a lot B) many C) some D)much


Переведите текст на русский язык в письменной форме


Electronic engineering deals with the research, design, integration, and application of circuits and devices used in the transmission and processing of information. Information is now generated, transmitted, received, and stored electronically on a scale unprecedented in history, and there is every indication that the explosive rate of growth in this field will continue unabated.

Electronic engineers design circuits to perform specific tasks, such as amplifying electronic signals, adding binary numbers, and demodulating radio signals to recover the information they carry. Circuits are also used to generate waveforms useful for synchronization and timing, as in television, and for correcting errors in digital information, as in telecommunications.

Prior to the 1960s, circuits consisted of separate electronic devices – resistors, capacitors, inductors, and vacuum tubes – assembled on a chassis and connected by wires to form a bulky package. The electronics revolution of the 1970s and 1980s set the trend towards integrating electronic devices on a single tiny chip of silicon or some other semiconductive material. The complex task of manufacturing these chips uses the most advanced technology, including computers, electron-beam lithography, micro-manipulators, ion-beam implantation, and ultraclean environments. Much of the research in electronics is directed towards creating even smaller chips, faster switching of components, and three-dimensional integrated circuits.

Communications and control

Engineers work on control systems ranging from the everyday, passenger-actuated, such as those that run a lift, to the exotic, such as systems for keeping spacecraft on course. Control systems are used extensively in aircraft and ships, in military fire-control systems, in power transmission and distribution, in automated manufacturing, and in robotics.



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