A lot of amazing gardens and parks are designed by talented landscape architects.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


A lot of amazing gardens and parks are designed by talented landscape architects.

1. Какое грамматическое явление представлено в этом предложении?

2. Как образуется «пассивный залог»?

3. Переведите предложение.

4. Приведите свой пример на использование «пассивного залога».


20. Group work .Structure the information about the Passive Voice making a « cluster ” (графическая организация материала, показывающая смысловые поля того или иного понятия):


21. Group work.Present your cluster to the class.

22. Pair work.Read the sentences and translate them into Russian. Mark the sentences with the predicate in the passive form ( со сказуемым в пассивной форме ):

1. The landscape architecture profession is modern, promising and in great demand nowadays.

2. Undoubtedly it is of great interest and importance for the modern world.

3. Outdoor and public spaces are designed by landscape architects.

4. The range of ways in which landscape architects work is staggering.

5. Communities are educated by landscape architects.

6. The environment is made human and liveable with the help of landscape architecture.

7. People who deal with landscaping are called landscape architects.

8. They are leading the way in tackling climate change.

9. Places for people to live and work are created by landscape architects.

10. Sustainable and aesthetically pleasing places are designed by landscape architects.

11. Nowadays interest in the profession continuous to grow and it attracts a lot of young people.

12. A landscape architect is involved in the planning and design of different sites and sometimes of landscapes and gardens. 


23. Pairwork. Read the sentences and translate them into Russian. Transform the following sentences from Active into Passive:

1. Landscape architecture combines environment and design, art and science.

2. A practitioner in landscape architecture plans and manages landscapes like national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty.

3.Landscape architects address the great issues of our day: climate change, sustainable communities, water, housing, etc.

4.They design and manage spaces which are both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Landscape architects regenerate towns and cities across the world.

6. They shape the future of the modern world.


24. Pair work. Find out about your partner’s preferences concerning his/her job:

E.g.: Do you prefer to love or to be loved?

    As for me, I prefer both: to love and to be loved.

1. Do you prefer to plant flowers by yourself or do you want the flowers to be planted by the workers?

2. Do you prefer to do the project by yourself or do you want it to be done in the team?

3. Do you prefer to work in the office or do you want your work to be done in the open air?

4. Do you prefer to select plants by yourself or do you want the plants to be selected by your assistant?

5. Do you prefer to discuss the project with your client by yourself or do you want the project to be discussed by your assistant?

6. Do you prefer to read professional literature by yourself or do you want this literature to be read by your assistant?

Unit 2

Landscape architect’s job

Part I

I. Warming up ( Разминка )

Listening & Speaking

1. Group work.Reflect on the following quote about a landscape architect, interpret it and share your ideas with the class. Get ready to discuss different points of view answering questions and persisting in your own opinion. The following lexis can be helpful. (See appendix 1):


“The  landscape  architect  probes  to  discover,  not  what  the  client  has,  but  what she  dreams  of  having: not  what  she does  but what she would like to do”.

“Dreaming enables  us  to  withdraw  into  ourselves  for  brief  moments  and  rests  us. It is good and if the garden makes it easier and pleasant to dream, then it is a good garden.” Fletcher Steele.

to probe исследовать
to withdraw into oneself уходить в себя
to enable давать возможность
to rest somebody давать отдых


Useful terms and phrases

2. Read the following terms and phrases, mind their pronunciation:

to appreciate nature высоко ценить природу
analytical skill умение анализировать
creative vision творческое видение
desirable qualities желательные качества
communication skills навыки общения
to convey ideas to выражать, передавать мысли к-л.
draft делать чертеж, рисунок, эскиз
computer application применение ЭВМ; компьютеризация
to develop a report делать отчёт
to be self-employed заниматься собственным бизнесом
business acumen деловая хватка
marketing skills маркетинговые умения
landscaping садово-парковая архитектура
to put roads and buildings прокладывать дороги и строить здания
to conserve natural resources сохранять природные богатства
to restore восстанавливать
to consider обсуждать, рассматривать
to project делать проект
soil почва
work location рабочая обстановка, рабочее окружение
geographic information system (GIS) геоинформационная система (ГИС)
sketch эскиз, набросок
simulation воспроизведение, воссоздание
to estimate оценивать, составлять смету
to get clients to agree уговорить клиентов
to draw up documents составлять документы
to meet a deadline успеть закончить работу к установленному сроку
to fix historic places обустраивать исторические места


3. Match the words and phrases to their translation:


soil оформлять документы
to appreciate nature творческое видение
communication skills выражать, передавать мысли к-л.
creative vision оценивать, составлять смету
to convey ideas to высоко ценить природу
to get clients to agree почва
to estimate делать чертеж, рисунок, эскиз
draft деловая хватка
to meet a deadline заниматься собственным бизнесом
business acumen сохранять природные богатства
to conserve natural resources навыки общения
to be self-employed успеть закончить работу к установленному сроку
to draw up documents уговорить клиентов


analytical skill делать отчёт
desirable qualities маркетинговые умения
to develop a report прокладывать дороги и строить здания
computer application геоинформационная система
marketing skills умение анализировать
to put roads and buildings эскиз, набросок
simulation восстанавливать
geographic information system желательные качества
sketch садово-парковая архитектура
landscaping применение компьютера
to restore воспроизведение, воссоздание


II. Evocation ( Вызов)

Writing, Listening & Speaking

4. Individual work. Read the following key words and make your own text reflecting your own view on the landscape architecture profession. Entitle the text:

Computer application, business acumen, plan a career in landscape architecture, creative vision, convey ideas to, communication skills, to make presentations, appreciate nature, work with one’s hands, make outdoor places more beautiful and useful, to put flowers, trees, walkways, analyze the nature around the place, draw plans, to explain their ideas, work outside, draw up a list of needed materials.


5. Individual work. Present your text to the class. Get ready to answer questions and discuss different points of view.

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