III. Realization ( Осмысление )

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


III. Realization ( Осмысление )

Reading & Writing

6. Read the following terms and phrases and mind their pronunciation:

expenditure расход
budgets возможности , ресурсы
to sustain поддерживать
to bloom расцветать
transplant саженец, посадочный корень ; пересаживать; рассаживать
to draw off снимать
right side up лицевой стороной кверху
to enhance благоприятствовать
to mix  in примешивать, замешивать
compost составное удобрение, компост; удобрять компостом
to keep the soil healthy and productive поддерживать землю в здоровом и плодородном состоянии
organic fertilizer органическое удобрение
to fertilize удобрять
to receive the right attention and care получать нужное внимание и заботу


7. Read the text and make up one more chart with the key words you found in the text, explain them and prove your findings with extracts from the text.

Key words Explanation Text extract (выписка из текста)
After reading 1………… 2………… After reading   After reading

Part I

Types of Gardening

Each one of us likes to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, to experience this it is not necessary to go hiking or camping. In fact, having your own garden would give you the convenience of experiencing all that without going elsewhere.

In fact, gardening is a wonderful hobby. It is always a better way for busy and stressed out people to spend some time to relax and get in touch with nature. It is also a physical activity, which helps to keep oneself fit and healthy.

There are many different types of gardening that include various styles, techniques, locations and types of plants. Sometimes the classification of gardening is based on the predominant features. This depends on the use of the garden such as in the vegetable gardening, the predominant feature will be the collection of vegetables. Likewise, there are many different types of gardening, for example: Flower gardening, herb gardening, rock gardening, greenhouse gardening, container gardening, landscape gardening, and rose gardening.

As there are many different types of gardening to choose, it is necessary to consider few points. Firstly, it is essential to consider the geographic location. Ensure that the type of gardening you are planning to implement in your garden is suitable for the location. The fact is that in case, you are planning to have a rock gardening, then you need to know whether the plants used for this type of gardening will survive in that location.

The next important thing is the expenditure. Few gardening types may need ornaments and plants that add an authentic look to the garden. Therefore, you need to study the budget and then implement according to your needs. Thus, before starting a garden ensure that you have enough budgets to sustain it.

Flower Gardening

Flower gardening is becoming popular day by day. This type of gardening is reasonably priced and can be useful for several purposes such as yard decoration, a hobby or as a profession.

Designing a flower garden is an art. Though there are no fixed rules to design a garden, however there are fundamentals of composition that will serve your flower garden design well.

If you are interested to create a flower garden, read further information about the flower gardening. Before starting a flower garden, you need to plan it in a proper way.

Flower gardening basics include selecting the right site for your flower garden. This factor is very important as it can make the most difference in whether your flower garden will flourish or struggle and should be planned for in advance.

Planting is one of the important processes in flower gardening. In case you have seeds just sprinkle them around in the flowerbed. For planting transplants it is necessary to dig a hole slightly bigger than the flower, draw the container off and set the flower into the hole right side up. Then cover it with some loose soil and press down firmly. After this is done then water it.

When considering the flowerbed size, remember that a wide one is better. You must never limit the width of your flowerbeds. Otherwise, you will never be able to add flowering shrubs and graceful flowering trees. Due to this reason, it is necessary to ensure that the flowerbed is at least five to six feet wide. Wide flowerbeds will definitely look more attractive and enhance to create the lush look.

Soil drainage is also important in flower gardening. Mixing in compost is the best way to improve drainage.

Furthermore, you need to add mulch every year to your flower garden. The mulch will help to keep the soil healthy and productive. Adding a dose of organic fertilizer to the soil will be useful.

It is no easy matter to raise a garden. Take into account few things: select the right site, decide where to plant, what to plant; plant, fertilize and water it. Once the basics of flower gardening are ready and the plants are in the ground, it is time to make sure your flower garden receives the right attention and care so that it will bloom.


Listening & Speaking

8. Pair work. Discuss and answer the following questions:

1. Are you fond of flower gardening? Why?

2. What stage do you find the most exciting in the process of creating a garden?

3. Do you think the size of a flowerbed is important in gardening?


Vocabulary Focus

9. Match the words from two columns to create a phrase and make sentences to use them in your own text entitled “A general concept of gardening”. Share your ideas with the partner:


to get the garden
predominant material expenses
to consider for several purposes
to implement in touch with nature
to survive features
planting in the location
to use the geographic location
to sustain the type of gardening


10. Match the words from two columns to create a phrase and make sentences to use them in your own text entitled “A general idea of flower gardening”. Share your ideas with the partner:


to plan the flowerbed size
to select the lush look
to add the transplant with some loose soil
to sprinkle the soil down firmly
to create the soil healthy and productive
to cover  the right site for the flower garden
to press seeds around in the flowerbed
to consider mulch
to keep the garden in a proper way



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