Идиомы, связанные с эмоциями 

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Идиомы, связанные с эмоциями


Feel like doing something

хотеть что-либо сделать
I felt like destroying something beautiful.

Blow one's mind

потрясти, шокировать
That she knew my name blew my mind.

Can't stand

быть не в состоянии переносить
Ah, I can't stand to see a robot cry. Let's watch TV!

Chill out

прохлаждаться, расслабляться
Can you just chill out, maybe?

Fall in love

I'm sure some other beautiful, rich girl will fall in love with you.

Feel like oneself / feel oneself

чувствовать себя комфортно, в своей тарелке
I can feel myself talking, but it's not Me saying the words.

Feel up to

ощущать готовность к чему-либо
If you feel up to a short walk, there's a place to eat around the corner.

Beside oneself with

вне себя от какого-то чувства
And as for my new powers, I was beside myself with the pleasure of it all.

At ease

расслабленный, непринуждённый
The man is absolutely at ease with his own success and charm.

All there / not all there

все дома / не все дома
He looks like he's not all there, you know what I mean?

Open mind

ум, открытый для разных мнений и идей
People these days don't have an open mind to anything any more.

Frame of mind / state of mind

внутреннее состояние
My job is to assist you in processing that information because you're not in a frame of mind to do it by yourself.

Have half a mind to

подумывать о том, чтобы..
You know, I got half a mind to just jump on the bus to Europe and say goodbye to your ugly mug forever.

Have a good mind to

быть настроенным на то, чтобы…
I have a good mind to write a letter toMr. Kimbrough.

Lose one's temper

выйти из себя
Now excuse me before I lose my temper.

Hold one's temper / keep one's temper

держать себя в руках
He breathes a deep sigh, like a man counting to 10 to hold his temper.

Hold one's own

держаться (несмотря на что-то)
The fact is that I could barely hold my own in the pit orchestra of a second-rate music hall.

Keep cool

сохранять хладнокровие
The door is open and he has wedged a chair into the gap in a desperate bid to keep cool.

Keep one's chin up

не вешать нос
Keep your chin up!

Be to blame

быть виноватым в чём-то
Actually, if anyone is to blame, it's you, Archie.

Put on airs

вести себя высокомерно
Who are ya to put on airs?

Get on someone's nerves

действовать на нервы
You've been here so long you're starting to get on my nerves.

Cross one's mind

внезапно прийти (о мыслях)
The thought of escaping crossed my mind.

Change of heart

перемена в отношении к чему-либо
Well, let us all just thank our lucky stars she had a change of heart.

Change one's mind

You might look at the damage in the morning and change your mind.

Make up one's mind

I haven't made up my mind yet.

Get used to / used to

привыкнуть / привыкший
Oh, we Germans must get used to all climates, from Russia to the Sahara. But perhaps you were not referring to the weather.

Lose one's mind

сходить с ума
Which could cause me to lose my mind anyway, just like Astor did.

Pull oneself together

взять себя в руки
Pull yourself together. You're making me sick. Be a man!

Put one's mind on / set one's mind on / keep one's mind on

I can't keep my mind on the show.

Put smth out of one's mind / get smth out of one's head

выбросить из головы
Put it out of your mind. From now on your home is at court.

Make a point of

придавать большое значение
I've made a point of avoiding familiarity with pirates.

Bore to death / bore stiff

утомить, наскучить
I really came in here because I was bored stiff by the party.

Break the news

рассказать новость
All right, I'll break the news to everyone.

Take it out of one

I never thought just standing would take it out of me, but ever since that shithead hit me, it feels like my whole body's put together wrong.

Take someone at his word / take smb's word

поверить на слово
They took Mickey at his word and called off the pursuit.

Make fun of

смеяться над
Do the other kids at school sometimes make fun of you?

Take heart

быть смелым, воспрянуть духом
Take heart, men! The Royal Navy stand their ground and fight.

Take offence

Canadians: Do you take offence if you're mistaken for American?

Take pride in / pride oneself on

гордиться чем-то
I take pride in my work.

Take to heart

переживать близко к сердцу
Don't take it to heart - he was only joking about your hair.

Sick and tired

уставший от чего-то надоедливого
I'm getting a little sick and tired of always running from creditors.

No wonder


Why worry

Не о чем беспокоиться

Be at a loss

в замешательстве
I am at a loss to know what to do. I am at a loss to understand what has happened.

Be in two minds

быть в нерешительности
Tara looked like she was in two minds.

Be up one's street

быть в чьём-либо вкусе
Coded messages, murder - right up my street. It's not a bad way to start the day.

Be on the rampage

быть вне себя
The journey is a hazardous one as the Apache Indians are on the rampage.

At the back of one's head

в глубине души
But at the back of my head i was cursing Priyadarshan and his team.

At heart

в душе
I am an adult, though I am young at heart.

Be up in arms about / over smth

быть рассерженным, иметь зуб
I still think it was a hungry bear wondered in here looking for food, and everyone one is up in arms about this whole monster thing.

Out of one's wits

до безумия
You can't help but feel sorry for this cat who is clearly terrified out of his wits.

Lift one's head

воспрянуть духом
Lift Your Head, Comrade.

Get in smb's hair

вывести из себя
I've got so many clients, they get in my hair!

Peace of mind

душевное спокойствие
But I don't have peace of mind. And if you don't have that, you've got nothing.

Be on one's mind

занимать чей-то ум
You are on my mind.

On one's head

на чьей-то совести
His death is on your head.

Out of sorts

не в духе
It's obvious that you're out of sorts this morning.

From the heart

от души
I'm acting from the heart so I can't make a mistake?

Bring smb to life

привести в чувство, вернуть к жизни
She's brought him to life. DR. CULLEN He's been alone too long.

Come to one's senses

прийти в себя
It only took me twenty years to come to my senses

Presense of mind

присутствие духа
But how did you know I would have the presence of mind to pull my weapon when I did?

Have the heart to

иметь смелость
I don't have the heart to touch you, Doctor. But remember this: the next time we meet, I'll brand your face the way one does with thieves.

Strain at the leash

сгорать от нетерпения
The doberman is straining at the leash, snarling and barking.

Идиомы, связанные с мышлением и информацией

Fixed idea

навязчивая идея
The man's obviously a maniac with one fixed idea.

Put smb wise

Can any marine veteran who hit that beach put me wise to this mystery?

Keep somebody up to date

держать в курсе
She used to keep Dad up to date on all the motor statutes he was violating.

Bring smb to his senses

It seems to bring him to his senses.

Pay attention to

обратить внимание
Shut up and pay attention to me!

Listen to reason

прислушаться к голосу разума
That's what I told him, but he doesn't listen to reason.

Come into one's head

приходить в голову
I just say things that come into my head, because they're more enjoyable than my own thoughts.

Cast a light upon

пролить свет
To shine its light upon them and give them something in this wretched world that they could believe in. Something to live for!

Word for word

слово в слово
Tell me everything she said, word for word.

Collect one's thoughts

собраться с мыслями
As opposed to five minutes ago, when I was trying to collect my thoughts and figure out a way to get us out of these contraptions!

Be out of one's mind / senses

сойти с ума
A man driven out of his mind by a malign force.

Let smth out of one's sight

упустить из вида
I can't let you out of my sight.

Rumors are flying

ходят слухи
Researchers and scientists have gathered in the office, rumors are flying.

It's common knowledge

это общеизвестно
Now, it's common knowledge that most towns of a certain size have a witch

Clear as day

совершенно понятно, ясно как день
I heard his voice as clear as day. I better get back.

Keep the lid on

держать в тайне
How long will the establishment be able to keep the lid on the tension they are creating by being so greedy?

Bring smth home to smb

довести до сведения
Hopefully, this drama will bring it home to people the injustices of the existing system which leaves many having to prove their innocence.

Come to the point

прийти к выводу, дойти до сути
The jungle animals and creatures have all come to the point where they are living together in peace and harmony.

State of mind

состояние ума
The quality of the audio is not perfect, nor was the state of my mind.

Slip one's mind

выскочить из головы
How could something this good slip my mind?

Be printed on smb's mind

врезаться в память
A show which will be printed on your mind for the rest of your life.

Keep one's mind off smth

выбросить из головы
Keep your mind off my work.

Be in the right mind

быть здравом уме
Who, in the right mind, wants to be born?

Be in the know

быть в курсе
I've never met a surgeon who enjoys a surprise because as surgeons we like to be in the know.

Be aware of

быть в курсе
I don't know if any of you are aware of this, but it's a federal offense to make licentious remarks on a network television broadcoast.

Keep track / loose track

быть в курсе дел, cледить
It's my job to keep track of who's doing what and what you're doing .

Keep an eye on

I want you to keep an eye on her when I'm not here. Understand?

Get the feel of

привыкнуть, изучить
You're going to have to let him get the feel of this airplane on the way

See about something

узнать о чём-то, разведать
I've come to see about the room.

Keep quiet

For now the best thing we can do is to keep quiet about this.

Bear in mind / keep in mind

Please keep in mind that this will all be videotaped, so put on your best friend faces, and may the best friend win.

Bring to light

рассекретить, предать общественности
Mrs. Collins, I have made it my mission to bring to light all the things the LAPD would prefer no one knew anything about.

Get a line on

собирать информацию о чём-то, прощупывать почву
Frank's got a line on another place you can use for now.

Hold one's tongue

держать язык за зубами
Hold your tongue, you fool -- hold your tongue!

Keep to oneself

держать слова при себе
All of you who are putting negative comments, just keep to yourself.

Keep one's word

держать слово
Well, I don't wanna be the sort of fella who doesn't keep his word. I gave you my time, Bitch. So fuck you now.

Break one's word

нарушать слово
Edward says you would not break your word to save your life!

Keep one's eyes open

быть начеку
Wait right here, keep your eyes open!

Take a look at

посмотреть, обратить внимание
Take a look at yourself. Maybe you're scared that someone might actually like you.

Make sure

We all gotta make sure it doesn't come back.

Have a word with

поговорить с кем-либо
Incidentally, Dr. Floyd, I wonder if I can have a word with you about the security arrangements?


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