Выражения, связанные с работой, делами 

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Выражения, связанные с работой, делами

I have things to do

У меня дела

There is no use to do it / There is no sense in doing it

Нет смысла это делать

It's no use

Это бесполезно

Please don't.

Пожалуйста, не надо.

Leave it to me

Предоставь это мне

I got it

Я сделаю это

It's worth trying

Стоит попробовать

Here goes

Приступим, начнём

What do we do next?

Что делать дальше?

The end justifies the means

Цель оправдывает средства

What if

Что, если…

What if he wants to kill me?!

Go ahead

Давай, валяй
If you're both deep and smart enough, go ahead and purchase the DVD, because if you rent it, you will keep wanting to see it over and over again.

if I were you…

На твоём месте я бы…
I'd buy yourself a gun if I were you.

you had better…

тебе следует
In Sicily, when you attack a man, you had better finish him.

Had rather

следует лучше
One had rather, on such occasions, do too much than too little.

What's the use of

в чём прок от
I mean what's the use of being in paradise if you can't have whatever you want.

At full blast / at full power

в полную силу, на полную мощность
Gasping for breath, almost crying, she turns on the shower at full blast and climbs into the tub.

Be in touch / keep in touch / get in touch

контактировать / поддерживать контакт / заводить контакт
That ship has weapons powerful enough to penatrate our shields at full power.

When it comes to

когда дойдёт до
When it comes to women, you're a true democrat.

it's all over with…

С… покончено
It's all over with him, Roddy -- he doesn't stir.

Feel one's way

осторожно действовать, прощупывать почву
Frodo was feeling his way in the dark, following the sound ,of Gollum's scampering.

Be careful not to

быть осторожным, чтобы не…
Be careful not to scratch that thing, huh?

Get together

It must have taken him a long time to get them together.

Get the better of / get the best of

взять верх
Don't let your imagination get the better of you, Lieutenant.

Near at hand

под рукой
Near at hand is a bottle. He fills his glass and drinks it quickly.

Do away with something

ликвидировать, положить конец
he Thin Man cocks his gun as he heads to the tower to do away with Bosley.

Put an end to

положить чему-либо конец
We can put an end to disease, double the human lifespan, provide the means to cross entire continents in a single step

Do a job on something

наворочить, превратить чёрт знает во что
Jesus, he really did a job on Janiro.

Do one's best

прилагать напряжённые усилия
I swear to God I won't try to escape and I'll do my best to get you into Mexico.

Do with / do without

обходиться чем-то / обходиться без чего-то
Horses can do with some grain and a little rest. / Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life -- so long as you have the luxuries.

Have / get a grip on

иметь / получить контроль над чем-то
Water streams over her, into her eyes, blinding her and making it impossible to get a grip on the creature's body.

Get a move on / get rolling / get going / get cracking

начинать, приступать
Better get a move on, you're gonna be late for school./ Let's get rolling / So, I guess I better get going./

Have a thing about

заниматься, быть занятым чем-то
The judge had a thing about sex offenders. Later I heard his daughter had been raped.

Make a fuss

создавать суету или панику
Don't make a fuss. I'm fine. I'll get up.

Put in order

привести в порядок
Upside-down, but I turned each page over and put them in order.

Set right / put right

сделать как надо - исправить, починаить и т д
Everything will soon be set right. The Chancellor has given me a very important mission.

Be at pains / take pains

прилагать напряжённые усилия
I know that you have no desire to meet me, and I shall take pains not to impose myself upon you.

On one's own

I can sell these fetuses all on my own!

To the bone

до изнеможения
She sits on her ass, he works his hands to the bone. To give her money every payday.

Take part

принимать участие
Let me start by thanking those of you who've chosen to take part.

Take a break

сделать перерыв
Maybe it's time we took a break, you know?

Take charge of

взять на себя работу, контроль или ответственность
I've encouraged you to get out of this fucking dump and go back to school, to take charge of your life and find direction.

Lose one's touch

потерять навык, потерять хватку
Well, the old boy hasn't lost his touch, has he?

All set to

готов к чему -либо
All set to rock and roll?

Old hand

Val's an old hand at the sexpionage game, aren't ya?

Be on the alert

быть начеку
Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity.

Be on the watch

быть начеку
We have special orders to be on the watch for Captain Cary, a rebel scout.

Out of the running

не у дел, ни к чему
Simpsons isn't as funny as it once was, so that too is out of the running.

Not to be much of / for smth

быть не очень хорошим кем-то
I am not much of a public speaker but I'll... I'll do my best.

Be in the way

быть помехой
His wife is in the way of any possible relationship.

Be up and about

быть в готовности, у дел
They are greeted with great reverence, and it is good to see the King up and about once again.

Make it a rule

взять за правило
I ought to plug you two right now, but I make it a rule never to kill a man on Sunday.

Take the trouble

взять на себя труд
It's kind of a special way of hating because they don't take the trouble to understand.

Put one's heart into smth

вкладывать душу
I put my heart into this film.

Have smth at one's finger tips

иметь в распоряжении
Our protagonist has a big score already planned, and all the resources are at his fingertips. He's upbeat and optimistic.

Break one's back

жопу рвать
I was breaking my back for you coach because of my love for the game.

To the letter

The marriage counselor's advice to reconnect with personal aspirations is followed to the letter.

Put smth to rights

привести в порядок
Well, I'm here now, and we'll put all that to rights.

Clean up the mess

приводить дела в порядок
Let's clean up the mess.



Выражения для дискуссии, спора

What for?


Let's drop the subject

Давай оставим эту тему

Let's clear it up

Давай разберёмся.

What are you talking about?

О чём ты!

What are you driving at?

К чему ты клонишь?

That's not the point

Это не относится к вопросу

It doesn't prove a thing

Это ничего не доказывает

That's very well, but

Это всё очень хорошо, но…

So what?

Ну и что?

You can take it from me

Можешь мне поверить

What of it?

И что из этого?

I have no idea

Понятия не имею

Ask me another

Спроси что полегче!

I wish I knew

Хотел бы я знать!

I don’t care

Меня не волнует

It doesn’t matter

Это не важно

It's all the same to me

Мне без разницы

It's up to you

Решай сам

It's beside the point

Это не относится к вопросу

Use your own judgement

Решай сам

It' s none of your business

Не твоё дело

Mind one's own business

Занимайся своим делом

I don’t give a fig / I don't give a shit / I don't give a damn

Не знаю

It's out of place

Это неуместно

It's waste of time

Это трата времени

It's a lie

Это ложь

It doesn't make sense

Это не имеет смысла

It's new to me

Первый раз слышу

Enough of it

Довольно об этом

I mean it!

Я серьёзно

Go into details

вдаваться в детали
Well -- we've had some marriage problems -- it's not necessary to go into the details but -- I just wanted you to know that we won't be coming to see you together anymore.

No matter

не имеет значения
Now Butters, listen: No matter what happens, no matter what you hear, do not come out!

Stand to reason

иметь смысл, быть логичным следствием
If the head of the Empire is a priest of some sort, then it stands to reason that the government is therefore one based on religion.

Take a stand

занять жёсткую позицию
And this haunted young lady summoned up the courage to take the stand, tell what she saw that horrible night, and then allow herself to be cross-examined by the man who killed her brother and girlfriends.

Stand one's ground

сохранять своё мнение
Stand your ground. Don't let people roll over you.

Speak one's mind

высказать своё мнение
She is street-educated and doesn't need encouraging to speak her mind.

Side against

принять противоположную сторону
You're gonna side with the guy, you're gonna side against me? You gonna talk against me, Fran?

Up against

Never give up no matter who you may be up against!

Take into account

принимать во внимание
Now if we take into account the continual rotation of the Earth since then, as well as the gradual celestial shift that's happened and been recorded over... well, over the course of that mountain of books over there... we now know our new location.

To one's face

в лицо (сказать открыто)
Why don't you ask me to my face, bitch?

Point of view

точка зрения
So what I have told you was true... from a certain point of view.

Take a side

принять сторону
Henry, just once could you take my side?

Eat one's words

взять слова обратно
That's my speech! I didn't know I was going to eat my words.

Say one's say

высказать мнение
I said my say, and that's all I'll say.

Pro and con

за и против
There are at least three possibilities, with each having pro and con arguments



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