Выражения, связанные с успехом или неудачей

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Выражения, связанные с успехом или неудачей

Things happen

Всякое бывает

Shit happens

Всякое дерьмо бывает…

It could have been worse

Могло быть и хуже

Next time lucky

В следующий раз повезёт

What a pity!

Как жаль!

I shall never get over it

Я не переживу этого

It was a success

Результат был успешный

It was a failure

Это был провал

It didn't work out

Ничего не вышло


It serves you right

Так тебе и надо

Good job!

Молодец, хорошо сделано!

That's the way to do it

Вот так это делается

That'll do


It's not up to the mark

Это не на должном уровне

It leaves much to be desired

Оставляет желать лучшего

What's done is done

ничего уже не поделаешь

It was quite a job

пришлось поработать

It was a great fun

Было весело

It was no fun

Ничего смешного

It's no good

Ничего хорошего


Be that as it may

Будь что будет

Sink or swim

Была не была

It is in the bag

Дело в шляпе

Narrow escape

случайное избежание близкой опасности или проблем
Mrs. Peel had a narrow escape.


In vain

без толку
I'll not have the Lord's name taken in vain in my prison.

Go right / go wrong

происходить как надо / не как надо
If everything goes right, this will be my car

Make a fortune

Trade or traffic, you make a fortune by keeping the poorest people on the planet killing each other.

Give way to

уступить, поддаться
The plants have given way to desert. The suns hang low in the crimson sky.

Get the worst of it / have the worst of it

потепрпеть неудачу
It feels good to quit when I have the worst of it and it feels good to continue when I have the best of it. What costs money is not knowing.

Make good

выполнить успешно что-либо
Signal the men, set the flags, and make good to clear port!

Make headaway

добиться прогресса
The laborers are starting to make headway.

Take a chance that

предположить, что
But I'm willing to take a chance that you'll prove me wrong.

Take advantage of

воспользоваться, извлечть пользу
They made her drink whiskey and then they tried to take advantage of her. She resisted; she kept her honor.

Make use of

извлечь пользу
More people need to make use of my phenomenal gifts, huh?

Take one's chances

рискнуть, принять риск
I'll take my chances with the -weather.

Can't do anything with

быть не в состоянии что-то поделать
Teal'c's attempting a manual dial now, Sir, but we can't do anything with the wormhole open from your end.

Get nowhere / not get anywhere

не продвинуться в чём - либо
He can do all the tests he wants, it's not going to get us anywhere.

In trouble with

иметь проблемы, связанные…
Are you in trouble with the law?

Get into trouble

нажить неприятности
He said I was going to get into trouble.

At any price

любой ценой
My doctors didn't want a settlement at any price. They wanted this cleared up in court.

It's no go

безнадёжное дело
But it's no-go for Robo.

Golden opportunity

блестящая возможность
But this was a golden opportunity for me, because I happen to have a particular fondness for a number of cities in Spain

Be well off

быть обеспеченным
However, financially she is well-off as her father in Germany sends her cash every month and she saves her money in the basement.

On the nose

в точку
Okay, that was a little more on the nose than I would have liked.

Get a grip on smth

Listen, Richard, you have got to get a grip on yourself.

Be in for it

And when the lid blows off, brother, we are going to be in for it!

Without a hitch

без задоринки или как ни в чём ни бывало
He is skillful enough to bring the whole thing off without a hitch.

Down and out

дела из рук вон плохо
Friendless, jobless and foodless, Donald was down and out.

Go / get far

далеко уйти, в прямом и переносном смыслах
Don't worry. He won't get far without this.

Make the grade

добиваться успеха
That is why when you find people who make the grade and who offer helpful, supportive suggestions remember to hire them next time.

Do well

достичь успеха
Gordon Ramsay's new show does well, while Tony Robbins fails to inspire

Carry / gain one's point

достичь цели
Surely now I shall gain my point.

Go to waste

идти насмарку
I'm just not hungry today but I don't want my lunch to go to waste.

Stand a chance

иметь шанс
Of course, Crewe dosen't expect his boys to stand a chance against Hazen's Guards.

On the right track

на верном пути
If you believe in ghosts, you're on the right track. I'm out of the grave, and roaming the moores.

Within a hair's breadth

на волосок от
In my seven years as Secretary, we came within a hair's breadth of war with the Soviet Union on three different occasions!

Good for nothing

ни на что не годный
Stay the hell out of my store, you good-for-nothing punks!

Be too much for smb

оказаться не по силам
The sight of Mary and the children suffering is too much for George.

Take one's chance

пойти на риск
I would take my chance. Let me go!

Let smb down

Don't let me down, boys.

Make one's way

пробивать путь
So I haven't been anywhere or done anything in my whole life except come to Chicago and try to make my way.

Go up in smoke

исчезнуть как дым
Chris is on the verge of a complete mental collapse as he watches his work go up in smoke.

Good fortune

счастливый случай
It was certainly my good fortune running into you!



Cогласие, несогласие, отказ





Quite so

Вполне верно

That's right


Right on!


I agree with you

Я согласен.

That goes without saying

Об этом и говорить не стоит

There is no denying it

Глупо отрицать это

I think so / I don't think so

Думаю, да / Думаю, нет

Most likely

Очень похоже на то

I'm afraid so

Боюсь, что так

I am sure of it


I believe so/I suppose so

Я считаю, что так

It looks like that

Похоже на то

In a way

В каком-то смысле

To a certain extent

В каком-то смысле

You read my mind

Ты читаешь мои мысли

And how!

Ещё как!

Аnything goes

Всё разрешено, всё пойдёт

For certain /For sure


No doubt

без сомнения

To be sure


Just so

Именно так

Far from it

Совсем не так

Nothing of the kind

ничего подобного

I should not say so

Я бы так не сказал

I doubt it


Most unlikely

Непохоже, чтобы было так

You don’t say

Не может быть

No such thing

ничего подобного

Nothing like that

ничего подобного

Not at all

Вовсе нет

Nothing doing / No go

Конечно нет

What's the idea of

В чём смысл, что за глупость -

No can do

Это невозможно

Not all that

вовсе не
Oh, surely we lions are not all that bad.

Anything but

что угодно, только не
And I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life


Nowhere near

даже не близко
Take the best orgasm you ever had, multiply it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it.

Not for a moment

никогда в жизни
Ted does not for a moment believe that his wife will really leave him.

What the hell

какого чёрта / что, чёрт возьми
What the hell is wrong with you?! Stop it, Kitty!
What the hell is this crap we're eating?

No way

никоим образом; ни в коем случае
I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no way, now now Why don't you get a job))

Have something against

иметь против
Do you have something against science?

Have had enough

довольно, хватит
I have had enough of this bullshit!

No call for / no call to

нет причин для
But there was no call for what the police did to you.

To hell with

к чёрту
- We pollute too much. We're destroying the world and killing the turtles. - To hell with the turtles!

Фразы для описания ситуации

Just like that

внезапно, неожиданно
This one day, we was out walking, like always, and then, just like that, somebody turned off the rain and the sun come out.


Go together

сочетаться, подходить друг у другу
Well I think Amy and Fry go together like a lime and coconut.

Like a shot

очень быстро
Barnett always expects them to get there like a shot.

Like hell / like shit

крайне, очень сильно
It's raining like hell now.

Like that

вот так
You dress like that - and you're already seeing a girl who won't sleep with you - I think maybe you can pull it off.

Nothing short of / little short of

то же самое / почти то же самое
The cure was nothing short of miraculous.

Make a difference

быть отличительной чертой, создавать отличие
You really think it would make a difference either way?

Such as it is

такой какой есть
I offer you my service, such as it is, in payment of this debt.

Not so much the

не столько
The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions.

Nothing much

ничего особенного
Nothing much happened today.

Matter of course

ожидаемое явление
I sign these applications as a matter of course, hundreds of them.

Matter of opinion

спорный вопрос
That's a matter of opinion, and I don't give a fuck about your's.

Matter of life and death

вопрос жизни и смерти
They are simply-dressed people, to whom their savings are a matter of life and death.

As follows

The court sentences the accused as follows. Rita Beckhart, Karolina Steinhof, Regina Kreutz, Angela Zieber, and Andrea Luhmann, you will each serve a total sentence in prison of four years and three months.

At one's best

в лучшем виде, с лучшей стороны
Great, Edward Norton at his best.

Number one

самый лучший, самый первый
In this time of war, what is your number one duty? Is it to fight the Germans in the name of France to your last breath?

But good

всерьёз, основательно
Don't worry, she's gonna get it but good!

Fair play

игра по-честному
Hard work, fair play, make a difference, change the system from within. Rah. Rah. Rah.

Big deal

дело большой важности и интереса
Wow, I guess this really is a big deal.

Take at face value

принимать за чистую монету
We cannot afford to take mythology at face value.

Kid stuff

ерунда, детские игрушки
- But except for some kid stuff, Fontaine's clean. - Clean? - More or less.

Of some sort

какой-либо, в каком-то виде
If the head of the Empire is a priest of some sort, then it stands to reason that the government is therefore one based on religion.

On the edge

состояние напряжённости, опасности, риска
Because one time I dated this guy who jacked cars for a living and I did not enjoy living on the edge as much as I thought I would.

Made to order for

очень подходит
The Passion Pink option for the Bentley looks made to order for a top performing Mary Kay sales person.

Next door to

по соседству
You live next door to a real live beauty queen.

No good

плохой, плохо
That's no good. He wouldn't last ten minutes in there.

There is no telling

невозможно рассказать, описать, сосчитать
No telling what those freaks will do to her.

Not think much of

невысокого мнения о
I must admit I didn't think much of Andy first time I laid eyes on him. He might'a been important on the outside, but in here he was just a little turd in prison grays.

Think a lot of

высокого мнения о
You sure must think a lot of that -- Whatever it is.

Not to worry

ничего страшного
Not to worry. I'll sort it out.

When least expected

когда меньше всего ждёшь
Best things happen when least expected.

Every which way

и там и сям, во всех направлениях
The door explodes open, sending clouds of burning vampire embers every which way.

Do any good / do no good

пойти на пользу / не пойти на пользу
For a moment I thought of killing the soldiers, but it would do no good.

Do one good

пойти на пользу
Talley wondered how much to tell him and whether or not it will do any good

On end

Not making love, just kissing for hours and hours on end.

To the point of

до (до степени, до точки)
A black Renault is passing by at a walking speed, then slows down almost to the point of halting completely.

Have nothing to do with

не иметь отношения
In this war, you have found yourself in the middle of a conflict that has nothing to do with yourself, your lovely ladies, or your cows

Something else

ещё тот тип
I don't know all I know is that they were saying this guy is something else.

Out of the blue

из ниткуда
This stuff just doesn't happen out of the blue.

Too thin

белыми нитками шито
That's too thin!

Without a trace

Apparently he vanished without a trace while in America, where he was about to patent his inventions.

Cut and dried

в готовом виде
Some viewers today may not be pleased with the ending, which is not cut-and-dried and sweetly happy.

In full swing

в полном разгаре
A splendid, barbaric ceremony's in full swing.

In good shape

в порядке
I can't seem to find my toothbrush, so I'll pick one up when I go out today. Other than that, I'm in good shape.

Point of no return

точка невозврата
I'm afraid we have reached the point of no return.

Slow and sure

медленно, но верно
The pace was slow but sure.

Carry weight

иметь вес
His words carry weight.

Clear as mud

дело тёмное
It's clear as mud to me.

Old as the hills

старо как мир
He's as old as the hills. Blind too. Can hardly get around, he won't be a bother much longer.


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