Английские разговорные фразы 

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Английские разговорные фразы

Английские разговорные фразы

Вводные и завершающие слова и предложения

First of all

прежде всего
First of all, Dr Zoidberg, do you even have a medical degree?

Deep down

в глубине души (на самом деле)
I have misgivings about this mission, but deep down, I know we're doing the right thing

By the way

And by the way, Sherman didn't even get laid.

In short / in brief / in a word

In short: I think it's time to start talking about a divorce.

As to / as for

что касается
As for why they didn't film in Scotland, no idea, probably a budget issue.

For one's part / on one's part

что касается конкретного человека
I know for my part that I'd surrender everything, honor included, in order to get out of the mess.

In my opinion

по моему мнению
That's awful, in my opinion.

Believe it or not

веришь или нет, но
Believe it or not, I have more important things to do today than laugh and clap my hands.

Look here

Look here, Fillmore, what is it you'd really like to do? Tell me!

Above all

прежде всего
But above all it made me think about things.

In all probability / in all likelihood

по всей вероятности
February 13th, 2001, was in all probability a day neither more nor less amazing than any other day

Needless to say

нет нужды говорить
My father and I don't get along; he doesn't approve of my lifestyle and, needless to say, I don't approve of his.

Something tells me

что-то мне подсказывает,…
Something tells me I could easily beat those trained professionals.

After all

в конце концов
I didn't think you'd show your face around me again. I figured you were humiliated. You did run away, after all.

what's more

кроме того
I would say: "Sure! Sure, I'm in love with her! And what's more, I'm going to be faithful to her!"

The thing is

дело в том,
Well, the thing is, I don't want to stay at any hotels on the East Side where I might run into some acquaintances of mine.

For the most part

For the most part the members of this genealogical tree look like withered leaves: the women are frail and they have a startled, frightened look in their eyes: the men have a keen, intelligent look, like educated chimpanzees.

For example / for instance / for one thing

For one thing, it was Nin's husband's money that financed her freewheeling lifestyle.

I dare say

осмелюсь сказать,…
He was the most brilliant man I have ever known -- and I dare say people have envied me for sharing that flat with him in Baker Street

In other words

другими словами,
In other words, he's a gangster.

If I'm not mistaken

если я не ошибаюсь
If I'm not mistaken, there are two attack helicopters headed this way.

If I remember rightly

если я правильно помню
He showed us a bottle he had in his pocket -- "Venetienne" it was called, if I remember rightly.

At least

по крайней мере
At least now I know what the hell has happened.

At any rate

во всяком случае
At any rate, I certainly wouldn't harm the child.

On the contrary

In point of fact, nothing at all was going to be just fine. On the contrary, everything was going to be bad.

For all / for all that

тем не менее
No one can doubt your courage; but Michael and I will see you home for all that.

I wonder…

I wonder why Cartman wasn't in school today.

Just for the record

для справки, скажу сразу
And for the record, I ain't really gay.

As things stand now

при текущем положении дел…
As things stand now, the chance of your ride being "hacked" is nearly non existent.

Not to mention

не говоря уж о том
You've done nicely for yourself, Evan. Nice friends, nice life, not to mention you're fucking my sister.

To say nothing of

не говоря уж о
It's not the behavior of a gentleman. To say nothing of the waste of time.

As things turned out

как оказалось
As things turned out, he went directly from the chateau to the home of Ginette's parents.

It turned out that

оказалось, что
My father was arrested for running a red light in his hometown. It turned out that he hadn't had a driver's license for twenty years!

Or what?

или как?
So... do we talk about this... or what?


Or whatever

или что-то ещё

Sarah. I wouldn't go telling stories or whatever about you. I promise.

And so on / and so forth

и так далее
The first is excellent,the second one was better than the first and the third one will be better than the second and so on.

And all

и всё такое
You gotta understand something, Winston. I want to help you guys out and all, but that's my best linen.

To sum up

подводя итог…
To sum up, globally we are tracking or doing even worse than the Great Depression, whether the metric is industrial production, exports or equity valuations.

That's the way things are going.

Вот так обстоят дела.

In fact

на самом деле

In fact it's the only example of such unprecedented behaviour by an Emperor.

To one's mind

на чей-то взгляд

A very old-fashioned idea to my mind.

One way or another

так или иначе
Most of us are freaks in one way or another.

In a nutshell


Major Reed, in a nutshell, we start from A, and we hope we find out everything we need before we get to Z.


in the long run

в конечном счёте
Courage is more exhilarating than fear and in the long run, it is easier.



in any event

в любом случае
In any event, his was the only ship to do it and I believe he lost fifty percent of his crew.

At first

Ok, so, sure, it sounds like a fairly good idea, at first.

In any case

в любом случае
In any case, when hacking or computer skills are needed, Ed is there.

Lay it on the line

говорить начистоту
I'm gonna go in there, march straight up to the manager, look at him straight in the eye, lay it on the line, and - I can't do it!

That is to say

иначе говоря
That is to say, we know things we don’t know anything about.

That's flat

и всё! (окончательное решение)
You can't go and that's flat!

Let alone

не говоря уж о

Davids sister would have never kissed Jack, let alone in public.


For one thing

первым делом

Well, for one thing, so you can stop taking out your rage on innocent .


To say the truth

по правде сказать

Although to say the truth, I am convinced within myself that your father had no idea of your giving them money.


At a glance

с первого взгляда
But at a glance, the car will appear to be normal.

As a matter of fact

собственно говоря
As a matter of fact, since you hired Mary Poppins, the most extraordinary thing seems to have come over the household.

Универсальные фразы для разговора

So that

так, чтобы
Tania says so that every one may hear: "I love him!"

So as to

так, чтобы
The enemy used to stick spikes pointed upward, and dipped in shit so as to cause serious infections, in paths leading through the jungle.

so... as to

But was their crime so great as to merit a death sentence?

That is why

Yes, that is why I called you; I thought perhaps I might be able to negotiate for better accommodations.

By way of

через / наподобие, так как
It's come to you by way of Virginia. / More pacers are delivered to each desk intermittently by way of pneumatic tube. / Ned rolls over to go to sleep and says something kind by way of saying goodnight. /

Now that

так как, пока, раз уж
And now that he's gone, why do I keep doing it? Is this what I really want?

By all means / by any means

любым способом
If you wish her dead, by all means keep moving forward.

By no means

никаким образом
For the genetically superior, success is easier to attain but is by no means guaranteed.

Either way

так или иначе
Either way I can't lose.

As if / as though

как будто
He suddenly grabs his head as if suffering from a pounding migraine.

In the way of

в смысле, в плане
I've found no evidence in the way of lesions, hemorrhaging, tumors...

As well as

также, как и
Kevin Kline as usual delivers a great performance, as well as Hayden Christensen and Jena Malone.

By the same token

с таким же успехом
Eggs are eggs. That is very profound. By the same token you could say fish is fish. Ha ha ha, I don't think so.

As usual

как обычно
Turkish and Tommy are driving. Turkish is drinking a pint of"milk (as usual). There is silence for a while.

As a rule

как правило
Your lives are therefore, as a rule, shorter, not so much by natural death as by indirect suicide.


At that rate

такими темпами или при таких раскладах
At that rate, we could repopulate the jakovasaurs in just a few years.

As if

как если бы
He just stared at me as if I didn't exist. As if I had never existed...

All the same

без разницы
Don't be so suburban--this is the new millennium. Gay, straight--it's all the same now.

Just the same

всё равно
Just the same, an attempt to recover the Grail is currently underway.

As much

тоже, всё равно
The other two explanations (which both George and I don't like as much, but which are more believable) are that they are both older and more tired,


what with

принимая во внимание
Yeah, it was sad for a Three Stooges, what with the dead baby and the Stooges being executed and all.

All in all

в конечном счёте, с учётом всех обстоятельств
All in all, I would definitely recommend this movie.

All but

Our supplies are all but gone ... our defences are on the verge of collapse ... help us ... please!

Hardest part about

самое сложное в чём-либо
The hardest part about having sex with a woman is getting her to come back to your place!

To no end

I am sure you trouble your parents to no end.

Such as

такие как
We learned many things from the mighty Egyptians, such as pyramid.

However much

сколько бы ни…
Lewis, however much coffee you drink in the morning, I want you to reduce it by half.

In spite of

несмотря на
This makes Elinor laugh in spite of her discomfort.

Or else

You have to feed it and pet it or else it dies.

For a change

для разнообразия
Nothing, only it'd be nice to spend an evening together for a change.

Other than

кроме этого, в остальном
Let's face it, Reloaded and Revolutions were fun to watch but other than that they sucked.

Then again / but then

с другой стороны
Then again, you never know who you're going to meet.

Whether or not

так или эдак (дословно не переводится)
Lauren is unsure whether or not to follow her friends.


on the one hand / on the other hand

c одной стороны / c другой стороны
On the one hand you showed leadership, courage under fire, a willingness to protect men you hardly knew... and on the other you have an arrest record that pegs you as near sociopathic.


то же, что am not, is not, are not, has not, have not
But he ain't quite sure which plane he's on. / Pretty cool, ain't it?

For all the world

во всех отношениях
He looks, for all the world, like a perpetual drunk.

For real

всерьёз, на самом деле

For real, Paul. I'm madly in love with that girl.

Such and such

такой-то такой-то

This information comes from the storekeeper himself who stated that such and such a girl had bought I don't know what in his store



what it takes to

то, что нужно чтобы
I just don't have what it takes to be a cop anymore.

In view of

In view of your indecision, why not rely on their advice and judgment as well as mine?

Other than

не считая
Other than that, I'm in good shape

In every sense of the word

в полном смысле слова
It is total and complete garbage in every sense of the word

High and low

везде и всюду
The Germans will search high and low, I promise you, they'll never notice!

That's the whole story

вот и вся история


What about

как насчёт
What about the dolphins?

Just in case

на всякий случай
Just in case the Russians come and we have to have a big tank battle?

From scratch

на пустом месте, с нуля
They shouldn't started from scratch.

On the edge of smth

на грани
His parents are on the edge of divorce

At every step

на каждом шагу
Death lurks at every step...as your oriental super-sleuth stalks a desperate killer -- below the surface of the earth!

In place

на своём месте
It's all in place

All the way

от начала до конца
It is sad, touching and made me want to cry all the way through.

Pure and simple

I wasn't driven by joy, it wasn't winning as much as terror, pure and simple -- fear of losing.



Вежливые фразы, простые вопросы для разговора

It does you credit

Это делает Вам честь

Thank you anyway

Всё равно спасибо

Thank you in advance

Заранее спасибо

Don't mention it

Не стоит благодарности

I beg your pardon

Прошу прощения

Have a good time

Желаю хорошо провести время

Let me introduce

Позвольте представить

May I help you?

Разрешите Вам помочь

Could you do me a favor?

Можешь оказать мне услугу?

Do you mind my smoking?

Не возражаете, если я закурю?

Here's to…

Приветствие, поздравление

Can you spare me a moment?

Можете уделить мне минутку?

I wish I could

К сожалению, не могу

How do you like it here?

Как Вам здесь нравится?

What do you make of it

Что Вы об этом думаете?

How was it?

Ну как?

How did it work out?

Как всё прошло?

What kind of man is he?

Что он за человек?

What does he look like?

Как он выглядит?

What's the matter?

В чём дело?

What's up?

"В чём дело?" "Что такое?", "Как дела" и т. д.

What's going on?

Что происходит?

What's the trouble?

В чём проблема?

What's happening?

Что происходит?

How are they getting on?

Как они поживают?

What shall I do?

Что мне делать?

What can I do for you?

Чем могу быть полезен?

How about…

Как насчёт…

How's that?

Что Вы сказали?

How did it come about?

Как так получилось?

How come?

Как так получилось?

How so?

Как так получилось?

Don’t take it to heart

Не принимай это близко к сердцу

Take it easy

Не переживай, не забивай голову

There, there

Спокойно, спокойно…

Never mind

Не беспокойся, это не важно

Forget it

Не обращай внимания, это ерунда

Shut up!




Here we go again

Повторим ещё раз

Talk big

выпендриваться, хвастаться
Go on, talk big! I'll soon have you purring like a kitten.

Run for one's life

бежать, сломя голову
Simon continued to run for his life.

Throw good money after bad

бросать деньги на ветер
You don't spend more money-- in effect throw good money after bad.

Cast a glance

бросить взгляд
Are there really that many women with that low of self-esteem that they would even cast a glance at a man like this?

Put on a show

делать вид
The children are now at an age when they are fully aware of what is going on, so for their sakes Kate and Peter have decided to put on a show of union.

Take turns

делать поочередно
The fact that you take turns attacking, of course, offers endless strategies.

Make a nuisance of oneself

It regenerates into the entire reptile, which proceeds to destroy buildings and property and generally make a nuisance of itself.

Play the fool

валять дурака
It's a guy walking around the streets playing the fool.

Have smb on the string

вести на поводу
Olivia breaks off their relationship despite Rollo's attempts to keep her on the string.

Out of sight

с глаз долой
Now get that dog out of my sight.

Take for granted

воспринять как данность
What we take for granted might not be here for our children.

Turn inside out

вывернуть наизнанку
Oh yeah, there's also a gigantic thing wandering around that looks like if you took a yeti and turned it inside out. Interesting premise.

make a show of

выставлять напоказ
The club wants blood, but Jax says they can't make a show of force.

break loose

вырваться на свободу
All hell is literally about to break loose as the eve to the magical Libria Solstice approaches

Fall /be out of favor

впасть в немилость / быть в немилости
Du Barry has been complaining to the King that you will not address her, and you cannot afford to fall out of favor with the King.

Be quits

быть в расчёте
As long as the check doesn't bounce, you and I are quits.


Set the pace

задавать темп
When you set the pace, you control the race.

Keep pace with smb

They scurried along as fast as they can, trying to keep pace with the moving vehicle below.


Single-handed, through fog and sleet and snow, he daily risks his life in the cause of justice.

Drive someone into a corner

загнать в угол
His efforts to provide himself with an alibi failed and he got driven into a corner.

Hurt smb's pride

задеть самолюбие
A man was talking about a girl that had hurt his pride. He was in despair.

Cover one's tracks

заметать следы
Harry was a great cop here in Miami. He taught me how to think like one; he taught me how to cover my tracks. I'm a very neat monster.

Be up to smth

замышлять недоброе
You are up to no good!

Catch smb unawares

застать врасплох
I have thought about how they so often catch us unawares.

Take by surpirse

застать врасплох
I'm going to come around behind you now, sir. - Okay, Kryten, take me by surprise.

Know smb by sight

знать в лицо
Cartwright, neither of which knows him by sight.

Know one's place

знать своё место
I know my place. It is time you learn yours.

Lead the way

идти во главе
Okay, big guy, you lead the way, uh...

Run counter to smth

идти вразрез
As Martin notes, this runs counter to the ideal of the empathetic, hands-on modern dad.

Go to all lengths

идти на всё
This man will go to all lengths to save his Love.

Have a way with

иметь подход
I do have a way with the ladies, Lexie! It's my burden!

Tempt fate

искушать судьбу
Don't tempt fate, girls -- leave the Pandora's box of female sexuality and female creativity alone!

In smb's stead

вместо кого-то
You'll trust us to act in your stead.

Make up for lost time

наверстать время
Soon, Jack's young, orphan brother Frankie arrives in town; while Tom and Doris vie for his friendship, the outlaw gang is hoping to make up for lost time.

Go back on one's word

нарушить обещание
You can't go back on your word. I can do what I like. Help! Help!

Begin the world

начать новую жизнь
We have it in our power to begin the world again.

Keep one's nose out of smth

не совать нос в чужие дела
Why don't you keep your nose out of my family.

Have a bite

Dave, why don't we order some room service, have a bite, relax.

Do smb a good / bad turn

оказать хорошую / плохую услугу
Come on Cookie, you've helped him fuck up his life for the last five years, now do him a good turn.

On pain of smth

под угрозой
Brother Bender, do you accept the principles of Robotology on pain of eternal damnation in Robot Hell?

Lose sight of

потерять из виду
Sorry I lost sight of you. I had to step outside for a smoke.

Lose face

потерять лицо
He doesn't want to get beaten up, but on the other hand, he doesn't want to lose face in front of Bala.

Cut smb down to size

сбить спесь
Cut him down to size, Jack!

Settle a score

сводить счёты
Thanks for bailing me out, Dad. Can you drop me off at Rushmore? I got to go settle a score.

Play a trick

сыграть шутку
That guy's wife must be pretty pissed off to play a trick like that.

Get out of hand

отбиться от рук, выйти из-под контороля
I say we kill him, before this gets out of hand.

Fall into the habit of

взять привычку
It's just a matter of settling back into the habit of writing every day.

Learn one's lesson

извлечь урок
Oh, no. Not again. I learned my lesson.

I have things to do

У меня дела

It's no use

Это бесполезно

Please don't.

Пожалуйста, не надо.

Leave it to me

Предоставь это мне

I got it

Я сделаю это

It's worth trying

Стоит попробовать

Here goes

Приступим, начнём

What do we do next?

Что делать дальше?

The end justifies the means

Цель оправдывает средства

What if

Что, если…

What if he wants to kill me?!

Go ahead

Давай, валяй
If you're both deep and smart enough, go ahead and purchase the DVD, because if you rent it, you will keep wanting to see it over and over again.

if I were you…

На твоём месте я бы…
I'd buy yourself a gun if I were you.

you had better…

тебе следует
In Sicily, when you attack a man, you had better finish him.

Had rather

следует лучше
One had rather, on such occasions, do too much than too little.

What's the use of

в чём прок от
I mean what's the use of being in paradise if you can't have whatever you want.

When it comes to

когда дойдёт до
When it comes to women, you're a true democrat.

it's all over with…

С… покончено
It's all over with him, Roddy -- he doesn't stir.

Feel one's way

осторожно действовать, прощупывать почву
Frodo was feeling his way in the dark, following the sound ,of Gollum's scampering.

Be careful not to

быть осторожным, чтобы не…
Be careful not to scratch that thing, huh?

Get together

It must have taken him a long time to get them together.

Near at hand

под рукой
Near at hand is a bottle. He fills his glass and drinks it quickly.

Do away with something

ликвидировать, положить конец
he Thin Man cocks his gun as he heads to the tower to do away with Bosley.

Put an end to

положить чему-либо конец
We can put an end to disease, double the human lifespan, provide the means to cross entire continents in a single step

Do a job on something

наворочить, превратить чёрт знает во что
Jesus, he really did a job on Janiro.

Do one's best

прилагать напряжённые усилия
I swear to God I won't try to escape and I'll do my best to get you into Mexico.

Do with / do without

обходиться чем-то / обходиться без чего-то
Horses can do with some grain and a little rest. / Amazing how you can do without the essentials of life -- so long as you have the luxuries.

Have / get a grip on

иметь / получить контроль над чем-то
Water streams over her, into her eyes, blinding her and making it impossible to get a grip on the creature's body.

Have a thing about

заниматься, быть занятым чем-то
The judge had a thing about sex offenders. Later I heard his daughter had been raped.

Make a fuss

создавать суету или панику
Don't make a fuss. I'm fine. I'll get up.

Put in order

привести в порядок
Upside-down, but I turned each page over and put them in order.

Set right / put right

сделать как надо - исправить, починаить и т д
Everything will soon be set right. The Chancellor has given me a very important mission.

Be at pains / take pains

прилагать напряжённые усилия
I know that you have no desire to meet me, and I shall take pains not to impose myself upon you.

On one's own

I can sell these fetuses all on my own!

To the bone

до изнеможения
She sits on her ass, he works his hands to the bone. To give her money every payday.

Take part

принимать участие
Let me start by thanking those of you who've chosen to take part.

Take a break

сделать перерыв
Maybe it's time we took a break, you know?

Take charge of

взять на себя работу, контроль или ответственность
I've encouraged you to get out of this fucking dump and go back to school, to take charge of your life and find direction.

Lose one's touch

потерять навык, потерять хватку
Well, the old boy hasn't lost his touch, has he?

All set to

готов к чему -либо
All set to rock and roll?

Old hand

Val's an old hand at the sexpionage game, aren't ya?

Be on the alert

быть начеку
Stan Smith, who works for the CIA and is constantly on the alert for terrorist activity.

Be on the watch

быть начеку
We have special orders to be on the watch for Captain Cary, a rebel scout.

Out of the running

не у дел, ни к чему
Simpsons isn't as funny as it once was, so that too is out of the running.

Be in the way

быть помехой
His wife is in the way of any possible relationship.

Be up and about

быть в готовности, у дел
They are greeted with great reverence, and it is good to see the King up and about once again.

Make it a rule

взять за правило
I ought to plug you two right now, but I make it a rule never to kill a man on Sunday.

Take the trouble

взять на себя труд
It's kind of a special way of hating because they don't take the trouble to understand.

Put one's heart into smth

вкладывать душу
I put my heart into this film.

Break one's back

жопу рвать
I was breaking my back for you coach because of my love for the game.

To the letter

The marriage counselor's advice to reconnect with personal aspirations is followed to the letter.

Put smth to rights

привести в порядок
Well, I'm here now, and we'll put all that to rights.

Clean up the mess

приводить дела в порядок
Let's clean up the mess.



What for?


Let's drop the subject

Давай оставим эту тему

Let's clear it up

Давай разберёмся.

What are you talking about?

О чём ты!

What are you driving at?

К чему ты клонишь?

That's not the point

Это не относится к вопросу

It doesn't prove a thing

Это ничего не доказывает

That's very well, but

Это всё очень хорошо, но…

So what?

Ну и что?

You can take it from me

Можешь мне поверить

What of it?

И что из этого?

I have no idea

Понятия не имею

Ask me another

Спроси что полегче!

I wish I knew

Хотел бы я знать!

I don’t care

Меня не волнует

It doesn’t matter

Это не важно

It's all the same to me

Мне без разницы

It's up to you

Решай сам

It's beside the point

Это не относится к вопросу

Use your own judgement

Решай сам

It' s none of your business

Не твоё дело

Mind one's own business

Занимайся своим делом

It's out of place

Это неуместно

It's waste of time

Это трата времени

It's a lie

Это ложь

It doesn't make sense

Это не имеет смысла

It's new to me

Первый раз слышу

Enough of it

Довольно об этом

I mean it!

Я серьёзно

Go into details

вдаваться в детали
Well -- we've had some marriage problems -- it's not necessary to go into the details but -- I just wanted you to know that we won't be coming to see you together anymore.

No matter

не имеет значения
Now Butters, listen: No matter what happens, no matter what you hear, do not come out!

Stand to reason

иметь смысл, быть логичным следствием
If the head of the Empire is a priest of some sort, then it stands to reason that the government is therefore one based on religion.

Take a stand

занять жёсткую позицию
And this haunted young lady summoned up the courage to take the stand, tell what she saw that horrible night, and then allow herself to be cross-examined by the man who killed her brother and girlfriends.

Stand one's ground

сохранять своё мнение
Stand your ground. Don't let people roll over you.

Speak one's mind

высказать своё мнение
She is street-educated and doesn't need encouraging to speak her mind.

Side against

принять противоположную сторону
You're gonna side with the guy, you're gonna side against me? You gonna talk against me, Fran?

Up against

Never give up no matter who you may be up against!

Take into account

принимать во внимание
Now if we take into account the continual rotation of the Earth since then, as well as the gradual celestial shift that's happened and been recorded over... well, over the course of that mountain of books over there... we now know our new location.

To one's face

в лицо (сказать открыто)
Why don't you ask me to my face, bitch?

Point of view

точка зрения
So what I have told you was true... from a certain point of view.

Take a side

принять сторону
Henry, just once could you take my side?

Eat one's words

взять слова обратно
That's my speech! I didn't know I was going to eat my words.

Say one's say

высказать мнение
I said my say, and that's all I'll say.

Pro and con

за и против
There are at least three possibilities, with each having pro and con arguments



Things happen

Всякое бывает

Shit happens

Всякое дерьмо бывает…

It could have been worse

Могло быть и хуже

Next time lucky

В следующий раз повезёт

What a pity!

Как жаль!

I shall never get over it

Я не переживу этого

It was a success

Результат был успешный

It was a failure

Это был провал

It didn't work out

Ничего не вышло


It serves you right

Так тебе и надо

Good job!

Молодец, хорошо сделано!

That's the way to do it

Вот так это делается

That'll do


It's not up to the mark

Это не на должном уровне

What's done is done

ничего уже не поделаешь

It was quite a job

пришлось поработать

It was a great fun

Было весело

It was no fun

Ничего смешного

It's no good

Ничего хорошего


Be that as it may

Будь что будет

Sink or swim

Была не была

It is in the bag

Дело в шляпе

Narrow escape

случайное избежание близкой опасности или проблем
Mrs. Peel had a narrow escape.


In vain

без толку
I'll not have the Lord's name taken in vain in my prison.

Go right / go wrong

происходить как надо / не как надо
If everything goes right, this will be my car

Make a fortune

Trade or traffic, you make a fortune by keeping the poorest people on the planet killing each other.

Give way to

уступить, поддаться
The plants have given way to desert. The suns hang low in the crimson sky.

Make good

выполнить успешно что-либо
Signal the men, set the flags, and make good to clear port!

Make headaway

добиться прогресса
The laborers are starting to make headway.

Take a chance that

предположить, что
But I'm willing to take a chance that you'll prove me wrong.

Take advantage of

воспользоваться, извлечть пользу
They made her drink whiskey and then they tried to take advantage of her. She resisted; she kept her honor.

Make use of

извлечь пользу
More people need to make use of my phenomenal gifts, huh?

Take one's chances

рискнуть, принять риск
I'll take my chances with the -weather.

Can't do anything with

быть не в состоянии что-то поделать
Teal'c's attempting a manual dial now, Sir, but we can't do anything with the wormhole open from your end.

In trouble with

иметь проблемы, связанные…
Are you in trouble with the law?

Get into trouble

нажить неприятности
He said I was going to get into trouble.

At any price

любой ценой
My doctors didn't want a settlement at any price. They wanted this cleared up in court.

It's no go

безнадёжное дело
But it's no-go for Robo.

Golden opportunity

блестящая возможность
But this was a golden opportunity for me, because I happen to have a particular fondness for a number of cities in Spain

Be well off

быть обеспеченным
However, financially she is well-off as her father in Germany sends her cash every month and she saves her money in the basement.

On the nose

в точку
Okay, that was a little more on the nose than I would have liked.

Get a grip on smth

Listen, Richard, you have got to get a grip on yourself.

Be in for it

And when the lid blows off, brother, we are going to be in for it!

Without a hitch

без задоринки или как ни в чём ни бывало
He is skillful enough to bring the whole thing off without a hitch.

Down and out

дела из рук вон плохо
Friendless, jobless and foodless, Donald was down and out.

Go / get far

далеко уйти, в прямом и переносном смыслах
Don't worry. He won't get far without this.

Make the grade

добиваться успеха
That is why when you find people who make the grade and who offer helpful, supportive suggestions remember to hire them next time.

Do well

достичь успеха
Gordon Ramsay's new show does well, while Tony Robbins fails to inspire

Carry / gain one's point

достичь цели
Surely now I shall gain my point.

Go to waste

идти насмарку
I'm just not hungry today but I don't want my lunch to go to waste.

Stand a chance

иметь шанс
Of course, Crewe dosen't expect his boys to stand a chance against Hazen's Guards.

On the right track

на верном пути
If you believe in ghosts, you're on the right track. I'm out of the grave, and roaming the moores.

Within a hair's breadth

на волосок от
In my seven years as Secretary, we came within a hair's breadth of war with the Soviet Union on three different occasions!

Good for nothing

ни на что не годный
Stay the hell out of my store, you good-for-nothing punks!

Be too much for smb

оказаться не по силам
The sight of Mary and the children suffering is too much for George.

Take one's chance

пойти на риск
I would take my chance. Let me go!

Let smb down

Don't let me down, boys.

Make one's way

пробивать путь
So I haven't been anywhere or done anything in my whole life except come to Chicago and try to make my way.

Go up in smoke

исчезнуть как дым
Chris is on the verge of a complete mental collapse as he watches his work go up in smoke.

Good fortune

счастливый случай
It was certainly my good fortune running into you!



Cогласие, несогласие, отказ





Quite so

Вполне верно

That's right


Right on!


I agree with you

Я согласен.

That goes without saying

Об этом и говорить не стоит

There is no denying it

Глупо отрицать это

Most likely

Очень похоже на то

I'm afraid so

Боюсь, что так

I am sure of it


I believe so/I suppose so

Я считаю, что так

It looks like that

Похоже на то

In a way

В каком-то смысле

To a certain extent

В каком-то смысле

You read my mind

Ты читаешь мои мысли

And how!

Ещё как!

Аnything goes

Всё разрешено, всё пойдёт

For certain /For sure


No doubt

без сомнения

To be sure


Just so

Именно так

Far from it

Совсем не так

Nothing of the kind

ничего подобного

I should not say so

Я бы так не сказал

I doubt it


Most unlikely

Непохоже, чтобы было так

You don’t say

Не может быть

No such thing

ничего подобного

Nothing like that

ничего подобного

Not at all

Вовсе нет

Nothing doing / No go

Конечно нет

What's the idea of

В чём смысл, что за глупость -

No can do

Это невозможно

Not all that

вовсе не
Oh, surely we lions are not all that bad.

Anything but

что угодно, только не
And I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life


Nowhere near

даже не близко
Take the best orgasm you ever had, multiply it by a thousand and you're still nowhere near it.

Not for a moment

никогда в жизни
Ted does not for a moment believe that his wife will really leave him.

What the hell

какого чёрта / что, чёрт возьми
What the hell is wrong with you?! Stop it, Kitty!
What the hell is this crap we're eating?

No way

никоим образом; ни в коем случае
I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no way, now now Why don't you get a job))

Have something against

иметь против
Do you have something against science?

Have had enough

довольно, хватит
I have had enough of this bullshit!

No call for / no call to

нет причин для
But there was no call for what the police did to you.

To hell with

к чёрту
- We pollute too much. We're destroying the world and killing the turtles. - To hell with the turtles!

Фразы для описания ситуации

Just like that

внезапно, неожиданно
This one day, we was out walking, like always, and then, just like that, somebody turned off the rain and the sun come out.


Go together

сочетаться, подходить друг у другу
Well I think Amy and Fry go together like a lime and coconut.

Like a shot

очень быстро
Barnett always expects them to get there like a shot.

Like hell / like shit

крайне, очень сильно
It's raining like hell now.

Like that

вот так
You dress like that - and you're already seeing a girl who won't sleep with you - I think maybe you can pull it off.

Make a difference

быть отличительной чертой, создавать отличие
You really think it would make a difference either way?

Such as it is

такой какой есть
I offer you my service, such as it is, in payment of this debt.

Not so much the

не столько
The scientific mind does not so much provide the right answers as ask the right questions.

Nothing much

ничего особенного
Nothing much happened today.

Matter of course

ожидаемое явление
I sign these applications as a matter of course, hundreds of them.

Matter of opinion

спорный вопрос
That's a matter of opinion, and I don't give a fuck about your's.

Matter of life and death

вопрос жизни и смерти
They are simply-dressed people, to whom their savings are a matter of life and death.

As follows

The court sentences the accused as follows. Rita Beckhart, Karolina Steinhof, Regina Kreutz, Angela Zieber, and Andrea Luhmann, you will each serve a total sentence in prison of four years and three months.

At one's best

в лучшем виде, с лучшей стороны
Great, Edward Norton at his best.

Number one

самый лучший, самый первый
In this time of war, what is your number one duty? Is it to fight the Germans in the name of France to your last breath?

But good

всерьёз, основательно
Don't worry, she's gonna get it but good!

Fair play

игра по-честному
Hard work, fair play, make a difference, change the system from within. Rah. Rah. Rah.

Big deal

дело большой важности и интереса
Wow, I guess this really is a big deal.

Take at face value

принимать за чистую монету
We cannot afford to take mythology at face value.

Kid stuff

ерунда, детские игрушки
- But except for some kid stuff, Fontaine's clean. - Clean? - More or less.

Of some sort

какой-либо, в каком-то виде
If the head of the Empire is a priest of some sort, then it stands to reason that the government is therefore one based on religion.

On the edge

состояние напряжённости, опасности, риска
Because one time I dated this guy who jacked cars for a living and I did not enjoy living on the edge as much as I thought I would.

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