Exercise 1. Write sentences with might.


1. (it's possible that I'll go to the cinema) I might go to the cinema.

2. ( it's possible that I'll see you tomorrow)

3. (it's possible that Ann will forget to phone)

4. (it's possible that it will snow today)

5. (it's possible that I'll be late tonight)

Exercise 2. Somebody is asking you about your plans. You have some ideas but you are not sure. Choose from the list and write sentences with I might.

fish go away Italy Monday new car taxi

Where are you going for your holidays? What are you doing at the weekend? When will you see Ann again? What are you going to have for dinner? How are you going to get home tonight? I hear you won some money. What are you going to do with it? I'm not sure. I might go to Italy. I don't know. I …… I'm not sure. …… I don't know. …… I'm not sure. …… I haven't decided yet. ……  


Exercise 3. Write three things that you might do tomorrow.


Exercise 4. Complete the sentences. Use must + one of these verbs:

be go go learn meet wash win

1. We must go to the bank today. We haven't got any money.

2. Marilyn is a very interesting person. You……her……

3. My hands are dirty. I……them.

4. You……to drive. It will be very useful.

5. I……to the post office. I need some stamps.

6. The game tomorrow is very important for us. We……

7. You can't always have things immediately. You……patient.


Exercise 5. Put in I must or I had to.

1. I had to go to the bank yesterday to get some money.

2. It's late. ……go now.

3. I don't usually work on Saturdays but last Saturday……work.

4. ……get up early tomorrow. I've got a lot to do.

5. I went to London by train last week. The train was full and ……stand all the way.

6. I was nearly late for my appointment this morning. …run to get there on time.

7. I forgot to phone David yesterday. phone him later today.


Exercise 6. Complete the sentences. Use you should + one of these verbs:

clean go take visit watch wear

1. When you play tennis, you should watch the ball.

2. It's late and you're very tired……to bed.

3. ……your teeth twice a day.

4. If you have time, ……the Science Museum. It's very interesting.

5. When you're driving,……a seat belt.

6. It's too far to walk from here to the station……a taxi.


Exercise 7. Write sentences with I think... should... or I don't think... should


1. It's late (go home now). I think we should go home now.

2. That coat is too big for you. (buy it) ……

3. You don't need your car. (sell it) ……

4. Diane needs a rest. (have a holiday) ……

5. Sally and Colin are too young. (get married) ……

6. You're not well this morning. (go to work) ……

7. James isn't well today. (go to the doctor) ……

8. The hotel is too expensive for us. (stay there) ……


Exercise 8. What do you think? Write sentences with should.


1. I think everybody should learn another language.

2. I think everybody……

3. I think ……

4. I don't think ……

5. I think I should ……


Exercise 9. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.


1. George has travelled a lot. He can speak four languages.

2. I haven't been able to sleep very well recently.

3. Sandra……drive but she hasn't got a car.

4. I can't understand Martin. I've never……understand him.

5. I used to……stand on my head but I can't do it now.

6. I can't see you on Friday but I…meet you on Saturday morning.

7. Ask Catherine about your problem. She might…… help you.


Exercise 10. Complete the answers to the questions with was/were able to.


1. A: Did everybody escape from the fire?

B: Yes. Although the fire spread quickly, everybody was able to escape.

2. A: Did you have difficulty finding Ann's house?

B: Not really. Ann had given us good directions and we……

3. A: Did you finish your work this afternoon?

B: Yes. There was nobody to disturb me, so……

4. A: Did the thief get away?

B: Yes. No one realised what was happening and the thief ……

Exercise 11. Write these sentences in a different way using may or might.


1. Perhaps Margaret is in her office. She might be in her office.

2. Perhaps Margaret is busy.

3. Perhaps she is working.

4. Perhaps she wants to be alone.

5. Perhaps she was ill yesterday.

6. Perhaps she went home early.

7. Perhaps she had to go home early.

8. Perhaps she was working yesterday.

Exercise 12. Read the situations and make sentences from the words in brackets. Use may or might.


1. I can't find George anywhere. I wonder where he is.

a. (he/go/shopping) He may have gone shopping.

b. (he /play /tennis) He might be playing tennis.

2. I'm looking for Helen. Do you know where she is?

a. (she / watch / TV/ in her room)……

b. (she / go / out) ……

3. I can't find my umbrella. Have you seen it?

a. (it / be / in the car)……

b. (you / leave / in the restaurant last night)……

4. Why didn't Tom answer the doorbell? I'm sure he was in the house at the time.

a. (he / be / in the bath)……

b. (he / not / hear / the bell) ……

Exercise 13. Write sentences with may or might.

1. Where are you going for your holidays? (to Ireland?)

I haven't decided yet. I may go to Ireland.

2. What sort of car are you going to buy? (a Mercedes?)

I'm not sure yet. I……

3. What are you doing this weekend? (go to London?)

I haven't decided yet……

4. Where are you going to hang that picture? (in the dining room?)

I haven't made up my mind yet……

5. When is Tom coming to see us? (on Saturday?)

I don't know yet……

6. What is Julia going to do when she leaves school? (go to university?)

She hasn't decided yet……


Exercise 14. Complete the sentences using might + one of these verbs:

bite break need rain slip wake


1. Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It might rain later.

2. Don't make too much noise. You……the baby.

3. Be careful of that dog. It……you.

4. I don't think we should throw that letter away. We …… it later.

5. Be careful. The footpath is very icy. You……

6. I don't want the children to play in this room. They …… something.


Exercise 15. Complete the sentences using might be able to or might have to + a suitable verb.


1. I can't help you but why don't you ask Jill? She might be able to help you.

2. I can't meet you this evening but I……you tomorrow evening.

3. I'm not working on Saturday but I……on Sunday.

4. George isn't well. He……to hospital for an operation.


Exercise 16. Read the situations and make sentences with may/might as well.

1. You and a friend have just missed the bus. The buses run every hour.
You say: We'll have to wait an hour for the next bus. We might as well walk.

2. You have a free ticket for a concert. You're not very keen on the concert but you decide to go. You say: I …… to the concert. It's a pity to waste a free ticket.

3. You're in a cafe with a friend. You've finished your drinks. It's a nice cafe and there is no reason to go now, so why not have another drink? You say: We……What would you like?

4. You and a friend are at home. You are bored. There's a film on TV starting in a few minutes. You say:……There's nothing else to do.


Exercise 17. Complete these sentences with must or have to (in the correct form). Sometimes it is possible to use either; sometimes only have to is possible.


1. It's later than I thought. I must or have to go now.

2. Jack left before the end of the meeting. He had to go home early.

3. In Britain many children……wear uniform when they go to school.

4. When you come to London again, you……come and see us.

5. Last night Don became ill suddenly. We call a doctor.

6. You really……work harder if you want to pass the examination.

7. I'm afraid I can't come tomorrow. I……work late.

8. I'm sorry I couldn't come yesterday. I……work late.

9. Paul doesn't like his new job. Sometimes he work at weekends.

10. Caroline may……go away next week.

11. We couldn't repair the car ourselves. We……take it to a garage. Julia wears glasses. She……wear glasses since she was very young.

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