ТОП 10:

Describe yourself and what you are wearing at the moment. Use the Present Continuous Tense. Опишите себя, во что Вы сейчас одеты. Употребляйте the Present Continuous Tense.

I’m wearing comfortable shoes at the moment.







5. Make a list of clothes you have got which are:

Составьте список одежды, которая у Вас есть, которая:

Comfortable ___________________________________________

Warm ________________________________________________

Fashionable ___________________________________________

Smart ________________________________________________

Casual ________________________________________________


6. Read the questionnaire and answer the questions. What do your clothes say about you? Прочитайте вопросы и ответьте на них. Что Ваша одежда говорит о Вас?

1. You see someone with blue hair wearing a yellow jacket and red trousers. What do you do?

a) smile; b) laugh; c) wear the same clothes

2. You are going to an interview. What do you wear?

a) jeans; b) a suit; c) something comfortable

3. You’re going to work. What do you wear?

a) trousers; b) trainers; c) a jacket

4. You’re going to a party. What do you wear?

a) a jacket; b) a T-shirt; c) a suit/a dress

5. You’re buying a new jacket. What colour do you buy?

a) black; b) red; c) orange

6. You’re buying clothes for cold weather. Which is more important?

a) comfort; b) warmth; c) fashion

7. You want to give a good impression. Which style do you choose?

a) comfortable but smart; b) smart and formal; c) casual

8. What kind of clothes do you prefer?

a) cheap; b) expensive; c) fashionable

9. You’re going to play tennis. What do you wear for the game?

a) a tie; b) shorts; c) a sweater

10. It’s very hot at work or school. What do you do?

a) wear shorts; b) take off your jacket; c) do nothing


1. a2; b3; c1

2. a2; b3; c1

3. a2; b1; c3

4. a2; b1; c3

5. a3; b2; c1

6. a3; b2; c1

7. a3; b2; c1

8. a2; b1; c3

9. a1; b3; c2

10. a1; b2; c3


Add your scores and see….

21-30 points – you like to wear exactly what you want. Sometimes this may get into trouble.

11-20 points – you are quite casual. Sometimes you don’t wear the right clothes for the situation.

1-10 points – you’re very careful to wear the right clothes for the right situation.


Choose the correct verb form. Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1. He usually wears/is wearing jeans.

2. She wears/is wearing a T-shirt at the moment.

3. Nick puts on/is putting on a new coat now.

4. They put on/are putting on coats when it’s cold.

Read the text. Прочитайте текст.

“What I am going to save money for”

For most people there is no problem in deciding how they are going to spend the money they earn – it all goes on housing, food, clothes, transport and, if they are lucky, leisure and some holidays. Many of us have spent our lives without doing anything out of the ordinary and now I have got a marvelous opportunity of doing something exciting and I will.

I am going to take a trip round the world. I am going to do a lot of sight seeing. I am going to put up at expensive hotels and spend much money on entertainment and other exciting things. I think my resolutions are wonderful. And what are you going to do?


Notes: Запомните! В английском языке есть оборот to be going toдля выражения намерения что-то сделать в будущем. I am going to read this article tomorrow. (Я собираюсь прочесть эту статью завтра).

Оборот to be going to употребляется также для выражения уверенности говорящего в том, что действие обязательно произойдет в ближайшем будущем.

Money – деньги – сущ., в англ.яз. имеет форму ед.ч., ему соответствует местоимение – it-.

To put up at – остановиться (в гостинице)


9. Complete the plans with suitable reasons. Закончите планы, указывая подходящие причины.

1. I am going to save money because


2. I am going to buy new clothes because


3. We are going to go running onсе a week because


4. I’m going to spend more time at home because



Write sentences what you are going to do this month. Напишите, что Вы собираетесь делать в этом месяце.

1. I am going to _____________________________________________________________

2. I am going to _____________________________________________________________

3. I am going to _____________________________________________________________

4. I am going to _____________________________________________________________


Write what you are not going to do this week. Напишите, что Вы не собираетесь делать в этом месяце.

1. I am not going to __________________________________________________________

2. I am not going to __________________________________________________________

3. I am not going to __________________________________________________________

4. I am not going to __________________________________________________________


Write intentions. Use “SO” Напишите о своих намерениях. Используйте SO.

1. I can’t swim so I am going __________________________________________________

2. I don’t know English well so ________________________________________________

3. He doesn’t earn much so ____________________________________________________

4. They don’t read it so _______________________________________________________



III. Prof-reading


Topical Vocabulary


Список юридических терминов на английском языке с переводом:

a forgery – подлог или подделка документа

fraud – мошенничество

guilty (of) – виновный (в чём)

house-breaking – проникновение в дом

innocent (of), not guilty (of) – невиновный (в чём)

a jury – присяжные

kidnapping – похищение человека с целью выкупа

manslaughter – убийство; человекоубийство

mugging – грабёж; хулиганство, групповое нападение; уличный грабеж


Задания по формированию компетенций


1. Read the text and compare it.


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