Выразите свое мнение о способах контроля технологических процессов.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Выразите свое мнение о способах контроля технологических процессов.


1. machine vision – машинное зрение

2. vision inspection system – система визуального контроля

3. random samples – произвольный отбор пробы

4. X-ray inspector – рентгеноконтролëр

5. bulk and packaged products – бестарные и упакованные продукты

Vision inspection systems2 combine video and computer technology to inspect a broad range of operations in food processing. They are widely employed, for example, in packaging to enable faster inspection than that done by human inspectors, who at best can only inspect random samples3. These systems not only divert (отклоняют) unsatisfactory packages but record production data.

For instance, such system can monitor packages emerging from a packaging line for missing caps, labels, label position, fill level and for damaged labels or packages, and makes "accept/reject" decisions.

Another means of inspection is inspection by a video camera. The video camera is now fast enough and durable enough to work in food plants for inspecting food production. For example, one baby company installed cameras to check empty glass containers before filling. One camera scans glass jars (банки) for defects while another checks for impurities.

Many food companies make inspection by a video camera even for difficult inspection tasks because cameras can read coded information, check aseptic packages, look for burnt cookies, and calculate product size and weight.

Inspection process can be made by X-ray inspector4. Such type of inspectors defects foreign solid contaminants in bulk and pakaged products5. The device looks inside any kind of container, including metal, glass and plastic. Once detected, the contaminated product is automatically removed from the line.

The X-ray inspector is best suited for repetitive, pre-programmed “accept” or “reject” decisions at high speeds without slowdown. It allows fulltime product inspection without a human observer, at speed beyond human capability. Besides, it provides ultra-sensitive image analysis (анализ изображения) of defective products, showing even small density shape and size differences.


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The importance of quality control in the food processing industry is widely recognized. Each defective finished product that appears on a store shelf means a dissatisfied consumer.

Traditionally, the quality control task has been performed by human inspectors situated along the production line. However, in many instances conditions exist that make human inspection impractical, if not impossible. Unfavourable environmental conditions, rapid line speeds, subsurface defects, and high labour costs are factors that inhibit effective quality control.

The ability of low-cost microcomputers has made computer-aided video inspection on the production line a practical reality. Each component of the system performs a specific task.

The versatility of the computerized visual inspection system is great. Each component of the system can be modified to the requirements of the particular inspection task that is to be performed.




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Active Vocabulary


1. to pack/to package – упаковывать

pack/package – упаковка, пакет, пачка, кипа, тюк, связка

packing/packaging – 1. упаковывание, укладка, затаривание

2. упаковочный материал

package – упаковка, упаковочная тара; затаривание

packaging – упаковывание, упаковка

packaging industry – тароупаковочное производство

2. cap – крышка, укупорочный колпачок

3. can – металлическая тара (бидон, фляга, банка), консервная банка

4. plug – пробка, затычка, стопор

5. seal – герметик, уплотняющая прокладка

6. pouch – пакетик, мешочек

7. ties – средства связки/перевязки

8. barrel – бочка, бочонок

9. customer; consumer; filling; market, marketing; handling; preservation; to enclose, enclosure; to envelop, envelope; to insert, insertion; attractiveness (привлекательность, притягательность); appealing (привлекательный)





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