Перечислите параметры, необходимые для стерильного наполнения (розлива продукта в емкости) на русском и английском языках.

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Перечислите параметры, необходимые для стерильного наполнения (розлива продукта в емкости) на русском и английском языках.



1. aseptic – асептический; предохраняющий от заражения

aseptic filling – розлив (наполнение) в асептических условиях

2. line –технологический конвейер; линия

3. capping – укупоривание колпачками

4. preservative - консервант

5. shell-life – срок хранения

6. dimensional limit – пространственный предел/ допуск

7. carrousel [kærƏ'zel] –"карусель" (устройство)


The aseptic1 filling lines2 are designed to fill high and low acid products in bottle. They include the sterilization of the packaging materials, filling and capping3 under sterile conditions. The products are cold-filled, without preservatives4, and keep all their organoleptic qualities with an extended shelf-life5.

After fruit drinks, milk, fruit juices, flavoured water and tea drinks, there is no doubt that new products will be soon filled with this technology.

Concerning the product quality, the consumer buys a natural product with a guaranteed supply of vitamins: the same value as the fresh product obtained through a controlled heat treatment with a cold filling.

Concerning the shelf-life, the product can be stored for several months at room temperature because of the sterile packaging.

Long shelf-life, taste and vitamins are three winning words for the aseptic line and for the benefit of the consumer.

In order to achieve long shelf-life several parameters are required to assure a sterile filling.


The product has to be pasteurized and transported to the filling machine with no risk of recontamination.

2. BottleIt is highly recommended that the bottles:

guarantee an efficient barrier against micro-organisms; preserve the physico-chemical and organoleptical qualities of the product; respect the dimensional limits6, namely concerning the bottleneck.

3. CapsRegarding the caps, it is also highly recommended that:

they respect the dimensional limits; the material bears a 120°C temperature during 10 seconds and a chemical sterilization, in case of plastic cap.

Filling/Capping Machine

The filling/capping machine comprises one or two filling carrousels7 according to the output required. The filling tubes are never in contact with the bottle-necks.


The whole filling line is installed in a sterile clean room class.


The operator remains the main source of contamination and has to intervene a minimum. He is the only one inside the filling room and wears sterile clothes.

The absence of manual handling before and after the procedure of cleaning and sterilization limits the operator’s intervention.

Переведите текст на русский язык в письменной форме.





misapplication – неправильное пользование

finish – конец

capper – укупорочная машина для колпачков

liner – вкладыш, прокладка, подкладка

Replacing apple juice and cider packaging from glass to plastic can be more complex than it might appear on the surface. Just ask Tree Top Company.

When the company decided to make the change, it soon learned that not just any plastic cap and liner will do. Required was the “right” closure that would let it avoid product spoilage, and attain the capping speeds that maximize productivity.

Since it opened for business in the 1940s, Tree Top has traditionally packaged its gallon apple juice and cider products in glass bottles. In recent years, customers began requesting a lighter weight package. Being sensitive to customers’ desires, Tree Top researched alternative package options to its heavy glass gallon bottles.

The closure and liner problem caused extensive downtime (простой) on the capping line to make adjustments, as well as cap misapplications, which meant a potential product spoilage problem. The only modification made was to redesign the bottle’s neck finish.

The new closure combination system allows to increase productivity through its capper by reducing the downtime previously needed to make adjustments. At the same time, it reduces misapplications and virtually eliminates any spoilage problems.




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1. Переведите на русский язык данные словосочетания, обращая внимание на причастие в функции определения.

A.wrapping and sealing machines; food processing plants employing a great variety of processes; each department maintaining responsibility for its own operations; control system giving all the information; computers performing various functions; operations varying from manual to fully automatic; machines filling bottles and cans

B.increased equipment uptime; fully automated production cycles; equipment employed in this plant; computerized machines widely applied in food industry; support systems involved in different processes; productivity increased by automation; material resources planned by the support system; labour and downtime costs avoided through overall management control

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