Грамматика: герундий и герундиальные обороты

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Грамматика: герундий и герундиальные обороты



Active Vocabulary

1. process control – контроль технологического процесса (управление)

programmable controller – контроллер/регулятор с программным управле-нием

2. inspection – наблюдение, надзор, инспектирование

monitoring – текущий контроль, мониторинг

3. feedback – обратная связь

4. maintenance – техническое обслуживание

5. yield – выход продукта

extraction – выход (муки или помола)

6. sample – проба, образец

7. output – производительность, продукция

8. to judge, judgement; to reject, rejection; to waste, waste; to compete, competitor; to experience, experience; to eliminate, elimination; to shift, shift; benefit, advantage; reliable; visible; manual; uniform.



1. Запомните значения данных слов.


per - 1. за, на, в, с (каждого); 2. через, посредством

60 km per hour; three times per week; 8 hours per day; per post

manual1.ручной, с ручным управлением; физический (труд);

2. справочник, учебник; руководство

manual control; manual labour; a manual on management

Переведите на русский язык следующие словосочетания.


to derive identical benefits; to look for the benefits; to point out the reason; to install process control; to need human assistance; to get rapid feedback; to reject defective product; to present a convincing example; to eliminate operator inspection; to display information; to collect a sample of product on an hourly basis; to store visible characteristics of the product



Прочитайте и переведите текст.



Food plants derive identical benefits from process control regardless of what product goes out of door. The brewer looks for the same things as the cheesemaker, who looks for the same things as the meat processor.

All food plant managers point out the following reasons for installing process control: a chance to modernize, non-stop processing, necessary product consistency, productivity increase (due to 100% monitoring).

Automated inspection means anything that measures, judges, or classifies without need for human assistance. Major advantages are reliability, repeatability, speed, storage, and printed copies of test results. As a result, feedback is more rapid to the process: there is less production of rejected product, less waste material and less labour. The better process control, the higher product quality is achieved.

In addition, the tireless nature of a machine means that inspection is uniform from early morning to late in the evening. A machine doesn’t have problems at home, an argument at work, or catch the cold. Therefore, its maintenance and output are more reliable than its human competitor.

With the help of a programmable controller (PC) much of the manual control and operator inspection associated with, for example, milling process can be eliminated. Since operators no longer think so much about the process, they spend more time thinking about the flour in a mill. Up to 20 types of flour can be made. The system provides regularly start-ups and shut-downs. The mill shifts from processing hard or soft wheat as often as three times per week. Commands contained in the PC memory automatically change the mill for different kinds of operations. Information is displayed and recorded concerning wheat mix, flour code, total production, percent product yield and flour extraction.

As for quality control technique, it allows to collect a sample of product on an hourly basis. The sample is distributed evenly across the surface of a conveyer belt. The belt moves under a computer-controlled video image analyser that obtains and stores the visible characteristics of the product.





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