Seventh Step: Obtain Interviews

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!

Мы поможем в написании ваших работ!


Seventh Step: Obtain Interviews

Here is some advice to follow before, during, and after your interviews.

Before the interview:

1. Interviewers have extremely diverse style – “the chit-chat”; let’s-get-to-know-each-other style; the interrogation style of question after question; the tough-probing why, why, why style; and many others. Be ready for anything.

2. Practice being interviewed with a friend and ask for a critique.

3. Prepare to ask at least five good questions that are not readily answered in the company literature.

4. Anticipate possible interview questions and prepare good answers ahead of time.

5. Avoid back-to-back interviews – they can be exhausting.

6. Dress conservatively and tastefully for the interview. Be neat and clean.

7. Arrive about ten minutes early to collect your Thoughts before the interview. Check your name on the interview schedule, noting the name of the interviewer and the room number.

8. Review the major points you intend to cover.

During the interview:

1. Give a firm handshake when greeting the interviewer. Introduce yourself using the same form the interviewer uses. Make a good initial impression.

2. Retain your poise. Relax. Smile occasionally. Be enthusiastic throughout the interview.

3. Good eye contact, good posture, and distinct speech are musts. Don’t clasp your hands or fiddle with jewelry, hair, or clothing. Sit comfortably by your chair. Do not smoke, even is asked.

4. Have extra copies of your resume with you.

5. Have your story down pat. Present your selling points. Answer questions directly. Avoid one-word answers but don’t be wordy.

6. Most times, let the interviewer take the imitative, but don’t be passive. Find good opportunities to direct the conversation to things you want the interviewer to hear.

7. To end on a high note, the latter part of the interview is the best time to make your most important point to ask pertinent questions.

8. Don’t be afraid to “close.” You might say: “i/m very interested in in the position and I have enjoyed this interview.”

9. Obtain the interviewer’s business card or address and phone number so that you can follow up later.

After the interview:

1. After leaving the interview, record the key points that arose. Be sure to record who is to follow up on the interview and when a decision can be expected.

2. Objectively analyze the interview with regard to questions asked, answers given, your overall interview presentation, and the interviewer’s response to specific points.

3. Send a thank-you letter mentioning any additional items pertinent to your application and your willingness to supply further information.

4. If you do not hear within the time specified, write or call the interviewer to determine your status.

Eighth Step: Follow-Up

If you are successful, you will be invited to visit the organization. The in-company interview will run from a few hours to a whole day. The company will examine your interest, maturity, enthusiasm, assertiveness, logic, and company and functional knowledge. You should ask questions about things that are important to you. Find out about the environment, job role, responsibilities, opportunity, current industrial issues, and the firm’s personality. The company wants to know if you are right person for the job; just as importantly, you want to know if this is the right job for you.

(Based on: Kotler P., Armstrong G., Principles of Marketing)*


*С дополнительными материалами для изучения и закрепления пройденной темы Вы можете ознакомиться в разделе Приложения (Chapter VIII “REFERENCE SOURCES”; APPENDIX XXIX).







Unit I

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5g, 6i, 7j, 8k, 9l, 10m, 11k, 12h, 13d, 14a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. business; 2. profit; 3. non-profit organization; 4. technology; 5. business ethics; 6. social responsibility; 7. government agency; 8. revenues; 9. entrepreneur; 10. market; 11. GNP (Gross national Product); 12. advertising; 13. ecology; 14. recycling.


Unit II

I. Listening:1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5i, 6j, 7k, 8l, 9n, 10m, 11h, 12f, 13c, 14a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. private enterprise system; 2. competition; 3. private property; 4. profits; 5. human resources (HR); 6. freedom of choice; 7. entrepreneurship; 8. natural resources; 9. capital; 10. market economy; 11. pure competition; 12. monopolistic competition; 13. oligopoly; 14. monopoly.

Unit III

I. Listening:1b, 2c, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6i, 7j, 8g, 9c, 10n, 11k, 12f, 13d, 14a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. economics; 2. demand; 3. supply; 4. microeconomics; 5. macroeconomics; 6. law of supply and demand; 7. price; 8. equilibrium price; 9. researching and developing (R&D); 10. customer service; 11. regulated industry; 12. deregulation; 13. social responsibility; 14. business environment.


Unit IV

I. Listening:1b, 2d, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7j, 8d, 9m, 10a

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. market economy; 2. command economy; 3. market mechanism; 4. consumer sovereignty; 5. corporation; 6. labor unions; 7. centrally planned economy; 8. mixed economy; 9. quasi-public sector; 10. communism


Unit V

I. Listening:1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6i, 7j, 8k, 9l, 10f, 11c, 12a

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. business cycle; 2. economic indicators; 3. Gross Domestic Product (GDP); 4. inflation; 5. purchasing power; 6. labor force; 7. discouraged workers; 8. frictional unemployment; 9. unemployment rate; 10. recession; 11. expansion.


Unit VI

I. Listening:1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5f, 6c, 7a

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. franchising; 2. export management company; 3. export trading company; 4. franchisor; 5. franchisee; 6. entrepreneur; 7. small business; 8. Small Business Organization (SBA); 9. licensing agreement; 10. production entrepreneurship; 11. Intermediate business; 12. insurance business.



Unit VII

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6f, 7i, 8d, 9a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. market; 2. transaction; 3. financial market; 4.currency market; 6. money market; 7. production market; market; 9. virtual market; 10. free market; 11. market segmentation; consumer products (goods and services); 12. price.



I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3f, 4g, 5h, 6i, 7e, 8c, 9a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. debenture; 2. securities; 3. stock exchange; 4. share (stock) holders; 5. stockbroker; 6. share (stock); 7. ordinary share; 8. preference shares; 9. cumulative preference shares; 10. speculators; 11. bull; 12. bear; 13. stag; 14. share index; 15.Dow Jones Industrial Average; 16. gilts (gilt-edged securities).

Unit IX

I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3f, 4g, 5h, 6e, 7c, 8a.

V. Key terms Quiz: 1. marketing; 2. exchange; 3. risk taking; 4. marketing concept; 5. person marketing; 6. place marketing; 7. event marketing; 8. organization marketing 9. human need; 10. human want.


Unit X

I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3f, 4g, 5h, 6i, 7j, 8e, 9c, 10a

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. board of directors; 2. public ownership; 3. sole proprietorship; 4. corporation; 5. joint venture; 6. entrepreneur; 7. stockholders (shareholders); 8. partnership; 9. profits; 10. small business; 11. cooperative; 12. state (government) agency (unit).

Unit XI

I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6i, 7f, 8c, 9a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. treasure bill; 2. commercial paper; 3. certificate of deposit (CD); 4. debt capital; 5. equity (share) capital; 6. unsecured bank loan; 7. bond; 8. affiliate; 9. Articles of Association (charter; constitution); 10. share (stock).

Unit XII

I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3e, 4f, 5c, 6a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. delegation; 2. departmentalization; 3. organization chart; 4. marketing; 5. authority; 6. chain of command; 7. accountability; 8. line-organization; 9. line-and-staff organization; 10. matrix-organization; 11. committee-organization; 12. limited company/limited liability company; 13. Companies Act - Companies Acts/ Companies Law; 14. Articles of Association/ Charter, Constitution.


I. Listening: 1a, 2c, 3e, 4g, 5i, 6j, 7h, 8f, 9d, 10b


V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. Company Law; 2. private company limited by shares (limited liability company); 3. Articles of Association, (Charter, Constitution); 4. shareholder (member, participant) of the company; 5. single member of the company; 6. share (stock); 7. board of directors (Directors); 8. transfer of shares; 9. General Meeting of the Company; 10. register of members (share register); 11. first director; 12. alternate director; 13. seal of the company; 14. secretary; 15. sole shareholder.


Unit XIV

I. Listening: 1b, 2h, 3c, 4e, 5g, 6d, 7a, 8f


V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. management; 2. top management; 3. middle management; 4. supervisory management; 5. human resources; 6. employee; 7. non-profit organization; 8. profit-seeking firm; 9. team; 10. leadership; 11. leadership style; 12. autocratic leaders; 13. democratic leaders; 4. free-rein leaders; 15. making decision; 16. programmed decision; 17. non-programmed decision; 18. feedback; 19. risk; 20. pure risk; 21. speculative risk; 22. self-insurance fund


Unit XV

I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3e, 4g, 5a, 6f, 7c.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. money; 2. medium of exchange; 3. unit of account; 4. store of value; 5. M1; 6. near-money; 7. M2; 8. GNP (gross national product).

Unit XVI

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4g, 5h, 6j, 7k, 8m, 9n, 10l, 11i, 12f; 13a; 14d.


V. Key terms Quiz: 1. central bank; 2. inflation; 3. commercial bank; 4. finance; 5. “full-service bank”; 6. automated teller machines (ATMs); 7. electronic funds transfer system (EFTS); 8. bank examiner; 9. Federal Reserve System (Fed); 10. Bank of England (The Governor and Company of the Bank of England); 11. Glass-Steagall Act.



I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3f, 4g, 5i, 6j, 7h, 8e, 9c, 10a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. collection; 2. documentary collection; 3. correspondent bank; 4. documents against payment and/or acceptance; 5. SWIFT; 6. account (а/с; acct); 7. SWO (cash with order); 8. COD (cash on delivery); 9. payment on invoice; 10. lease; 11. cash against documents; 12. letter of credit (L/C).


I. Listening: 1b, 2d, 3f, 4g, 5h, 6e, 7c, 8a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. accounting; 2. accounting process; 3. asset; 4. equity; 5. liability; 6. owners’ equity; 7. accounting equation; 8. balance sheet; 9. income statement; 10. bottom line; 11. budget; 12. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP); 13. ledger; 14. statement of cash flows.



Unit XIX

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7k, 8l, 9m, 10n, 11j, 12g, 13d, 14a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. law; 2. common law; 3. international law; 4. business law; 5. judiciary; 6. administrative agencies; 7. sole arbitrator


Unit XX

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7k, 8l, 9j, 10g, 11d, 12a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1.contract law; 2. contract; 3. consideration; 4. capacity; 5. franchising agreement; 6. employment agreement (labour contract); 7. sale-purchase contract; 8. mediation; 9. will theory; 10. promise theory; 11. lawsuit (law action).


Unit XXI

I. Listening: 1a, 2c, 3d, 4f, 5h, 6j, 7h, 8l, 9m, 10n, 11o, 12i, 13g, 14e, 15b.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. PSA (Production Sharing Agreement); 2. tax /taxation; 3. tax authorities; 4.Certificate of Incorporation; 5. INN (tax identification number); 6. tax exemption; 7. property taxes; 8. tax deductions/ taxable benefits; 9. progressive tax; 10. regressive tax; 11. proportional tax; 12. payroll tax; 13. income taxes; 14. tax law.



I. Listening: 1a, 2c, 3d, 4g, 5i, 6j, 7h, 8f, 9e, 10b

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. home-produced goods; 2. export duty; 3. import duty; 4. protective duty; 5. preferential duty; 6. excise duty; 7. ad valorem duty; 8. specific (fixed) duty; 9. compound (mixed) duty; 10. bonded warehouse; 11. sampling order; 12. inspection order; 13. bond warrant; 14. customs clearance; 15. international trade; 16. tariff; 17. quota; 18. export subsidy.



I. Listening: 1e, 2c, 3b, 4d, 5g, 6j, 7k, 8h, 9l, 10i, 11f, 12a.

V. Key terms Quiz: 1. insurance; 2. insurance premium; 3. liability insurance; 4. fire insurance; 5. credit insurance; 6. title insurance; 7. fidelity and surety insurance; 8. marine insurance; 9. health insurance; 10. property losses; 11. liability losses; 12. insurable interest; 13. hull policy; 14. cargo policy; 15. voyage policy; 16. time policy; 17. mixed policy; 18. actual total loss (ATL); 19. constructive total loss (CTL); 20. particular average; 21. general average.



I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7k, 8l, 9n, 10o, 11p, 12m, 13j, 14g, 15d, 16a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. business ethics; 2. shareholder; 3. conflict of interest; 4. competitor; 5. records management; 6. accountability; 7. antitrust laws; 7. gratuities; 8. government official; 9. FCPA (the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act),1978; 10. business transaction (deal, bargain); 11. fraud; 12. confidential information; 13. confidentiality agreement; 14. harassment; 15. punitive damages.



Unit XXV

I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7j, 8k, 9i, 10d, 11a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. internship; 2. placement office; 3. private employment agencies; 4. computer services; 5. self-assessment; 6. motive/motivation; 7. informational interview; 8. monopsony



I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7k, 8l, 9n, 10m, 11j, 12g, 13d, 14a.

V. Key terms Quiz: 1. resume; 2. job responsibility; 3. job description; 4. job opening; 5. advanced training; 6. stress handling; 7. computer proficiency; 8. application package; 9. chronological resume; 10. functional resume.



I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5h, 6i, 7k, 8l, 9n, 10m, 11j, 12g, 13d, 14a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. interview; 2. interviewer; 3. competition; 4. open-ended interview; 5. human resources division (HR); 7. immediate supervisor; 8. battery test; 9. employer; 10. employee; 11. intelligence test; 12. proficiency and aptitude test; 13. vocational test; 14. personality test.


I. Listening: 1b, 2c, 3e, 4f, 5g, 6d, 7a.

V. Key Terms Quiz: 1. International Labor Organization ILO/МОТ - Международная Организация Труда (филиал ООН), Женева; 2. repatriation; 3. miscellaneous; 4. job description; 5. accountability; 6. advanced training; 7. HSE (health, safety and environment); 8. contract scope of works; 9. human resources; 10. vehicle; 11. team; 12. accident; 13. employment agreement (contract); 14. contract holder; 15. tender (bid).




Chapter V. Unit XXIV: “North Star Code of Business Conduct and Ethics”:

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