ТОП 10:

Past Indefinite Active и Future Indefinite Active.



Упражнение 1.Вставьте один из следующих глаголов в прошлом неопределённом времени в пропущенные в предложениях места.

clean, die, enjoy, finish, happen, live, open, play, rain, smoke, start, stay, want, watch

1 Yesterday evening I watched television

2 I ________my teeth three times yesterday.

3 Bernard _______ 20 cigarettes yesterday evening.

4 The concert last night __________ at 7.30 and _______ at 10.

5 The accident _______ last Sunday afternoon.

6 When I was a child, I _______ to be a doctor.

7 Mozart _______ from 1756 to 1791.

8 We _______ our holiday last year. We _______ at a very good hotel.

9 Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it _______ .

10 It was hot in the room, so I _______ the window.

11 The weather was good yesterday afternoon, so we _______ football.

12 William Shakespeare _______ in 1616.


Упражнение 2.Продублируйте предложения, преобразовав их в прошлом неопределённом времени (yesterday/last weeketc.)

1 He always goes to work by car. Yesterday he went to work by car.

2 They always get up early. This morning they __________.

3 Bill often loses his keys. He __________ last Saturday.

4 I write a letter to Jane every week. Last week __________.

5 She meets her friends every evening. She __________ yesterday evening.

6 I usually read two newspapers every day.____________ yesterday.

7 They come to my house every Friday. Last Friday_____________.

8 We usually go to the cinema on Sunday.______________ last Sunday.

9 Tom always has a shower m the morning._____________ this morning.

10 They buy a new car every year. Last year_______________.

11 I eat an orange every day. Yesterday______________.

12 We usually do our shopping on Monday.______________ last Monday.

13 Ann often takes photographs. Last weekend_____________.

14 We leave home at 8.30 every morning_____________ this morning.


Упражнение 3.Вставьте один из следующих глаголов в прошлом неопределённом времени в пропущенные в предложениях места.

Buy, catch, cost, drink, fall, hurt, sell, spend, teach, throw, win, write


1 . Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces of music.

2 . “How did you learn to drive?” “My father _________ me.”

3 . We couldn’t afford to keep our car, so we _________ it.

4 . I was very thirsty. I _________ the water very quickly.

5 . Paul and I played tennis yesterday. He’s much better than me, so he ________ easily.

6 . Don ________ down the stairs this morning and _________ his leg.

7 . Jim ________ the ball to Sue, who ___________ it.

8 . Ann ________ a lot of money yesterday. She __________ a dress which _________ $100.


Упражнение 4.Продублируйте глаголы в пропущенных местах, поставив их в отрицательной форме.

1 . I saw John but I didn't see Mary.

2 . They worked on Monday but they ___________ on Tuesday.

3 . We went to the shop but we _____________ to the bank.

4 . She had a pen but she ____________ any paper.

5 . Jack did French at school but he ___________ German.



Упражнение 5.Что Вы делали/не делали вчера? (Предложения будут утвердительными или отрицательными).

1 . (watch TV) I watched TV yesterday. или I didn't watch TV yesterday.

2 . (get up before 7.30) I______________________

3 . (have a shower) I______________________

4 . (buy a magazine) _____________________

5 . (speak English) _____________________

6 . (do an examination) _____________________

7 . (eat meat) _____________________

8 . (go to bed before 10.30) _____________________


Упражнение 6.Вставьте глаголы, данных в скобках, в прошлом неопределённом времени в пропущенные в предложениях места. Обращайте внимание на контекст ситуаций (предложения будут утвердительными или отрицательными).


1. It was warm, so I took off my coat. (take)

2. The film wasn’t good. I didn’t enjoy it very much. (enjoy)

3. I knew Sarah was very busy, so I ______________ her. (disturb)

4. I was very tired, so I __________ to bed early. (go)

5. The bed was very uncomfortable. I ______________ very well. (sleep)

6. Sue wasn’t hungry, so she _______________ anything. (eat)

7. We went to Kate’s house but she ____________ at home. (be)

8. It was a funny situation but nobody ______________. (laugh)

9. The window was open and a bird ____________ into the room. (fly)
10. The hotel wasn’t very expensive. It ______________ very much. (cost)
11. I was in a hurry, so I ________________ time to phone you. (have)

12. It was hard work carrying the bags. They ______________ very heavy. (be)

Упражнение 7.Вы задаёте кому-либо вопросы. Напишите общие вопросы (Did ...?).

1 . I watched TV last night. And you? Did you watch TV last night?

2 . I enjoyed the party. And you? _______ you____________?

3 . I had a good holiday. And you? ______________________?

4 . I got up early this morning. And you? __________________?

5 . I slept well last night. And you? ______________________?


Упражнение 8.Напишите специальные вопросы (Who/What/How/Why ...?) к данным ниже предложениям.

1 . I met somebody. Who did you meet ?

2 . Harry arrived. What time _______ Harry __________?

3 . I saw somebody . Who _______ you __________?

4 . They wanted something. What ________________?

5 . The meeting finished. What time __________________?

6 . Pat went home early. Why _____________________?

7 . We had dinner. What _____________________ for dinner?

8 . It cost a lot of money. How much ___________________?


Упражнение 9.Вставьте глаголы, данных в скобках, в прошлом неопределённом времени в пропущенные в предложениях места в нужной форме (утверждение, отрицание или вопрос).

1 . I played (play) tennis yesterday but I didn't win (not/win).

2 . We_____ (wait) a long time for the bus but it________ (not/come).

3 . That’s a nice shirt. Where____________ (you/buy) it?

4 . She_________ (see) me but she____________ (not/speak) to me.

5 . ____________ (it/rain) yesterday? “No, it was a nice day.”

6 . That was a stupid thing to do. Why___________ (you/do) it?

Упражнение 10.Напишите отрицание к данным предложениям в будущем неопределённом времени.

1. You’ll sleep. You won't sleep.

2. I’ll forget. I _______________________.

3. It will happen.__________________.

4. You’ll find it.___________________.


Упражнение 11.Напишите предложения, начиная словами I think. . . Все предложения в будущем неопределённом времени.

1. (Diana/pass the exam). I think Diana will pass the exam.

2. (Jack/win the game). I think_________________________.

3. (Sue /like her present). _______________________________.

4. (the weather/ be nice tomorrow). _______________________________.

Now write two sentences with I don't think ...

5 (they/get married). I don't _______________________.

6 (I /be at home this evening). _____________________________.


Упражнение 12.Вставьте Shall/Will + один из следующих глаголов в пропущенные места:
be, be, come, get, like, look, meet, pass

1. Don’t worry about your exam. I'm sure you I’ll pass.

2. Why don’t you try on this jacket? It _____________ nice on you.

3. You must meet George sometime. I think you ________________ him.

4. It’s raining. Don't go out. You _________ wet.

5. They’ve invited me to their house. They ___________ offended if I don’t go.

6. Goodbye. I expect we _______________ again before long.

7. I’ve invited Sue to the party but I don’t think she _____________.

8. I wonder where I ___________ 20 years from now.


Упражнение 13.Вставьте Will или Won't.

1. Can you wait for me? I won't be very long.

2. There’s no need to take an umbrella with you. It _____ rain.

3. If you don’t eat anything now, you ______ be hungry later.

4. I’m sorry about what happened yesterday. It ________ happen again.

5. I've got some incredible news! You _________ never believe what's happened.

6. Don’t ask Margaret for advice. She _________know what to do.



Упражнение 14.Напишите вопросы, используяWill...? + один из следующих глаголов:

be back, cost, finish, get married, happen, like


1 I’ve bought Mary a present. Will she like it?

2 The meeting is still going on. When _________________?

3 My car needs to be repaired. How much ______________________?

4 Sally and David are in love. _______________________?

5 “I’m going out now.” “OK. What time ______________________?

Урок 10.

Времена группы Continuous. Past Continuous and Present Continuous.

The Present Continuous


1. Напишите следующие глаголы в форме Present Continuous, распределив их по данным группам.


Become, begin, change, come, cut, expand, get, grow, start, leave, win, sell, spend, write, give, talk, forget, run.


a) “look-ing”: expanding, __________, __________, __________, __________, __________.

b) “tak(e)-ing”: becoming __________, __________, __________, __________, __________.

c) “travel-l-ing”: beginning __________, __________, __________, __________, __________.


2. Вставьте am/is/are + один из следующих глаголов в пропущенные в предложениях места.

building, coming, having, playing, cooking, standing, swimming

1. Listen! Jack is playing the piano.

2. They __________ a new cinema in the city at the moment.

3. Look! A dog __________ in the river.

4. “You __________ on my foot!” “Oh, I’m sorry.”

5. Hurry! The bus __________!

6. “Where are you, George?” “In the kitchen. I __________ dinner.”

7. (on the telephone) “Hello. Can I speak to Alice, please?” “She __________ a shower right now. Can you phone again later?”


3. Что происходит или не происходит в данный момент? Напишите правдивые предложения, вставив в нужных местах am/is/areи поставив основные глаголы в -ing



1. (I/wash/my hair) I am not washing my hair.

2. (The wind/blow) The wind is blowing.

3. (I/sit/on a chair) _____________________.

4. (I/eat) _____________________________.

5. (It/rain) ___________________________.

6. (I/learn/English) ____________________.

7. (I/listen/to the radio) __________________.

8. (The sun/shine) _____________________.

9. (I/wear/shoes) ______________________.

10. (I/smoke/a cigarette) __________________.

11. (I/read/a newspaper) __________________.


4. Напишите вопросы, вставив в нужных местах am/is/areи поставив основные глаголы в –ingформе.


  1. (you/watch/TV?) Are you watching TV?
  2. (the children/play?) _________________?
  3. (What/you/do?) ____________________?
  4. (What/Rod/do?) ____________________?
  5. (it/rain?) _________________________?
  6. (that clock/work?) ___________________?
  7. (you/write/a letter?) ___________________?
  8. (Why/you/run?) _____________________?

5. Напишите вопросы, как в предыдущем упражнении. Во всех предложениях речь будет идти о будущем.


  1. (you/go out/tonight?) Are you going out tonight?
  2. (you/work/next week?) ____________________?
  3. (What/you/do/tomorrow evening?) ____________________?
  4. (What time/Mike and Leo/come?) ____________________?
  5. (When/Fred/go/on holiday?) ____________________?


6. Вставьте … am/is/are + going to +один из следующих глаголов в пропущенные места.


Eat, give, lie, rain, study, walk, wash


  1. My hair is dirty. I am going to wash it.
  2. I don’t want to go home by bus. I __________________.
  3. Brandon’s university course begins in October. He __________________ engineering.
  4. Take an umbrella with you. It __________________.
  5. I’m hungry. I __________________ this sandwich.
  6. It’s Kim’s birthday next week. We __________________ her a present.
  7. I feel tired. I __________________ down for an hour.



7. Напишите правдивые (утвердительные или отрицательные) короткие ответы на вопросы.


  1. Are you watching TV now? No , I’m not.
  2. Are you wearing shoes? ____________.
  3. Are you wearing a hat? ____________.
  4. Is it raining? _______________.
  5. Are you eating anything? ______________.
  6. Are you feeling well? ______________.
  7. Is the sun shining? _______________.
  8. Is anyone watching you? ______________.



The Past Continuous



8. Что делали люди вчера в 14.30? Раскройте скобки, поставив глаголы в форме Past Continuous. В последнем предложении напишите про себя.


  1. Joey was at home. He was watching TV (to watch TV).
  2. Bill and Sue _________ (to watch) a movie at the cinema.
  3. Josh _________ (to drive) his car.
  4. Caroline _________ (to wait) for a bus at the bus stop.
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Mason _________ (to walk) in the park.
  6. And you? I ___________.


9. Поставьте глаголы в следующих предложениях в Past Continuous.


  1. The retail industry is changing very fast. - The retail industry was changing very fast.
  2. Shoppers are not changing from cash to plastic money.
  3. The costs of mobile phones are decreasing constantly.
  4. The Internet shopping is becoming more and more popular.
  5. The population is growing very fast.
  6. Shopping by TV is not happening so often anymore.
  7. Big retailers are expanding internationally.
  8. I am tasting this wine and I am enjoying it.


10. Напишите вопросы, вставив в нужных местах was/wereи поставив основные глаголы в –ingформе.


  1. (What/Ted/do/when you saw him?) What was Ted doing when you saw him?
  2. (What/you/do/at 9 o’clock?) ___________________________?
  3. (What/she/wear/yesterday?) ___________________________?
  4. (it/rain/when you came out?) ___________________________?
  5. (Where/you/live/in 1990?) ____________________________?


Урок 11.

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